Ansel Elgort - All I Think About Is You Lyrics

I'm supposed to be happy and free
Everyone is talking to me
Most of the nights, I lay on my phone, watching the world
My golden throne, darkest of days, you feel miles away
Surrounded by fame

Once I was with you
No money, no issue
We laughed even when we were down
I made my mistakes
That I paid for in heartache
Now I don't know what to do
'Cause all I think about is you...
'Cause all I think about is you...
All I think about is

Hardly awake
Trying to break the weight on my chest, this is my fate
Nobody knows the sadness I hold
Nobody sees what's about to unfold
I want to see looking at me
'Cause I still believe

Once I was with you
No money, no issue
We laughed even when we were down
I made my mistakes
That I paid for in heartache
Now I don't know what to do
'Cause all I think about is you...
'Cause all I think about is you...
All I think about is

At night I think
What was the missing link
The more I ponder
It just gets harder
My mind is on the brink
I wish you would answer my calls
I know you don't want to hear me at all
But I just can't help myself
There's no one else trapped in a cell
'Cause all I think about is you...
And I don't know what to do
'Cause all I think about is you...
'Cause all I think about is you...
All I think about is you
'Cause all I think about is you
And I don't know what to do
'Cause all I think about is

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Ansel Elgort All I Think About Is You Comments
  1. Reality Lopez

    I didnt know there was actual perfect ppl in this planet


    He should make covers singing songs and post them

  3. armypotato

    me too Ansel me too. All I think about is youUuuU

  4. ella marie

    his voice is so deep and beautiful 🥺

  5. ryan brackett

    this song is breathtaking in every element . so fucking raw & real. 💔

  6. Hey It's Brey

    *i need a 10 hour version*


    I would love it if Ansel Elgort released more music.

  8. Rithi Stewartx

    Baby driver😜

  9. Uma grande Poeta

    Ué gente,o bybe tem essa voz?kkkkk fui tapeada ;-;

  10. Ambili Mohanan

    Who's scrolling down the comments to see if there is anyone who have commented the lyrics 😅

  11. Yas Hughes

    Really wish he’d bring more songs 🙌🏽 that voice

  12. Ashley Jurgens

    I wish he could make more music videos his voice is so good , I love his music and movies plus all his other talents

  13. Blanca Lorca

    How can it be that i have just discovered this song?

  14. Winry Rockbell

    I LOVE YOU. 🖤😍❤️😍🖤😍❤️🌹🌹

  15. Savannah Jasman

    2019? Anyone? No? Just me? Okay🤷‍♀️

    ONGVGG —

    Savannah Jasman

    Me 🙋🏻‍♂️

  16. Ice Wolf

    "Once I am with you, no money no issue,"
    "We'll laugh even when were down"
    "Now I don't know what to do cause all I want to be is with you Ansel!"

  17. Peter Lobo1

    Damn didn't know he sings..


    I really like ur songs ....u r so beautiful and talented........plz at least give me one comment and I will accept it as my next birthday gift.......
    Plz plz plz .......ansel u r that who comes at dreams

  19. u can call me Ben

    Why is he so fuckin' pErFecT??

  20. Waters Luanete

    My Gus ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  21. kelly the vietnamese

    I'm probably the only one comeback here in 2019, just wanna say the song still a bop to me at this moment ❤️

    Anna Clement Fuglsang Svendsen 6B

    kelly the vietnamese same, tho its almost 2020😆😂

    kelly the vietnamese

    @Anna Clement Fuglsang Svendsen 6B omg time flies and I'm still a potato 😂

    Gam3r Girlz

    I just found out that he made music.🤣🤣 So good!

  22. Maddy R

    2019 anyone?

  23. Giovanna Dance

    WOW te amo

  24. fuck you

    I love you, I love listening to your songs and watching movies you are in. you're great, when I'm down I listen to your songs. I love, greetings from Poland <3

  25. StellaGray

    2019 anyone?

  26. tiana nah

    i'm so in love like even being born in the same year and same month as Ansel makes me happy!
    any 94 babies here?

  27. shayne mapaye

    I missed u :(( waiting for your goldfinch :>

  28. Alexandra Theodora

    wooowww idk if ansel can sing and his voicee omgg love this song so much <3

  29. Fine Arts With Afnan Rauf

    We need more music from him ASAP

  30. Josef Wolff

    What's wrong with his voice? It sounds so fake. Like a damn retarded cheap Chinese robot.

    Brianna Coker

    Josef Wolff do you really have nothing else to do but insult people?

    Josef Wolff

    But I'm right. He sounds sooo stupid. Retarded singing techniques.

