Anne Murray - Silver Bells Lyrics

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air
There's a feeling of Christmas.

Children laughing
People passing
Meeting smile after smile
And on ev'ry street corner you'll hear.

Silver bells, (silver bells)
Silver bells (silver bells)
It's Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, (ring-a-ling)
Hear them ring (hear them ring)
Soon it will be Christmas day.

Strings of street lights
Even stop lights
Blink a bright red and green
As the shoppers rush home with their treasures.

Hear the snow crunch
See the kids bunch
This is Santa's big scene
And above all this bustle
You'll hear.

Silver bells, (silver bells)
Silver bells (silver bells)
It's Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, (ring-a-ling)
Hear them ring (hear them ring)
Soon it will be Christmas day.

Soon it will be Christmas day...

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Anne Murray Silver Bells Comments
  1. Dianne Hughes

    Wouldn't it be beautiful if we could all sing it together!!

  2. 正志

    Merry Christmas🎄

  3. Paulinus Yosep

    Merry Christmast From Indonesia..I listening This Song I Remember Christmast Year 1985. Thanks Upload This Song Gbu My Friends

  4. Cirlei Fajardo

    O Natal é todo dia...

    Mas 24 de dezembro
    é iluminado e musical...
    Na mesa caprichada posta
    ornamentada e deliciosa...
    No boa noite acolhedor
    em muitas casas felizes...
    Na lágrima derramada
    sob o pinheiro iluminado
    ante a emoção da canção
    e dos sinos que celebram
    O Deus Menino que vai nascer...
    Papai Noel nem sempre
    está vestido de vermelho...
    A fraternidade momentânea
    poderia e deveria ser diária...
    Mas se apenas uma noite
    puder mudar alguns corações
    e fazer deles casa acolhedora
    para que o Menino nasça...
    Sempre valerá à pena!
    Sempre teremos um belo e

    Cirlei Fajardo
    24 de dezembro de 2019... 06h34...

  5. Michael Wimberly

    I here December 24 2019

  6. Barry Aulis

    It's not a Canadian Christmas until you play this song. Merry Christmas everyone

  7. Current Co-inci-dink

    Listening 12-16-19! I just adore Christmas songs! This song takes me waaaaay back to the good old days!

  8. Current Co-inci-dink


  9. MTV어쿠스틱

    My favorite carol songs! And i love her voice!
    I tried to play this song with four ukuleles plz come to my channel and check it out ~

  10. Casimus Prime

    It's May 23, only 7 months and 2 days to go.

  11. Elizabeth Thomas

    Thank you for doing a beautiful job on this song Anne Murray!

  12. Lori LePage

    2017 and still listening Happy Birthday Jesus

    Elizabeth Thomas

    2018 and about on my millionth repeat.....never gets old

  13. Edd B. Servando

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  14. I Love Jesus

    Thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2017! Two days until Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  15. NintendoAmigo

    Soon it will be Christmas Day 😢

  16. Edd B. Servando

    All I can say is WOW

  17. THE ROCK Dwayne Johnson

    we can't escape the memory of this song

  18. Brian Kiernan Smith


  19. Jim Cholley

    I recently detailed this track for something, so here it is..     :-]   2.  SILVER BELLS by Anne Murray  2:44
    Recorded in July 1981 by Ken Freisen for Freisen-Hall Productions, Inc. at Eastern Sound in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Assisted by Tom Henderson.  Mastered at Capitol Records Studios by Ken Perry.  Arranged and conducted by Rick Wilkins.  Concertmaster Bill Richards.  Drums by Barry Keane.  Bass by Tom Szczesniak.  Acoustic guitar by Michael "Pepe" Francis.  Electric guitar by Bob Mann.  Acoustic piano by Doug Riley.  Electric piano by Brian Gatto.  Steel guitar by Bob Lucier.  Background vocals by Tommy Ambrose, Bob Hamper, Bob Farrar, Vern Kennedy, Janie Ray, Colina Phillips, Judy Marchak, Laurie Hood and Debbie Fleming.  From the September of 1981 released Capitol Records album CHRISTMAS WISHES.  Produced by Jim Ed Norman for JEN Productions, Inc.  Music by Jay Livingston.  Words by Ray Evans.  Capitol Records SNX-16232.

