ANOHNI - Hopelessness Lyrics

How did I become
The mother of this son?
The face and mind
And hands of virulence?

I, who curled in cave and moss
I, who gathered wood for fire
And tenderly embraced
How did I become a virus?

I feel the hopelessness

I don’t care about me
I feel the animals and the trees
They got nowhere to go

I don’t care much about you
I don’t give a shit what happens to you
Now we blew it all away

I feel the hopelessness

How did I become a virus?

I’ve been taking more than I deserve
Leaving nothing in reserve
Digging till the bank runs dry
I’ve been living a lie

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ANOHNI Hopelessness Comments
  1. Zeke Zenitram

    There are many song's I've heard but this is the only thing I hear

  2. BreakaOne9


  3. Juan Diego

    You know she is extremely underrated when in her videos there are less than 150 comments

  4. Conor McGrath

    Pure brilliance. 👍👍

  5. Black Needle


  6. Klara Vlkova

    This is really something 🧡

  7. Afablesotrue

    Hands down, one of the best music videos ever.

  8. Mark Chappell

    Relax know I understand your medical condition, and can heal you over the next few decades. I be wait you you. I be die for you.

    I like bees

    I'm confused. What do you mean?

  9. Mark Chappell

    I have film you can study, you may not wTch you your babies being eaten OK. Dear.

  10. Mark Chappell

    No love for me until you and Sarah no longer avirus, OK sweetheart.

  11. Mark Chappell

    I can revesres you need be patient, please. We have 80 miillion daughter's under 16 years. This be keep you busy, OK. Christmas soon.

  12. Mark Chappell

    Study terrorism I have some film. You may study. A most horrible method of killing the oldest method of killing known, out lawed.

  13. Mark Chappell

    Take care of yourself my dear, I understand. I not angry you.

  14. Mark Chappell

    Terrer, I am here for you. Terrorism is what happened to you my dear.

  15. Mark Chappell

    What is it you lack? Knowledge? Material substance? Feelings?

  16. Amy Gn

    Thank you Shailene Woodley's ig story :)


    Same here 😂👍

  17. Lucas

    "Now we blew it all away"
    Brazil today, now thi's my official anthem for how really sad I feel.

  18. Robert Bradshaw

    Confused rhythm...

  19. san tiago

    esto es precioso... no dejo de llorar

  20. Lola Poggg

    Which I could hear your beautiful voice more over the music.

  21. Um Luke Qualquer

    I have to ask myself that everyday now, HOW DID I BECOME THE VIRUS?
    I want to be the cure.

  22. Dexistência

    I don't know if that was a song or a shot in the heart followed by a few punches in the face to ressurect me in paradise

  23. Esaim Nájera

    I miss Antony and The Johnsons....

  24. Entraya Crosshill

    this sounds so hecking weird, i bet it'll grow on me in like a week and i'll binge it for a while

  25. Davi Freitas

    It was the first song she performed during the show I attended in Edinburgh 2016. It was so wonderful, Hopelessness turned my fav Anohni's song.

  26. Bobster92

    This is one of my favorite songs.

  27. Jenna Matlin

    So beautiful and so true. Keep writing, Anonhi

  28. Afablesotrue

    Does anyone know where this video was filmed? It looks like somewhere in Italy

  29. Kolya33

    Those eels are dead.

  30. Daiane Barbosa


  31. Adrian Gachewicz

    this song is really unusual, love it


    Beatiful song and video

  33. Martin Vostrel

    Try to dont watch the video to dont disturbing your brains and just focus on these words. For me its sounds like its song about mother of nature or god who created human beings which is later turned into a virus of this planet.
    And with video it making even more sense.
    obviously how they were showing some laws to donkey, that talk for everything..
    This is amazing art and very sensuous good piece. peace

  34. Linda Konone


  35. Kattern

    So great final! Powerful music and lyrics, I understand You ANOHNI, good summary of the human condition

  36. carl woods

    I am not sure how I feel abt her new stuff

  37. Matto Lucas

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  38. Jefferson Volve - Vulcana V

    coisa linda sua música

  39. MrRight James

    awful. came here because of the Brit awards. The Emperor has no clothes on.

  40. Don Sh

    Thank you.

  41. Jack Beaule

    does someone know how to count the time signature? just for the beginning section. i'm trying to choreograph a dance piece to it and have no idea what the time signature is

    Joe Bray

    Jack Beaule it's bpm is 142

    Epic games

    Jack Beaule It's 3/4 time signature

  42. Michael Schirmer

    This song is by far my favorite track on the album BUT I do love every track. Best of 2016 by a LONG SHOT.

  43. ВЕТЕР

    You should be legally obliged to throw eels at the directors of such flatulent piece of shit.

  44. Supreme Soviet

    Pretentious clap-trap

  45. 123 456

    Brilliant album.

  46. Daniel Bernas

    would somebody mind explaining this to me?


    Every song except "I Don't Love You Anymore" has a political and social problem as its background.

