Anna Graceman - You Knew Me Lyrics

You knew my name before you died ten years ago
And when we met we were only fourteen years old
I stayed in my tracks just like a queen
Then you left me
Did you see the blinding white snow
Come down to the ground?
Our love stayed together, in each other's love, in each other's hearts
You treated me with a love no one has ever seen
You treated me, just like a queen and then you left me
Why did you leave me all alone?
No one can replace you!
And... you're not coming home
I look ahead the future's a mystery
It still feels you're next to me
Still you left me

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Anna Graceman You Knew Me Comments
  1. Alyssa Storch Music

    Anna Graceman is sooo underated. She's amazing and deserves way more recognition.

  2. Dog. Camper.

    Good. Job. Keep it up

  3. Dog. Camper.


  4. LoveDance

    the begin like skyfall :D

  5. Aimee Correia

    its so sad im crying right now its so beautiful and sad at the same time she's my favorite singer in the world thank you for letting me listen to your beautiful voice thank you alot

    Sonia Capillo

    +CupCake Puppy4047 (CupcakePuppy4047) yes! :( but the lyrics is about her life? really she lost someone? I suppose her father ... I don't know but it's so sad ! :(

  6. kenzie rae

    Anna hi I really like your singing I think you are awesome and talented

  7. gene leforge

    I like this one a lot!!

  8. Confident Potato

    This girl is really special

  9. Thomas Beifuss

    she is amazing thumbs uip if my puppy is cute

  10. bierskoda

    ♫♫ •¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•--•¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤ SUPER ¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•--•¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤• ♫♫

  11. Neon Games

    Remove the dots

  12. Neon Games

    Or you can go on it's a thing that makes youtube video go on forever.

  13. Terren D

    We're proud of you here in Juneau!!! :)

  14. cheyenne rodriguez

    can believe how amazeing her voice is

  15. Richard Forty

    I'm pretty sure anna turned 13, but dont know the month, maybe some other fans do.

  16. Aliyyah Jackhan

    as of what month cause im 13 too

  17. Richard Forty

    Great performance, and great original song, and at only 9. No wonder she is becomming a star now at 13.

  18. Gustavo Conde

    Muito bonito, By Brazil!

  19. Abcde210cl

    She is 13 now =)

  20. Aliyyah Jackhan

    How old r u now?

  21. Krystian Zaton

    super ANNO. jestes wielka

  22. Summer Cook

    you are an amazing singer and song writer! one of the best!

  23. Donna L. Padilla

    go on the Voice get yourself more worldly known. you have such talent but are not hugely known & you should be with a voice like yours.

  24. Charlotte Boy

    There is nothing better than an emotional song with a piano and a great singer.

  25. Abcde210cl

    She didn't write this song at age 9, but at age7!!:)(Anna Blochberger)

  26. Abcde210cl

    That's a voice! That's a talent!

  27. Be the change you want to see


  28. TheSkyeCrumbles


  29. Abcde210cl

    Like if you saw the old version too ;)

  30. Timothy Rogers

    Wow this song is so powerful, it brought more tears to my eyes. The lyrics are so serious and the piano is just awesome. I love this song. Thanks Anna for all your music. Tim in H.B.

  31. michaeljackoisdabest

    She actually performed this on youtube when she was 7 :) if you go back to her old videos

  32. BrianA772

    you may have done that but she broke the youtube post button with her tallent....and i broke the subscribe button

  33. Abcde210cl

    I love this song, that's unbelievable that this is written by 7 year old!

  34. GratzX33JEA

    She writes about being "only 14 years old" when she is 7... How can she capture the emotions?... This girl is a prodigy.

  35. Brian Zaborowski

    LOL! This little girl gives me the chills! She's better than most of them out there today ... and she's barely a teenager .... writes her own songs .... voice of an angel .... plays perfect piano .... plays guitar. What else can you do Anna? WOW! ... you're something else!

  36. Jump7487

    What inspired this song Anna ?

  37. Julie Brooke


  38. ryan mcminoway

    Anna you are amazing I discovered you while deployed in Afghanistan and your voice is amazing can't believe a young girl like you has a soulful voice like this keep up the hard work and trust me I'm buying your album off iTunes.

  39. david williams

    whoaa this brought chills to me

  40. Arta512

    This is literally one of my favorite songs. Not just by you, but in the world. I love it.

  41. Liz M

    did u write the song?

  42. Kathie Yang

    ONLY 14? If my information is correct, you are age 9 in this video...

  43. rita karstens

    Anna, I found you by mistake searching the WEB while being laid up from knee surgery. Wow where was I when you jumped into our lives. What a voice. Soulful , stunning, powerful. Your songs are just unbelievable. YOU are a SUPERSTAR!!! Going out to buy your album. Hope I can find the one with this song on it. Good for you. Best wishes

  44. imani jessup

    you soud sing jar of harts pleas do i hop to sing like you one day from selena

  45. Hailey Wentz

    1,560 likes! :D

  46. Abby Hart

    i love to say that i knew u before you became really popular on youtube and when u were on america's got talent i was like " O MY GOSH!!!! I KNOW WHO SHE IS!!!!" yeah and my sister looked at me like i was crazy. but i just love how I've seen you grow over the years(: keep up your God given gift!

