ANOHNI - Marrow Lyrics

In the, in the countryside, under the stream
Suck the, suck the marrow out of her bones
Inject, inject, inject me with chemotherapies
Suck the, suck the money out of her face

We are, we are all Americans now

Africa, Iceland, Europe and Brazil
China, Thailand, India and Great Britain
Australia, Borneo and Nigeria

We are, we are all Americans now

Suck the, suck the oil out of her face
Burn her, burn her hair, boil her skin

We are, we are all Americans now

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ANOHNI Marrow Comments
  1. Guy Jules

    Fascinating. "We are all Americans now", so sad.

  2. Nicolas Orellanas


  3. Pork Chop

    The face of life.

  4. James Ru

    Breathtaking. The lyrics, everything. Thank you

  5. buda1337

    I love how beautifully awkward this lady feels - you can see it throughout the whole video <3

  6. Gaëlle D'Ylween

    Its pretty violent a white composer (anhoni) using the image of a black person singing the word "all American". We say US-citizen now, America is a huge continent and pigs of war and neo colonialism are only in U.S.A.

  7. Black Needle


  8. Kateřina Šuterová

    soooo great!!!

  9. Rock School

    Outstanding video for an outstanding track from an outstanding album by an outstanding artist. Well, there are no words really that do any of those things justice. I love this so much.

  10. Felix Ruber

    Like xer name, this individual's output has degenerated. When muh oppression is forced to scrape the bottom of the me so special barrel, you get Ahnoneenonitonbologn. The lady doing the lip syncing is adorable tho.

  11. Mark Chappell

    She only Ned gift me, and I hers .

  12. Mark Chappell

    You want dead these beautiful females because they like me ??? You sick puppy. Is $20, 000, 000, 000 you owe me for indolent dispute over highest worker Queen.

  13. Golden Parazyth

    Still in love with this One 🔥❤️🎶

  14. Tom Balino

    This is so entertaining

  15. Jimbe' Carroll


  16. Marcelo Neyra Aliaga

    Me gustaaaaa

  17. Fernanda Conceicao

    Pure bliss .... He(art) beat in blossom of feelings

  18. Geraldine S Herrera

    Me enamoree de su voz,me impacto mucho cuando comenzo a cantar no me lo esperaba. Wooo :)

  19. Tracy Darling-Doves

    I love you ❤️

  20. A sequeira

    ....♥. ♥. ♥.♥....


    C'est beau, tout simplement.

  22. kekes


  23. Um Luke Qualquer

    This is amazing. It touches me very deeply. It's a calling. Thanks Anohni

  24. Amitabh Panda

    Interesting 👍

  25. Jdtg Fgvs

    Came for the music stayed for the classy grandma

  26. Trans Nômade

    Eu amo essa canção e esse clip, ela é tão expressiva, e a dublagem da Anohni ficou muito boa.

  27. Nathan Farias

    Please write and produce a track like this for Cher

  28. Juliano 2017

    Lorraine O'Grady such a great soul, woman and artist!!

  29. Christoph Frahm


  30. Chef Hano

    the sample is off the truth inkredible ft lil wayne instrumental

  31. Vanessa Freeman

    She looks beautiful

  32. stu sis

    feel bored about this, one kind of flow to the end..

  33. Potatro tatro

    One word: terrifying

    Nomi Hagen.

    Look at the mirrow and say goodbye. You will change even more.

  34. Lucas Garcia


  35. RV Henretty-Jornales

    Gotta be honest, I was avoiding this newer stuff after initially hearing Drone Bomb Me, and it being so different than the Antony and the Johnsons stuff, but this is too damned good. I've obviously been keeping something great beyond arm's reach. I am a dumbass.

  36. Larry David


  37. Baram Burum

    Nice tune, fucking video

  38. Sal Russo

    I'm dead already!

  39. Miles Monk

    This is brilliant...

  40. let's do everything

    i like her voice and i like the women who is so expressive but go check out one of my videos please from my channel the music stop

  41. Seppo Innanen

    The voice.The dim glitter of the piano sound.Absolutely...

  42. Lillith Adonis

    Where the hell have I been all this years... THIS is where I belong, this is my calling...

  43. nigel curtain-smith

    why miss Tasmania?

  44. Juliano 2017

    Brazil !!!

  45. Gabriel d'Oliveira

    Amazing song and video!! So much learning with each of her expressions.

