ANOHNI - Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth? Lyrics

Why did you separate me from the earth?
Oh my god
Why did you separate me from the earth?
My father

You drew lines miles high
In steel or nuclear
The forests of Borneo
White water in your mouth
I don’t want your future
I’ll never return
I’ll be born into the past
I’m never coming home

Why did you separate me, me from the earth?
What did you stand to gain?
Why did you separate me from the earth?

The rotten bodies threaded gold
The pitch of hair and sticky meat
The sea life cut with plastic
A white cross gilded gold
A case of white doves
Laying in the boiling snow
A sharp knife of concrete
The blue line of tuna’s throat

I don’t want your future
I’m never, I'm never coming home
I don’t want your future
I’ll be born before you’re born

Why did you separate me, me from the earth?
What did you have to gain?
Why did you separate me from the earth?
What did you have to gain?
Why did you separate me from the earth?
(From the earth, from the earth, from the earth)
What did you have to gain?

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ANOHNI Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth? Comments
  1. Patrick van Gelder

    I love him as a singer.

  2. SP Brazil

    Does anyone know how to pronounce her name?

  3. Mark Chappell

    I joked with my daughter's the children may have the sports oval between 1 am and 5 am in the morning My daughter joked with me and took the children out to play on the sports oval between these time. And black ops came and killed the children because is was their play time , they how ever were not joking.

  4. Mark Chappell

    We are not seem people , we do not play children's games except with the children. You do not have a blanket ? You have no children ? What is your lack of understanding dear ?

  5. Mark Chappell

    You are not separated from the earth. The earth has terrorised, you are now on a broken part of the earth . I will heal the earth back together. You are very childish. Why do you fear being in depth space on a broken part of the earth, with will soon be brought home ? Why do you fear ?

  6. Mark Chappell

    You have no choice honey. We are not a walk people .

  7. Mark Chappell

    The earth has been terrorised and is in many separate parts. Will 41 years to put the earth bs CV k to get her.

  8. Bitchcraft Witch

    Show your face are you embarrassed?


    A lot of artists feel liberated when their face is hidden while they perform, as they don't have to worry about what they look like. Anohni is one of those people. Another reason why artists do that is to separate their appearances from their music, as their personal lives and faces are not their music. The Knife does this as well. It can either be a preference or a statement.

  9. sertic1

    RIP Pete Burns


    I loved the music, but I didn't find to download! Can anyone help me?😁

  11. s f

    I like individuality and interesting, intriguing self expressions.

  12. Juliano Teixeira

    Awesome. Poetry. The way she moves in the climax.. my soul is overwhelmed.

  13. Jayaprakash Sathyamurthy

    My current mood.

  14. Jeffrey L


  15. Faizal Deen

    As we move through the Far Right upswing everywhere, we'll need intersectionality and compassion. We'll need artists like Anohni. There are so many revolutions yet to imagine.

    Jeaninne Johannesen

    Faizal Dee


    Intersectionality is a victim complex and terrible justification for marxism. It's precursor. Do look into how communist worked out for more info on why your equality of outcome is a death wish. Hard to criticize nazis when you're basically just the either side of the horseshoe.

    elliot standish

    Too right. Times of divide. Intersectionality and compassion are the antidote.

    SP Brazil

    @Osiir Who is talking about communism here, beyond you? The world that I wish is not far right or far left. Is more to the center of the politic spectrum. The fact that we are moving to the right and far right, is a real and dangerous problem.

  16. sfdungeon


    Ian Denton

    So why did it wow you? Please share your thoughts.

  17. Hapalochlaen lunulata

    Who's the individual on the screen doing the lip synch?

    Edinburgh International Festival

    Hello! That is Kembra Pfahler. Ngalangka Nola Taylor is the lady speaking at the end. Hope that helps!
    - Nicola

    Hapalochlaen lunulata

    @EdintFest Thanks Nicola

    Michael Schirmer

    Kembra Pfahles of the popular 90's underground music project "The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black".

    Ian Denton

    Not important who it is. Did you get the message ??

  18. Ntshisi Moloi


  19. Svarga Yantra

    I fucking can't, All of her performances are just fucking unreal.

    Ian Denton

    dis you get the message?

  20. Luke Thomas

    Everything about this is so interesting... someone clearly finding expression of themselves through music and presentation. I follow Anohni for her gorgeous voice, but I'm glad there's so much depth behind the beauty.

  21. Sandro Santos

    the soul awakes

  22. T. Angel

    Awn, this is so beautiful! <3

  23. Graça Comum

    perfection. I love her concept. It's something over those stuff that pop music are producing

    Ian Denton

    well done. you might have to think about your future.

    Kongtap Meth

    It's alternative, isn't it?

  24. Goodbye Moscow


  25. Vangelis Petridis


  26. UnBjörkxing

    Amazing! I hope to see this here in my country.

  27. LeMétaphysicien


  28. stephanascher

    Just WOW! Beautiful Anohni and beautiful Kembra Pfahler and beautiful Ngalanka Nola Taylor

  29. Von Ray


  30. Nacho Bade


  31. Heather Brown

    This was an awesome concert, she was amazing. The message harsh but the voice beautiful.