AnnaGrace - Love Keeps Calling Lyrics

oh oh oh
oh oh oh

Hear the echos trough the night
Memory of a lucky night
See reflections of my life
I know I can heal I can heal from the pain inside
Many ways to turn away
But if I'm wrong than the pain will stay
Drive the bitch into the light
I've gotta learn from the pain inside

Love keeps calling my heart
Love keeps calling my heart
I spread my wings and fly away
Fly away from here
Love keeps calling my heart
Love keeps calling my heart
I spread my wings and fly away
Fly away from here

Paid the toll to see the shore
Don' wanna carry this weight no more
See the dark clouds in the sky
I know I can heal I can heal from the pain inside
Cause I don't want this to hurt no more
Time to look for an open door
Drive the bitch into the light
I've gotta deal with the pain inside

oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh

Love keeps calling my heart
Love keeps calling my heart
I spread my wings and fly away
Fly away from here
Love keeps calling my heart
Love keeps calling my heart
I spread my wings and fly away
Fly away from here

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AnnaGrace Love Keeps Calling Comments
  1. Marcos ĐJ

    Sdds ❤ ela parou de cantar ??

  2. Ken H

    Her name is Ella-June Henrard and she's 26

  3. Marcos Zaccharias

    Annagrace, saudades de ouvir algo novo na voz dela! ❤ #2019

  4. Robert Mitchell

    We all pay a price for love Jo!I took another love! I lost your love in the process! I’d give all for you!

  5. The Mayor

    I love this song ❤

  6. VER DUN

    I miss 2010

  7. Dan Power

    Oh lord,,,just discovered her,,,,SHE IS A KILLER, YA

  8. Pedro Henrique P. Freitas


  9. MVP channel

    blonde you goes more

  10. Tenden

    Clip faite a L’hôtel Métropole a Bruxelles

  11. Jean Xavier S. Bapthiste de Bourbon les Arc

    do not listen to air nautica listen to the wallet coin end papers

  12. Andreas Pille

    thx clubfm voor annagrace nog eens te laten horen in 2016 ;)

  13. Jean Xavier S. Bapthiste de Bourbon les Arc

    mijn tiet uitlepelen vegeet het even met die sissy generaal

  14. Jean Xavier S. Bapthiste de Bourbon les Arc

    love is calling met een gebakje bij die mariniers zo lucas den hartog zijn girl zeker met love is calling

  15. Alien Enema

    when im looking for music vids to stream, Im really hoping you will shit on me with half a minuet to a full minuet of your fucking shameless intro. as if you had anything to do with the video at all. Your a hero.

  16. The Dude

    this song is better than "Let the feelings go," but Feelings sees more play.  BS.

  17. alm des

    is da niet die film van BO met al die stukje van een film van bo da ze in een instelling zat ^^ super 

  18. Carol Watterston

    My favorite AnnaGrace

  19. 2devil35

    An Intro of 20 seconds, fuck that :S

  20. Shayllis alves de sousa

    Amazing song.... :D

  21. midnightshadow

    Best song

  22. Luis Anibal Morales Morales

    one of the best song ... i listen in my life..... i love anagrace since ian van dahl

  23. Luis Anibal Morales Morales


  24. HospitalMusic

    omfg annagrace you are one sexy woman

  25. dim mau

    13/3/2010 US Dance Airplay no 1 - 30/1/2010 NL no 15

  26. Studio loopz

    im sooo happy ian van dahl is back!!!!! love this

  27. Cathya Bliss

    She looks like Paul Van Dyk but in female version... anyone??

  28. JaKBaLL TV


  29. MysticalTechno

    @johntetzel thank god!!

  30. NyteMarE757

    @BIGDADDYF50 Ian Van Dahl?

  31. landy4x4xfar

    @sweetladyxm the film is called " BO "

  32. sweetladyxm

    @futurioza okee, thanks.

  33. futurioza

    @sweetladyxm no, just videoclip... a good one

  34. Antonio Ramirez

    @BIGDADDYF50 she was in the former group called IAN VAN DAHL!!! if that is what you try to go :D

  35. Ham Hb

    the main singer reminds me of someone

  36. sweetladyxm

    I LOVE this song, is it from a movie? The girl from the video..?