  46. Enchanted Observer

    pure artistry. Thank you. Love ANOHNI!

  47. Maria Poppins

    I love this song and this video!!!Such good art!!!

  48. André Tikkanen

    This voice is so incredible. It is so excellent. Every word become so beautiful.

  49. Florence Rose

    Lorraine O' Grady, one of the most important intersectional visual artists and art theorists of our time, in a video by Anohni, one of the purest, most intelligent, emotive and ethereal artists to grace our planet. I am in awe <3 Thank you for these works of art Anohni! This made me cry at the live show.

  50. Cédrick Katznetz von Ottobus

    Great !

  51. Additon

    I love this video a lot! So minimalistic, yet so full of expression. This story is touching.

  52. orparticles13

    this is basically the art student redux of "We're all living in Amerika", we get it, the USA is a big scary boogeyman that fucks shit up, now say something original

  53. William Seegmiller

    Lorraine is searching in her eyes throughout her performance for something.. so touching

  54. s.p.o.c. M

    love Lorraine xxx

  55. Pablo Alonso

    Lorraine <3

  56. Jacob Cové

    Sounds very much like Antoni

  57. bbbenhhher


  58. Oliver Guthrie

    Agree with everything said, what a beautiful video and performance

  59. Many Things To Life

    omg no matter how many times i see this video ... its always new everytime........

  60. Matheus Matos

    Queeee amor <3

  61. Eduardo Lourenço

    Definitely one of the best albums I've heard this year. Thank you for such sensibility. Hugs from BR💚💛💚L.

  62. Keeng

    thought-provoking music... I love it!

  63. Gabe Hernandez

    Let's hope it's a launchpad to a better place, this america; for the sake of all. <3

  64. Synapsenkitzler

    heartwarming beauty

  65. Guthrey Mayfly

    There's something mesmerising about a direct close shot of a human face looking straight towards you. This makes me have all the feels. Everything from uncomfortable, joyous, funny, upsetting... She seems so vulnerable and simultaneously powerful. Don't get me started on the song. Totally awesome.

  66. Stijn Rombaut

    Can someone please say what's the meaning of the song?

    Geovane Morgan

    The song is about what it means to be an American and how globalization is making people in other countries adapt the destructive capitalist values of the US. She says that as we steal money and oil (and land, and lives), “We are all Americans now”

    Ke. Po.

    Geovane Morgan
    Wow, well said! such a deep song and a memorizing video.

  67. Bogdan Mihaita Prisacariu


  68. lol Roban

    Can so one please interpret this song for me? what is it about?

    lol Roban

    someone *

    Manu Sol

    "In this chilling, distorted song Anohni allegorises the Earth as a cancerous woman’s body; being exploited and abused by humanity’s Americanised, capitalist nations and culture"

  69. Sxip Shirey


  70. SylviaWong Lewis

    Her face. Her voice. She many more stories that we need to hear. Thank you!

    Ian Cooper

    the singer is antony hagerty...lead singer from antony and the jonsons :D

  71. Jessica Karuhanga

    thankyouthankyouthankyou <3<3<3

  72. Joel Muniz

    Braziiiillllll 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

  73. KWeen

    Sounds like "9" by drake


    KWeen How son? How b? How sway?


    Lou7rin12 the beginnings sound the same. Chill out w alla that

    Nomi Hagen.

    who is Drake? lol

    Camm Gore

    Who is drake ? x2

  74. Powell Pressburger

    Am not a fan of the woman on the Crisis video acting sad to embody the drone bomb victims, but this video is quite different - Lorraine O'Grady lip synchs with understanding.

  75. lux luz

    excelente song :)

  76. let's do everything

    so creative I absolutely love everything about this video

  77. CurryHoarder

    Whoa what a unique voice

  78. James Huguenin



    Beautiful lady".... she's not just an artist"....she is' herself, a work of art!!

  80. Wallace Oliveira

    Maravilhosa <3

  81. D M

    This. hurts because it's true.

  82. Geovane Morgan

    This is the most beautiful video I've seen in a while, only pure love. Thank you Anohni!

  83. Von Ray

    Her face tells me so many different stories. I'm mesmerized.

    vertaedis clic

    Von Ray Same for me, she does lots of face expressions which mean so many things


    And a brilliant artist.

  84. Bette Davis, we love you

    W O N D E R F U L

  85. UnBjörkxing

    Lorraine is so expressive. I loved that!

