Anne Murray - Christmas Wishes Lyrics

If I had my way this Christmas
If all I would wish could be
Of all the great wishes
In a wonderful world
I'd only ask for three

And if I could have three-ee wishes
And if my first wish came true
There'd be peace on earth
Good will among men
And love in all that we-ee do

Can you imagine a world like that
What a wonderful world it would be
And then I would wish
It could go on forever
For people like you and me

If I had my way this Christmas
And if the two others came true
My third wish would be
For now and forever
To share all my wishes with you

My third wish would be
For now and forever
To share all my-y wishes wi-ith you

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Anne Murray Christmas Wishes Comments
  1. Blue Rose

    A voice from home, gonna let this sink in.

  2. MignonneFille

    Christmas album of my childhood. My Mom always had Anne Murray on 🎄

  3. Sheikh A.J. Abrahim

    I remembered when my mother bought this album LP. Has some of the finest classic Christmas songs. This is my favorite song. Who else's favorite????


    for me carrol=anne murray

  4. Francis Atienza Borcelis

    The best

  5. xox

    This is what i call christmas song

  6. Andrew Gentle

    I can feel the christmas holiday when this song play

  7. Shaneza Sampson

    Reminds me of grandmother....she always plays this song along with others every christmas for me n my sister.

  8. Adriel Isaacs

    An all time Christmas favourite. Love this song! :)
    Anne truly has an amazing voice.

  9. fuming googoo

    A wonderful song, a beautiful singing voice. Anne is the best female singer for me.

  10. smwca123

    The song has a lovely waltz melody that makes one want to get up and dance with the object of one's third wish. Art Podell and Randy Sparks of the New Christy Minstrels wrote it circa 1963. Anne recorded it in 1981; Rick Wilkins was the conductor.

  11. Shaun Spendlove

    My favorite Christmas Song!

    Anon Y-Mouse

    Mine too

  12. Alpha colecciones

    Beautiful song.