  37. Jayden Julius

    She was too cute to Prostitute! (Girl in the Video)

  38. Lucas Zardini

    She's back!!!! I Can't Believe it!!!! You were my first musical inspiration, and my latest one too. Been listening to the new album like crazy!

  39. Emilie191989

    Was this filmed in Holland?

  40. LanguageFreak88

    this one's better than "you make me feel"

  41. tswpk

    That`s it - after 30 (1978) but still good looking!

  42. Nuvia Flores

    @johntetzel i preffer T-pains music than those other rapers a hip hopers talking about hoes and ganster and drugs

  43. 2barthezz

    Annemie is really sexy and has a wonderful voice!

  44. sharonvanleeuwen070

    love that

  45. Deventer


  46. Dylan Ed Stone

    Volgend jaar moet en zal en ga ik naar Summerfestival.

  47. Sean

    Annagrace is HOTTTTT and Sexyyyy!!!! Much Love

  48. Sobayo

    Lovely voice, beautiful face with a thumping bass

  49. apvbel

    schoon madam en schoon muziek

  50. outblast85

    Very Nice! Ian Van Dahl Powa +5/5 ******

  51. salkansas

    good track

  52. Alexandra Schenker

    This is my favorite song. i love the techno. <33333 AnnaGrace forever<3333 xD

  53. Jake from State Farm

    hopefully man. hopefully.

  54. xmdude626

    sick dance song...

  55. vexion15

    Uh-oh she's got the Matrix thing going on now!

  56. Dustin Scott

    Sofaking brilliant. Heard this on bpm and can't stop listening!

  57. t4kkr4

    Hup Lieeeke :D!!

  58. Rush Coil

    No T-Pain vocal effects? Perhaps 2010 is the year we can move on from that shit

  59. abemotorsports

    my gosh, she's awesome cute!

  60. Wulffy

    I never thought that I love this song so much as I do now. You only need to hear it loud and a few times. Then it is one of the best songs ever! AWESOME!

  61. silvia brasil

    lov the song...

  62. Cafe` Skype

    Thanks dengast69!!! I have to see the movie now ;)

  63. Dieter


    The movie is 'Bo', in de movie there's a girl who got pushed in de prosition and the drugsworld

    very sad idd

  64. Cafe` Skype

    Thanks Glenn B - What is the name of Belgian that move? It looks kind dramatic and sad...

  65. futurioza


    Denk een beetje van het loverboy thema

  66. Erik`

    ja ik weet het, maar de clip zal vast een bedoeling hebben :D

  67. Erik`

    Ja wat heb k gvd aan zon kutantwoord smerige Spaanse kut.

    Gewoon in Nederlands graag, als er tenminste iemand is die de clip wel snapt? :D

    Tlijkt alsof ze neukt met een ouwe vent.

  68. Izzymon81

    Que diablos quieres decir eso????? Si no te importa traducirlo.

  69. Erik`

    Ik snap die hele clip niet? xD

  70. Izzymon81

    Anna Grace IS ON FFFIRE! Plain and simple.

  71. volcommarie11

    what is the movie ? :)

  72. balanta11

    Very nice,good work!

  73. landy4x4xfar

    a 15 year old escort in Antwerpen the film is called BO and i want to see it in the UK it looks very good

  74. J J

    i cant find any inf about that film you said

  75. Blas

    The video are clips taken from an upcoming Belgian movie called "Bo," out on Feb 10th. AnnaGrace is on that soundtrack...

  76. Ace C.

    nice song;
    but the video is pretty fucked up

  77. Marcos Roberto

    terceiro single de brasil))))

  78. RobbyRageisFuntastic

    love her! killa diva! she needs a full cd! love her . this song is amazing!

  79. Hihathihathihat

    Very interesting video. The video has an interesting storyline which is not common among dance videos.

    Anna is looking absolutely FABULOUS as always :)

  80. djzerodj

    Oh Anna ... always pretty and cute ... very nice song and clip, congratulations !!!
    Greetings from Brazil !!!