ANOHNI - Ricochet Lyrics

And if this keeps going
I'm gonna curse you, my god
I'm gonna hate you, my god

For making me this way
Making me like this
A point of consciousness, my god

When I die and gone
If I find I carry on
I'm gonna hate you, my god

I don't want to ricochet
I don't want to ricochet

And if this keeps going
I'm gonna curse you, my god
I'm gonna hate you, my god

I don't wanna ricochet

Because I'm afraid
I'm gonna hate you, my god
I'm gonna curse you
Curse you, my god

I don't want to ricochet
I don't want to ricochet

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ANOHNI Ricochet Comments
  1. Malaika Millions

    Thank you for the Anthem!

  2. Maria Jose Moreno Guerrero

    Estamos en un momento histórico en el que la ciencia y medicina, junto a las leyes, nos apoyan y ayudan a ser felices e [email protected] en la sociedad.


    big love for this THANK YOU

  4. Denis Sosis

    Such a good song!! I love the way how it follows "Hopelessness" and gives me *that* kind of vibe which makes your heart beating faster.

  5. Daniele Cerqueira

    A M É M!

  6. Lowiathan

    Hudson Mohawke is a genius.

  7. Cody Henslee

    Star Trek IV : Whale Probe Sound FX ... you are welcome :)


    Easily, the best song of this year. Breathtaking

  9. Leigh Koscan

    you are amazing! don't let anybody tell you otherwise. I feel bad people made you feel like this. I think diversity / inclusivity Brilliant!

  10. Sasha Nikitin

    It's strange, but I like it

  11. Matsuo

    I enjoy Anohni's music so much, it's moody, but powerful.

  12. JasonTheWorldisYours

    I like the production on this song


  13. rhymes with police

    this song is everything. so evocative.

  14. Wernerlast

    F.....g great!

  15. Thiago Matos


  16. Thiago Matos


  17. Chloe Lee

    very cool

  18. Flulu McLulu

    Wasn't that girl in Anne Imhofs last performance "Angst"? I think I remember her. Does anyone know her name?

    the blahs

    Flulu McLulu eliza douglas

  19. peter skorec

    fuck, this is huge!

  20. Gian

    I'd never stop listening to this song.

  21. Andy P

    Maybe too easy. But I love it anyway.

  22. Mvnt6

    Instrumental reminds me of DJ Shadow

    123 456

    Hudson M o o o o

  23. Felipe Gatica

    Gran tema!

  24. Tady Izakovič

    This model has been opening balenciaga shows for the last two season. She's amazing.

    Florence Rose

    She's an amazing visual artist as well

    elyon v

    Tady Izakovič wats her name?

  25. Flu Ttuers

    those glasses are dope af

    Scott End

    You can probably get some just like them from any elderly person.

  26. Allan Manzanares

    Love seeing Eliza more often lately. Today opening Balenciaga's show for instance

  27. Luis Avendaño


  28. Bob Coyne

    Video of the day on 10 Mar 2017

  29. Please Mind The Gap

    So so great ! Thanks ✌😉

  30. conwaysuccess

    Love you Anohni! love your voice and music!! xoxoxo

  31. davidwave4

    Also: Getting strong Black Mirror/San Junipero vibes from this video. The club imagery, Eliza Douglas' outfit and demeanor...

    Florence Rose

    I immediately thought of San Junipero too! Think the big rimmed glasses + neon noir vibe defo contribute


    I couldn't agree more

    Talha Özcan

    davidwave4 OMG You have already said what will I say ...

    elyon v

    davidwave4 i think the junipero ep is wat made this song so melancholic to me

  32. davidwave4

    Anohni, Arca, Thundercat, Sampha, and Bonobo have put out new stuff and the year isn't even a 6th of the way over.

    Edgar Regalado

    The Arca stuff blew my mind!!! also Tei Shi is into new stufffff

    The Fantasy Clinic

    LOVE Tei Shi's new stuff, all her stuff!


    davidwave4 2 new charli xcx albums this year, arca album, bjork confirmed shes working on her next album, new anohni

    this is an amazing year for music

  33. CRZFawkz

    This is so breathtaking that I preordered the EP.

  34. Ozgur Uzunlu

    so beautiful..

  35. Laurie Poo

    Beautiful. I love it!

  36. what ever

    i fucking love this

  37. Erick Arriaga

    México presente ... hermoso

    Erick Arriaga

    David Sandoval yeah! muy bien, pensaba lo mismo. Es increíble. Saludos

  38. Bobster92

    Amazing video! So much more than I was expecting! Great job ANOHNI <3 love your work.

  39. dionisio olais chaparro


  40. Натали Т

    Песня потрясающая !!!! Супер !!! Спасибо !

  41. Tristan de Waard

    This is art!

  42. Tom Nihiski

    I love it ❤

  43. Scott Portnoy

    This is beautiful :-)

  44. vitor cassio Teixeira

    Amei ou adorei???? não sei dizer

  45. Justyna Klich


  46. Myler Moss


  47. gbmgbmgbm

    is that san junipero?


    dont know about that but the whole thing reminds me of san junipero from black mirror❤️

  48. Von Ray


  49. wassilis kee


  50. IC3PIKA

    Eu to toda me tremendo.