ANOHNI - Drone Bomb Me Lyrics

Drone bomb me
Blow me from the mountains
And into the sea
Blow me from the side of the mountain
Blow my head off
Explode my crystal guts
Lay my purple on the grass

I have a glint in my eye
I think I want to die
I want to die
I want to be the apple of your eye

So drone bomb me
(Drone bomb me)
Blow me from the mountains
And into the sea
Blow me from the side of the mountain
Blow my head off
Explode my crystal guts
Lay my purple on the grass

Let me be the first
I'm not so innocent
Let me be the one
The one that you choose from above
After all, I'm partly to blame

So drone bomb me
(After all, I'm partly to blame)
Blow me from the mountains
And into the sea
Blow me from the mountains
And into the sea
(From the mountains and into the sea)
(I'm not so innocent)
Blow my head off
Explode my crystal guts

My blood, my blood
Choose me tonight
Let me be the one
The one that you choose tonight

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ANOHNI Drone Bomb Me Comments
  1. El KKs

    I can't believe how talented ANOHNI is, she is pure art, I love her.

  2. ciki liki

    Would love to drone bomb Naomi and all the other friends of Jeffrey Epstein


    ANOHNI is nothing short of incredible. I have hesitated to watch this because every experience with this amazing artist is one that you need to brace yourself for. She has a way of turning horror into something terrifyingly beautiful, heartbreak into evaporation. Naomi Campbell was also incredible, I haven't seen her cry this much since Versace's death.

  4. Michele Oh

    Lizzo covering this was so stupid. It’s not a love song. It’s literally about a middle eastern child begging to be mercy killed because her family is dead.

  5. agustina gonzalez

    the beat is majestic!

  6. Amanda E. M

    Funny how Bring Me The Horizons cover is better than the original 😂

    Damian Amora

    yeah you have shitty taste lol

  7. Leonel Remille

    ANOHNI's Hopelessness came in 2016, now almost 2020 it resonates stronger than ever.

  8. andre almeyyyda


  9. Gerry Berry

    So, when did Naomi Campbell start warbling? I wouldn’t call this racket “singing”, it’s not much more snake oil.

  10. dj sethy

    For real Naomi and the other preformers brings the whole vibe all together so perfectly. Best collab for real

  11. K Edmodson

    Naomi pretending to care about drones, then she goes and attends Mr Glocks birthday party.


    wow it's almost like she's a model or something and not someone we should be looking towards for moral guidance!

  12. Lachlan Foley

    A song for our age. Masterpiece.

  13. john John

    Naomi Campbell...

  14. Matt Nielsen

    Hello, love... You are loved. ❤️️❤️️❤️️ 😀😀😊😍

  15. bradleeregister


  16. les antoine

    The singer got a serious voice .i luv it

  17. Papa Weider

  18. Johnny Cruz

    what’s sad is this is still relevant 2019
    can’t wait for the day music like this doesn’t have a reason to exist. but this will be heavily respected.
    love to each and every one of you xx

    Vincent Burns

    What do you mean?

    Johnny Cruz

    Vincent Burns this song is written from the perspective of a young afghan girl who lost her family to a drone bomb and wants to be drone bombed too. I’m just saying it’s even sadder we live in a world where such horrors happen everyday. I hope to die an old man with everybody at least in somewhat a state of peace. I doubt humanity is capable but I wish we would all try a little harder. an era where music that’s current isn’t relevant to something so awful? Idk this convo would require way more room and time.

