Anna Of The North - Dream Girl Lyrics

I'm always walking to the same old place
Just in case
I see your face
I'm gonna buy a drink and while I wait
I'ma eat my cake
Make the same mistakes

I know that you don't think
That I can be the one
But I can be your one
I may be acting crazy now
It's getting late
You took my heart away
But I'll be okay, 'cause

In my dream world
I'm still your dream girl
No if, buts or maybes
I'm still your baby

Ooh, I'm still your dream girl
Ooh, I'm still your dream girl

Sometimes I like to get a little drunk
Just to have some fun
And be no one
I kinda like the girl that I've become
When I'm all alone
Since you been gone

But now I'm calling you at 3 AM
To speak to you again
I may be acting crazy now
It's way too late
You took my heart away
But I'll be okay, 'cause

In my dream world
I'm still your dream girl
No if, buts or maybes
I'm still your baby
In my dream world
I'm still your dream girl
No if, buts or maybes
I'm still your baby

Ooh, I'm still your dream girl
Ooh, I'm still your dream girl
Ooh, I'm still your dream girl
Ooh, I'm still your dream girl

Ooh, I'm still your dream girl
Ooh, I'm still your dream girl

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Anna Of The North Dream Girl Comments
  1. Elle Poland

    at first look at her i thought she was Clairo… they're both gorgeous tho XD

  2. Aliejha Cullick

    You're so underrated.
    along with the other amazing Norwegian acts:
    Iselin Solheim
    Noonie Bao

  3. MOO

    This girl is criminally overlooked. The album is fantastic. The singles are great. Awesome videos. Plus she's a babe... This deserves millions of views, not thousands..

  4. Lipe Gabriel

    So goood

  5. Regina George

    1:50 how cold was that day?

    Mike Ryan

    That was cool!

  6. Purple Life

    She looks like Emily Blunt especially from the side

  7. Frithjof Hoppe

    'What we do' is is listening and what you do is great music ;-) Your new album is from now on one of my favourite ones since I came across with it accidentally not a month ago. Keep at it :-) ! Greetings from Switzerland.

  8. marina

    does anyone know where the fuchsia checkered jacket is from?

  9. J Lansdale

    The ears are hella sexy omg

  10. Reign Reign

    anna be looking like Sarah Paulson


    Reign Reign Haha, I was thinking if like, Sarah Paulson and Emily Blunt had a baby it would be her.

  11. NIKCO Rucker


  12. oallisonandrade

    OMG this is perfect soundtrack to Feyre and Rhysand walking by Velaris' Rainbow on ACOTAR series 💖

  13. Herwan Dinata

    *She’s an Elf*

  14. Roman Lightman


  15. human vibes

    We're very pleased to welcome
    the Norwegian singer Anna Of The North (Anna Lotterud) on Humanvibes.
    Her 2nd album Dream Girl will be released October 25th under the label
    Different Recordings, distributed in France by the label [Pias], and
    she'll be giving a concert in Paris November 5th at the venue Badaboum.

  16. takingthecoloroutofcrimebs

    Used To Be
    Thank Me Later
    Leaning On Myself what a voice you have my full attention talent like your exquisite voice deserves recognition well written songs this is quality you're gorgeous in every way.
    You're going places for sure
    I'm truly excited for you congratulations !

  17. Tommy Rojas

    oh FUCK now this is awesome! so glad I heard boredom to end up here.

  18. Christopher Castaneda

    Her voice is just so perfect

  19. koyoshii

    that was really cute

  20. Calle Bromark

    this is so fkn good

  21. Hassan Abd El Monem

    She has a sweet Warm Charming Voice ....

  22. Koketso Salome

    Listening from south Africa. Talented❤❤❤

  23. Raigeki

    missed "lovers" sounds and vibe ,hope i liked new album but i think i can't

  24. J O

    I just came to unlike this song after interrupting my song as an ad 😤

  25. mrpohpoh

    !!!!! hi

  26. Monae Lee

    Love the vibes thus gave me

  27. Aoba Suzukaze

    I'm glad I received this as an ad.

