Anna Of The North - Baby Lyrics

Baby, are you home alone?
I need to know if we're still on
I know we've been hurting lately
You see, you came in like a thunderstorm
Electric shivers shooting through my bones
You make my heart start beating in my chest
Baby, hold tight

Baby, I just wanna know
Am I still the one you thinking of?
Cause you kept me anticipating
Just tell me what you need, dear
And baby, that's what I'll do
You make my heart start beating in my chest
Baby, hold tight
You make my heart start beating in my chest
Baby, hold tight

Baby, I just wanna know
There's a ghost in my bed
The place you once rest your head
Don't fight it
Baby, I just wanna know
Just come home, this is where you belong
Don't fight it, don't fight it

Baby, are you home alone?
I need to know if we're still on
Don't fight it
I know we've been hurting lately
You see, you came in like a thunderstorm (You came in)
Electric shivers shooting through my bones (You came in)
You make my heart start beating in my chest
Baby, hold tight

Don't fight it
Baby, hold tight
Don't fight it
Baby, hold tight
Don't fight it
Baby, hold tight
Don't fight it
Baby, hold tight

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Anna Of The North Baby Comments
  1. Catherine Angs

    I can listen to this song for about 24 hours...

  2. Joe K

    Hey guys I made an acoustic guitar tab for this song on ultimate guitar, it sounds great and is easy to play so if you play guitar check it out I love this song!

  3. Shedz Shedz

    This is actually my fav song of all time brings back sad and happy thoughts

  4. Jamie Persona

    Great Music come to Canada please!

  5. nhodorek

    I shared a special moment with the only girl I've ever really truly loved and this song happened to play during. It's hard for me to listen to it now bc things didn't work out between us, but I still do bc it's so good, and because it's ok to cry once in awhile 🙂😥

  6. Kemberlie Chavez

    This portion was brought to you by uniqlo

  7. Dennis Hoffman

    This is not PIXX

  8. inspectorTitanium

    Hvor ble det av deg...?

  9. Hayati Hanim


  10. Canal Bárbara Sun


  11. jose luis Diaz-Anglo

    I just found her, and I am mesmerized, amazing voice and really cool beats. GOD bless you

  12. Yash Tanwar

    Why is she so underrated ...?

  13. Carlos Arellano

    She looks so beautiful in this video 😊

  14. Ana Clara Thomaz

    I need you in Brazil

  15. Cristian Melquiades

    Who is are criying right now?

  16. Akash Dobhal

    Most underrated artist

  17. Jus Ken

    Still a classic

  18. Marciwein

    I do not know if it is intentionally, but the music rythm is very inspired by Scot Stafford and Pollen Music Group composition in Glen Keane’s ‘Duet’. Relaxig none the less.

  19. midairgorilla

    1:37 the look

  20. Kate Kwon

    I love you ANNA! your songs are really great!

  21. eort yukino

    Reminds me of early Ellie ♥️

  22. Reubens alberti

    hermosa transporta mal !!

  23. Caitlin Carter

    What a tune.

  24. Lily L.

    this video is finally unblocked in America! So nice to b able to watch it again

  25. Andee de jesus

    I bet this could be one of the song for the sequel of to all the boys i’ve loved before 😍

  26. Mariano Gamboggi

    Anna hermosa

  27. Gustavo De Faria

    rapá, eu nem sou tão chegado nessa estética meio hipster (???, sei lá como nomear) , mas essa música é boa, poxa, deveria ter tido mais sucesso

  28. Mariano Gamboggi

    i love you ANNA OF THE NORTH

  29. Tommy Taggart

    Seen this girl supporrt Lorde and knew straight away i would be getting her album. Magic :-)

  30. feras walker

    What a nice feeling is this !! you are a heart toucher loooove u

  31. Osvaldo Téllez

    If she had started to sing "You know you love me, I know you care", i swear to God, i would quit this video.


    wow she has really got a very soulful sound of 80s pop i love this song!!!!!!!!!

  33. BrianVoid

    ofc it has to be a black guy
    gj norske

  34. David Ramplin

    warning simulated American accent "heaRRt"

  35. Jake sanchez

    Beautiful voice! However, unoriginal lyrics, mediocre tune, and a boring video reliant on dime-a-dozen tumblr aesthetics makes for a shit production. Terrible. 😂

  36. Roy Mendoza

    Ashley Alban?

  37. Anthony Ryan

    a e s t h e t i c

  38. Iza

    Que mulher maravilhosa ❤

  39. V Sanchez

    Is it me or her face looks like Sarah Paulson?


    wooooooooow im loving this music video

  41. Love Star

    okay subscribed.

  42. Howard Bettany

    she changed my life.

  43. Sir Crocodile

    I like Suicidesheeps's remix better.

  44. Nilla Naire

    i need this album!!! i love 3 of her songs so much i have all my friends and my little children listening to her fantastic dream pop!!!! thank you for getting me through my editing work!!!!!!!

  45. Stephanie Correll

    The sound from her voice reminds me of Chvrches a little.