  20. Jim Cholley

    One of my very favorite tracks from one of my very favorite Christmas albums..     :-]

  21. Jobel Doctolero

    Her UNIQUE VOICE when singing CHRISTMAS SONGS, makes me feel the true SPIRIT of the CHRISTMAS SEASON.

    Joey Gagliardi

    Could not have worded your comment any better than you, I know exactly what you mean by her voice,, and the the Spirit. Merry Christmas to you and yours,,, 2018

  22. Lisa Bell

    LOVE IT 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇☺☺☺😊😀😀😀😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇😉

  23. Chih-Ling Lilianna Chen

    nice song

  24. Dave R

    I've been a fan of Ann Murry from the first time I heard her.

  25. Nethaka Siriwardena

    this is very good

  26. hatsbyanne1942

    The voice of an angel!!!!!!!

  27. cuntjunky

    Luv her

  28. lanny ross

    one of the best version,s of this sung i have heard

  29. Michael Matthews

    The song, sung by my favorite singer, that starts the SEASON for me.... :)

  30. Cookies3003

    Merry early Christmas

  31. Lorrie Campbell

    Love your music.

  32. Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

    Christmas 2014 is coming up and I have to memorize this via google and youtube XD. Doing a duet with my best friend at a Christmas event. Merry almost Christmas!


    Cool gluck


    Merry Christmas Jack...

  33. YINGVAY _

    Marry Christmas from KY

  34. galaxy

    merry christmas

  35. Tristian P

    I wish Florida is like that picture the high is still in the 70's 80's


    Spent one Christmas in Florida.....did not like it. I will try to not do that ever again! Maybe I can ship some snow from here (up North) to you. :-)

    Elizabeth Thomas

    Az as I hate snow though!

  36. aus Blue

    very beautiful thanks

  37. billyboylb

    merry Christmas! :) by the way there is no "war on Christmas" Fox news...just freakin' enjoy the holiday!


    No war on Christmas? As a retired high school teacher I saw it every December throughout my district. Wake up and smell the coffee.


    @sherebiah As a Christian myself I don't want my kids given religious instruction in a public school.. If you were just decorating or something, that's fine....but when every store I go into has Christmas crap up in October there is hardly evidence for a war on Christmas....the corporations will make millions this year off of a religious holiday. 

    Matt O

    number one= what does FOX News have to do with it?
    number two= what does corporate retail pushing Christmas in October have to do with it?
    You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.
    typical liberal.

    Jim Cholley

    "War" or not, Christmas lives forever in truth and righteousness..

  38. Anthony kretowicz

    Merry Christmas from North Dakota.

  39. Kathryn Cain

    Happy Christmas to all whom celebrate this! <3

  40. jepjep223

    Ber months :-D

  41. matt.



    It is a great song especially from Anne Murray!

    Elizabeth Thomas

    cuz she is a true artist

  42. AquaticSavior

    Well. Haven't had a comment in awhile.

  43. fogologo100

    Great song from Anne Murray...Merry Christmas everyone from Northern California...

  44. Ed Tulip

    if you like anne's voice check out karen carpenter

  45. carlos masis

    Merry Christmas to all....Great song!

  46. Seraph O. Storms

    Very, very easily. I'm sick of it after the first two days. Mosquitoes and sunburn and sweat -- no thanks. Bring on the ice, the stark white beauty, and the fresh cold air.

  47. Tamerjin

    idk how you can ever get sick of summer, but Anne Murray and this song she sings in particular are my favs at Christmas time

  48. sabou flaviu

    In 7 december is my birthday xD


    Happy Birthday! Mine is December 1st.

  49. Unknown shadow

    mery christmas

  50. metallica04100

    sick of summer?!