  28. J M H

    Elf ears?? Really?

  29. frawgy

    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    Me, an intellectual : If Sarah Paulson and Lana had a love child.



    Ellie A.

    I was thinking the same thing!!!

  30. Norma Padro

    I like the song and the ears are so cute.

  31. Samantha K.

    The prettiest elf girl 💗

  32. tiago

    love her voice i cant wait for the new album

  33. Reverse Spirit

    I found about you on til top ten

  34. DaniTheChangeling

    You're my dream girl, Anna of the North.

  35. sss

    vv beautiful. you make melbourne proud ❣️

  36. steve Dumbrova

    Love love so fresh !!

  37. Daniel Arkangel


  38. SharpTheDemon


  39. SharpTheDemon

    Aww love this!

  40. Jack

    Yes you are

  41. michel martinelly

    Me encantas 😊😊♥️

  42. Tshaye Mussa

    Why is this song on all my ads?

    Lily L.

    Tshaye Mussa how? It was released 21 hrs ago

    Tshaye Mussa

    @Lily L. That's what makes it irritating. It's new but on most of my ads

  43. lio lef

    smooth and sweet as kisses

  44. Laila Sousa

    Anna this is perfect, please dont stop doin your art <3
    kisses from brazil!

  45. OZLO



    I love you

  47. rendezv0usg1rl

    ooohhhh u're a real faerie <3

  48. Oh Duality

    I love you

  49. iron buddha

    i don't want to say my Dream Girl would have elf ears, but it sure couldn't hurt

  50. slthlrdz

    Yes, Anna. You are.

  51. Oscar

    Waiting the album like crazy

  52. Rising Legend

    Have you heard of -the high elves- anna of the north - dream girl ?

  53. Anthony Subandi

    Loving the vibe! Sending lots of love from Berlin ❤️

  54. Dewa Eryadi

    Magnifique, greetings from Indonesia

  55. Anna Of The North

    LOOK IM AN ELF AGAIN <3 Hope you like my lill dreamworld. Also im going on tour and album is coming soon and blablabla.. Hope to see you on the road lovers ´

    Kevin R

    Anna Of The North hope you come to Cleveland!

    Lily L.

    my dream elf 🧝‍♀️💙

    Rex Appeal

    Anna Of The North absolutely adore you and love your voice!! You’re so incredibly talented!!

    Julian Hans Halbeisen

    Live long and prosper

    J M H

    Wishing you all the success and achievement you deserve. Keep producing quality, your music is a breath of fresh air.

  56. Jhonnatan lipa

    Amo essa música 💞🍓😍 #Brasil 07:04

  57. Nicolás Palacios

    Great music as always

  58. Tanya Kapoor

    It's her voice that gets me 🌼

  59. Bhupender Sharma

    We love anna of the north

    What about you

  60. Cypress Čempr3s

    Beautiful 💜 🎵 🎧 🌌 ☺


    perfect woman perfect vid perfect SONG

  62. sabrina victoria

    Anna never diasappoints!!!!

  63. sabrina victoria

    Okay im here for it

  64. Gilberto Quevedo

    México support u ❤


    Hidden gem ❤️

  66. NANCE

    Hello there, dream girl! ❤

  67. puntoisolado

    beautyfull like always c:

  68. Jassey Napat

    29th person who liked this video uwu

  69. A F

    been loving ur musiccc since last year i found u.

  70. Karan Kanchan

    in here in the First 10 minutes of release.
    already in love with this one!

  71. Jassey Napat


  72. Salo mancilla11


  73. mrhandsomeschannel

    6th!!! Love you Anna of the North!!!

  74. Reut Dominits

    Anna, You're so talented and unique. Love everything you do!

  75. Vikram Singh

    Anna would be a beautiful elf in LOTR♥️

  76. Danny Song

    Just uploaded a cloud timelapse to Sway -- check it out on my channel :)

  77. Maggie Ndaneh

    Love it