  31. - rosa

    aw he is so lovely 💞💖💝

  32. Jessica IsHere

    I Loove you Ansel..! Your music is soo dope and your soo Hott..!😍😍😘😘

  33. ClawRic

    Actor,singer,dj,dancer and model...
    Full package mate!

  34. LEN!N

    All I think about is you :(

  35. Siddharth Kumar

    The world needs you to do a cover of that song from "baby driver", 'easy like Sunday morning'.. urgently. Its to prevent world war 3, our lifes depends on it man..

  36. Hara H.

    Nice song Ansel.Keep up the good work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Greets from Greece 🇬🇷

  37. yacin benbahaz

    Top ansel you are the best

  38. Kanchan Singh

    He is just perf

  39. Vivian

    This songs gets me in the moood~~~~

  40. Proud Ravenpuff

    This song made him my first celebrity crush ever. I'm 18.

  41. Bella N

    dude ur so hot omg

  42. dumpster diva

    he deserves so much credit then he gets

  43. Paula

    This song os so perfect 💖

  44. Nicol Jonášová

    I love you❤️ i love move: The Fault in Our Stars ❤️ you my crush And hero ❤️☺️😍

  45. Eishal Usman

    this song is awesome and amazing and lit and dope on an another level

  46. Toria Badia

    Right now I am laying in my bed, in the dark, absolutely jamming to this song. Thank you Ansel.

  47. Harley Smith

    Just u wait until Hazel finds out ur alive

  48. Aigerim Uteldinova

    I LOVE YOU ANSEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. audren juarez

    All I think about is her too

  50. Emily Wallace

    What is your favorite music 🎶

  51. Emily Wallace

    I just love this song so much 😊😊❤️❤️

  52. mayaneuh

    ansel can:
    -be hot
    -and dance

  53. ioana finaru

    I love this singer and all his melodies! 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. It's Me Mari

    The lyrics are deep

  55. Eliane Salinas


  56. Soytimigarcia

    Please, new music!

  57. Mia Rosea

    I think Ansel voice almost like James Arthur.

  58. Katleen Fiorela Leyva Reyes


  59. Pastapins

    isn't the picture Alec Benjamin ??

  60. F2 AuDíCaL

    Fault in our stars😍



  62. Krishna Barman

    He should be on radio

  63. Krishna Barman

    The radio puts songs from untalented people

  64. Krishna Barman

    The starting part is so relaxing

  65. Angelica Maldonado

    Well this talented angel went to la guardia. Aka the high school im going to yee

  66. Patrick Price

    Mine and my amazing gf's song😊

    Taylor Hall

    Patrick Price ❤❤❤❤

  67. Loving Ikonic

    What would you do if your replay button broke ?😂 think about it

  68. Bia Gering

    My love forever❤❤❤💘

  69. Shefaa Alahmad

    So awesome😱🙊❤

  70. Brooke Baker

    Omg I have watched all his movies like ten times each but the fault in our stars I have watched about a hundred

  71. Justin Kurniadi

    lol i'm just realize , ansel face is almost same with shawn fave right ?

  72. Josef Wolff


  73. Molly White

    I don’t understand why not many people listen to him! HE IS A GOD!!!!!!!😘😍

  74. designed by daisy

    Anyone 2019?

  75. tainara moura

    essa musica e mt boa nosssaaaa

  76. Sydneyjessicabr

    Why have I only just found ur songs 😵 there amazing ❤️❤️😋

  77. Erika dm

    I love this song so much i here it everyday 100times 🤗😍💖

  78. anna-lena Gr

    Ansel.... so fu****g perfect 🙏🏼

  79. Cavan Schraner


  80. Maremi Maremi

    Ansel Angel,he's Perfect.❤

  81. Khayati Shah

    When the lyrics touch your heart you feel like crying. Please continue writing such songs. 🙂☺

  82. Hannah Hoff

    Literally my favorite song in the entire universe 🤩😫

  83. Sarah

    why is he so perfect. it's not fair

  84. Kati C

    Your voice is wonderful! You are a gorgeous singer and a beautiful actor! I appreciate you a lot!❤😍

  85. Mariana Aparecida


  86. Tam K

    Reminds me of my ex :/

  87. Nancy Khurana

    Is this a joke or this song is actually THAT underrated?!

  88. Feda Radwan

    favourite song.

  89. Momoko

    he looks like my boyfriend that's why i love him

  90. Samsung Note8


  91. Quick Edits

    Omg my fav actor and no one will understand how much I love u, you can act I just watched baby driver best movie ever ashamed your not English 😩😩

  92. Alena Shykina


  93. tuende kiboko

    Who is Listening to this 2018

  94. raider D

    What if baby was just listening to Ansel while driving xD

  95. Letícia Orrú

    WOW 😮 great voice!

  96. Gowri rao

    This song would've been 2x better if it was just acoustic with no editing to his voice.