Anna Nalick - Soldier Lyrics

He was a soldier
He always was
He left his city to fight for America
And we fell in love to music
We were just kids
We didn't have time to be sorry for what we did

And I said hey boy
Whatchya cryin' for
It'll be OK in the end
And if this life doesn't give you the love you expect
There's always the next

She was a pretty Texas girl
The answer to his prayers
He called me to tell me he'd fallen in love with her
She sang like an angel
Loved like a friend
And she made my soldier believe he could live aain
When she said


So I'll be a gambler
And He'll be home free
He'll marry Texas and I'll marry melody
So love like my soldier
Fight for what's true
And smile at the gates 'cause their hate don't belong to you


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Anna Nalick Soldier Comments
  1. Ada Wong

    Could somebody please explain to me what does "smile at the gates cause their hate don't belong to you" mean? (English is not my birth language and i wonder if there's a hidden sense).

  2. Candace D

    For Chris Cornell Rest in Peace baby Thank you I Love you
    Laid to rest today in LA

  3. Linda Root


  4. Lighter Darkness

    She has such an incredible voice, I took my oldest daughter to see her several years ago she sounds just as good in concert too.  

  5. Alegriaenquidam

    @Alegriaenquidam its been 4 years since i posted that comment. ive been on a tour to iraq, been to japan and am on the final strech of my enlistment. i was set to purpose to that girl mentioned but saddly she never showed up. shes married now and im head first into my music. strange, i always thougbt itd be the other way around.

  6. Mr2pint

    I love the song, i adore Anna Nalick.

  7. goto atsuko


  8. Edd Ventura

    it sounds like wrath of the dau

  9. Kyrsta Arnold

    @greaserox9 Not without over 1,000,000 views.

  10. sa65cn1

    purplekourgra, I am so sorry for you loss. Your soldier was a loss for us all.

  11. shelby ford

    @angusdowling No one really cares, so shut up =D

  12. Angus Dowling

    @KyrstaShay I think you're confused, in no way whatsoever are all images in some shape or form "free to use because it's non-commercial". There are certain, select images from creative commons with certain types of licensing for that. Now you have images with "All Rights Reserved", and no. you can't use those images without permission of the owner first. (Also usually known as paying a certain fee to use them, unless they're kind people who are charitable.)

  13. Kyrsta Arnold

    @angusdowling That's where you are wrong. There is no profit being made from these photos, so under the creative license, it is not illegal.

  14. Angus Dowling

    Just so you know, saying that you don't own those pictures doesn't make it any less illegal...

  15. AkBabe94

    my bfff practically my big brother just got sent to afgan yesterday hes my life every time we lay down i will sing this to him and he always crys:( i miss you wesley

  16. hexx1

    " It'll be okay in the end.." It's good that at least in the end, it's going to be okay.. :' ) I'm glad I can hear this again and again, 'cause I really needed them... <3

  17. Lexi LC

    I love this song! And nice video to it(:

  18. shaundibble

    love this song, great video too... great job

  19. Ambar Balderas

    what is this song exactly about?

  20. Amanda Dobbs

    my goosebumps get goosebumps evrytime i listen to this beautiful and unique song! anna nalick you are my idol!

  21. Wendy

    The Dark Haired Jewel!!! She is beautiful in her music and style :) She needs more appreciation !!!!!

  22. Hentai Kun

    LOVE IT!

  23. 98alycat

    i might sing this in the talent show but im afraid im gonna start crying

  24. Ava bozem

    natashall, I hope you read this. I love Anna, because she has helped me get through things that no one should ever have to go through. She's saved me. But this video- this is the one that makes me sob, makes me laugh, gives me hope. I love it, it is perfect and beautiful. Thanks so much. Seriously.

  25. freshlycleanedhands

    The pictures are amazing.

  26. Devina Lee Sheng Tin

    15 people were watching this upside down and clicked 'dislike' <3

  27. avril666

    shes so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Megan Mahoney

    what were the 14 people thinking who pushed the wrong button?! anytime i try to sing this, i cry. it's that beautiful.

  29. Sorora

    I'm the texas girl...

  30. Amani Mohamed

    Smile at the gates 'cause their hate don't belong to you,
    LOVE IT!

  31. Poppy Gwynne

    my grandad fighted in ww2 and hes still alive to this day :') very proud to be his grand daughter loves this song :) <3

  32. LaViva712

    For all the soldiers in the world and for all the girls who lose their love in the war...
    A great song. I love it.
    And pictures which can make you cry.

  33. Helena V

    a beautiful beautiful song...

  34. A J

    it's not often a song can get me to choke back tears. i love this song, so much.

  35. AkBabe94

    thanks you guys my daughter and i thank u 4 yalls prayers

  36. Brynn Gymnast

    AkBabe94 My heart goes out to you!! My hubby is due home in 2 weeks from Iraq. I can't imagine what that pain feels like. My heart truely goes out to you and your daughter!!! We also have a 5yr old!!
    God bless you and her!!! XOXO~Myst

  37. KiRyah

    I'm so sorry AkBabe94. My cousin was in the military and got skitsophrenia. He's still really nice and not toally out of it but.. he's pretty out there, sometimes. That;s no where near losing a loved one you have a child with though. again, i'm so sorry. I will pray for oyu.

