Anna Nalick - More Than Melody Lyrics

Hey Mr. Love I've been singing and still
There's a hole in my heart only a man can fill
But he's had a blistered love and we're sharing a bed
And he's not in a state to be readily left in my hands
In my hands, in my hands, in my hands

Hey love, live it up
Cuz I'm getting closer
And I want love, give it up
This poetry and prose and words are not enough
Cuz you're more than melody to me...I think

So morning come and I'm nervously clad
In these sheets not my own and these hands where they don't belong
And I'm all but a victim in my prison head
I should run for my gun but I'm lying instead in your hands
In your hands, in your hands, in your hands

And you say hey love, live it up
Cuz I'm getting closer
And I want love, give it up
This poetry and prose and words are not enough
Cuz you're more than melody to me...I think

And holding out our hands before us
All the world will love and whore us
My heart, oh Lord, is in your hands

In my hands, in your hands
In my hands in your hands
In my hands, in your hands
In my hands, in my hands, in my...
Ooohhhh, yeah

Hey Mr. Love, I'm too tired to sing but he is more than melody to me

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Anna Nalick More Than Melody Comments
  1. Diege29

    But....but...this is GRUNGE!

  2. A Frog

    Those eyes..

  3. David Schlievert

    Wow...Added "Just a Melody" to my Blues file. Very high in critique to enter my blues file. 3:-)Loved your tune third time being audio only...Peace

  4. David Skszp

    Anna is so talented and she's sitll making honest work. Listen to her single 'Aura' right now!


    she,s a very natural talent

  6. Matthew Hewitt

    i love to hear you sing fantastico performance bravo.

  7. Ernesto Estrada

    Perfect .

  8. Amy Mans

    such a beautiful song and a beautiful voice 

    مجرد انسان

    and a beautiful face

  9. José Roberto Zorato

    She really looks like Sasha Grey

    Frank DM

    Didn't know sasha could sing

  10. Amanda Souza

    Amo essa canção... ;D

  11. Vannis Yu

    Love this song the most

  12. The68VEEDUB

    I wish this type of music was on the radio instead of what we have today. I remember seeing her in concert about 6 years ago and she really does sound that good. No voice enhancers here.

  13. meryguitarandbass

    Tiene un tono de voz agradable y sus temas son muy buenos

  14. lauren99

    864 likes and 15 dislikes. That's special.

  15. satasaba

    her voice is great

  16. DANG JOS

    she is gorgeous!!!

  17. Felipe Ricci

    Se fuderem!

  18. st th

    beautiful voice Anna

  19. PepperBerry0712

    ich denke, der gitarrist ist wirklich sexy :)

  20. Timothy Stratton

    whoa... she's so beautiful. I would've been pretty OK watching this without sound.. that was a bonus. (although she's a truly great singer and I'd definitely listen to it w/o video.

  21. Timothy Stratton

    @Chocoholic325 there are none in the singing industry.... Anna Nalick is not in the music industry by definition (she has talent and didn't sell out her soul)

  22. Rebecca Anderson

    Looks like 12 people are Less Than Melody (;

  23. Cris Anderson


    Or the world in general....

  24. dwrabauke


  25. DannyLoef1

    @2:56 haha sounds funny

  26. Tipton Davis

    The luckiest guitar player in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Illplayou

    That fucking rocks !

  28. jupitercrash07

    I think someone made 12 youtube accounts so they could click the dislike button a dozen times.

  29. Giacomo Marano

    hey muy bien encanta esta voz

  30. Ricardo Castaneda Matto

    I like it so much!!. The song has a litle bit of nirvana trend and and singer is marvelous

  31. ty2er


    that look in her eyes? ^^ you mean stoned

  32. tim byrd

    OMG i just fell in love!!

  33. Steph B.

    @furiousduane I know right?? lol =]

  34. AstrobumTV

    i wanna date her!!!! lol!

  35. nicki.c

    I love her EYES! :D So gorgeous!

  36. Professor VanCookiii

    Warum ist " Breathe" Von ihr nicht in diesem Lang verfügbar?!?!! -.-

  37. Yesica1993

    I had not heard this one before. She's so lovely and talented. I wish she would put out another album. She seems to have disappeared.

  38. Jessicat

    she is so stunning.
    speechless :>

  39. trilogy

    she's an amazing singer

  40. Gary Wiggington

    i just discovered Anna and wow what a voice, i really love this ..thank goodness for videos..indyrose.

  41. garreth davis

    just wow

  42. LatinGirl

    wow,this is a pretty awesome song,but can i ask something?she sings gospel?

