ANOHNI - Crisis Lyrics

If I killed your father
With a drone bomb
How would you feel?

If I killed your mother
With a drone bomb
How would you feel?

If I killed your children
With a drone bomb
How would you feel?

If I tortured your brother
In Guantanamo
I’m sorry

I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry

Now you’re
Cutting heads off
Innocent people

If I filled up your mass graves
And attacked your countries
Under false premise

I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry

I’m sorry, I’m sorry
I’m sorry, please, please
I’m sorry, yeah

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ANOHNI Crisis Comments
  1. Adam Fachry Reinaldy

    Immediately revisited this song after the whole U.S.-Iran debacle. The line “daughter, if I filled up your mass graves and attacked your country under false premise, I’m sorry” really hit home to me.

  2. Perpetual Bloom


  3. Magic Handz

    Yep, Boy George brought me here. Wow - heavy lyrics. Bravo 👏🏽

  4. Gven Stefani

    Если бы я убила твоего отца бомбой-беспилотником
    Как бы вы себя чувствовали?

    Если бы я убила твою мать бомбой-беспилотником
    Как бы вы себя чувствовали?

    Если бы я убила ваших детей бомбой-беспилотником
    Как бы вы себя чувствовали?

    Если бы я пытал твоего брата в Гуантанамо
    Извините, пожалуйста

    Теперь ты отрезаешь головы
    Невинные люди на ТВ

    Если бы я заполнил твои братские могилы
    И напали на ваши страны под ложным предпосылкой
    Извините, пожалуйста

    в главной роли Storm Lever

    «Мы безжалостно пытали людей. Мы, вероятно, убили десятки из них в ходе этого, как вооруженные силы, так и ЦРУ." - Генерал Барри МакКаффри

    «Больше нет никаких сомнений в том, что нынешняя администрация совершила военные преступления... остается ответить только на вопрос, будут ли привлечены к ответственности те, кто отдал приказ о применении пыток".
    Генерал Антонио Тагуба

    "Мы должны смотреть вперед, а не оглядываться назад". - Президент Барак Обама

    "Потому что каждый президент в конечном итоге покидает свой пост, входящие руководители имеют стимул для отмены расследования своего предшественника пребывания в должности." - Чарли Savage, Нью-йорк таймс "

  5. TheRedleader01


  6. J P

    Amazing to me this hasn’t had more views.

  7. knarf renssiem


  8. Andreas Snellman

    Sounds alot like Antony and the Johnsons. Thank you Boy George for bringing me here <3

  9. Greg Zafirov

    Boy George brought me here

  10. Chioma Ubani

    *Boy George got me searching for this song after watching him on Wendy Show*

  11. vedran penava

    I’m obsessed with this song I like it to listen when I’m on my bike

  12. da gwyn

    ¡La chica es muy hermosa! Siento que las canciones de Anohni deben ser más conocidas, pero a la vez me encanta que seamos pocas las personas que disfrutamos de su música. <3

  13. Robert Bauer

    wer das nicht versteht und auch nicht ber[hrt wird, ist wohl kein mensch

  14. 전문가손을 넣는

    One of the greatest beat made by HudMo

  15. Emma Renee

    Here bc of Boy George.

  16. tyler fields

    This nigga crazy

  17. Abaabee Beauty

    From boy george on Wendy

  18. Crystal Hulls

    Im so so sorry.

  19. Leonardo di caprio

    "Not in my name"

  20. Robert Emmerle

    i am not sorry..i am in love with this wonderfull people. dronebomb does not exist in my life..anthony heggarty is one of the most beautifull artists in the whole world. and i want to marry the girl on the video.

  21. Andrea perez Ibañez

    I looking for the song of anhoni in my dreams and cant found it pleasee help me :c

  22. arsenalmanic

    BOY GEORGE 3 years ago on a talk show picked this as his fav song/artist.

  23. stefan olsson

    Cant stop this song.

  24. Sheila collins

    I saw an interview in which Boy George said this song and this artist are his fave in 2016...her voice sounds eerily like Nina Simone who he loves too...

  25. danny c

    Has the song been altered or is this the actual song it’s sounds distorted

  26. Afablesotrue

    I think Anohni's release of Hopelessness was the best form of whistleblowing to ever be done and did an amazing job at explaining the hypocrisy of the American government.

