Anna Kendrick - On The Steps Of The Palace Lyrics

He's a very smart Prince,
He's a Prince who prepares.
Knowing this time I'd run from him,
He spread pitch on the stairs.
And I'm caught unawares.
Well it means that he cares—

This is more than just malice.
Better stop and take stock
While you're standing here stuck
On the steps of the palace.

All right, what do you want?
Have to make a decision.
Why not stay and be caught?
Should I give that a thought,
What would be his response?

But then what if he knew
Who I am when I know
That I'm not what he thinks
That he wants?
Or, then, what if I am?
What a Prince would envision?

But then how can you know
Who you are till you know
What you want, which I don't?
So then which do you pick:
Where you're safe, out of sight,
And yourself, but where everything's wrong?
Or where everything's right
But you know that you'll never belong?
And whichever you pick,
Do it quick,
'Cause you're starting to stick
To the steps of the palace.

It's my first big decision,
The choice isn't easy to make.
To arrive at a ball
Is exciting and all
Once you're there, though, it's scary.

And it's fun to deceive
When you know you can leave,
But you have to be wary.
There's a lot that's at stake,
But I've stalled long enough,
'Cause I'm still standing stuck
In the stuff on these steps

Better run along home
And avoid the collision.
Though at home they don't care,
I'll be better off there
Where there's nothing to choose,
So there's nothing to lose.
So I'll pry up my shoes.

Wait, though, thinking it through,
Things don't have to collide,
I know what my decision is,
Which is not to decide.
I'll just leave him a clue:
For example, a shoe.
And then see what he'll do.
Now it's he and not you
Who'll be stuck with a shoe,
In a stew, in the goo,
And I've learned something, too,
Something I never knew,
On the steps of the palace.

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Anna Kendrick On The Steps Of The Palace Comments
  1. Henz Sol

    Yeah, I think this is more like a hostage situation than a romantic one. If I was at a guy's house, and decided it was time to go, and I tried to leave and he tried to trap me there (for example, locking me in the basement), I would NOT be flattered. I would freak the hell out. Especially if I made it outside, and he sent his thugs after me to bring me back by force... I'd be running like hell to the nearest police station. Whatever feelings I would have had for him would evaporate pretty damn quick. Does Cinderella have some kind of masochism complex? Girl needs therapy. For real.

  2. LucyLovettLestrange

    She says "Knowing this time I'd run from him." So has she done this before??

    l mcg

    yes like 2 other times it was a three day ball

  3. Tau Noctua

    I couldn't tell if she had nice dainty feel.

  4. Lauren O

    I’ve never seen the movie, but I really like this take on Cinderella. She’s someone who has NEVER had agency (even coming to the ball because her fairy godmother sent her) trying to deal with the responsibility of a major life choice and failing, choosing to be mostly passive and let things happen as they will. It’s sad, but also very plausible, and I applaud the writers for not making her as effortlessly perfect as most make her out to be.

  5. Muzzammil Shaik

    I find it confusing why this "Stop, I want" moment is fine here, yet recently with Jasmine in the live-action Aladdin, many found it to be out of place. I thought the latter was fine and I feel the same thing is going on, we get to understand their thought process in the moment by freezing the time and letting their minds take form for us to see on the screen.

  6. Nicole

    If only time stopped like this when I’m making important life decisions

  7. ElixaMarrow

    Me not deciding on if the answers a or b

  8. Charlie Mackey

    I love it when she says 'in the *goo* '

  9. Anonymous Anon

    When the dress doesn’t get stuck.

  10. Nichole Domicillo

    her shoe was stuck but her dress didn't

  11. Kendall Burque

    Had anyone noticed that she was laying down on the pitch. I thought pitch was supposed to be sticky

  12. Al Cortes

    U tellin' me Disney had Anna Kendrick for this but decided to cast autotune grainger as Belle?

  13. LucyLovettLestrange

    Anna Kendrick is way awesome!

  14. Brandon_4th Ave

    Sing it!

  15. gacha milly

    Soon we will be also do that as into the woods jr. Live and I am Cinderella

  16. Daengerous Darkness

    Damn.... Cindie obtained Za Warudo too?
    Fairy god mother is powerful being able to give out Za Warudo just like that

  17. Jimena Pardo

    Prince: You’ll never get away!!

    Cinderella: Try me. It takes two to tango. 😏

  18. Avenger Girl

    The last on the steps of the palace gets me every time

  19. jandê

    anna kendrick my heart is yours please understand that

  20. Supergirl Is #1

    Cinderellas pitch is perfect. ;) *wink wink nudge nudge*

  21. Kookiejar

    Well I sure as heck wouldn’t run if Chris Pine was trying to chase me. 😆

    Henz Sol

    If Chris pine had the personality of Ariel Castro... IDGAF what he looks like. I'd be running for my damn life.