  43. davidgo24

    amazing song!
    amazing looks!! lol! :)

  44. Toddipher

    Absolutely Awesome!!!! WOW!

  45. Msmysticaddiction

    This is an amazing song

  46. Jes Pl

    I Love it <3

  47. aisha stalman

    lovely !<3

  48. SurfinSanDiego

    freaking WOW

  49. orxan abasov

    she is the best!

  50. Sachse009


  51. TitaniumSpleen


  52. sdsd

    love her so much.. what happened to her? why is she not singing/making albums anymore?

  53. Kandy Birdsong

    LOVE IT!!

  54. Timothy Stratton

    an angel from heaven, may i suggest? otherwise, how could someone so beautiful be so talented??

  55. Armida Teodoro-Sumocad

    she is so lovely with a lovely voice

  56. supra427

    I just discovered you!! Where have you been all my life? Very sexy,smooth,and soulful.Keep singing,you are very gifted.

  57. Vampiregirlinlove

    this song is so awesome!!!

    I just love Anna Nalick!!!

  58. RocknCorruptrepublic

    @paddytagart: seriously!! and also the lyrics for this song in particular...

    guitar sounds awesome here. i envy guitarists who can sound like multiple guitar parts in one :P

  59. paddytaggart

    Amazing song, amazing voice, hot chick, great post...nice 1...

  60. TropicalStormA

    Luis Maldonado is one of the most beautiful guitarists I've ever heard.

  61. Crishaana

    I love her !

  62. Thaís Scaciota


  63. Kelly Williams

    an amazing natural voice
    and shes gorgeous
    ...jealous or what

  64. Arul Anand

    i jussss lovee herrr <3 <3 muaahh

  65. Hannah McCracken

    She's amazing. I prefer the acoustic version of this song. This is my favorite of hers.

  66. pongespob

    soin2CC "one hit wonder"

    So spaketh the no-hit wonder assclown soin2CC

  67. luciana00br

    fresh young pure talent

    please please please don't go all britney on us :(

  68. Juliano Antunes

    Very good...

  69. alejandro8888

    man..shut up already

  70. simitrumpet

    wow true talent..

  71. Miguel philip

    que hermoza!!!

  72. kit kat

    so pretty

  73. alinamihaela

    maybe :)

  74. alinamihaela

    hey...i'm constantly listening to More than melody...I don't know what inspired Anna to writte it but I can tell you what it means to me :) well... I love a guy and he plays guitar I do too...and we use music to express what we feel....we talk through music lyrics... and sometimes as a couple we have problems but ...we still sing to eachother :) "hey mr love I'm too tired to sing but he is more than melody to me"

  75. VinceKuz

    Gah! It would be so easy to fall for someone like her.

  76. luis lemos

    Linda. Esta mulher é um espanto. Até custa a crer!

  77. Steve K

    She is so seductive. I can't get enough of those beautiful eyes and that sexy voice. I love her!

  78. Ayyy doll fiddler!

    That's Sanjaya Malakar....

  79. LeDiskoLove99

    She was born in Glendora California.

  80. xo1hrt4celineox

    Its from the re-release of Wreck of the Day in 2006. There were 3 demo tracks added and this was one of them.

  81. Pierovitch2a

    Waooaoaoaoaooaoao !!!!
    Beautiful girl, beautiful song, beautiful voice.... pffiou !! Sooo so good !!
    I'm french, and in france, when something touch our sensibility, we say this expression " J'ai la chair de poule" !!
    (got a chicken skin) :D

  82. moua64

    what cd is this song from, is it from her debut cd, because I have that and this song is not in there. Anyone know?

  83. Pete Larson

    i'd like to take her out for a tube steak and a homemade movie ;) ;) ;)

    take a joke.

  84. Sondre N. O.

    Where is she originally from?

  85. caterina fernandez

    Is her new cd really coming out the 31st?

  86. mkII20vt

    This on has an Fiona Apple / Blind Melon vibe to it. Love this track.

  87. funstuff2006

    man I wish I could find proper tabs or notation for this song....

  88. Melissa King


  89. Marsha524

    gawd, so beautiful!!!! =]

  90. surfininalaska

    Anna Nalick is the best and this song is gold

  91. Victoria Arnould


  92. Bay W

    me too... i know there are lots of new songs, but i gotta get that album if it's coming out! iluvu Anna!!

  93. eLiLLy815

    i Love this Soong!! <33

  94. kalielise7

    Anna is amazing...

  95. LonelyEyesOnly

    Oh a new song(at least to me).
    I love Anna's voice...hope to see her in Germany any time soon...

  96. Kay Eras

    Unknown song to me ... pure poetic beauty ... she's fast becoming my favourite singer