    Vincent Burns

    @Johnny Cruz thanks for the insight man, it is sad that we have to use music and other popular media to bring to attention world issues but then again its these songs with substance and emotion that resonate best with an audience, for example would people still listen to bands such as Nirvana in the present if they didnt have such meaning and lore behind them? I think its important for music to speak on world affairs as people can look back and see where in the world we were back when things happened, like a time capsule, but a personal one to the writers mind. I dont know if that made any sense and i understand where you point comes from but i think songs like these are so important and should never stop being made

  19. Los Prichindelos

    Anybody here form the movie fluorescent/tinta bruta? 💓

  20. da gwyn

    Anohni... ¡Qué voz! <3

  21. yesmissfrancon

    I am having trouble reconciling the message behind the lyrics with the image of a violent, self-obsessed and scantily-clad model who represents the exploitation of women in the totally phony fashion world. She made a mockery of her community service sentence by wearing furs and designer gowns to her place of service. I'm sure her victims found that very amusing. She has been convicted several times and is a serial abuser. Oh, and BTW, what was her relationship to Jeffrey Epstein? Why was Virginia Roberts at her birthday party?

  22. Gary Mason

    Just Discovered Anohni and really like the thought and feeling behind the lyrics and music. Heartfelt

  23. Maurice Kiely

    Good to read in the Guardian that Antony is beginning to realize his own transgenderism and the attitudes that validate it are a huge part of the problem in the world and the degradation of society. BTW, I heard a very edifying song in a club recently...fantastic lyrics....I'm a sick fuck I like a quick fuck I like a quick suck...this is where your wonderful transgenderism and GBLT lobby takes us...further down the tubes.

  24. Sergio Eduardo Hernández Moreno


  25. duda

    someone is here by euphoria?

  26. DKS 001

    very classic bluesy voice. Sad topic as well.

  27. Jesús Romero

    This is absolutely art

  28. Itsbrendi

    Who's here after euphoria??😭😭😭

  29. Armania Dojalina

    MY FUCKIN LIFE!!!!!!!!!🤣😑🤔😎😴😓😖😤🤑😭😣😡🤯😈💀👾😘

  30. Clyde Reiniel Gamata Irigayen

    This is very underrated. I wish the kids of the new generation could've seen and felt the art in the song

  31. michele _11


  32. Lala Band S.

    Euphoria <3

  33. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Selena Williams cantando trap

  34. kada ;

    taste of oli sykes is great🖤

  35. Angie melissa Yelq

    ¿Alguien sabe de qué trata la canción?

  36. adamantium 52

    Me gusta mas con BRING ME THE HORIZON

  37. 1 ana

    Here for bring me the horizon cover❣

  38. Immortal

    No me gustó ni esto ni lo de BMTH

    Juan Quiroga!!!!

    Immortal come monda :v

  39. Denis

    it's a trap?

  40. nacho perez

    like si te gustó más el cover de bmth que la canción original

  41. sleepills

    bmth cover!!

  42. Lesley Joy Omictin

    Bring me the bomber drone

  43. Henrique Rodrigues

    Geral veio pelos menó do Bring Me the Horizon 😍

  44. Henrique Rodrigues

    BMTH 🥰 BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  45. Maureen Zabinski

    *FALA AMO*

    Juan Quiroga!!!!


  46. ArgentuM Play

    Кто от брингов?

  47. Douglas

    bring me the horizon bring me here by horizon bring

    Phanic! with the yeEmø

    Douglas lol same

  48. Mr Darky

    Prefer bmth cover for sure

  49. ganis


    Trina Gonzalez

    ganis same here!!

  50. Alizée Themans

    I'm here from the BMTH cover but this song is fucking good !!

  51. spyro teo

    can someone give me the chords?

  52. Marco :v

    Alguien mas viene por el cover de BMTH?


    ¡ Yo !

    iTzRepulse PvP

    No encuentro el cover:(

    Marco :v

    @iTzRepulse PvP solo esta en spotify

  53. Numericks

    yg kesini cuman liat lagu asli dr coveran bmth !?

    Aldi Purwanto

    Coveran bmth bisa cek dimana ya


    @Aldi Purwanto spotify gan

    Mr. LeftHandedPro

    Gua:v ini transgender btw

  54. kevin jefferson oyarce leiva

    ¿Someone's here for Bring Me The Horizon new cover?👀❤

    Brandon Falco

    kevin jefferson oyarce leiva I cant find the song anywhere. Not YouTube or any music platform. Where is it ?

    kevin jefferson oyarce leiva

    @Brandon Falco on Spotify 👀👀👀

    Papa Weider

    Wayne Artmann

    Nope. Here because Anonhi exist.