  38. AkBabe94

    this song reminds me of my ex i loved him i lost him to war his first time over in a car bombing ill never forget him neither will his daughter we were high skool sweet hearts im 21 whith a 5 year old daughter with out her daddy but i love her

  39. leighraie

    this song is amazing..

  40. Margaret Breschini


  41. Amarna Williams

    miss him. = (

  42. InternalLife

    One of the most amazing songs I've ever heard.. Love it!!

  43. Squee Sohma

    My soldier was taken away from me...... Without him, even music means nothing.....

  44. madrysab

    4:43 she soooooo pretty

  45. Gabriel Alvarez

    Where is Anna now?

  46. Redgi Cardoso

    1 of the best songs that i've heard... from: Portugal

  47. jfkbj

    : ) thk u. wat i meant was her music has soo much meaning to it lik there's does. with Meg and Dia's music u have to really listen and read the lyrics to understand the message behind it. and there so articulate. i also feel the same way about Anna.

  48. Essah

    whoa touching to watch.

  49. jfkbj

    for some reason her voice reminds me of these two singers named meg and dia she reminds me of them a lot.. this song is so sad thou :(

  50. Eden Mullins

    i love this song. sounds like what my love life's gonna end up as...

  51. Kimberly Morrill

    she fell in love with a solider, but he eventually fell in love for another, but she made okay with it because the other girl made her solider seem alive

  52. Kimberly Morrill

    fav line

  53. Avadore

    ohu, im crying..

  54. parosJORJ2

    me prizei h aderfi mou na to akousw :P

  55. Guido Cremie

    thank you, love the song very much

  56. riko813

    nice song. sad and beautiful at the same time.

  57. Eden Mullins

    such a beautiful song

  58. Carly Jyll

    So pretty and sad =(. But good in a weird way. o.0. Heh heh I love anna nalick she is so pretty!! =)

  59. violet Gabs

    thk u

  60. Lauren Brown

    this song is simply amazingg

  61. Christine A. Regan

    I'm sorry. I hope that this song and the support of the people around you will help you. Take care of yourself. <3

  62. Andrea Joy

    this song gives me hope.
    although things are bad
    dont cry it will be okay.

  63. Felicia

    er, something someone mentioned

  64. Katie Millay

    What novel?

  65. charlotte1715

    i think this is a beautiful song, i like travallin soldier by dixie chicks as well though

  66. KORA

    And if this life doesn't give you the love you expect
    There's always the next..

    beautiful ;)

  67. Felicia

    she inspires me too with her lyrics. i bet the novel would be an interesting read =P =)

  68. eBabe177

    i absolutely LOVE this song!!!!!!

  69. Nanjadr

    this song looks so much like wreck of the day. still love ém both.

  70. violet Gabs

    well done

  71. Annie K

    ... I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Your boyfriend is my hero.

  72. Einezweioctopi

    lock and load my brothers in arms. we're goin to war
    Cpl. US Army [118th Infantry

  73. Aliya N

    I heard this song for the first time today, and now I just can't stop listening to it. Such I beautiful song, melody and lyrics and all :D.

  74. Apothtolith

    oh. sad to hear .. sorry

  75. Anna Kivi

    alaamagdy007 just because someone goes off to defend and fight for their country doesn't mean they should die! Plus isn't it better that people go on their own instead of drafting? I'll admit, i hate war and I don't like george bush either, but infortunately there is nothing we can do about it. Eveyone wishes that the world could just remain in peace with no war and no violence.

  76. icecreamfarts

    want it? pm me ill tell you how no joke

  77. madjedster

    this song prevents me from being suecidal an is caims me down. there times i just wish i wan,t born i hate my life an everthing in it cause all i do is hurt people an all i wanna do is make people happy

  78. SilverWolf2220grl

    Same. Haha

  79. Ancy Marie

    )': sad song it made me cry

  80. Ancy Marie

    this song is so sad ):

  81. aenemalateralis

    i could be wrong but i think i know this beach. cofete beach in fuerte ventura( canary islands) best beach i ve ever seen

  82. LadyRobot88

    isnt the pic on 50secs BAM.

  83. Maxegirl1313

    so beautiful. Anna is truly amazing.

  84. jameselmer77

    Favorably impressed, before this hour I never heard of Anna Nalick - I was looking for something else. Thank you Both.

  85. Alegriaenquidam

    My friend sent me this video is so touching. i joined the navy a couple of days ago and now im gonna listen to this when i ship out.

  86. gumbiproductions

    aww very pretty video. five stars for you

  87. madjedster

    i love this song its great it reminds me why i hate my x

  88. surfininalaska

    this is so sad!!!! i love it..really!