Anna Graceman - Unexpected Lyrics

If you know about this place
You will find me hiding
Cause when you think the coast is clear
Have you lost what you were finding
Like a storm of sunny rain drops
And a world of bitter cotton candy

When you think you know what's next
Expect the unexpected

Seeing such scary things
Wishing it was only a dream
Like a dragon without wings
My life is a shallow deep blue sea
Like a song without a melody
Like a home without a heart

When you think you know what's next
Expect the unexpected

A triple rainbow of black and white
I'll hug hello to say good-bye
The darkest day and the brightest night
I know the answers but I still ask why
Like a soft whisper turns into a scream
Standing in a crowd but I'm still all alone

When you think you know what's next
Expect the unexpected

Cross the waters of my heart
I'm at the end but it feels like the start
Drowning in the deserts of my tears
I'm so afraid I have to face my fears
A bad dream is my reality

We're living in a world without any peace
When you hear about what goes on around
You wish you could help some how
You never know what's coming next
Should expect the unexpected

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Anna Graceman Unexpected Comments
  1. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Preciosa mi genial Annita <3 <3 <3 <3 ;))
    Muchas gracias <3 :)

  2. Rory L

    I listed to this song for the first time about 7 years ago. It helped me get through my dissertation. :) I was listening to the enhanced version.

  3. Candy Gem

    anna, I really miss u and I wish I could see u 1 more time aaahhh -Sarah

  4. William Lewis

    :) good work Anna. I tried t'download this song from music stores I couldn't find it.

  5. Tayla B

    this still remains to be one of my favourites, i could see it being used in a movie or something. This is so lyrically beautiful i love it!

  6. Bridget Collette

    Anna, this song is awesome and I feel someday, someone out there, will hear this song and make you the star you really are!


    @Bridget Collette You just did. She is your star.

  7. ruben marq

    anna, I hope this song is on your new cd . I think this song really  took some thinking and its deep. great  job . I love all of your music!!!

  8. ruben marq

    love this song , she something! what a mind.

  9. Sergio M. Giménez

    simply GREAT!
    Thank you

  10. Sophie Leonard

    amazing performance on the piano

  11. Angela Xiang

    Is it possible for u to post the piano sheet music for this song? Thanks

  12. Musicanieli Emz

    What is the chord of this?

  13. Abcde210cl

    Amazing song. You're my favourite artist<3

  14. archie977

    i realy like anna songs alot very nice:)


    Archie :P ..... love this song and this version is amazing Love anna's songs so much the same way I would like to meet her ♥_♥

  15. LunarX

    Please do more amateur stuff for us! I miss just seeing you sing by your piano without any fancy videos or other instruments. We love you for your soul, which is hard to capture outside videos like this.

  16. Aimee Correia

    im ten and i do the same thing mathew and its listen not listeon

  17. Brent Clarke

    Anna you are doing great things! Love your songs! Don't every stop writing and singing
    please. You write from the heart, God Bless you and keep you singing.....

  18. Le Deza

    Stfu BITCH

  19. dog

    why do you hate her?

  20. Abcde210cl

    Love this song :)

  21. Natalie Flemmings

    I hate you and I'll always will. :*(

  22. WelLRoundeDSquarE

    She writes from an old soul, clearly ages ahead of her age, with her wisdom of words, and life.

  23. Tori T

    You should make a music video for this one!!! :D Thumbs up if you agree!!!!

  24. JimJammy


  25. Josh Zilly

    they are mad because they can't hear the music!

  26. Emmy Clara Bailey

    35 People actually because those 35 people are idiolts.. they could be DEAF!

  27. Ali engirl

    Best singer ever with such a gifted voice. It is to amazing to describe!

  28. Felix the Bus

    Even at this early age.....powerful voice ...beautiful voice

  29. Abcde210cl

    Nice song, you're amazing pianist, Anna:)

  30. Marie Levesque

    Hi Anna, great one, big hello from Canada N.B.. awesome job !!

