Anna Graceman - Whispers Lyrics

Sitting all alone, waiting for you my dear
Wishing, I was anywhere but here
Silence fills the air
Wishing, that I really didn't care
Voices surround me
Telling me something
That I'm nothing

Whispers fill my ears
My eyes are filled with salty tears
Why does the world feel so dead tonight
It feels like my heart and my mind are having a fight

Watching you walk away, then you disappear
My heart is filled with doubt a dream that's filled with fear
No one seems to see
I'm angry my mind's played tricks on me
Voices surround me
Telling me "give up"
Not good enough

Whispers fill my ears
My eyes are filled with salty tears
Why does the world feel so dead tonight
It feels like my heart and my mind are having a fight

Fallin' down a rabbit hole
Dark and scary Alice knows
I let those words run away with me
And they may set me free
But until then…

Whispers fill my ears
My eyes are filled with salty tears
Why does the world feel so dead tonight
It feels like my heart and my mind are having a fight

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Anna Graceman Whispers Comments
  1. Samuel Martinez

    This is why Life is worth meaning. Respecting Life's hopes, dreams.

  2. archiball

    sweet anna

  3. Allan Hirsch

    Ageless and sublime.

  4. Michelle Moncinilla

    2018! Still sounds so new to meeee 😍😍

  5. Joshua Arterburn

    hi annna its Chloe Arterburn Brendas grand daughter She tells me the stories when she saw you man must be awesome i love your singin

  6. Richard Rado


  7. Framo

    i expected her to whisper.

  8. archiball archi

    this is the first song i heard from anna i realy like it alot(":

  9. Romono Pilowki

    Her music is amazing, her voice is incredible, but girllll you're too young to know true heartbreak. But I can tell from your words you are very wise and empathetic.


    Romono Pilowki what's her age?

    Romono Pilowki

    MyNameIsOtteley at the time she posted this she was 12 or 13

  10. Sarah Roberts

    you remind me of demi lovato. you have the power in your voice. love it

  11. Mosab Ahmed

    Thank you Anna 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. Reub Pru

    You are so connected to your soul!
    Mind, body and soul connectivity equals harmoney.
    Listen to the voice within, it guides you.
    Thanks for a little piece of heaven.

  13. Masterpro 135

    I love your songs so much! and your voice it is like a angel!

  14. Lodo comello love

    you are amazing 💗💜💛💚 i can't say how much I love you 💜💛💚

  15. Isabel Garcia

    Such a beautiful voice 😍

  16. Yasmine

    So cute....

  17. Аня Мн

    прекрасно *~*

  18. Christian Caspers

    You show some of your best voice in this song. I love how it all fits together. Very moving! Thanks!

  19. lyle hadji azis

    anna graceman.. <3 i like you 

  20. Abdur Rochman Wahid

    Anna, i'm your biggest fan from indonesia. I'm fallin' love with your voice. 😍😘

  21. Randomvideosby Connor

    love this song, I sing this when I'm sad. 

  22. Brett Mcleod

    still one of my favorite songs from Anna <3

    André Vieira

    Definitely one of my favorite songs of her. 😊

  23. eclubm2

    I have a friend who just recently tried to commit suicide. I think she should listen to this song. Luckily she is okay, but it was still very sad.


    @Sara SunJoy
    Thanks! She is okay now. She says she won't try to kill herself again. I'll tell her you care. That will make her happy!!

  24. makayla ison

    I love this song so much, I can listen to it all day! I can just listen to her voice all day! What a talented singer! Just beautiful! What a beautiful little girl!! Keep up the great work Anna!!👏👏😘

  25. ruben marq

    just beautiful

  26. Lizzy Blenker

    This is my everyday burning thought

  27. Brett Mcleod

    still love this song, :)

  28. Alliyah's World

    I <3 This Song

  29. Tayla B

    love how every single one of her songs tell a story, every song has a deeper meaning, the piano is incredible, i love how each piano piece in the song relates exactly to the feeling of the song. Anna has unbelievable talent, and i love her for it. :) 

  30. Tayla B

    this describes me exactly... 





  33. Joseph Rupert

    What she writes reaches so many people. The pathways of words and music she follows are clear---after shines her light on them! There just has to be a trail of little sparkly musical notes that sort of appear behind her when she walks around. Nuts.

  34. Brett Mcleod

    Check out Anna Graceman 's new single "Treble Heart" on iTunes now, studio & acoustic version, amazing new song

  35. Brett Mcleod

    always been one of my favorite songs from Anna ♥

  36. Georgia Adams


  37. archie977

    thank you for posting

  38. Savannah Yau


  39. ▓███▓██xX█☆★█ ALEX█★█MODS█ ★☆█Xx▓███▓██

    hey anna love u its alex ^_^

  40. шахар габер

    i love it though

  41. шахар габер

    did u get a job?