  27. Shaban Kullolli

    Is this Jal from Skins? The one who is pregnant Chris' kid?!

  28. BGF in the chest.

    Boy George loves this guy.

  29. democracy complex

    this actually hurts

  30. Mark Chappell

    You not like girls ??? Sicko.

  31. Mark Chappell

    I have been totally alone since then a slave. I am now free, the Have Queen may have us, please.

  32. Mark Chappell

    She I was 13 my sister came home late on night looking like you and bludgeoned my entire family to death in their sleep and forgot to tell me she is Satan and about the murders.

  33. Mark Chappell

    You feelings natural. You mental health is good.

  34. Mark Chappell

    Is a figure of speech, I not cutting their heads of I bit them off.

  35. Mark Chappell

    Because of your terror state you are like a small child, just call out, I be tuck you back into bed my dear.

  36. Mark Chappell

    Love is always having to say your sorry. Is OK. I have the keys to death and he'll, who have you lost that will not return? You can worship the dead. Need understand God is a living God. I die for short periods and then return.

  37. Mark Chappell

    Is figure of speech. I not cutting heads of on TV, who do these things?

  38. Mark Chappell

    My father is Eddy Murphy. My mother is Angelina Joline. They die often. I am the one that does not.

  39. Mark Chappell

    Cosmos is tiny.

  40. Tri-Lambda Delta

    Boy George brought me here too... THANK YOU x

  41. Steven Pua Sagapolu

    Boy George's interview w/ Wendy Williams brought me here and im a Fan.

  42. Janet Carrier

    A message, in which one can truly get the point.

  43. Whadaya Tinkin

    what was that a couple of seconds after 2:19? Glitch? I heard breathing in but the lips were closed...

  44. Catriona Burkhart

    Never afraid to tackle uncomfortable truths.

  45. Getyou Ducky

    Anohni i love you! incredable person...xxxxx

  46. Raphael Blanco

    Respect, reflect, appreciate, love, support, live, love ,life, peace, progress

  47. ZeeZee Zputnik

    I feel that this is a song about soldiers feeling guilt after doing the deeds of their evil leaders. Humans who fight to protect what is theirs and what is their culture ... But instead end up killing innocent people in the name of politics.

    I was a soldier, the guilt of being part of an army that was attacking and not 'defending' made me leave once I could leave. I joined the Army to defend my country, not to just attack people who didn't have the strength we had. I didn't shoot anyone (I was a medic) but I was part of something aggressive, which indiscriminately killed. I couldn't be part of that anymore. My soul hurt thinking about how we were just making everything worse, we weren't 'bringing peace', we were just adding fuel to the fire.

    This is what this song feels like to me, the killing of people's families and all you can say is 'sorry' inside your head. I witnessed many soldiers crumble under the weight of killing strangers, the sense of guilt and helplessness in following orders was always written across their faces.

    This touched my soul... To me, this song is about guilt, the guilt of following orders that went against your own morality and the helplessness in your actions because this was ultimately something you had signed up to. Feeling deceived, lied to and feeling stupid in falling for their propaganda. All you can say, in the end... Is 'sorry'.

    Memory Rinehart

    Then many go home and kill themselves over it...No one winning.

  48. Zepa Neves

    Um dos melhores shows que vi. Vi no Porto, Portugal. Foi como uma bomba estética caindo sobre minha cabeça.

  49. Yooboho

    Boy George on Wendy brought me here.

  50. sabot morgan

    que dire. C'est un ovni. Une beauté. Une invitation. Sa te transperce et te laisse dans une méditation d un voyage qui ne finira jamais. sublime et l actrice aussi. Merci pour le voyage

  51. David Bagnall From Austrália

    Masterpiece I LUV U Anohni.

  52. TheGlassCathedral

    sensational. utterly, utterly sensational.

  53. Claudio Trevisan

    We need more songs like that.