  46. That Lady Ms_Afro_Disiac

    This song is so special to me.

  47. Caike

    I found this song on Epic Minigames in Roblox :D

  48. Leandro M.

    my heart is yours Annaaa

  49. Léa Victoria

    She reminds me Shura, i really love it!

  50. Kay Kuk

    제발 더 흥했으면 좋겠어... 알랍유

  51. Kay Kuk

    언니... 사랑해여... 너므 조아...

  52. Undòmiel

    the drum sample in the final part of the song is the same sample used in a french song titled Celui qui s'en va ,sang by Marie Myriam :D!good sample ;)!


    Thank you for the information!

  53. IamMyselftification

    Baby-making music right there!

  54. Matt Zee

    Anna, a couple of things:
    1. Thank you for writing a song about me.
    2. Unless that is some kind of wireless/cellular device from the paleolithic, the reason why you are neither sending nor receiving any calls is because there is no phone line connected. The other guy seems to be up-and-running fine.
    Can't wait for your new album.

  55. f1s7PumP

    my favorite song

  56. Amanda Rosito

    Half of views are MINE.

    Amanda Rosito

    She's fit and has a stunning vocal.

  57. Damian Lechocki

    OMG ! ! ! super ! ! ! ! ! 80s style relaxing music best ! ! ! ! ! ! forever verry good

  58. Travis Thompson

    dunked on froggy fresh

  59. Yura Er

    And true love lives
    On lollipops and crisps


    listening from Lagos Nigeria, Love your music Anna

  61. gumption

    "Cause you kept me anticipat-"

    S A T I S F A C T I O N

  62. Kay Tam

    Takes more than 15 min every time to get through the song.
    Cannot resist pausing in every frame.

  63. Krosondro

    thanks tyler

  64. Childish Kid

    Who came here from Tyler? 😏


    Childish Kid You can hear why she meshes so well with Tyler

    Phil Charles

    i searched up hot norwegian girls and she showed up listened to someone and now im a huge fan



    Mark Mark


  65. Connor Spikes

    To think she uploaded this video 3 days before my birthday.

  66. Lust for Sounds

    Anna just released a single "Lovers". Check out the Lyric video on my channel :)

  67. Ari Gonzalez

    Theres a song that sounds sooooo similar! I think it may be by Tegan and Sara, I can't put my finger on it!!! But I still really love this song, incredible

  68. Jun Markus

    He's Castiel?

  69. Mars as a Boy

    Baby I just wanna know what about new songs 🎵

  70. jaetguz

    Incredible fucking sooong. : (

    And I am a metalhead!


  71. plastic love

    2:08 is that a middle finger ?

  72. ernesto a

    beautiful photography, pd. anyone knows what sneakers are those at 0:19 ?

  73. Kuhle Zoe


  74. Jessenia Avalos

    I came from share Mitchell's snap lol anyone else ?

    Esther A

    Same, I searched the lyrics cos it sounded good

  75. Keane Palmer

    I'm so glad I stumbled across this - absolutely incredible.

  76. sebhma

    katya @1.01?

  77. Eve Morgan

    This is such a calming song😍

  78. Ash Coronado

    lovely <3

  79. Ness Volta

    Encaminated to be a basic bitches music, disagree.

  80. BSHTV

    неженки резвятся

  81. drizzit71

    awesome :))

  82. Luísa Moraes

    Sarah Paulson and Lana Del Rey's daughter

    Lores and Legends


    Naiara Oliveira



    i see it. i thot anna was sarah paulson

  83. Sameer Chandio

    Getting them vibes I got the first time I heard Oh Wonder.

  84. Daniel Patterson

    I mean, I don't know. This is disgusting to talk about.

  85. Daniel Patterson

    Maybe its a developed pleasure for some people. Like having to drink 12 beers a night to get off.

  86. Daniel Patterson

    I don't know. Do you lesbians go super big. So your sore every time your done?

  87. Daniel Patterson

    It probably feels better not to do damage.

  88. queensmk

    Who's here cause Jack??

  89. Jose Trejo

    very talented voice. anna of the north-👍👍🎶

  90. Tunago

    Anna is gorgeous! #WCE

  91. maple syrup

    pastel aesthetic tumblr ♡

  92. Jacob Zidane

    one of the biggest hidden talents the world has to offer

  93. Flumper Dinkle

    Pizzagate sent me here.

  94. Shairon Godly

    Anna looks like Lana (Del Rey) ;3

    Ricky Stevens

    Albeit a lot younger than lana

  95. Fashyl Rashool

    this is fantastic

  96. automaticchic

    she resembles Sara Paulsen(not sure i spelled that right) from American Horror Story :)

    Aisha Abdella

    automaticchic Paulson but yes you're right.

    Lily L.

    automaticchic weird because I find Anna attractive but not sarah

    Jackie Chio

    automaticchic hahahahha LEGIT

  97. Nilo

    i cant say anything ... love this very much ❤❤❤❤❤❤ she needs an album already !!

  98. Isabela Jucá

    Youjin, from KNK brought me here 💖😍