  51. Laura Shrum

    This is my favorite christmas song. I listen to your songs every single day. Have a Happy holidays from Laura Shrum

  52. Emily Gillis

    34 days (:

  53. Ebb Flow

    Christmas is near,,,2 more month to go~

  54. Evan Ciapura

    Love this song and Picture :))

  55. nick agbon

    that's true

  56. jacob grayson

    im actully starting to gather Christmas songs to play on my harmonica lol

  57. Scott125670

    with Anne Murray's christmas music, you just can't resist having an August christmas :D

  58. Jeet

    Starting on Christmas Mode.

  59. JayHarrisLA

    Oh yes, Christmas in August....I'm feeling it!

  60. Tejasnite

    What a beautiful blue tree

  61. Martin H.

    Merry Christmas from the Netherlands!

  62. Marielynne May Nichol

    merry xmas to evry1..(from malaysia)

  63. juanpvillanueva

    chorus song

  64. Goh Hui Ting

    Merry Christmas from Singapore! xD

  65. Emily Roll

    You guys should listen to Bing Crosby! u cant start a christmas without him! :)

  66. Christine Wurtele

    Can't start the Christmas decorating without a little Anne Murray. THANKS!!! Merry Christmas!

  67. charlieswebsies

    Yay christmas!

  68. Maureen Clair

    Merry Christmas from Philadelphia!

  69. Rena' Jugovic

    Anne Murray is fantastic! Great to hear Silver Bells!

  70. A Perfect Paradox In A Box

    I love Christmas songs. :) They get me in the mood to start decorating a year early!

  71. wise sisomphane

    Chrismas doesnt exist in my country

  72. solomoni qaraniqio Rorovanua

    Merry Christmas to all corners of this world......where ever you may be or what ever situation that you may be facing.......a Very Warm Heart felt Blessed Christmas to you all from Suva Christian Community High School, Fiji Islands....God Bless you all.......

  73. Gerard Blache

    Merry Christmas to All From Trinidad WI Have A Holy One

  74. jheffhree

    Merry Christmas to all! From the Middle East!

  75. hawk84065

    when ever i get sick of summer i go into my room and sing christmas songs

  76. hawk84065

    @miles214miles it is almost christmas I cant wait its such a magical time of year

  77. Miles Gaston

    it's almost christmas! like like like this video!:D

  78. NindicaPinionsLight

    Silver Bells Anne Murray REVERSED

  79. Lorrie Mayzlin

    My mom has been gone for 11 years, and this was her favorite song. I was so surprised that I did not hear it played one time -- and they have been playing Christmas Music on WNIC since November 1, 2010!!! I miss my Mom, and completely sympathize with tigercequoni.


  80. Kelly D

    Merry Christmas to ALL!!! from Wisconsin :D

  81. Helen Landrigan

    Calling names is a futile exercise and only disrespects the person doing the name-calling.
    This is a great song, no matter what. Anne Murray sings it in such a gentle way, very moving. Glad to have heard it.

  82. CharmedAngel17

    This is amazing. This song is amazing. It is my favorite Christmas song because it reminds me of my grandmother.

  83. CharmedAngel17

    @J05HDA you're such an insecure jerk. How would you feel if it was someone you love? May God help you.

  84. Maya Heffron

    Give me a break have you never lost someone you loved? Apparently not...

  85. Maya Heffron

    Love this song. Always makes me cry for some reason... I always think of Christmastime with my family growing up. Her voice is awesome too =]

  86. Giancarlo Galindo

    Merry Christmas Everyone! From San Francisco!

  87. semperkatie

    @J05HDA - what an asshole. karma is a bitch :)

  88. zzz

    for me,christmas carol=anne murray

  89. Richard Wurtele

    Thank you for posting this. My CD won't play anymore. This is a holiday must! Have a great holiday season!

  90. Scott125670

    I agree with everyone! Best version in the universe!

  91. blackhawkboy97

    this is beatutiful!

  92. jbdamasco

    thank you!!! this is my all-time FAVORITE version of Silver Bells. :) 2 months to go!