  54. Shavais Zarathu

    So there are conflicts between the Shiites and the Soonies, and conflicts between various other regional ethnic groups, and conflicts between the Jews and the Palistinians in general. They use missiles and IED's and suicide bombers, and troops with machine guns and rockets and everything else. Often there's raping and pilaging happening. Occasionally, large volumes of poison gas comes into play. Sometimes oil wells are burned. We get drawn into it all because of our long standing sympathy for and friendship with the Jews and because of our incredibly strong economic dependence on foreign oil.

    Imagine gas jumping to $25 a gallon or something like that over a period of a few weeks. The country would shut down, hordes of businesses would close practically over night. Unemployment would quickly reach over 90%. In a matter months we would have people starving in the streets by the millions. The government would just fold under the pressure of all the desperation. Martial law would probably be declared, and all kinds of really, really awful things would happen. As those things took place, just about all bonds and annuities would become worthless. Without earnings, stocks would plummet. Nobody's nest eggs would survive all that. So all our elderly wouldn't be able to buy food, much less pay the rent or pay for any kind of medical care or insurance. Our currency would become worthless; no one would be able to buy food.

    So the whole oil thing *is* a matter of life and death for us - a thing our leaders know very well. So we get drawn into the conflicts, and. Whoever we currently think likes us the best and will deal the most fairly with us becomes the people we support in whatever the current conflict is.

    Gas wouldn't necessarily jump to $25 a gallon as a result of some anti-American Caliphate taking over in the Middle East, but it might happen over a little longer period of time as our reserves went dry and other sources became strained. It's an enormous fear we have, so we sort of feel that those Arabs kind of have us by the throat.

    Even asside from the oil issue, which *is* incredibly real and important, whenever and whereever a highly militant, vocal, and small minority with extremely oppresive religious rules takes the reigns of power in some region or another, we feel compelled to try to come to the rescue of the more progressive majority. In many cases we're reluctant to put our own young men and women under fire (particularly since we only have so many of them), so -

    We use drone bombs.

    And the enemy uses civilians as human shields.

    Communication wires get crossed, and worse than that, lies and propaganda get spread, on all sides, and a whole lot of really, really, really terrible things happen. Personally, I kinda blame that highly militant and vocal and ruthless ultra-religious small minority for it all, but. I'm sure they feel they're just acting in reaction to what we've done. We've supported their enemies for a long time, in war upon war, so. They have plenty to be mad at us about. What really gets my gander is when I discover that the people we've been supporting with money and weapons and "advice" and drone bombs are actually an ultra oppresive minority. That's when I really get the most pissed at our leaders. But they're in the know about a whole lot more than I am, and. I am aware that our choices are limited. A choice between terrible evils is no doubt very often the only choice we have.

  55. Pedro Oliveira

    vim anqui chora

  56. Obumneme Nweze

    love this song

  57. Kattern

    Great LYRICS and song, so honest, so real, so sensible, THANK YOU Anohni!

  58. marque235

    Boy George brought me here...

    Mark Anthony Del Prado

    Same on Wendy Williams Show 12/21/2018 😃

    Onika Nickie

    Me too, I'm also glad, he did.

    danny c

    marque235 me too, is it just me but can you just hear him singing this

    Angie Warner

    Same here

    Zamora Zip

    Same is dark as he says....I am glad I am alive

  59. shook

    Thank you for this magic

  60. Powell Pressburger

    The single greatest most meaningful song of 2016? It could very well be. Unflinching and yet beautiful; a true political song simultaneously filled to the brim with compassion.

  61. Diego Neira-Muñoz

    please someone make a video of Trump assuming with this song, it fits perfect. I would do it but I dont know how to do it. also you could add the sad Melania on it and how he constantly disrespect her... I just love this song, it fits perfect with the world right now

    Ka sia

    Brilliant idea...

    Memory Rinehart

    How 'bout O"bomb"a instead??

  62. Eke Khademi

    mild xiu xiu vibes coming from this! especially reminds me of SUPPORT OUR TROOPS OH! and Guantanamo Canto

  63. Colin Weiss

    first time ever hearing ANOHNI, found on best albums of 2016. wow, first 1 minute. ehhh, don't really like her voice not feeling this;;;;

    4 minutes later (crying)...fuck this is beautiful music.

  64. Edward Sullivan

    Any idea where to get the instrumental?

