Annihilator - The Blackest Day Lyrics

In the break of the morning
Coming in with no warning
Striking from up high
Like the size of a city
Comes this mountain of stone
From a different sky
There was a torturous vision
Of a deadly collision
We watched in agony
An inconceivable terror
A celestial invader
Innocent casualties

Burning fire, screams of pain and fear
Piercing higher, hell on earth is here
Mankind is melting, life just drains away
Darkness, death, this the blackest day

Obliteration, disintegration
It's all turning to dust
From the force of the impact
Humanity beginning to rust
The world begins to crumble
It's all just a matter of time
This is the ultimate chaos
This is the end of the line

In the break of the morning
Striking from up high
This is the ultimate chaos
This is the end

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Annihilator The Blackest Day Comments
  1. hereticbastard666

    i do believe is their best album just personal taste

  2. RustyAngel

    True metal

  3. Mark Jaramillo

    Trademark Jeff Waters Riffage!

  4. Violent Otter

    Man, that guitar tone is fucking lame

    Violent Otter

    @Raptor Jesus Not at all. Sounds like a cheap distortion pedal

  5. Lord Ofmetal

    Perfect song !

  6. RoryRockNRoller

    I much prefer Daves vocals on the live version of this song.

  7. metal1sgod

    I see you are an exodus fan as well, one of my all time fav bands by the way and i think tempo is the best thing since sliced bread!!!

  8. metal1sgod

    Great track from a great band, love it when it all goes quiet then kicks back in.

  9. Olivier Pontbriand

    One of my favorites album from them!

  10. AGNT Thrasher

    The live versions of ALL their songs are great!

  11. Gonzalo Sur

    The live verson is so great!!! watch?v=oZ1aZCOXF7c

  12. fortheloveoftunes

    3:03 Just lovely!

  13. M D

    Does anyone think that this song is about 9/11? The lyrics kind of remind me of that fateful day.

  14. overkillforever1

    Um Overkill?????

  15. Cepheon

    Wake up man! This is fucking best thrash band! \m/

  16. Richard Piotrowski

    Most underrated metal band \m/

  17. SakustoMusic97

    @12SecretFace That was exactly what I was thinking when I first heard him!

  18. Cullys Charle

    wheres the thrash riffs? why only traditional metal riffs?

  19. anahowana


  20. countermettler

    thumbs up for fuckin \m/ ANNIHILATOR !!! \m/ *_*