Anna Nalick - In The Rough Lyrics

You say you fell while holding diamonds in your hands
"It's your fault for running, holding diamonds," I said
And I offer no sympathy for that
I hear that it was you who died alone
And I offer no sympathy for that
Better off I sparkle on my own

And someday love will find me in the rough
Someday love will finally be enough

I turned around 3 times and wound up at your door
Now you say you know all you did not know before
And I offer no sympathy for that
I hear that it was you who died alone
And I offer no sympathy for that
Better off I sparkle on my own

And someday love will find me in the rough
Someday love will finally be enough

I got your love letters
I threw them all away
And I hear you think that I'm crazy
I'm driving 95
And I'm driving you away
And I shine a little more lately

Someday love will find me in the rough
Someday love will finally be enough

Someday love will find me in the rough
Someday love will finally be enough

I shine a little more lately

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Anna Nalick In The Rough Comments
  1. Maximum

    Talent. Very underrated.

  2. Joshua Allcorn

    Not sure that's what (live) means...

  3. Stay up High

    Ana’s music gets to me everytime💚 underrated artist

  4. 7th AngelAD

    I love this song.

  5. Tiberius Lamar

    This is the song my inner child listens to😔

  6. complex lifestyle

    I wonder why she never made a third album


    Anna has made a third full-length album titled "At Now". It was crowdfunded through PledgeMusic but Anna ended up having to pay out of pocket to cover production costs because the company did not pay out the money due to artists like Anna & has now gone into the English version of bankruptcy.

  7. el sombra

    I don't typically like pop music but she's got a fantastic voice. It'd be quite something if she branched out beyond this generic pop-meets-"adult contemporary" stuff...the lyrics show her personality but the music/style seems too bland for her.


    Have you listened to "Broken Doll and Odds & Ends" or "At Now" yet? You may want to listen to those since Anna wears the producer's hat besides being singer & songwriter (on all of the tracks except the 2 covers).

  8. Jim Gianatsis Design

    I've always been a big Anaa nailic fan since her first album. So privlidged to have seen her in concert and met her many times, a beauitul person, talent and soul inside and out.
    Unfortunaltey this is one of her few music videos, but you will find some live concert clips of her as well. She tells wonderful storys between her songs.

  9. dunewizard

    Still absolutely loving this whole album in 2019.

  10. Mcwhorter141 Mcwhorter

    Never to be heard of again sadly .


    Anna is touring this year in support of her 3rd album "At Now". It is her 2nd time producing her own music after "Broken Doll and Odds & Ends".

  11. Jim Gianatsis Design

    One of the greatest singer songwriters.

  12. Randy Tellez

    A beautiful young lady and a real talent.

  13. HardRockMiner

    The most beautiful woman I've ever seen! Mmm those lips.

  14. ironcast

    My goodness, she sure is pretty.

  15. Real Dr. Venkman

    Still better than most music today!

  16. MisterSir

    Songs this great are timeless. Production amazing, Anna super talented, catchy.

  17. magica oceania

    ugh shes so pretty

  18. Gabe Espinosa

    "Someday, love will find me in the rough. Someday, love will finally be enough. I shine a little more lately."

  19. Yahia Benmohamed


  20. PaulDA2000

    She should be one of the biggest stars in the world. I wonder why her career never took off?

  21. brian scott

    Jesus that woman is seriously amazing...just wow.

  22. John Dough

    I love Anna but I have to say. This particular song seems over-produced. Sort of hides her voice. And she has one of the best female vocal talents of our generation.
    Still like the song. Still think she's beautiful in every way. But take breathe 2 am for instance... It's easily her most popular song and it's basically just her voice start to finish.
    You need to let her voice take the lead.

  23. KathyD Marbert

    hey Everybody, The Reason I Like This Very Awesome Song! Is due to sports...In my golf game....I'm Always...In The Rough!:)

  24. Lauren L

    I wish this VEVO had her new stuff.....

  25. Kevin Holmes

    Always hear this song when i am shopping at Meijer.

  26. psuedo

    Why don’t you have more songs out there? Can’t have enough of your work


    Look Anna up on a streaming service. She has 3 full albums & 1 EP of music to listen to.

  27. mI sAc

    cool beauty.

  28. midnight dreamer

    anna nalick um you mean angel nalick

  29. Serena E

    princess kate?

  30. Saulito Bandito

    this song though :)

  31. soulsgamer80

    i remember when this album first came out. very talented woman. ive liked her from the beginning

    complex lifestyle

    I stayed blasting this song when the album came out maaan

  32. soulsgamer80

    she is gorgeous

  33. Adovian Dones

    one of the best songs I've ever heard, even 12 years on. #outstanding😊💝👌

  34. 知らん知らん

    R.I.P あゆみ ?