  47. Lindsay Warner

    You should put the lyrics in the description so we can sing along like the pros we're not :)

  48. 888mrshu

    makes coming back from the sun worthwhile ,she must be be observant of life and other people,

  49. Sarah Rose Music

    I know!

  50. Sarah Merritt

    AMAZING!!! Better than Christina!

  51. Sarah Rose Music

    this sounds like it coukd be written by christina aguilara at age 26.. hm.. yeah wonder what annas gunna be like at that age

  52. kowaitea

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love this song
    300.000 likes im singing it for the talent show at school
    400.000 likes im singing it on Australia's got talent

  53. Miracles upon Miracles

    Oh my gosh this is REALLY good!

  54. heatluvsemoboys

    anna I would LOVE if you would re-do this song now that you are older. Out of all the songs you've written this is by far my favorite one of them all. Such an emotionally packed song and all around amazing. Please consider re-visiting this song! :D Thanks!

  55. Adryana Doran

    ur amazing i wish i had ur voice!!!!!!!!! lzzz trade lol jk keep ur voice ull go far with it!!!

  56. Sarah Merritt

    lol I know right?! I've practically raped it, haha.

  57. monkeysluvdani

    Could you please post the lyrics to this song? I looooove it! :)

  58. Ariana Herrera

    You did this when you were nine! When I was nine, I was still flipping out over losing a tooth!

  59. Justin Munoz

    awsome vid!i would never have the mind to write a :0

  60. babydoll8746

    She's amazing <3

  61. mahaliah angel

    im goin to try to make a cover of 'so i cried' nd post it! wish me luck!!!!!! lol your awesome anna

  62. Nika Morris

    You truly inspire me. I think I am going to sing one of your songs in our next year talent show.

  63. Darion Trimmer

    this is a good song

  64. makayla wilson

    wow ur only nine here and u still sound perfect

  65. mariel martinez

    I really like her

  66. hannah gonzalez

    from americas got talent to a amazing real singer thanks :]

  67. destiny rivera

    this is very beautiful her voice is very beautiful

  68. zareda m

    amazing <3 just simply beautiful

  69. kailynn stokes

    I am midly abused and your songs bring me hope i listenin to them every day and hope everthing eill get better u give my hope anna tht kno one else could thanks

  70. Anna Scribner

    Anna, you inspire me. You really do. Are your songs on iTunes?

    Anna Scribner, age 11.

  71. Kimberly Yaden

    you are sooo pretty and you have a wonderful voice i just love your songs that you have written .great jobb keep it up !!!!!!!

  72. Linus Holm

    So fucking amazing!

  73. Anna Blochberger

    this is amazing! at age 9 u wrote an incridable, deep, emotional song and performed it perfectley. u r crazy good. i love everything about u. :) great job! :)

  74. Yo Lama

    any body else cry?

  75. katerina harris-dobbs

    Alright n.s.a.t

  76. Elemen Tango

    Beatiful!!! You are amazing.

  77. Torey L.

    I started crying once the music started playing..,

  78. Sarah Merritt

    That's beautiful... you've got an ammazing voice, Anna. :)

  79. martin ragadoogee

    move out of the way all singers here comes ANNA !!!!!1

  80. Cutie Pie

    keep on singing and then someday you will be famous and your name will be spread all across the world! ANNA GRACEMAN ANNA GRACEMAN!!!! x10000000000 Good luck girl! U r better than me

  81. Savanna Haralson

    she is amazing i love her voice and her songs they are amazing

  82. Jörg Brinckheger

    i love it


    Wow...what else can you say. She wrote this at age 9. Double Wow!

  84. meganwalters

    Haha i know! But when she sang this song she was 9 (:

  85. Bigdaddyjigga

    Holy Moly donut shop ....-throws mic and keyboard in trash-

  86. Mabel Harvey

    Wow.... Your really good!

  87. Blueish

    absolutly amazing!!!!!!!! i've been in choir for 4 years,plus im 13 nd i can barley sing like that! im blown away!

  88. Lavinia Mari

    OMG, I remember her first video

  89. th3t1ck

    Keep it up. You are very good and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your music and lyrics that you have written.

  90. melonie albright

    Anna you are amazing......dont let this world hold you back...all our children should have the heart and soul that you have....In this sad society you are a shining STAR...I can only hope my children find a motivation as wonderful as yours...

  91. Baylee Cummings

    In addition to being incredibly beautiful and talented, you have this amazing pure innocence. Try to hold on to that for as long as you can. Music is my laughter too. xoxo

  92. Baylee Cummings

    You get picked on a lot in school don't you?

  93. doracat777

    beautiful voice

  94. Catyy5

    My favourite song of hers. She's so amazing <3

  95. MSunnyday

    you're amazing !

  96. HornHero

    She probably has better grammar than you do as well.

  97. Jeremy B

    I ruin all of her songs by singing along, but i cant help it.

  98. Molly Parker

    I like it but it is kind of sad.

  99. Sharon Ye

    she sounds way younger than 11. Keep going Anna! You've got a big future!