Anna Of The North - Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix) Lyrics

Stop, take it slowly darling
This time I'm feeling a change
Stop thinking too much about it
Love's going to heal us
Again and again

(Sway) Just move with me darling
And I'm going to move with you too
Can't stop now you got me started
On top such a beautiful view

Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again



Sway, just move with me darling
Sway, just move with me darling
Sway, just move with me darling
Sway, just move with me darling

Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again



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Anna Of The North Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix) Comments
  1. Duy Nguyen


  2. Sandy khanh97

    Love this song so constantly ☺️

  3. Aerochalklate

    she kinda sounds like avril

  4. Rodrigo Pedro

    I like to play xilofone

  5. Iósif Stalin

    Maldita sea vision travel

  6. Arizona Sky

    I'm sorry it took me until 2015 to find this song ! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC & 420 FOREVER LOVE YOU LONG TIME !!!

  7. ATLHooligan

    Oldschool chainsmokers remixes are so fucking good.

  8. Jewel Anne Antonio

    This is the song of my summer

  9. Julio Garcia

    i don’t see 2019...?!

  10. Falica Boddington


  11. mn 1900

    why does this remind me of sorority girls?

  12. ogfridgeman

    I remember listening to this stuff while I was playing WoW

  13. Rene E

    Prime University?

  14. Apex Parker

    Ah. Back when the chainsmokers used to be good

  15. ri so

    This was was too ahead of its time... 2019 and still sounds super awesome!

    David 2206

    Same opinion.

    Max Leibowitz

    @David 2206 What a coincidence you listened to this an hour before me

  16. Charen Nagia

    2019 and still listening to this awesome song

  17. Alan Browning

    The vocals are heavenly

  18. Liezl-Mari van Rensburg

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  19. bassaddict396

    2019 anyone?

  20. Jonathan Brown

    Even in 2019 <3

  21. dulcex Derosa

    2019 😋

  22. justboredandexhausted

    February 2019 [:

  23. Adriaan the gamer 03

    2016 nostalgia😥😥

  24. Marcela Manriquez


  25. mercadejas

    *2 0 1 9*

  26. mercadejas

    *2 0 1 9*

  27. Namrata Verma

    They always bring something new every time.......

    Hit like if you agree

  28. Spaceyboy t

    Still love this jam.

  29. Shashvat coool


  30. MrOwnerxD


  31. Tony Poynter

    Added to jamdance. Love it.


    Crazy to Think chainsmokers once made these beautiful remixes when all The produce these days is so bad :(

  33. Vanlal Chhuanawma

    i'm having eargasm

  34. queen banshee

    I like this one more than the original... :)

  35. Gustavo Mendes

    OMGGG ❤😭

  36. dan lench

    6 billion people are deaf!

  37. Sadtimes Fn

    Only reason I know about this song is my homies ex who loved cocaine and music festivals💀 shame on all of you

  38. Miles Davis

    Such good memories with this song...

  39. J Mendez

    estos si son remix no como los de hoy en día

  40. Carlos Felix

    2018 <3

  41. Shawn Philippines

    Im from Philippines and ilove this song 🙌🙌🙌👋

  42. Daviid Moento

    2018 Fcukin Chill 😍

  43. Guillermo Urena


  44. Mariano Gamboggi

    Thanks For Sharing

  45. Emilse Manjarrez

    2018? june <3

  46. Lindsey Kay

    I listen to this everyday . it keeps me so sane !!!!!!!

  47. zeynep

    1:02 let me love you?

  48. Michel de Jesus

    It takes me so high !

  49. Vanessa Vega


  50. •ᴀʀᴄʏ• [Hunter]

    2018?? Love This Song!!

  51. putra agung

    👍🤘🤙 gooodd

  52. luh leesh

    The Galaxy

  53. Miguel Ángel

    This is so magic ♥

  54. Reza Siahaan

    i'm the first person in 2018 to watch this


    Reza Prawira nope

  55. ·ZigleR·

    Hermosa canción

  56. Aloísio Reis

    Que delícia de som!

  57. ProGamer

    1.4m. WHY!!!!

  58. john richardson

    I Love this Song, 2 thumbs up  :)

  59. Rini Septika

    Shit !! Damn i like it

  60. Jeremy Alviedo

    I miss the old chainsmokers ♥♥ now they're mainstream asf hahaha but the new songs are good tho


    Un petit bijou du genre... J'adore...

  62. Mr. Brickley

    Pussy song init

  63. Andy Cruz

    Car hopped twice and they couldn't take this from me😏😘

  64. Jed-to-the- Saba

    Feelin Pretty Fuckin Wizard Right Now


    listen at 2X speed

  66. Ned Smith

    love the key notes before the bass drops in awsome by the way found my new ringtone :)


    i prefer this

  68. Stella Fardin

    eu amei

  69. aneom GR

    why does it sound like: Trentemoller-The Forest?

  70. Patricia Moon

    I happened to like chainsmokers more after listens all these remixes 🌞

  71. dolphinpuke

    I miss the old chainsmokers

  72. Haneef Bowens

    This is the best remix I've heard from period!!!! love them so much!!!

  73. Travis C

    how am i just hearing this in 2017??

  74. Mike Harris

    I jerked off to this music.

    Rene E

    Mike Harris Cock Hero Prime University?

  75. CrassoGaming

    Los verdaderos fans de THE CHAINSMOKERS, sabrán de estos remix, sólo los poser o pretenciosos, sólo los conocieron por:
    Down let me down.
    Ya trillaron a este dueto.

  76. Abbey Jean

    Is there any way I can use this in my YouTube video?

  77. Alan parkin

    SWAY,, 🎵🎶all the way 😉😎😆

  78. Ignatius

    sounded like let me love you 😂

  79. jimmi desai

    who else came from laurdiy💖💿

  80. Nava Armaytha

    am i the one and only watch it on 2017? :v

    Jordan Demars

    2018 lol


    go away


    Yes, you're literally the only one


    Nava Armaytha nope

    Ricky Ivy

    Verge of 19’

  81. Matt Dawson

    Can definitely sense as though this was an early indication for what their sound has become today. Some really similar vibes. This is such a great remix!

  82. Ruby Dacanay

    this is very good

  83. Brian Noronha

    anyone else smokes up to this drop?

  84. 20 hertz

    YOU!!!!!! yes YOU It's 2017 Why are you here?

  85. Elliott Rivard

    trash dove

  86. 4Eva Boy


  87. Dats Boy

    this song is really stucked in my mind 😃😃😃