Anna Graceman - You're A Mystery Lyrics

Days have gone past but here you are still
You've push me too far, I've had no time to heal
It's just a charade, that game you played
Are we real or just a masquerade

Can I have this dance?
Who's behind this mask?
You're a mystery in disguise
You've been telling me so many lies
To be or not to be that's the question now
Am I anything at all? I curtsy and you bow

What aren't you telling me? What is to hide?
What are you really like? What is inside?
I feel like the puzzle piece that doesn't fit in
I lose and I lose there's no room to win

Can I have this dance?
Who's behind this mask?
You're a mystery in disguise
You've been telling me so many lies
To be or not to be that's the question now
Am I anything at all? I curtsy and you bow

I dreamt that everything would go like we planned
And that together we would stand hand in hand
I wished upon your star
Oh, I didn't plan on fallin' so hard

Can I have this dance?
Who's behind this mask?
You're a mystery in disguise
You've been telling me so many lies
To be or not to be we're the question now
Am I anything at all?
Who's behind this mask
You're a mystery to me
I curtsy and you bow, I curtsy and you bow

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Anna Graceman You're A Mystery Comments
  1. archie

    i remember when i first heard this song 5 years ago blew my mind what a beautiful song (":

  2. Jasmine Oertel

    It is a fabulous song, and deserves to be in least a few movies. I think so.

  3. Lodo comello love

    love it😍😍😍😙

  4. Renata Carone

    I made this my song

    eric kelly

    You are claiming that you wrote this song

    Renata Carone

    @eric kelly lets think together. When Elton John wrote "Your Song" , which made him a millionaire from night to day, where he transferring all the rights, and fame and 
    profits to the one he was singing about? : And you can tell everybody this is your song....."l


    +Renata Carone one a my favoriytes by anna yeehaw(":

  5. ruben marq

    beautiful voice,love the song!!

  6. D Chapman

    my you are a delightful light!!! Would enjoy to hear you and Ms. Talbot sing together, also collaberate your many combined talents for all the world to enjoy and delight in.

    Howard Turner

    I've been thinking, imagine the harmony's they could reach.

  7. Brett Mcleod

    Check out Anna Graceman 's new single "Treble Heart" on iTunes now, studio & acoustic version, amazing new song

  8. archie977

    i was just listening to this song  i really like it thank you for posting

  9. Daniel S M Corrêa

    That's my favorite song of you! Love you Anna!!!

  10. Daniel S M Corrêa

    That's my favorite song of you! Love you Anna!!!

  11. Victor Kong

    I love this song, for me it is very special today and forever

    Victor Kong

    es una de las mejores canciones de anna graceman,es la que me encanta muchisimo la escucho todos los dias y me hace bien en todo sentido gracias anna por tan lindos temas que sacas.

  12. La fée Marie

    This is your best song ever <3

  13. Natalie’s•Book•Nook

    How old r u

    Braiden doesn't really do animation anymore lol

    She was 13 years old when she made this.

  14. Abcde210cl

    She's 13 now.

  15. Jeong H

    Just amazing..

  16. Vetle Rakkestad

    This is the only song I have listened to all night. Its, so amazing! Anna, your songs has turned me into another person. The songs are so full of meanings and clever words. You are one of the greatest stars out there! Thankyou!

  17. Lydia Ramzi

    She is great u

  18. Abcde210cl

    She's amazing :)

  19. Shannon Leigh Williams

    Favorite song on the album! Love this gal!

  20. Austin Goodsel

    Wow! You're absolutely amazing! Keep doing what you're doing! I would leave to be singing as a job.

  21. Bonna96

    my favorite lines :) (* }_*)

  22. AlexRose

    How old is she?

    blackmoon productions

    AlexRose she's 18 now.

  23. archie977

    all your songs are amazing

  24. XX..kyara..XX

    Wow you are amazing you songs and your voice are beautifful come and mak a concert in holland i will come

  25. Michael Lashbrook

    ok..Anna...personally, im going thru with-draws now that you have made all the suppppper terrific song...and now i'm going thru therapy since you have not made anything new. Please make something new..don't stop please!!!!

  26. Hannah Lim

    I wonder who would win if Carly Rose Sonenclar and Anna Gracemen were put into a singing battle. Probably a tie.


    nice girl!!!
    i love it..

  28. Abcde210cl

    I LOVE this song !

  29. shelly ferran

    uhm you know what.
    stop fucking replying to me, it's over with you're just trying to cause more trouble. and if he can't sing then I wonder why the hell he's the most famous guy on the face of the earth, you don't know him at all you've only heard what? like maybe 2 songs of him and that's it, lol maybe if you watched some of his live performances you'd uhm see how much of a good singer he is instead of judging him based on one song of his from 2010. so fuck out my face damn.

  30. Steve Henriquez

    love you Anna :)

  31. John Hancock

    ashley ferran u do know u are posting on a 12 year old kids page. look like your parents need to kick your butt.

  32. shelly ferran

    lmfao shut the fuck up, my parents don't fucking use the internet. And yeah, Justin Bieber. Is there a fucking problem, I admin a Justin Bieber page with like 30,000 likes, I decided to share the video on it because I thought it needed more views and so the fuck what? Nobody asked for your opinion of who I'm interested in, I know she sings in amazing harmony & Justin can sing as well but they're both different obviously. So fuck off, I'm not 12 lol I don't watch that stupid ass ant farm shit.