  22. Janice J

    He's a very smart Prince
    He's a Prince who prepares
    Knowing this time I'd run from him
    He spread pitch on the stairs
    And I'm caught unawares
    Well it means that he cares
    This is more than just malice
    Better stop and take stock
    While you're standing here stuck
    On the steps of the palace
    All right what do you want
    Have to make a decision
    Why not stay and be caught
    Should I give that a thought
    What would be his response
    But then what if he knew
    Who I am when I know
    That I'm not what he thinks
    That he wants
    But what if I am
    What a Prince would envision
    But then how can you know
    Who you are till you know
    What you want, which I don't
    So then which do you pick
    Where you're safe, out of sight
    And yourself, but where everything's wrong
    Or where everything's right
    But you know that you'll never belong
    And whichever you pick
    Do it quick
    'Cause you're starting to stick
    To the steps of the palace
    It's my first big decision
    The choice isn't easy to make
    To arrive at a ball
    Is exciting and all
    Once you're there, though, it's scary
    And it's fun to deceive
    When you know you can leave
    But you have to be wary
    There's a lot that's at stake
    But you've stalled long enough
    'Cause you're still standing stuck
    In the stuff on the steps
    Better run along home
    And avoid the collision
    Though at home they don't care
    I'll be better of there
    Where there's nothing to choose
    So there's nothing to lose
    So I'll pry up my shoes
    Wait no thinking it through
    Things don't have to collide
    I know what my decision is
    Which is not to decide
    I'll just leave him a clue
    For example, a shoe
    And then see what he'll do
    Now it's he and not you
    Who is stuck with a shoe
    In a stew, in the goo
    And I've learned something, too
    Something i never knew
    On the steps of the palace

  23. Cash Productions

    Someone in my class covered their ears when she said the final "On the Steps Of The Palace" because apparently it was too loud and I was like really? Anna is so good at singing!

    Panic ASAP

    Cash Productions maybe they are sensitive to sound

  24. I Am Amelia Pond Jattel

    Ok but the real question is, why didn’t her dress get any goo on it?


    I Am Amelia Pond Jattel it’s pitch, it’s sticky but not fully liquid. Her dress would get caught in it if she pushed it into the pitch, but she didn’t so no pitch actually stuck to her dress

  25. Cat K

    If the prince was smart he wouldn't stop running so she can sing, he'd keep running down the stairs til he gets to her.


    Cat K it’s a soliloquy, it means that only one character and speak and move in the scene to show the characters thoughts, so while everyone else is in freeze frame cinderella is singing.

  26. sebastian guevara

    I fall more in love with her dress and sneakers

  27. sebastian guevara

    I love more Cinderella

  28. Arielle Hepler

    This is based off the Grim Fairy tales

  29. pls dun heyt meh aym just a potato

    Still think she would make a good Belle for the live action

    But I can't complain...


    Omg I never saw this


    Yes it would’ve been great if they had cast an actress who could actually sing

    Sankya Srinivasan

    She's even wearing a gold dress. Perfect!

  30. sebastian guevara

    I love Cendirella

  31. Tessa Sobolewski

    i have to sing this song for a callback at a theatre company and the stress is real

  32. Spencer Hall


  33. Helluminati

    She really did think about it. We have always through the eyes of randomness. here, the character is given the choice- she takes the step to see what happens next. She wants to see if prince follows through.

  34. Nerdy Sibs

    It’s so funny her shoes get stuck but her dress is perfectly fine 😂


    Olivia Myus because she was pressing down with her shoe, her dress is never pressed down into the pitch.

  35. Marcos Duldulao

    April 2019

  36. Codie Ramshaaw

    overthinking 101

  37. Mada Sandwich

    I looked up this scene after reading Anna’s book Scrappy Little Nobody

  38. geeky films and theories

    0:41 that pitch is perfect

  39. Ma Rus

    Social anxiety 101

  40. Sarah Harper

    Chris must have had to stand so still lol

  41. Lauren Is a weeb

    My favorite part is
    0:00 - 3:14

  42. Lillie Silver

    i love the song but omg just how they have the fire when they freeze and unfreeze timw give me chills just the feels

  43. Jeeyeong Park

    I love how she says he 'cares' and then the next line goes 'this is more than malice'.

  44. Ruby Varrow

    The singing in this reminded me so much of Sweeney Todd. The singing styles were very similar

    William McLean

    Well they were both written by Stephen Sondheim

  45. Shelly Sierra

    I hate how he ended up cheating on her with the bakers wife

    Mike Law

    He was to be only charming not faithful. Whole point the prince character. He gets what he wants and new things intrigue him. He not use to girls running away from him or woman who can do things for themselves thats intriguing to him so he must have them and if not he sees as agony.

