Annihilator - Fire Power Lyrics

I am the war machine marching on your soul
Command and conquer, I shall take control
There won't be prisoners, survivors of my wrath
Infernal devastation. Prepare for the attack


Armed and ready to roll, the target's now in sight
Master precision, as you crush with all your might
Scream in terror, as I breathe down your neck
Run, run the masses but your destiny is set

A purebred arrogance, nature takes it's course
Onslaught, invasion, unholy use of force
I pledge allegiance to rule you all
World domination is my never-ending call

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Annihilator Fire Power Comments
  1. Marion Cobretti

    is there a more underrated metal band???

  2. czr7j9

    I reckon he kills kirk hammet for soloing skills

  3. Hitman1m1

    @Annihilator EPIC METAL \m/
    #HeavyMetalHitman     face book

  4. jonny puma

    F....great :)


    @jonny puma  Heavy Metal Hitman  face book  \m/

  5. Amine cesare

    quality 360 p
    volume 100 %
    neighbours 911


    frequency 24/7 ;)

  6. dedmit

    The intro sounds like tanks armed with nuclear weapons going 200mph over a mouintain of skulls

  7. Whackooyzero

    Seriously one of the most epic intro harmonies in metal.

  8. Ryan Frazier

    this sucks bring old school annihilator back sellout

    Nia Gillies

    if they were to sell out they would continue to re-make never neverland

  9. E-Marketing guide for beginners

    itunes is so god damn stupid they don't even have this album yet

  10. 000Mental000

    Hail, fight.
    March on, annihilate!

    words to live by^^

  11. TheChosenGamer

    Jeff Waters is the man, thanks for uploading this.

  12. wiz3904

    Kick ass.