  86. Tom Court

    Wow. We don't deserve you.

  87. psbzu

    This one just broke my heart. Thanks for that.

  88. Andrea Medora

    To USA:
    I'm european!
    I grew up listening to all the bullshit that you tried to inculcate in us.
    I listened to all those bitter-sweet words, so easy to digest, yet so dangerous to process.
    I, now, am so full of this. I'm tired of lies. I'm tired of pain. You should all be!
    You don't deserve my attention.
    You never did.
    You never learned from your mistake.
    I hope that everyone in a while will understand that what u.s.a. calls the "american dream" is just, simply, the "world nightmare" and that sadly, u.s.a. has a huge power.
    but we can change that! Thanks Anohni, you're a screaming voice in the silence of minorities.


    Andrea Medora Nearly 4mil more people voted against the Great Orange terrorist coming into office than for him, this is the result of a flawed and antiquated electoral system. Today, millions March across this country in solidarity against him, he will be held in check. Don't tell me about Black Lives Matter, I am black in America. Athens situation is more complex than an outsider can understand. Yes, we have racism and a slew of other problems. But we are the most highly diverse, large country in the world. 350 million strong from everywhere across the world and we live and progress. Despite our issues, we still surpass Europeans in that we are willing to accept all as Americans if they are born or become Americans. in Europe, if you are a black man, you will never be considered a Frenchman or Danish, or English. Never! European racism is entrenched and at a DNA level. Capitalism is flawed; it breeds war. It it has also produced technologies, medicines, clean water, space travel and education that the world has never before seen. You look at at Beijing today and the pollution looks like American cities in the 70s, we have changed our ways and cleaned them up. Why didn't China learn from those who industrialized before? Today, the Green energy industry employs more people than oil & gas combined, and the use of green technologies grows year over year. The average American would like nothing more than to not be dependent on foreign oil and to be out of the Middle East - th best path for that is green energy, and we are working on it. You know nothing about Americans, Jon Snow. I despise the man who has become the President of my beloved country. But, if NATO is dissolved, and we return resources home to rebuild our infrastructure (including clean water for our children and Flint and everywhere), then I won't cry. Let Russia have you.


    Gas oven? I don't even know what that statement advocates for: raw food? wood burning stoves that pollute people's homes? At any rate, I am a New Yorker living in Brooklyn. I don't eat McDonalds or drink Pepsi; I eat pizza and drink wine. I seek out food from local farms and sources. And it matters that more people voted against Trump, they all cared. If more people vote for 1 candidate than the other candidate wins - then obviously a system is broken. How fantastic it is for you to assume your academic leftist philosophy while railing against the Western world that makes space for you to do such.


    I know this is a bit off topic, but I believe it is terribly important that people know this information about how this last election was shaped in America....this article elucidates some interesting facts on what tools Trump used to win, and also how Brexit came to be. This is about dangerous political tools that are being used on people as a means of manipulating them to create a desired outcome. I have been sharing this like mad, but it seems people are put off by the length of the article and the depth that the topic being discussed is delved into.....

    I know it is a Vice article so you'll assume whatever about the sources based on that, but please try to get past any initial precepts & get to the meat of the issue! This is what the future of politics is going to be made up of....I don't see how we will ever go back, now. I just wonder if people knew what was happening a bit better, what outcome would that have?
    Much love to all of you & best hopes that you will be as alarmed by this information as I am.


    Andrea Medora more than half of americans didn't want Trump in the white house and if it were just up to popular vote, Hillary would have won so I don't want to heat that guilt shit. More than half of Americans dislike/don't agree with Trump.

    uruguay cortazzo

    Gran cosa ser un europeo! Y yo soy un latinoamericano. Y qué? Se olvidan de toda la tenebrosa historia que desplegaron por el mundo. USA está haciendo lo mismo hoy y mucho peor con un sicópata como Trump. Pero por lo menos artistas como Anhoni denuncia con su sutil arte, grotesco y cruel, esa situación.
    Andrea querida: qué estás haciendo tú por los inmigrantes hoy en tu Europa?
    Con todo mi afecto,

  89. Kriss Santos

    Why you say BORNEO??? not INDONESIA?????

    D'Arcy Cooper

    Because this song is a pure gimmick.

  90. Andrzej Kłak

    My favourite song off 'Hopelessness"' <3

  91. Alejandro Vela


  92. Hapalochlaen lunulata

    Thank you.