Anna Nalick - Catalyst Lyrics

L.A. lights never shine quite as bright as in the movies
Still wanna go?
'Cause something here
In the way, in the way that we're constantly moving
Reminds you of home

So you're taking these pills
For to fill up your soul
And you're drinking them down with cheap alcohol
And I'd be inclined to be yours for the taking
And part of this terrible mess that you're making
But me, I'm the catalyst

When you say love is a simple chemical reaction
Can't say I agree
'Cause my chemical, yeah, left me a beautiful disaster
Still love's all I see

So I'm taking these pills for to fill up my soul
And I'm drinking them down with cheap alcohol
And you'd be inclined to be mine for the taking
And part of this terrible mess that I'm making
But you, you're the catalyst

You'll be the vein
You'll be the pain
You'll be the scar
You'll be the road, rolling below
The wheels of a car
And all of the thoughts, on God
Don't know if I'm strong enough now
You'll be the vein
You'll be the pain
You'll be the

These L.A. lights, no no,
They don't shine quite as bright as back in Frisco
Do you wanna go?
Still wanna go

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Anna Nalick Catalyst Comments
  1. Rickkye Gan

    2019 and I'm still here... reminiscing the past..

  2. debbie nichols

    Great song about being codependent can totally relate

  3. Bambihunter1971

    Couldn't watch the video, that bouncing of the video affects motion sickness. I don't really see the need for it in this video anyway. I'll just watch it on another channel, so this is just a sincere suggestion to not do that to your videos.

  4. L. G.

    Why all her songs sounds the exact same

  5. Beth Adams

    Prescription pills, I might add, covered by insurance, are cheap, not free. And I don't want them either.

  6. Thomas Wiederhöft

    adore tthat song

  7. Honor in Treason

    Love this one. Added to our September playlist.

  8. Ronald Allen

    love this

  9. Hearsheyboi *

    Had this album when I was 16 now I’m 25.....

  10. elastic774

    Hey Katelyn brief I know exactly how u feel

  11. MadC

    does anyone else think Anna and Taylor Swift have similar voices

    Erik Koski

    MadC no Anna is extremely talented Taylor swift sucks in every way

    Erik Koski

    MadC why do people compare real talent to fake make beileve talent

  12. David Schlievert

    Most humble apologize Anna, Can not believe lyrics this vocal rendition - no qualification ever needed for my Blues song file..

  13. Katelyn Last Name

    I honestly love Anna Nalick, her songs always help me, when I tell people about her I don't think they understand..

    Trent Stewart

    <3 I listen when I'm a little down. It always helps.

    Audra Braun

    Katelyn Brief I understand

    Kristi Remy

    My favorite sulky song

  14. laura stierheim

    hi its laura i would like to meet you 610=474=2629

  15. jenny b

    Britt, it all started with your lie...Thanx!

    Abigail Wold

    jenny b what did brittney lie about? all i know is that i miss you brandy and i miss houston and i wanted to go see all my places again. like where i used to live and everything. i dont literally even know who my real relatives are anymore. all i know is i miss my fucking friends. thats all.

  16. Lulusita26

    Horrible color contrast, like if you agree

  17. Piotrek Xxx

    najlepsza ...!! Ally and Tom...

  18. DinaLfk

    this gave me chills... this song is amazing. 

    David Skszp

    +DinaLfk It does me too!

  19. Anna Nalick

    la amooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. Jasmeet Kaur

    I love the video.

  21. ≡ B.o.B ≡


  22. TKramar

    also, if I recall correctly, the catalyst is not itself consumed.

  23. Save Equality

    Is it me or dose that song breath kind of sounds like this????

  24. tay89

    where can buy her cd cause every song i hear by her she like talkin to me wow i love her

  25. Benjamin Lemay

    @1234mintie When pigs fly and rule the earth, buddy.

  26. Bitesize1991

    @1234mintie yeah right, anna nalick and taylor swift have completely different tones of voice....taylor is more country twang, while anna nalick is calmer

  27. Jorge Rivas-Carrillo

    6 fucking guys need a catalyst in their stereo....

  28. daamqc

    @1234mintie taylor wishes

  29. shelby ford

    i love this song and i wanna sing but my voice doesnt go that low >BC

    Julie Bruce

    Sing in a different octave then

  30. Crazycoolcat93

    I say, just enjoy this beautifully heartbreaking song :D

  31. ButterflyVampire43

    @hannahlovesmerder A catalyst is something that starts a chain reaction, that is to say, it helps get the chain reaction going faster. Quickens the pace. It is generally used in science terms, though I suppose it can be applied to almost anything. What Sockmonkey said is correct, just in more scientific terms than I used. :P

  32. hannah lowe

    In English I was told the catalyst is the event that causes everything to change for the main character in a story.

  33. sexylexiebaby

    @VoxDissident Actually, a catalyst is just something that makes a chemical reaction go faster. There is no need for a catalyst to begin the reaction. It's a substance you can add to increase reaction time...