    Henz Sol

    It fits with his character. Prince dude is throwing up red flags all over the place. He tries to hold her hostage, sends thugs after her to kidnap her, disrespects her wishes, and violates boundaries. He's a prince in title only.

  46. Erin O'Reilly

    Cinderella's decision making skills are relatable as fuck

  47. biancaaa

    Cinderella: For example....

    Me: *whispers
    *a shoe..*

  48. SeanFilmProduction

    its not catchy as hell

  49. JJ MusicList

    Why didnt She run while she was singing and while the time stopped! XD

  50. Hannah Not a Banana

    I can't be the only one who thinks Anna Kendrick ruins this movie?

    danielle Natiga

    you are


    w- why do you think that?

  51. Maria GachaLife

    Who else singing this as loud as possible, just to annoy those neighbours you hate?😂

  52. Summer Snow

    💜💙Yass into the woods Cinderella 💙💜

  53. Molly

    Love this bit 0:00 - 3:14

  54. Azrael666Azazel

    Anna Kendrick confirmed mutant.

  55. Shayne Mariel Lagud


  56. Kilita Playz

    the Cinderella from into the woods looks nothing like cinderealla

    YarnCatzzz OwO

    That's because this is the original version.

  57. •honey milky•

    does anyone else think it is creepy and a bit pervy to spread tar on the stairs to stop her from getting away? Just me? Maybe, probably? ok ill be gone now.


    •honey milky• i mean basically all of the original grimm fairytale stories are pretty creepy, don’t you think it’s creepy that a random man breaks into the tower of a girl in a coma and kisses her?

    Henz Sol

    It's more than creepy... It's fucking terrifying.

  58. veggiet2009

    I love this scene, the effect, the story, the over thinking song, I just love all of it.

  59. Jenna Siek

    I like how for the movie they switched her to first person. It makes her seem more real.

  60. Joseph Clegg

    Despite the amazing costumes and voices in the movie, I personally prefer the stage show original for its comedy aspects, the movie's a little too serious for me

  61. Samantha Probst

    At 2:53 😯

  62. 《Unhappy_Clove 》

    My schools is doing the jr version of into the woods and I'm Cinderella!

  63. Josalynn Hayden

    I think that the reason y everything freezes because it’s her inner thought talking about if she should stay with the prince or leave


    Josalynn Hayden it’s called soliloquy and yes you’re right

  64. Susan Downs

    "Where you're safe out of sight and yourself but everything's wrong or where everything's right but you know that you'll never belong" same

  65. Roni

    wow Cathy really did pull some roles huh

  66. Ceduria

    Almost no songs in the musical [at least how they're presented in the movie] seem to have a distinct melody whatsoever.

  67. Lauren O

    You could just marry him and drive him mad with your indecisiveness

  68. Guianne Cheynn

    Don't date people that put pitch on the stairs so you can't run away.

    Sprinkle some Stardust

    K that's a good point... It makes him seem like a serial killer.

  69. Color heart 11

    I absolutely loved this part

  70. SirEriol

    "I don't want to choose, so I choose not to choose so you can choose for me".
    God, Cinderella is such a femminist icon. Way ahead of her time.

  71. Val Woodside

    Am I the only one who's extremely bothered that the lyrics are changed from the original? It might just be because I'm a theatre kid, but I prefer Kim Crosby's Cinderella to Anna's.

  72. Kasey Hoffman

    See and for similar musical numbers where time is frozen. One of these is Beyond My Wildest Dreams from Little Mermaid on Broadway and the other is Dangerous to Dream from Frozen on Broadway.

  73. Kasey Hoffman

    I knew that was Anna Kendrick! So did she do into the woods before or after Pitch Perfect?

    I looked it up. She did Pitch Perfect in 2012, Into the Woods in 2014, and Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015. Nice!

  74. jelle

    "But then how can you know who you are till you know what you want, which I don't So then, which do you pick? Where you're safe out of sight and yourself but everything's wrong? Or where everything's right but you know that you'll never belong?"

    These are really deep lyrics.


    200 likes how have i never known this until now??? AHH THANK YOUUU

    EDIT: thanks for 345 likes 🙏
    EDIT #2: ayye, 500 likes after a year, thanks ya'll


    @Wasted Youth Stephen Sondheim wrote the lyrics

    Christopher Cole

    @Wasted Youth Yes, Stephen Sondheim is a lyrical genius, and writes pretty good music, too. There are so many internal rhymes and matching sounds — you've got to spend some time with it to get it all.

    adam jefferson

    My current life!!!

    adam jefferson

    My life

  75. Crouton Salad

    3:12 foot fetish

  76. Lawrence Westby

    Anna began her professional career on Broadway in “High Society” when she was 12 and was nominated for a Tony. She also performed in the New York City Opera production of Stephen Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music”. “Into the Woods” is also by Sondheim and she shows that she still has a Broadway voice.