  33. victoria gibson

    OhMyGosh! I love you and fell to tears when I herd this song. God gave you such an amazing talent, you are so strong. I hope I get to meet you one day. I look up to you along with so many other people, whom are much older and younger than you. Keep up your amazing work, I have nothing but love for it.3

  34. Jordan W

    I got chills

  35. Feb Xyrus Sabrido

    Hi Anna Graceman I hope that you will be make you concert here in the Philippines and see you personally simply because I'm one of your fans and i love your voice .. i hope that we meet each other if you go to the Philippines...
    I <3 U Anna Graceman

  36. Khadidja Boulahbal

    You remind me of Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars

  37. Chinira Washington

    Your eyes are beautiful (:

  38. Timothy Rogers

    Bieber, your not serious. Anna Graceman blows Bieber away. Not even close. Don't even use Bieber in the same sentence with Anna.
    Ashley maybe you should Like stick to O M G ant farm or Like Bieber, Really. Like O M G. Is that really the way your teachers taught you how to talk. Your parents must be so proud. OMG Totally.

  39. S12Libby

    wow. you have Thumbs up if you think theres no other word....

  40. bruce wooley

    This song grabs you so quick, it's a mystery to me too the power your music has over me, so glad to have found you and then had the sense to subscribe!

  41. C Johnson

    if you like it so much, buy it...

  42. Alexander Watkins

    Great track!

  43. Ella Poletti

    I love your songs! I just started writing a while ago-so so difficult! Did you write your songs?

  44. Caroline

    Anna you write all of my favorite songs!!!!! This is one of many fave songs that u have written

  45. Brandon Waters

    Awesome, just awesome

  46. La fée Marie

    Love this song, the text is so true!

  47. bella chiaravalle

    My fav singer is u! I like you better than any singer in the world love ur songs send me them at [email protected]

  48. bella chiaravalle

    You are soo goooood!!! I am a singer too but I am not as good as u!

  49. daniel hollænder

    plz keep making this music, love it

  50. Ophélie Duprat

    You're so talented never saw that. And i adore your voice, so beautiful. Good Job. This is my favourite song by far ;)

  51. Isabella Almazan

    this is my new fav. song love it

  52. Dave Smith

    An amazing young lady with an amazing talent. I'm a fan.. Can't wait to hear more.

  53. Mykelti Altier

    My new favorite song.

  54. brittany olson

    So beautiful Anna!!! Your truely amazing. You go girl!!!!! :)

  55. DunkelBunt

    Anna I love You

  56. hamberhead

    wow I am sooooo blown away. every time I think you can't get any better you write something like this. this is my favorite of your songs

  57. marcandremartial


  58. Brett Mcleod

    well written and composed and performed, you truly are an awesomely talented young all round musician, I haven't wanted to listen to anyone else s music since the 25th September when your debut album was released you will be always be in my # 1 playlist forever. :)

  59. ShoelaceGirl2012

    I gotta buy your album!! Like, right now!!!

  60. Skyforce1989 No Name

    I love this song, and one of my favorites on her album.

  61. Ross Mannell

    Anna, the bars in the intro set the mood for this beautiful song. Listening to and reading along with the lyrics, I can see deep meaning in the words. For any relationship, honesty is an essential part for, if we hide the truth, how can we really know each other? "Who's behind the mask?"... words to remind us to be honest in how we present ourselves to others. @RossMannell

  62. davidl8ly

    The little girl with the killer voice. Good luck, you deserve the best. You worked very hard on this project and it shows.

  63. littlemissrandomly

    Pressed before the video even started.

  64. shelly ferran

    Gosh I Just Listened To It Once & I'm Already Sharing It On My Bieber Page lol.
    Anyway, I Was Like "Oh Its Anna Gracemen, That 11 Year Old From America's Got Talent" & Normally Little 11 Year Olds Have Songs That Are Like From "New Disney" Like Ant Farm & All That Annoy Me Soo Much.
    But When I Listened To This I Was Like O m g .... Like You're Different & Amazing c': ♥

  65. MrMuziekfan

    Beautiful !!!

  66. James Eggerth

    Very nice !!

  67. Shaun Reviews Stuff

    yes you F**king grammar nazi

  68. Hans Oropallo

    Pretty Song!

  69. Corvus

    did you mean "no longer"??

  70. IceMan


  71. drognanaik

    Awesome, Fantastic, Amazing!!!

  72. ShrimpThao

    Beautiful!!!!! I love it!

  73. i_Ryan98

    wwoooww your voice is amazing i'm from Saudi arabia, i just wanna tell u there are u have fans on SAUDI ARABIA . see ya

  74. Shaun Reviews Stuff

    Too Bad AGT didn't know what real talent was. They definitely screwed her over on that show,wich i know longer watch.

  75. thatfatcat4095

    Beautiful and talented <3

  76. wishwing101

    This is amazing!

  77. Cindy Mateus

    Your voice is amazing !

  78. Michael P

    Amazing talent!!

  79. Halie Dela Cruz

    omg you have an album is it platstore

  80. red hawk

    ذي حق عميركان تالنت؟؟؟

  81. Bruce Wallace

    Anna would love to get you to my producer Billy Smiley then you will take off you have a great strong voice. Thank you for the great music.

  82. stephen horn

    you have such a beautiful voice :)

  83. stramayne

    Great album! I bought the actual CD with the autograph for my ipod. Crazy old-fashioned of me I know. :) Did you write this tune new especially for the album?

  84. Buddy Godfrey

    Every song you do is a knockout, it truely is. What time did you pload these though, because it is like 6:30am over here, haha.

  85. Athena Lau

    Music and Lyrics written by Anna Graceman. So talented.

    New Album on shelf and a must-buy item to support the originated songwriter and singer.


  86. huyked

    Someone's up early. :D

  87. BigRyGuy04

    So happy for you, Anna!

  88. beautybaby413

    -3 u are amazing

  89. Zero O

    I love you Anna