Annihilator - My Precious Lunatic Asylum Lyrics

Take a trip inside
To my precious lunatic asylum
Welcome, enter the house of hell
My precious lunatic asylum
You can get anything you need
At the the precious lunatic asylum
Hang on as we take the ride
Into the precious lunatic asylum

Prepare to descend
Into my precious lunatic asylum
The ultimate insanity awaits below
In my precious lunatic asylum
Look at all the tortured souls
In the precious lunatic asylum
Here we are so let the fun begin
In my precious lunatic asylum

Gone, your mind is gone
It now belongs to me
Your mind is gone
I am insanity

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Annihilator My Precious Lunatic Asylum Comments
  1. IlkerDeth

    ANNIHILATOR, one of my all-time favorite bands!

  2. Bro

    what a killer song

  3. 64marauderjim

    This helps me through the absolute shite on the radio today. ANNIHILATOR RULES!

  4. Eber Francisco

    essa música é inacreditável. Escuto ela há uns 7 anos e nunca envelheceu pra mim. Simplesmente perfeita.

  5. Chevyfreak

    Best solo i ever heard....

    aic83 !

    Go back to alice in hell and listen to the guitars in word salad

  6. Carlos Nunez

    why isn't this album on spotify ?!?!?!?


    it isn't on iTunes either, both make me sad

    aic83 !

    Carnival diablos and criteria for a black widow both are not on spotify either 😔


    @aic83 ! Same with King of the Kill, Refresh the Demon, Remains, and the self-titled

    aic83 !

    @TheJimger yep them 2 are even rarer

    aic83 !

    @TheJimger king of the kill and refresh the demon i mean...

  7. Johnny Gartland

    Dean Ambrose new theme song!!

  8. Nick Harland

    Deadly song, and a very cool guitar solo.  Love this line-up!

  9. tomer ben david

    kick ass


    @tomer ben david This WHOLE album is blistering.

  10. Craig Zveare

    One of my favorite solos

  11. Xabi Villa


  12. kill10003

    it cant get any thrashier than this.

  13. Greg Turek

    I love this song

  14. pantheist46n2

    yeah yeah yeah yeah