  77. JacobDreamWorks921

    I do wish I can hear Anna Kendrick sing Vesti La Giubba, a famous opera song.

  78. Cassidy Rose

    she can sing, I like her way more now

    nO NaMe

    Cassidy Rose Taylor Watch Pitch Perfect And You’ll Love Her


    @nO NaMe Nah this was better than anything she sung on PP

    nO NaMe

    DestroyHeat 𝙔𝙊𝙐 Must’ve Not Have Understood What I Meant


    @nO NaMe I do know what you meant... Also, why the unnecessary emphasis on you? It doesn't work in the sentence, by that you imply I said 'You don't understand me.' And maybe explain what you meant then?

    nO NaMe

    DestroyHeat It’s A Automatic Thing Every-time I Put You (Sometimes) And Obviously You Didn’t Understand Because I Was Saying He’ll Love Her In That Movie Because She’s Singing A lot In It And She Plays A Good Part In It But You Took It As If I Was Comparing Them For Some Odd Ass Reason Maybe Thats Why You Should Mind Your Business And Ya I Know You Was Just Trying To State Your Opinion But Maybe You Should’ve Done It In A Place Where It Related To What They’re Saying

  79. Callie Cakes

    Anna kendrick she's soo good

  80. Jessyca Zander

    3:13 Someone is really into footwear! 😂😂

  81. Bev Julian

    Why did her shoes stick on the stairs while her gown did not?

    Kasey Hoffman

    Because of the pressure from her feet pressing her shoes into the tar? Idk

    Sophia Elizabeth

    Her dress glides but she puts pressure on the shoe and not her dress

  82. Karen Golar

    I don’t like villains of Cinderella

  83. Karen Golar

    This is why I don’t like to see cinderella movie. HER SISTERS ARE CUT!


    karen golar But her sisters were in the movie...

    Karen Golar

    I dont like the step sisters being cut by a knife on theur feet 😨

  84. Bruh

    When she sings "collide" I
    m e l t

  85. Khalil Cooper

    to everyone confused i think i can explain why time froze
    have you ever been caught up in a really hasty situation and your body just sends a million ideas and instances all at once to your mind
    well that's what happened

    Jessica Merhoff

    Oh that makes sense. Thank you


    it’s called a soliloquy, it means the character can reveal their inner thoughts to the audience without other characters hearing and everyone else has to pause so that it seems like the character thinking is alone in their mind.

    Simple Bitch

    @softeuneun Yeah, and Red and Jack also had songs like that. And the Witch and the Baker's Wife. I don't remember all, they just cut it out of the movie, I can only assume because then the movie would have been too long.

    Henz Sol

    The only decisions I would be thinking of, in that situation, would be "do I turn left, or do I turn right? Google! Where is the nearest police station??"


    This often happens to me when I'm taking my exams.

  86. Bow Tie Boy

    What if the other shoe got stuck as well?

  87. Luke Christian

    So did she freeze time, or did the prince just let her get away?

    Isabella Howard

    Luke Christian she froze time

    Kasey Hoffman

    Movie magic, like in Sherlock Holmes when you here all his thoughts in the "seconds" before he actually makes his move. In the plot no time has passed but for the watcher they pause so you can hear their thoughts. This reminds me of Dnagerous to Dream from Frozen on Broadway and Beyond My Wildest Dreams from Little Mermaid on Broadway

  88. Paris Hindby

    I really want to hear Anna Kendrick sing “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables. Her voice is amazing, she suits musical theatre so well!

    Noel Maldonado

    Paris Hindby you’re not wrong

  89. Orianna Zeiss: Keeper Of The Quill

    I love that during this song she wants to be passive and not make a decision and she's only really active about being passive.

  90. awesome girl Morel

    Anna Kendrick has a amazing voice

  91. Lauren Singer

    Anna was better for Cinderella

  92. Lauren Singer

    Wish the last note wasn’t help longer


    1:33 to 1:35. I love that line

    Roxyeeyee _

    I'm Just No One me too

  94. Justa G

    Her voice is insanely good. Wow.

  95. Harley Quinn34

    OMG Anna Kendrick as Cinderella

  96. Chandler Percy

    Is no one going to mention that he could have very easily caught up to her instead of stopping to pick up the shoe? She's finishes beautifully singing her thoughts in the frozen state, time returns to its natural state and he's about 5 feet away from her and she's practically limping because she only has one shoe on. How about pick up the shoe later and take 2 minutes to catch up?


    I always assumed that he understood the shoe was meant to be a clue, so he kind of played along with her game.

    Gregory Maus

    He likes the chase more than the prize. Hence why their relationship doesn't work out.

  97. Simone Akinoshun

    Decisive by being indecisive, interesting…