Anna Nalick - The Art Of The Soul Lyrics

The taming of the memory
The heartache of the soul
'Tis their dream? forgiveness
The fear of letting go
With every breath
With every step
The truth becomes so clear
Leading me closer
Bringing me near

To the heart of the art of the soul
Where the tears and the fears make us whole
Let the canvas reveal
The pain as it heals
In the heart of the art of the soul

The daybreak tempts my spirit
And helps to make it seem
That night won’t last forever
If I use the dark to dream
And with your love you give me light
To find my way along
Leading me closer
Bringing me home

To the heart of the art of the soul
Where the tears and the fears make us whole
Let the canvas reveal
The pain as it heals
In the heart of the art of the soul

You’re asking me to remember
And to let you have your say
But all that I ask is believing me
And let me live today

The canvas reveals
The pain as it heals
In the heart of the art of my soul
In the heart of the art of the soul

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Anna Nalick The Art Of The Soul Comments
  1. Kevin

    Amazing writer/performer! See her live here too:

  2. Kirk Opperman

    ~such a Beautiful Voice!! i close my Eyes.. and i slipped away. how I could hear that angelic sound forever. Ever Done Phantom Of the Opera? @nemisis608 on IG

  3. Olga Fajnorova

    Love her voice all of those years she gets more better and better 💓

  4. Marvin Nalick

    One of the most beautiful songs she has sung. Also different than her usual style of song. Love it


    Anna didn't write the lyrics. That's why it is different from her body of work that Anna creates herself. Are you related to Anna by any chance?

  5. Hilary Helstein

    You can find it at

  6. Hilary Helstein

    This song is the theme song for a documentary called "As Seen Through These Eyes", narrated by Maya Angelou. Anna Nalick breathed life into this soulful, beautiful song that was written by (words and music) David Pomeranz, Judith A. Proffer & Spencer Proffer. Get the film and you'll understand the meaning behind it. It will have more impact! She's wonderful.

  7. Rick Pieterse

    Wow.... that is such an amazing song, such a talent!

  8. Katelyn Last Name

    This song is so beautiful

  9. Yellow Brick Road

    Final Fantasy, Halo series Ost??

  10. Michael Shebanow

    1 month before seeing her in Lodi!

    Rachel So

    I was at that show! Amazing.

  11. Khristafer Sheffield

    I love her music. I'm not saying you're wrong about her voice. It's not that special. However, she's perhaps one of the best songwriters that have existed. She's a wordsmith like few others. And that's really what's special about her.

    Marcela Geiger

    I agree; she's an amazing lyricist.

  12. Allison Miller

    She's been holding out on us.

  13. Pauline D

    Merci pour cette chanson aussi magnifique que toutes les autres. Anna Nalick, respect pour ce merveilleux talent, c'est un plaisir d'écouter tes chansons et de s'y identifier !

  14. 19Clueless

    Exquisite!! Thanks for making a difference in my life Anna!

  15. dnecemusic

    It's possible in 10 years she won't be remembered for much more than Breathe (2AM), but being remembered has no reflection of talent, especially in recent years. If you're listening to her and not hearing someone who is much more talented than the average female lyricist, you're not listening very well.

    Laughing Lark

    dnecemusic Apparently she didn't write this one though.

  16. John Brandkamp

    I just now discovered this amazing artist. All I can say is wow! Simply extraordinary!

  17. Gohot229

    my heart elevates, the imagination soars, she seems so close, her voice caressing and beautiful.

  18. Amanda Taylor

    This sounds like a broadway song. It's amazing writing.

  19. Mythinkingbox

    Wow soo beautiful! I really love this! Thank you so much for posting!! :))

  20. zaz

    Wow - she's awesome...just like Whitney Houston and Shania Twain.

    Rachel So

    Anna Nalick is a songwriter like no other.

    If you have to mention Anna next to legendary musicians though, I prefer to mention her name in the same breath as Sarah McLachlan and Mariah Carey. :D

  21. DisillusionedAcronym

    @dontbesoforLorn my guess would be that will probably only be available on or as part of the documentary itself. like you i have also looked and have not found this particular song by itself anywhere.

  22. DisillusionedAcronym

    @ForeverandEver303 just FYI, she has a new album out. i think it's pretty terrific and it's available on most digital distribution sites.

  23. lilianoization

    I discovered her now =) she has a voice.

  24. sstunes52


    Did you ever find it???

  25. Tink Hart

    @Billyboymuzicxpert Anna cant possibly be compared 2 any1 else in the whole world and every1 should know it.

  26. J Romano

    I think she should sell some of her beautiful songs to Beyonce cause she needs some new material. And when Beyonce sings like it or not, people listen.

  27. piketchup

    Beautiful in every way, Anna Nalick is truly an inspiration and a true artist in a world of fakes.

  28. Yaritza Santos

    OMG This is soooo freaking beautiful!!!!

  29. HellishLove

    i can imagine this being sung in french. it's so beautiful

  30. Leime Alaune


  31. DavidZorkboy

    @BranduinS Oh thank you so much! It's one of my favorite by her it's sssssooooo good! Probably my second favorite following of course "Breath" ha ha!

  32. Rodrigo Cazanova

    Could somebody give me one Anna Nalick for X-Mas??

  33. DavidZorkboy

    Is this song on any of her albums or anything, cause I can't find any record of it's existence outside of right here.

  34. Cecelia Geiger

    @HyperManSP Why not?

  35. Angelica Waterloo

    Bravo! Wonderful voice!

  36. aitannaa

    words remind me of Dorian Gray :D

  37. Megan Mahoney

    soooo beautiful!!!!!!

  38. Amani Mohamed

    Could you like post the lyrics to this song?

  39. Michelle Danihelova

    Anna has the voice of an angel..can´t imagine any other female singer whose voice would suit the music better.

  40. Amani Mohamed

    awsome so beatiful

  41. visorup1

    One of the greatest singer song writers ever. Thank you for posting this song it's fabulous.

  42. Sas kia

    Great song! Sounds very good!

  43. Michelle Danihelova

    Thank you very much for posting this! I am glad to hear something new new from Anna. And I am absolutely amazed by her performance. I tell you, ANNA will be one of the most admired female singers of this century. She really deserves it. Anna rules.