ANOHNI - I Don't Love You Anymore Lyrics

I don’t love you anymore
It’s been a while and I am sure
You left me for another girl
You left me in a broken world

You left me lying in the street
You left me without body heat
I curled into rust
My body turned into dust

I couldn’t get out of the hole
I was so lonely, all alone
When the phone rang, I wasn’t there
When my parents called, I just sat and stared

I went to sleep
Hoped that my life I could cheat
Take me off the face of this lonely world
Let me turn and turn in your love, in your love, in your love

It’s been a while
And I don’t love you anymore

I don’t love you anymore

You walked away from me
Out of the blue and you were free
I was such a fool
I gave more to keep things cool

But if you showed up at my door
This is what I’d implore

I don’t love you anymore
I don’t love you anymore

You left me in a cage
My only defense was rage

I don’t love you anymore
I don’t love you anymore

If you showed up at my door
If you showed up at my door
If you showed up at my door
If you showed up at my door

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ANOHNI I Don't Love You Anymore Comments
  1. Gina Angelina

    She is here

  2. Sean Kim

    the synth at 02:22 is everything. it’s bad ass and empowering at the same time as if it’s giving her strength to pull through.

  3. žordi alba


  4. diosa dir

    it‘s such a raw piece of art ❤️

  5. Carlos Sanchez

    Fuck this song made start to ball up

  6. Octávio Rangel

    Love this album <3

  7. a w

    How many damn names !!!! Its a bitch to keep up


    Just incredible. Brilliant.

  9. Abbigail

    " I don't know about y'all
    But I'm putting this one on

  10. Nathan Farias

    Please write a track like this for Cher .. or have her cover it to bring it the exposure it deserves .. her dark moody voice perfect for the lyric

  11. Alejandro Carrasco Tejeda


  12. orangesporange

    Anohni just might be the most advanced human on Earth. She's simply amazing.

  13. RaynbowKing

    I love letting loose in the dark to this. Shake him/her off sisters and bros

  14. Sakinah


  15. Fanny Delgado

    Costa Rica! Venga! :(

  16. engrade 90

    she is so good

  17. Verena Vermás

    Thank you so much for giving a beautiful dark expression of my transgender heart...

  18. Florence Rose

    what i'm feeling right now after leaving a draining and emotionally abusive relationship...thank you anohni for your beautiful art always healing my soul

  19. Mark Glassman

    Profoundly moving in every way. Voice of an angel.

  20. Fanny Delgado

    Qué voz tan estupenda.

  21. Exebecce

    her eyes are so sweet and her lips say things too close to the truth, i love this song.

  22. misery machine

    those tears and that blank stare at the very end, my heart is in pieces right now
    love you anohni

  23. Afablesotrue

    Sadness turned into anger. Such a great transition between the two emotions in this song.

  24. Serg the Blowfish

    fuck yes

  25. Nick H

    Wow, excellent artist. I remember Anohni performing 'perfect day' with Lou Reed... Brilliant.

  26. lele c

    I love this so much

  27. airika.

    why'd i just get put on?? you better sing sis!!!

  28. Hayden Ganas

    always find it interesting that this is (to my knowledge) the only music video for this album that actually features Anohni herself singing. significant i'm thinking

  29. Joaquin Alegre

    My favorite song from the album.

  30. márcia peachy


  31. Schy Mark

    kinda dark

    Jennie Grangel

    kinda catchy dark.

  32. sebuaville

    Love ANOHNI

  33. Ricardo César

    So beautiful!

  34. demency

    oh my god by 4:10 i want to hug her so much :( the pain is just... radiating off her face. it's almost unbearable to watch.

  35. Tyler Trevi

    I cry every time I watch this

  36. ᗋᗟᖇ¡ᑎ

    Beauty and sadness all in one.


    i dont really read it that way. it reads more like, certain, finished & absolute. like she sings about how she was betrayed, yeah, but theres a contended detachment from that betrayal. she said in an interview also that she's "done mourning the death of humanity."

  37. Jamis W

    At 4:10 I start to feel it, tearing up is ok. Its like when you try to convince yourself that you shouldn't love someone, but even saying it or thinking it makes you cry.

  38. Jamis W

    WTF!!! Only 18 Comments. This is crazy, ANOHNI you move my heart and soul like I'm sure so many others. Such a unique voice.

    Nathan Farias

    Leaves us speechless a true mark of an artist

  39. xenia at

    ну и хуйня

  40. Joy Mary

    her voice is a gift from God..

  41. Kalpana

    for so many years i've wondered who it was singing on Beautiful Boyz.
    glad to have finally discovered you
    love it to death

  42. sygis1973

    So underrated artist...
    Im from Estonia and it bless me, thank You

  43. Katarzyna W.

    Truly beautiful. Left me speechless. So glad I found this!

  44. MasterWindoo7

    love you in all your splendid forms

  45. Jordan Zavala

    that voice is fucking ridiculous, amazing.

  46. Roddie Irison

    This entire album is helping me heal, as a whole.Thank you ANOHNI. <3

  47. Jon-tia Christopher

    she is gorgeous. i love you though Anohni 💗😘

  48. Michael Schirmer

    This album is devastating from beginning to end. I've been hopelessly searching for live shows in the Bay Area, but there hasn't been anything. So sad. I wanted to see this record live more than anything this year.

  49. Suzy B Free

    Anohni. You enthrall me. I have fallenl in love with you and your voice.

  50. Powell Pressburger

    Really weak track compared with the brilliant ones on the album, like Drone Bomb Me, 4 Degrees, Marrow, Crisis.

  51. WarpEye Productions Ltd

    A voice like no other :)

  52. Josué Ricks

    Tired of that songs about a night of bootyshake! This album is another masterpiece of Anohni, when music don't say nothing it's just music, but when the meaning is about the truly feelings and the deepest emotions we all feel, it turns into art. Thank U Anohni.

  53. Daquan Turner

    anohni voice is amazing

  54. ChrispyCremes

    Wow, Its amazing how simple but intense this video seemed to me.

  55. Henrique Filho

    such a sensitive work. thank you!

  56. Lazy Belphegore

    The truth of her music is so raw. This is one of the most important albums of the decade. <3 you Anohni!

  57. ali asterisk

    How haunting, gorgeous

  58. zlyojciec

    Just magnificent! What a song!

  59. Selina P

    I can't believe i've only just discovered this piece of heaven that has come to bless us on this wicked world .

    Constance Clarke

    I'm feeling exactly the same rn

  60. mrwhippy65able

    shit I'm in bits this is so beautiful it's up there with you are my sister

  61. Maria Poppins


  62. Vaymond Chong

    my heart has totally been broken now...

  63. Aqualyra

    How did I not hear of you before? You are an AMAZING vocalist! :) Thank you for your voice.

  64. Citrus BrittleCrisp

    Weird voice (in a good way)
    the lyrics are precious, she is so talented

  65. Jeffrey L


  66. GoldenVanity

    beautiful song

  67. André Vicente

    how does this have no comments?

    Love you ANOHNI <3 and your work, thank you.

    there, I fixed it.

    Jimbe' Carroll

    And look what you've started ! 💖