    Geovane Morgan

    Actually thats what she said the song is about. Thanks.

    Daniel Bernas

    Geovane Morgan yeah lol that first theory was kinda... lol

    Daniel Bernas

    Geovane Morgan but like my question was more about the video than the song

    Thomas Graham

    Geovane that doesn't make it any less subjective. Everything is relative and down to perception. Just because someone said so doesn't make it objective.

  47. Powell Pressburger

    One of the much weaker songs on the album (like I Don't Love You Anymore) compared to the brilliant ones: Drone Bomb Me, 4 Degrees, Marrow. Dodgy, arty failure of a video too.

    Nemanja Nikolić

    thanks pitchfork

  48. Jean Carlo


    123 456

    Coisa mais linda, amofra. Verdades sendo jogadas.

    Jean Carlo


    Jean Carlo

    Um coração mais verde que o outro.

    ciro m

    não entendi o clipe alguém me explica ?

    Jean Carlo

    Hipocrisia e exploração dos recursos naturais da Terra em nome da grana, especialmente. Há muita coisa a ser observada no vídeo. É lindo e forte!

  49. Raul Morales

    a m a z i n g

  50. Geovane Morgan

    Listened to the lyrics and the track is, the song is a sad tale of how humans have become distant from nature and abuse the earth's resources. We all have to be more conscious

    Jessica Vann

    This is a great song. I prefer 4 degrees, though. That had such an impact on me.

  51. dvdv

    i have no words for this.. genious

    Epic games

    Phyllis Josefine You've just made a word up!

  52. cantforgetyou

    Very good production.

  53. Vytautas Nemura


  54. Mariana Oliveira


  55. Beck Sultangaliev

    anohni is love❤️

  56. Laurie Poo

    I love Anohni so! I loved her ever since Antony and the Johnsons. Her voice, I love it so. I feel her music and the words, straight into my heart. Anohni is a necessary part of my day.

  57. Goon Soul

    where was this filmed?

    Alexandra Lopez Reitzes

    It looks a whole lot like Randall's & Wards Island, in NYC. The giant structures are the pillars that hold up the Triboro Bridge

  58. killboggins

    Appropriate title considering who the fucking Americans elected president.

    Thiago Vidotto

    Shut up

    Daniel Bernas

    mark domin no


    If you haven't noticed, Anohni has several anti-Obama songs on her album Hopelessness.

    Powell Pressburger

    Good point. The album we are here for is not about and anti- Trump, it's about and anti- Obama of whom so much was expected. At least no hopes will be dashed with Trump (as nothing he says inspires it).

    Jean Carlo

    Actually her "problem" with Obama was basically about him not saying anything about freeing Chelsea Manning, who was just recently released.

  59. Drice 0040

    I am up watching the election results and googling new music, how fucking fitting

  60. why do i cry everytime i watch this??? is it the sensual fashion or the indescribably ideal landscape?

  61. simon bartolo


  62. verdeveronese


  63. Kilo Kikii


  64. Johannes Genard

    wow. Can you tell us where this was filmed, please? Extreme beauty.

  65. im so obsessed with Anohni....and the fashion in this video

  66. gorgeous voice and look

  67. frankmay

    I am happy this song was given a video because it really deserves it. I know it means going extra mile for independent artists to make a video. I think the cinematography of the video is strong, yet... although I appreciate all this, I feel the song is a real treasure and the video doesn't very lift it into the realm of divine. but still beautiful...

  68. caroline foley

    competes with daniel lopatin and rick alverson's "animals" for 'best portrait of an actor in music video form' to be honest.

  69. Alejandro Nanga

    I think the video fell short for such a sublime song

  70. lux luz

    very good music :)

  71. Geraldine Boussin

    Delicate and sensitive person. Thank you Anohni.

  72. Kyrylo Dulin

    Can't believe there are this few views and comments. What a beautiful cinematography!


    It came out yesterday. Give it some time.

    Julián Andrés Marín Silva

    It doesn't matter how many views and comments the video has, not everybody can appreciate this music, this is not a canned mainstream tune, this is art.

  73. George McKnight

    Hauntingly beautiful

  74. FuellingObsession

    For the first minute I thought something was wrong with my sound settings.

  75. Juan Manuel

    Hi are those arches in Italy?

  76. Biagio Six

    beautiful and inspiring!

  77. Bobster92

    Wow. What a great video!!!!!

    doesnt it look like a fashion ad for Lanvin or Jaqcuemus.?❤


    [email protected] I totally agree. I'd love to see some dolce & gabbana or comme des garçons used in these videos.

    i agree!❤❤❤👍👍👍 Comme for sure. Junya Watanabe's deconstructed dresses maybe on women, and perhaps Damir Doma on men! Anohni always seems very well put together aesthetically


    the video is lovely. i want the red haired womens' clothing set

  78. ciro m

    loved it

  79. Daniel Ignacio Romero

    Thank you Anohni <3