Anne Murray - Moon Over Brooklyn Lyrics

As I walk around, I see lots of people
With their faces to the ground
All that pressure that's comin' down
They don't want no misery

And if you've seen enough already
I'm sayin' this to you
There's a moon over Brooklyn
And it's comin' into view

The war in Asia took a heavy toll
The price we paid was etched out in our souls
Now this newborn baby lyin' at your door
Can you let him in, can you show him more?

So come along with me
I'll show you where the city meets the sky
We'll vow to never, never say goodbye
We won't have to hide, no, any more

And if we should kiss and fall in love
It would be the right thing to do
'Cause there's a moon over Brooklyn
And it's comin' into view

There's a moon over Brooklyn

There's a moon over Brooklyn

There's a moon over Brooklyn
And it's comin' into view

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Anne Murray Moon Over Brooklyn Comments
  1. Suzanne Foreman

    Of all the pieces she recorded over a pretty illustrious career, this one is hands-down the very best , in every way.

  2. Rosy Tube

    Moon over Brooklyn ♥️♥️

  3. Fred Sergeant

    Anne can sing anything. Country, Rock, Adult Contemp, Religious songs, The Blues, Etc. The clarity and tone are always amazing and seem so effortless.
    Whether friends think it is cool to be a fan of hers or not I have never cared. I like quality and it doesn't get any better than Anne Murray 😊


    Absolutely and I think she's also beautiful!

  4. rhonda marks

    Beautiful song.

  5. Wayne Brasler

    Barefoot Annie herself was much pleased with this recording. In her very first recordings she already was an accomplished and distinctive artist, and she just kept growing. The songs she chose for her albums were literate, substantial and often surprising. She never played down to the audience; she gave her audience a lot to think about. She is one of the few super-successful popular singers in history to sing every song straight, clean and simple, the hardest way to sing.

  6. Johnny Jensen

    This is without a doubt, one of the best songs Anne Murray ever recorded.  Wish she had done more songs of this kind.

  7. Chuck Clough

    Absolutely my favorite Anne Murray performance. I was playing this song about a week after 9/11, nearby was a photo of my father who had passed away a month before. I was looking at photos of a trip to NYC in 1982, and there I was on a tour boat in front of the towers, and with this song playing...boom, get a mop! It was an emotional moment I will never forget.

  8. goes jack

    Did she ever perform this song in concert?

    Tony Maiullo

    jc2354 She sang it on Television NBC Saturday Nite Live The guest host was Burt Reynolds. @1979

    Lynn Holt

    She actually sang "Lucky Me" and "Why Don't You Stick Around" on Saturday Night Live." Not "Moon Over Brooklyn."

  9. Jeroen Baten

    One of the best songs I know.

  10. Teguh Supriyanto

    Dear Happy Sun, do you have Easy Does It? I thank you very much.

  11. Teguh Supriyanto

    I like it very much. I've listened to this since 1983. When I couldn't find the song in Indonesia, my country, I have to ask my friend from Houston to purchase the Signature albums for me. Love you, Anne. Thank you, Jimmy Lott, Alan Miles, Jim Ed Norman.

  12. Branner

    One of Anne's best performances--and one of the best-written songs she ever sang. A unique talent.

  13. Terry Corcoran

    This should be played at the dedication of the New World trade Center...

  14. yamahonkawazuki

    @victorarchbold yeah ive seen pictures :). hell i could deal with cold. i was born in the chicago area. so city stuff and northernesque temps dont bother me. NYC area is on my short list of places to reside while im still kickin

  15. yamahonkawazuki

    @pillowaoc if the boroughs of NYC are half as beautiful as this song, im sold lol :)

  16. claude bourgeois

    Beautiful vocal----wow Anne looks fabulous in this pic--A million bucks

  17. starshine428

    Anne's voice is so rich and the emotion in her voice so strong, she really doesn't need music to carry it, it only enhances the emotion

  18. yamahonkawazuki

    @terrryc yeah its one of teh boroughs of nyc is it not? errrm its lcose enough ;)

  19. Billy Boyd

    this song was originally done by a group called "A Group With No Name".

  20. Terry Corcoran

    My wife lives in Queens. This reminds me of the view from from the roof of her garage, where you can see the planes land at Queens close enough?

  21. Wayne Brasler

    There are thousands of Anne Murray fans who cherish this wonderful song and this wonderful performance but I don't think the world at large knows it well. It evokes so many mental and emotional images and such colors, doesn't it?

  22. galopp100

    Anne is the greatest of all times!

  23. Jon Hess

    Moon Over Brooklyn is in my top 5 favorites of all Anne's songs - Cold or not, this song is FANTASTIC!

  24. kpenguins48

    What's funny is she had a cold when she recorded it. And it's still beautiful!

    Jane Russell

    Yes, I could tell she had a cold. Certainly didn't affect the song to any detriment IMHO.
    I have loved this beautiful, talented, classy lady since I was 12 in 1981. I have always adored this song. I love the way Anne makes every song her own. There is nobody else that sounds like her. Anne's speaking voice is just as unique, as is her multi faceted alto singing voice. Her singing can be so smooth, gentle, but she alsi has that grit, rasp and beautiful liwer register that I love.
    Morna Anne Murray is still a SUPERSTAR in my eyes, even though she's been retired from performing since 2008
    💃💖🎤🎧🎸🎼🎶🎵⛳🏊💎♊🌟🔥💐💐💐💐💐her favourite, long stemmed yellow roses. I still have one I caught at a show in the front row. I'm in Australia, I saw her in 1997 when I was 28, Anne almost 52. It was an amazing memory that I'll treasure and never forget.

  25. happysun

    Jimmy Lott, Alan Miles
    producer: Jim Ed Norman
    see the info label of the video for more info on composition.
    I'm glad you like it!

  26. claude bourgeois

    the best as always

  27. MelSquid


  28. babaradio

    oh my happysun. this is so fine it brought tears to my eyes. is there anything this great lady cannot sing well?