  65. Reb Dalmas

    Thank you for this so much ! Time to realize the false premise as only the illusion of and as an elephant in the room, a misplaced ' moving through the eye of the needle' self. We are all the same, we are LIFE. We must forgive, and forgive our ' self' for accepting a false and destructive premise. It is time to connect to who and what we are, to take back our ability too see life, this we had before religion, culture, nationalism educated us into a false premise that separated us from who and what we are. We are all the same, we are the means of real value creation, which need only follow the words, ' do no harm' .

  66. macedonia

    is this produced by arca? I can just tell...

    Cairo Braga

    Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke.

  67. Bette Davis, we love you


  68. Joshua Kirk

    Very heartbreaking and beautiful song. This stunning video only takes it to another level.

  69. Arthur Lecomte

    This is certainly one of the best songs of 2016.

  70. Mr Mike


    Pos Yo

    Mr Mike your taste in music bitch i bet you listen to kpop


    Interesting, why?


    @Pos Yo also fuck off. It doesn't matter what music people listen to why the fuck judge someone for a harmless preference?

  71. Paul Cremers

    ow man...

  72. Danny Raven TAN


  73. Juan Sayago Cheein

    It's incredible how the electronic parts reinforce the feelings the song is trying to transmit rather than opaque them. This song is so simple yet so devastatingly beautiful I can't even tell. HOPELESSNESS is by far the edgiest, bravest and shiniest accomplishment of 2016. A milestone

  74. Saya Sawssen


  75. James Casey


  76. John Kayoss

    Soon after waking this morning, I learned of Leonard Cohen's death. I spent much of the day listening to his songs. After repeating the amazing cover of his song "If it be your will" by a caterpillar named Antony, I decided to take a break from the beloved Bodhisattva Cohen, and see if there was anything new from this caterpillar. I then discovered a butterfly named Anohni, and I found some of the most important music today.

    I, too, am sorry...

  77. Lucas George Wendt

    It left me speechless.

  78. losgurbio

    simply Amazing. Listening to that song in Alicudi now.

  79. charles

    <3 .....I am sorry!!!!!!!! :(

  80. Carpe Omnia

    This song cut into my bones!

  81. dorentina c

    so beautiful and true

  82. Katarzyna Sza

    I love U, love U, love U <3

  83. Jeano See

    Frissonnant et émouvant...

  84. Dominique Cornelio

    Emozionante e bellissima. Pelle d'oca !!!

  85. dandeliondunmer

    understand why she wrote this song. it is important, it is so so important. this is perhaps the most meaningful song i have ever heard. music is so trivialized now but this is from the soul and i can feel it.

  86. SvargaYantra

    I will always talk to everyone.

  87. Infp Island

    I can feel anohni's soul in this one :) Modern electronica often distracts/ takes away meaning and depth for me, but if the soul shows through it won't ever lose. I want as much raw feeling as her earlier songs, and I think this one will grow on me.

  88. Rammon Moore

    the thought that comes to mind after watching this is: when the application or understanding of true sorrow occurs within one's existence, to simply say sorry means nothing if you are not willing to actually do anything to right the wrongs that were done on a personal level. each time someone says "I'm sorry" and nothing changes, then the meaning of the words themselves is nothing. I encourage you to be active in your apologies of you really mean them, otherwise they will fall on dead ears leaving another broken heart in its wake.

  89. yakisueba

    I just love her face, her eyes. Her expression. And with Antony's voice. My gawd. <3

  90. Neale Floyd love love love

  91. Christopher Foster

    This music reminds me that I am alive

    Dan Harris

    Completely agree. It is amazing. I reckon this song really helps bridge the empathy gap between people in the west and their victims of war. I really don't think people grasp what war does to people, to communities, to countries. It is devastating. Almost unimaginable unless you have experienced it first hand.

  92. Katia Favaron Atif

    pure ....magnifique...merveilleux. ..mystique

  93. Lee B.

    To hear the raw words and see such emotion on her beautiful face, deeply touching.

  94. qaqsqw

    It has got a great voice.

  95. Ricardo Carabaña

    she is amazing

  96. Thales Guimaraes

    Makes me feel so many things... this is just so sad...

  97. miroporvos

    Alive for this.

  98. Jonathan Lmbr