  31. Danny Leong

    amazing... love your voice

  32. Hope Sadler

    Omg shes amazing xxx

  33. Jane Uebergang

    might i say, you are just amazing!;)x

  34. Nat Mohn

    You ROCK!!! Make some more songs!!!!! :)

  35. Sarah Rose Music

    I could just watch her play piano all day
    The fact that she sings too is just amazing

  36. Caroline

    she is 10 there and she has been doing it since age 6!!! i know im 12 and cant write a song without using someone else's melody

  37. Caroline

    i know!!! i dont listen to the radio anymore!!!!!!

  38. onlinelondon

    Impressive......this is music.......cannot be compared to nowadays radio-crap; except some very few every now and then......

  39. Sarah Rose Music

    she writes better than most of the people on the radio right now.. haha.. craazzyy

  40. Caroline

    how is it growing to 29?! That is scary!

  41. cieloandkierra

    You are an amazing young girl..I agree i could never write a song like that and you have an amazing voice your truly blessed with an amazing talent..and your just so beautiful and I just would die for a voice like your your amazing....and yes I know that I said that your amazing but im not joking your really good....and your even better you have an amazing voice and your can play the piano really good...let alone I cant even play the piano........LOVE YOU ANNA UR THE BEST

  42. Sarah Rose Music

    I swear shes an amazing singer and song writer but shes absolutely amazing at piano.. like its ridiculous.

  43. fruitjuicecartoon

    i have those gloves

  44. Caroline

    i wish i can like more than once

  45. burningtyres1

    Saying that yiur awsm if you didnt know

  46. burningtyres1

    I usually listen to LMFAO but you should make albms

    sorry for bad spelling im only turning 10 in a week

  47. whinkley1

    the progressions this kid has is amazing. and the vocals are just outstanding.

  48. EminemCathleen4ever

    Anna, you care not only about your voice, you write lyrics so touching and meaningful. I like that about you.

  49. Xiiandali

    I can never get enpugh of her...

  50. Jörg Brinckheger

    viele besser als die cover songs !!!!!

  51. Kristal Smith

    I love that purposeful crack in your voice when you go high in the chorus. It really helps to convince listeners of the emotion of the song.

  52. Mackenzie Amsden

    your amazing!!

  53. tifted grunt

    at least its still only 29 dislikes
    Anna, don't listen to those haters
    hater gonna hate
    potatoes gonna potate...

  54. Coyotesphx

    I could listen to your music till I die of old age and NEVER get bored of it:)

  55. Erin And Jeanna


  56. Erin And Jeanna


  57. AmethystBlossom

    Hey Anna!
    Ever since I first saw your America's Got Talent audition video, I've been so impressed.
    I'm actually 10 but turning 11 this year, and I love the arts (performing and painting stuff)
    I just keep on going to your America's Got Talent audition and keep thinking, Wow
    She's a superstar.............
    I love you, your music, and everything you do!
    Keep going!

  58. shaylen sanders

    10. Years. Old. Imagine how she'll sound at 20 or something!! She's going to be a super star. Great tone perfect control!

  59. MooCowPoopPoop

    Who taught her the piano? Did she learn by herself?

  60. Anna Gebs

    28 peeps have no taste in music thumbs up if you agree :)!

  61. Chad Gray

    1 handed DAMN!

  62. nevergiveup123

    Does ur throat hurt after singing?

  63. lolipop1072

    The piano sound was so good

  64. MsPunkRockk

    beautiful. love the piano and the passion in ur singing

  65. magicme4492

    *sniffle sniffle*

  66. magicme4492

    my favorite one of your songs!

  67. aburro13

    where can i download this song!!?

  68. aburro13

    holy crap......i'm blown away....beautiful!!!!!

  69. ridgeraiser

    you could be my nightbour and playing and singing around the clock :)

  70. Amanda Ho

    Wow, this is so pretty, your voice and the music :) <3

  71. FireFoxBWTFN

    Wow in all my life I've never hered a girl nor boy sing this grate she looks so young and has an amazing voys I'm like 12 and still sound like a 2 year old like I said be for she's amazing!