  42. HeyItsMeLol1

    i feel like she's watching me

  43. Naza QC

    Wow... you're a great singer!!

  44. Hannah Margaret

    Your so pretty and amazing wow!!!

  45. Destiny Gonzalez

    is that how u look or? and u sing beautifuly

  46. Natasha west

    ur the best lil singer i have heard ur amazing i wish i was good as you

  47. Enrico Prezioso

    Simply amazing , your voice is so sweet and the piano in this song is fantastic! Congratulations!!

    Saluti dall'Italia :)

  48. Everett Cox

    Thirty eight people have no ear for great music.

  49. Alaina Weber

    O my god it's amazing I love to is

  50. Deidra Embree

    Beautiful Anna .. You have a beautiful voice..

  51. Amit Mwj

    u r awsome.. u r way awsome.. i haven't heard this relaxing voice in my life.. u r doing a great job.. best of luck.. :)

  52. Peter Nemeth

    She sings like a star, she is already a star. She looks like an angel, she is an angel. I have no doubt about that.

  53. Alex Mxqueen

    Anna is so beyond amazing she is very talented and very lucky to have the talent and a good voice she is so incredible.

    continue onthe good work anna

  54. feras asaad


  55. Thomas Lim

    Marvelous job darling. Keep up the good job. Do not do silly things that could ruin you, your voice and future. Hugs and kisses from Malaysia. <3

  56. Alan Wilder


  57. abraham gomez lopez

    the beautiful anna graceman and the song.....

  58. Robyn Jones

    Haven't had time to see if you are still doing your music.. Glad to see you still are... :)Way to go Anna..

  59. enigma spoke

    People say how great other singers are, but Anna Graceman has something untouchable.

  60. cinnabar94

    don't let any thing get you down lass

  61. Alianna Waggoner


  62. zariah young-mckenzie

    so beautiful voice of an angel :D x !!

  63. Melina Wen

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  64. Natasha Murzda

    I love ur songs!

  65. Natasha Murzda

    You are so awesome!

  66. Cake Girl

    can i get one subscribe? :/

  67. Cydney Arana

    She has an amazing voice!

  68. mistakenappearances

    That's exactly how I feel at 3:00 am.

  69. archie977


  70. archie977

    i like this song alot

  71. Caroline

    Whenever i have a rough day, i always come to this song. Im a 13 year old girl who would be considered as quiet and weak to some people. But when i come and listen to this song I cry and i feel so much better. Anna's music is very inspiring and so powerful. I have been a huge fan of hers for almost 2 years now. And because of her i sing better i play piano and i play guitar and i found a love for music i never knew existed. I luv Anna so much and all i have to say is thank you.

  72. Cindy Nguyen

    She's a very pretty and talented girl

  73. bailey Mitchell

    I love like every thing that she wrights! she is my role model! I want to be just like her! :)

  74. moe


  75. Square Box


  76. Ikethekillerwhale

    she is Excellent you must be very proud of her

  77. Joshua H.

    Anna is like angel in my own opinion, so if u don't like her music plz keep it to yourself and don't be rude and post a mean comment

  78. Picha Mean

    i like your smile :)

  79. Melina Lina

    ich liebe das <3

  80. vwc2239

    You are an angel....from Stephen Coombes in Alberta Canada

  81. archie977

    this album is good

  82. gmylord

    Look Ms Anna the first time I saw you was on AGT and I have been a fan since then you are simply amazing. You are a bright star and a little cutie too. Hope all the success and stay sweet.

  83. David Wooten Jr

    This young lady has a voice from heaven. Thank you for sharing you voice and your talent with the rest of the world.

  84. archie977

    so prety anna

  85. archie977

    i love this picture everytime i see it i gotta click on the song:)

  86. Shoki Ito

    This music is EPIC!!!!

    - ChocoCherryBomb

  87. Léa jiohu

    She is very beautiful and she sing very good

  88. archie977

    this song is so amazing oh wow

  89. archie977

    i love this whole album is great

  90. MonoBelya

    you look like Troian Bellisario in here (spencer from pretty little liars)

  91. Abby Jordan

    People if you don't like ger song keep it to yourself or be nice about it don't be rude

  92. OTA x Kitty

    I love her music

  93. gracie bell

    I love you anna!!! you give me so much confidence to just be myself, your music can really inspire!!!!

  94. kaellie moon

    she good