Anna Kendrick - See I'm Smiling Lyrics

I guess I can't believe you really came
And that we're sitting on this pier
See, I'm smiling...
That means I'm happy that you're here

I stole this sweater from the costume shop...
It makes me look like Daisy Mae
See, we're laughing...
I think we're gonna be okay

I mean, we'll have to try a little harder
And bend things to and fro
To make this love as special
As it was five years ago
I mean, you made it to Ohio!
Who knows where else we can go?

I think you're really gonna like this show
I'm pretty sure it doesn't suck
See, you're laughing, and I'm smiling
By a river in Ohio
And you're mine...
We're doing fine

I think we both can see what could be better...
I'll own when I was wrong
With all we've had to go through
We'll end up twice as strong
And so we'll start again this weekend
And just keep rolling along...

I didn't know you had to go so soon
I thought we had a little time...
Look, whatever, if you have to
Then you have to, so whatever
It's all right...
We'll have tonight

You know what makes me crazy?
I'm sorry, can I say this?
You know what makes me nuts?
The fact that we could be together
Here together
Sharing our night, spending our time
And you are gonna choose someone else to be with... no, you are
Yes, Jamie, that's exactly what you're doing:
You could be here with me
Or be there with them...
As usual, guess which you pick!

No, Jamie, you do not have to go to another party...
With the same twenty jerks you already know
You could stay with your wife on her fucking birthday
And you could, God forbid, even see my show
And I know in your soul it must drive you crazy
That you won't get to play with your little girlfriends...
No I'm not, no I'm not!... and the point is, Jamie
That you can't spend a single day
That's not about
You and you and nothing but you
Marvelous novelist, you!
Isn't he wonderful, just twenty-eight!
The savior of writing!
You and you and nothing but you...
Miles and piles of you
Pushing through windows and bursting through walls
En route to the sky!
And I...

I swear to God I'll never understand
How you can stand there, straight and tall
And see I'm crying
And not do anything at all...

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