  72. Caroline

    26 people have no idea what good music is thumbs up if you aggree

  73. Fernando de oliveira santos

    Y love you,princesa vc é 1 que me fez chorar com uma voz divina dessa,me fez ter um sonho abrir minha gravadora e procurar pessoas assim como vc,bjs... continue assim aqui do brasil fã numero 1 seu,fik com deus linda um dia gostaria de te conhecer só pra te dar um grande abraço e ouvir sua voz cantando

  74. xpiratee

    I've been following you for a couple years now, and i still think this is my favorite song of you. I just love the theme in the melody, and the lyrics are so strong. Anna, you are amazing.

  75. theConnieAurora

    Why is a young lady thinking about such terrible thoughts??

  76. theConnieAurora

    how old are u now? and how old was u there??

  77. emily elizabeth

    @Rightnut20 She writes her own songs in an interview on AGT she said she did so i'm pretty sure she did and I'm a big fan of her !!

  78. WaltsWorker

    Is it just me, or is the 'combination' of notes she plays - especially in this one - considered 'complex' to even play them - let alone write them? :))

  79. ines mgs

    @mrlynx666 I'm so sorry :(

  80. Tommy Jansson

    My mom passed away a few days ago and each time i listen to this song ( at least 3-4 times a day ) my tears are coming.
    Especially when she gets to " A bad dream is my reality"

    I didn't expect the unexpected...

    Thanks Anna, you are the most emtional singer in the world.

  81. countyfairgrl

    Girl u are amazing, please keep it up, and please tell me u have a cd out!

  82. xpiratee

    I think this is the best song you have. You should redo it :D

  83. emily elizabeth

    I don't know how an 11 year old could write such mature songs about life and what's going on around us !! She is blessed she has a beautiful voice and her mind is waaaayyy mature !!! (I should know i'm 11 I could never write a song like this...) I LOVE YOU ANNA !!!

  84. LibertyFreedom1995

    Anna is way talented.

  85. CptMatah

    The talents of this wonderful "VERY" Talented young singer is so amazing. Anna may not have won AGT, but in my book, she's WAY, WAY beyond that. Anna when and if you come out with a cd, that this song is on it. I just wish she had a cd out now

  86. Cruz Mercado

    Wow really

  87. Ariana Parker

    Your Awesome!
    ill listen to your songs every day

  88. MsFancycheese

    hoe could they vote you off americas got talent

  89. Jazzy Hoang

    u r song got on utube 5 days after my B-day

  90. Robert Cook

    Some of the best soulful music ever played. Im sorry you didnt make it to the finals. But please Anna keep pushing forward Ican see a woundeful career in music for you. Love Ya.

  91. PurpleHaze Goofy Grape

    Lyrics are very awesomely clever!!! Awesome song!
    good luck on AGT!!!!

  92. EllieLight1

    @inesmgs1998201 Try: 'Unexpected' by Anna Graceman posted by niggleodeon. It is her studio version of this same song.

  93. Alyssa Botelho

    what did anna graceman do that was unexpected? lol, read the title. we luv u anna!

  94. ines mgs

    @oceanqueen099 yes, but it isn't the same she wrote this and anna graig wrote another, the name can be the same but the song is different, if you put " unexpected " you will find lots of things with that name ! thanks .

  95. ines mgs

    Can you do this song again? I really like to hear this again :D

    Portugal Love You :D

    Your Big Fan, Inês :)

  96. hannekexofficial

    you are so amazing (:
    i really hope you win anna!
    xxxx and greetings from the netherlands ;)

  97. geztour

    @metaspherz agreed, it is same in literrature, publishers rob authors! it is a scandallous system which needs to be changed by law.

  98. Everett Cox

    @metaspherz Absolutely she needs her own company. Then she needs a producer. I recommend David "The Hit Man" Foster.

  99. brookie block

    thumbs up if your watching this in 3000 oh yea BABY IM FROM THE FUTURE!!!