  55. K Edmodson

    Great song, and Naomi is still as beautiful as ever.

  56. Chris S

    I would love to hear you do a cover of madonnas frozen

  57. Ana Carolina

    Tinta bruta

  58. Afonso Gonçalves

    My beloved (A morte de Ivan Ilitch)

  59. ldvl93 vl

    Anohni, as usual, flawless! Everything is just perfect in this creation. Not a song, but a manifesto and an appeal. Retain tears is simply impossible. Very powerful thing!

  60. James Butler

    Incredible - Antony you are emotional poetry

  61. Nero Juge

    This is too much for me my heart.

  62. Miriam Eclipse

    LIZZO sent me

  63. Sigurjon543

    Can anyone tell me what sort of cap Naomi is wearing and where to find one?

  64. john John

    Naomi Campbell is stunning...

  65. Danté

    i thought this was Naomi Campbell omfg

  66. Dagmar Sprotte


  67. A Taurus Knows Best

    To me, the most profound element of this song is this: it's like a passionate love song for aggressor militaries. It's what a SADIST would imagine their victims thinking. "Kill me, I deserve it, and you're the special person to do it." It's a vantage point that only a VISIONARY could put into words. Both intensely sad and profoundly introspective.


    Well put

  68. Alex Callaghan Scotland

    unbelievably powerful and amazing tune!!

  69. David copperfiield

    can you dogs upload "in my dreams"? thx

  70. Mark Chappell

    The hive picking us up. You be sign Christmas cards ? $100;each to each daughter from each of us under 20 years = $20000000000 .

  71. Mark Chappell

    You be wait, please. You be sick puppy, you be wait for lift pick us up.

  72. Mark Chappell

    One step at a time, need crawl out of this world.

  73. Isabel Rodrigues

    I think I want to die...

  74. Luiz Fernando Todeschini

    Tinta Bruta!

  75. Mark Chappell

    I be read Zeus rape a duck, I be thinking this not right, I still virgin.

  76. Mark Chappell

    In time, you very sick, honey. The darker the skin the deeper the sickness usually. You need be patient, please. You THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. I just can not let it be while you be this sick. I be chose you, when you healthy, my dear. I have been alone for the last 2000 years. I am 12000 years a virgin waiting for YOU. Please be patient some more.

  77. Mark Chappell

    We back to that again? Where would you like to go? Egypt? Close your eyes, please.

  78. Maria Ikoeva

    Аж мурашки

  79. Fabricio Sousa

    this is art

  80. TheUrszulat

    Spoilt by Naomi Campbell Come on, Anohni! You don't need her. You are far more interesting.

    mar'itza gtz

    Smh always that one person who doesn't look at the bigger picture

  81. aaron biglow

    Love this song and this woman. Wow what passion!

  82. Naska

    oh God..The song is a fu*ing masterpiece! And Naomi is such a horrible actor..

    mar'itza gtz

    He didn't think so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  83. rere

    there are some people the world needs to know about. this is perfection

  84. Camm NK

    This is not the original account , the true and only its REBISMUSIC. They even put the lyrics and other stuff there.

  85. Анастасия Воронина

    she sings like a Nina Simone

  86. Mai Mohamed


  87. Mary Burrell

    Interesting artist

  88. Seema Jamuna


  89. sheikh

    anthony and the johnsons ??? that guys voice ????? i love his voice

  90. Daniel hermisdofe

    É Naomi cantando mesmo?

    major tom

    Claro que não..

    Daniel hermisdofe

    @major tom obrigado

  91. Dylan Thibert

    #CONFESSIONAL #anunsafespace

  92. Josh Withrow

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

  93. Professor Reem

    2018 and after

  94. Luna Gloaguen

    anohni is seriously so underrated...this song is probably the most powerful i've heard this year, currently crying to this masterpiece