  35. Chad Barr

    This doesn't even have a million views.  Wow!  Pop trash nowadays gets a billion views.


    Exactly ! The Earth goes nuts. The degradation.

  36. britney spears is okay

    Shoutout to my Jewel Osco for playing this song in the store and introducing me to an incredibly talented singer.

  37. karaiyn

    bad singer in my opinion.

    Truth Seeker

    karaiyn Ok then, let's hear your CD.

  38. Patrick Quibodeaux

    Something about her in that brown dress has always driven me crazy.

  39. Who Are They Anyway?

    I was wondering, does anyone know who the guy in the video is?

  40. Fallen Angel

    I thought he was going to hit her with that cup 😲

  41. P E

    Always thought this was better than Breathe.

    David Skszp

    I meant Breathe and In the Rough

    P E

    *these two

    milo larvie


    Marcela Geiger

    David Skspz I agree with you. The lyrics of her newer songs are more complex and mature (even though when she first came out she wrote pretty deep lyrics for her age).

  42. Theodore Tugboat

    She's hot

  43. Titan52berg

    Cute girl... but... the song... well, for me, the lyrics are too repetitive. She doesn't have a voice that really captivates the audio sense.

  44. Eileen Pizarro

    Still like this song a lot.

  45. Paul James Recker

    I don't know how she is not more famous! She's got a beautiful voice, has songwriting ability, and is easy on the eyes.


    She didn't sell her soul.


    I think she is really talented but other than this song and Breath, I can't find any other songs of hers I like, that could be why she is not more famous.

  46. King Kami

    I remember she shared a page on Teen People's Next Big Stars issue with Katy Perry in 2005. Guess which artists has blown up?


    +Cory Baxter Harsh....

    King Kami

    @Cory Baxter Not at all. She just listens to her label and doesn't rebel. Katy is talented, and plays the guitar, bass, and piano.
     And I love her voice.


    Some people have to follow their own path. Fame isn't all it's cracked up to be.


    Underworld Films Actually, the indie label, Nyctograph Records, is Anna's. She set it up to produce her music where she can create without having some suit trying to change her to conform to what plays well on mainstream radio.

    Maria Socorro

    april181976 y

  47. Tiberius Lamar

    That house tho.

  48. Robert Hocker

    She states she doesn't want to be married to him; but, she takes his "Light". She said she doesn't care if he dies alone... Not a good relationship...

  49. Steve Sullivan

    Love this song for some reason. MetalHeads aren't supposed to like this! Lol! Reminds of... well... "her"

  50. Patrick Bates

    I will love you Anna, and I will be your drummer.

  51. Amelie

    Anna writes very deeply. Epic themes don't translate well to short music videos.

  52. Reggaefusionlives

    memories! what ever happened to her? she kind of sounds like liz phair in some parts


    well not sure if that worked out so well for her but more power to her

    Grace Rennick

    @Reggaefusionlives I'm opening for her in November in RI.


    @gracelyn angela
    firstly congrats to you Gracie. a budding star that has used the youtube platform to get closer to your dreams. good to know Anna is still on the scene. I miss THIS kind of music so much. Alternative pop rock is timeless. mid to late 90s & mid 2000s was great so hoping for a resurgence of this genre soon.

    Grace Rennick

     Thanks!  I'm not sure if it's YouTube that's working for me, I'm working my butt off.  :)  Up for a music award in Nashville in September so stay tuned to what's going on with me....I really could be the next big thing.  (There's nothing wrong with dreaming...)


    @gracelyn angela
    Not a damn thing wrong with it! (dreaming). Keep up the good work & all the best :)

  53. Jairo Alexander Bustos Rincon

    excelente canción 
    excelente voz 
    excelente artista

  54. drsenorita13

    I like this song.

  55. Shadowsweep from reddit aznidentity

    Reminds of middle school, when this song would come on the radio all the time. Oh man the nostalgia...I miss childhood

  56. Nair Haile

    She attends UCLA

  57. MerryPrankster13

    I can't put into words how awesome this song is. :)

  58. bambi beach

    gives me chills every time I hear this it

  59. privacyghost

    good song

  60. Paul Karpowich

    A beautiful song and sung by a beautiful woman.

  61. 3Cone5

    Why am I in love with Anna Nalick?

  62. theovertaker40

    that was such an unnecessary comment

  63. Felix Platero

    brings me good memories of vancouver ......

  64. Jason Castro

    One of my favorite songs from Anna Nalick.

  65. TheHolySwordofLight

    she looks ravishing. mwahahaha

  66. Happy Bunny

    Her voice suites her really well.