  34. Lannie Trần

    Perfect Pain!

  35. nunya biznus

    @iDance1234 ha. love your response. thank god your not one of those youtube assholes who feels the need to keep going. Finally good music prevails over internet ignorance. I salute you sir/madam.

  36. nunya biznus

    @iDance1234 i hate to be a dick but what you said isnt really right. The cataylst is only capable of speeding up a reaction if it is meant to react with that particular substrate. Otherwise the active site will not bind with the substrate becuase the tertiary structure of it is not fit for that reaction. It does not trigger a different reaction it simply lowers the amount of chemical energy (activation energy) necessary for that reaction to occur. Y are we arguing about this on an amazing song?

  37. Sofia

    Great song!!

  38. nunya biznus

    @VoxDissident hate to be a dick but your not really right. a catalyst does not trigger the reaction it merely lowers the activation energy required for it. the catalyst being used is completely dependent on the substrates of the reaction. in addition a catalyst is not used in a reaction. in fact it is unchanged so the context in which she uses it here is incorrect. with that being said i love the song. however the biology side of me can't help but being an asshole.

  39. odomisauq

    @Twibabeable Pop

  40. BoldPhoenix

    @Twibabeable I read somewhere that she sings soul

  41. Hannah Micah, Gabrielle

    does anyone know what genre she sings???

  42. PaperBagRecords

    @mconstanta Season 2 episode 21

  43. Brandon Sinks

    great song little heavy on the bass on this mix but i love Anna's writing

  44. Olivia95

    @GirlyGosselinFan said you heard this on grey's? which episodee??:)

  45. Mikayla S.

    this girl isn't very famous...but damn does she have a beautiful voice.

  46. aperson22222

    So it's about two people who can't break a drug addiction? That's what I've always thought, anyway.

  47. Beautiful_Disaster


  48. Lex Nelson

    If she did a duet with James Morrison... I would be in heaven. <3

  49. Carys Nevard

    @AmyLovessJonas *a catalist starts off a chemical reation but has no part in it

  50. Carys Nevard

    @AmyLovessJonas I think it's saying that even though she loves this person she can't be part of what their doing with their life of something

  51. denize primus

    too reel..

  52. Léia Salazar

    Perfect song!!! *-*

  53. IwuvYou12342

    Happy b-day youtube :DDDD

  54. Ada

    I listen this song every time I'm sad...and it somehow makes me feel better..

  55. aenemalateralis

    well said.

  56. VoxDissident

    "When you say love is a simple chemical reaction, can't say I agree"

    A catalyst is something that triggers a chemical reaction. It's beautiful in the way it's used here, because a catalyst is something that makes a chemical reaction occur rapidly where it might be otherwise impossible. All the ingredients can be there, but without the catalyst, there is no chemical reaction.

  57. Leanne Libre

    something that intensifies something, ie, gasoline would be a catalyst to fire.

  58. Diding Avila

    What is a catalyst? ..

  59. lawdnasty

    sounds very similar to hallelujah by kate voegle
    but i really like this song and i think it has unique lyrics :)

  60. asterismxx

    she just cant write a bad song!

  61. Billy Boone

    I posted a song called the Catalyst years ago...that's why I was checking it out. She's great.

  62. realitybytes42

    What does it mean?

    In chemistry, a catalyst causes a reaction to occur, without being changed or consumed in the process.

    This song seems to describe someone heading for a fall ("lights not quite as bright", "So you're taking these pills", "terrible mess"), and the singer feels drawn in ("I'd be inclined to be yours for the taking"), and responsible, yet remaining apart ("I'm the catalyst")...

    and, paradoxically, vice-versa.

    A beautiful, brilliant, poetic, somewhat cynical look at love.

  63. latenightliteratus

    Great song though. I hate the way so many songs lately have meaningless lyrics and unoriginal tunes.

  64. latenightliteratus

    I can't see what you're saying AT ALL.

  65. C Cooper

    This video was put up over a year ago, before Obama became president, so no, it's impossible for her to put that in the song if we weren't worshipping him back then.

  66. Windprinzessin93

    it's wonderful, amazing.

  67. Lauren L

    This video was done vair well.
    I adore this song.

  68. justmichellex3

    love this song so much. anna nalick has the most beautiful voice

  69. 7trace

    UGH, my new favorite song.. !

  70. Tess van Gemert

    It's short for San Francisco..

  71. Elisabeth Zarnoti

    also, where is Frisco?
    just wondering

  72. Elisabeth Zarnoti

    this song relates to me sooo much! It is deep and beautiful and kinda sad, but that is kind've me , too

  73. Beatrice Baudelaire

    I love this, its so beautiful. Anna Nalick is amazing. Lovely.

  74. icecreamfarts

    can someone identify the instruments played in this song for me please? and match the sounds the instruments make, thanks

  75. Beingmizzundastood

    you could've just converted the song through mediaconverter. com. I love the song! NIce backgroundaction on the video though.. Never seen something like that before!