  67. YaSa Fitraf

    She is beautiful. When I listen to her voice, I can't believe she has a face like that. I mean this's not a negative respon. But, she's looks younger than her voice. Her voice is awesome and "adult". Great female singer she is!

  68. Pretty Little Minions

    she released Broken Doll back in 2011. she said she'll release her third (fourth if you count Shine EP) hopefully before the end of 2014. :)

  69. Thiago Souza

    Time goes by and I always come back to watch this. I love that girl.

  70. zerg2251

    anna es hermosa!!!!

  71. alissa773

    There are actually a lot of singers/songs like this... they are just much harder to find and less popular

  72. Shadowsweep from reddit aznidentity

    So this song is about Chris Brown?


    brobeans420 Hell no.

  73. ForbiddenStallion

    Only 644,000 views? What a tragedy.

  74. Nair Haile

    Pop with depth, take dat Bieber

  75. WeShareTheSameAffliction

    I just found this song and I love it.

  76. Jeremy Asuncion

    what happened to her? I miss her. Anna Nalick is underrated,pretty and talented. Early 2000's used to have a decent mainstream music, now it's all about autotune garbage,how sad.

  77. Raina Collins

    My favorite pop song by one of my fave artists!

  78. Mac d'Leeuwen

    I listen to song's like Flo Rida, and I think : Damn, what on Earth? Good song, kinda, but it has no heart.
    I listen to Anna's songs? I want to cry, I want to cuddle with my MacBook because it's oozing feeling and love, and so totally me.
    Why is there only like 10 songs on the planet, 10 singers on the planet, with that incredible, unique, million-buck gift?

  79. Zavierrzr

    she's way more beautiful than kate middleton

  80. Danita Jenkins

    Ive ben listenin to this since it came out in 2005

  81. sandy84337

    Totally agree but is it the music industry or the shithole culture we've become? If there was no demand there'd be less supply, shallow-ass world we've become

  82. Linh Vo

    i love it, that's all i have to say

  83. LiveToRide

    the music industry is just jealous that anna nalicks natural beauty is a lot prettier than the fake trash you see today

  84. vinnie687


  85. Ipeleng

    Hey guys please check out my covers?
    It would mean a lot if you subscribed

  86. Jesus Hernandez

    Broken Doll and Odds & Ends


    I think she looks more like Sarah McLachlan... They even sound similar.

  88. KimberlyAnn Rose

    her new cd was stuff she wrote while she was struggling with the label that she liked and wanted other people to hear. i loved the first cd too so i'm thinking her next album, full of brand new material should be better.

  89. silenteyesspy

    I got hooked on this song since the album..still my top favorites..too bad the world wants untalented lip syncers, who don't even right their own lyrics or music. Who are just the industries puppets, and without the industry they'd fail because the lack of voice and talent.

  90. morganvachon

    Actually Colbie Caillat made it big in 2007, but you're right, the influence was probably the other way around. It just really seems like she couldn't find her own sound though, so she borrowed from others heavily.

    And I agree, I'd much rather have seen her make it big than Taylor Swift. Nothing against the younger girl, but when every single song is about the same guy and the same situation it gets old fast.

  91. Daniel V

    Agree on some and disagree on some. For one thing, no one knew Colbie Callait until probably 2009....Anna in 2005. So how does that work? Actually I'd compare her more to Taylor Swift....the emergence of whom recently just kind of annoys me because that could have been Anna Nalick! Anna is better, but has been plagued by label issues and just never got any traction after 2005.

  92. morganvachon

    I like her okay (introduced to her music by my sister) but her sound is borrowed from so many others...Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, Colbie Caillat, Aimee Mann...Every song from this album is a different genre, and that would be great if it weren't so derivative. She definitely has a great voice but her best work is behind her.

  93. Daniel V

    I just can't get into her new CD. And this is someone who loved the first CD, was disappointed that it took her like 5 years to produce another one, and thinks she deserves WAY more popularity than she has. The new CD is all light, airy songs. I liked the first one because of more upbeat things like Paper Bag, Bleed, Satellite, and Consider This. At least last I checked, nothing like that on the new one. Its all Wreck of the Day. But she's still beautiful and a great voice.

  94. Girlofpages

    I love this song. I played this cd so many times. it just stopped playing.

  95. MultiBlueLighter

    I was thinking that too!

  96. Susan74NJ

    This girl does not get the credit or recognition she deserves. You go, Anna! :-)

  97. raerainbowcross

    2012 and still talented <3

  98. RyanTylerSmith

    I HATE THAT SHE'S NOT MORE POPULAR,,one of the most undermined singer songwriters of our generation.