Anna Graceman - Slow Motion Lyrics

Let the rain fall one drop at a time
Drifting down to touch my skin
Waves of blue when I look in your eyes
Breathe you in like oxygen

I don't wanna let another minute of you go to waste
Losing track of time, I keep on getting lost in your embrace
Holding on so tight 'cause I'm afraid you might, might slip away
I don't wanna let another minute of you go, oh

Can't keep this moment frozen
So why don't we move in slow motion
Can't keep this moment frozen
So why don't we move in slow motion

Heart open wide, just let it soak in
Feel every beat, there's no rush
When the song's done, the dance has to end
So drown me in your perfect touch

And I don't wanna let another minute of you go to waste
Losing track of time, I keep on getting lost in your embrace
Holding on so tight 'cause I'm afraid you might, might slip away
I don't wanna let another minute of you go, oh

Can't keep this moment frozen
So why don't we move in slow motion
Can't keep this moment frozen
So why don't we move in slow motion
So why don't we move in slow motion

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Anna Graceman Slow Motion Comments
  1. Roman Lightman

    I CAN`T WITHOUT YOU 🙄BRRRR🤷‍♂️🧀😒🍯🤦‍♀️🔆💘🔆😔🔆💋🔆🤷‍♀️🔆😏🔆🤗🔆

  2. Alex Jones

    You need to come to Americas got talent

  3. Don Lanthier

    Loving this song, loving this singer!!!

  4. Don Lanthier

    Beautiful, beautiful voice!!

  5. Richard Rado


  6. Doug G

    This is a great song and video!

  7. Naomi Hardin

    Such a masterpiece 💜 keep it up Anna!

  8. tony crawford

    Another Beautiful Song Anna
    You are a Great Song Writer/ Musician x

  9. jeweljellyjolly

    U turned out to be a fine young lady 💗

  10. Martin Childs

    Anna - I first heard you in 2011 singing Wonderful World. I find you again after all these years and here you are, an incredibly talented young woman doing amazing things with your words, expression and tones. I picked up my guitar thanks to you after many years of abstinence. I am 54 but I feel like I am a young man again. I sing Wonderful World in your style which is enjoyed by all I sing to. Slow Motion is just incredible! No words! Thank you Anna, you are a true blessing to this world. Brilliant work. Simply brilliant.

  11. Travis Cheramie

    Love it you did an amazing job have a blessed night

  12. dance moms relived

    It’s crazy that the last song I heard of yours was ‘So Complicated’ when I was 10 and 8 years later I discover you again 😍 You’re as talented as ever

  13. Robin Gough

    Great song Anna, your vocal is really special.

  14. Ledgnr197gaming

    It amazes me how you aren’t world famous. The talent you have is out of this world and far beyond anyone popular today. Hopefully you get a big break soon. I really hope you’re on AGT Champions that’d be awesome. 👌🏻👍🐐

  15. Felix the Bus

    So much beautiful xx

  16. negar hanife

    omg! i love you amazing voice

  17. LastSideSchool

    Love it 😍 please do a collaboration with Emily Vaughn!

  18. Charlie Tango

    She is a young woman now! And she still shares her INCREDIBLE talent. AGT = ANNA'S GOT TALENT!

  19. Zhantuar Astrology Universe

    Very beautiful song and your voice amazing girl))

  20. Haleigh Turner

    This is definitely my wedding song.Also my favorite song

  21. JohnyShabowy

    Beautiful voice,beautiful song :)

  22. Jermey WAMPLER

    How are you not blowing up my radio? You are awesome

  23. Doyle Kohlbusch

    Your music video is truly a joy to see & hear your lovely voice. Your talent is better then ever you are magic to music profession. The world has found a beautiful & very talent artist in you

  24. Kenny Ermac

    The best!😭😍

  25. texasroper

    Beautiful song Anna, great your are so photogenic, and so creative...thanks for sharing, wishing you the best of everything...Kent, Texasroper

  26. John Zarate


  27. boone7075

    Beautiful song , beautiful young and talented lady and video .
    Bought the song on Apple Music 😎

  28. Russell Peterson

    You are Amazing Anna. Thank you very much.

  29. divit dean

    So Beautiful, Anna loved it.

  30. SandyBlJ

    Beautiful, very beautiful song. Music and lyrics, Anna's singing and the arrangement, everything about it is great - as usual with Anna's songs. It conveys an elating, really happy feeling. Very nice video too.
    This is Anna's first happy love song - after several dealing with disappointment and hurt, from 'Poison', through 'Never Meant to Me', to 'Man on the Moon' and 'Bad for Me' (of course, first there was 'Broken Hearted', but back then Anna was 11 years old, and she had emphasized it, that song was not about her personal experience!). Of course, those are very good songs too, I love them - they are just different in feeling.

  31. JP, RAPS

    Anna you make my heart smile 😍💓💜 your such a gifted and may i say ever so gorgeous lady You got so much talent God bless you 😚😚

  32. Everett Cox

    Your voice is glorious. The music, the orchestration and the arrangement; all are glorious!! The actors are excellent. The happiness and tenderness they bring are beautifully and powerfully presented. IT'S GRAMMY TIME!!!

    Everett Cox

    Anna correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds as though you have changed the inflections in your voice. It doesn't sound like the voice you had in your early and middle teens. Am I right or did you change it just for this video?

  33. spongefreddie

    Your falsetto transitions are seamless. Well done. :)

  34. juan francisco pacheco vazquez

    Very good video & Great voice.......💯👏👏👌👌

  35. Radio Gaga

    Is this like a sex song or what?

  36. Anderson santos

    When I heard this song, my life passed in slow motion! I love your songs Anna Graceman! ♫♥♫

  37. RAndrew Ohge

    Your Best One Yet...Pop/Blues Feel-Great Storytelling...Mature Emotion And Depth...I Think It's About Damn Time You Get Some Respect And Radio Play. I Told You Years Ago The Independent Path Would Likely Be Long And Require Hard Work...But You've Done...And Let Me Reiterate...YOU'VE Done It, Brought ALong Your Sibs, And Are Poised For A Broader Audience. Good On You, Anna...Good On You. Ric

  38. huyked

    1:51 Had a chill at this moment in the song.

  39. Evan Wilson

    I heard a couple of words in there. Thanks to the video content, I know it's something about relationships.

  40. Smurfson

    Oh my goodness, the chills this gives me. Love it! Amazing job Anna ☺

  41. S Tramayne

    I like the song. The video not so much. Maybe it was the grapes. Who were those people anyway?

  42. Michael Hall

    Yes !! Thank-you for doing a song showcasing your wonderful vocal talent. It reminds me of your earlier work when you were starting out !! Fantastic work !! Give us more of this type of song/vocals !!

  43. Marcin G

    Piękne i nastrojowe.

  44. Elin

    Absolutely beautiful!<3

  45. Erik Anderson

    You never disappoint. Thank You for sharing!

  46. CevenKills

    Beautiful as always 😊

  47. archie

    i remember when i first heard her song change is coming was a special time in my life time goes by so fast shes all a woman now(":

  48. docphy

    I've loved your voice and writing ability since I first followed you. You are a treasure.

  49. Anisa Safitri

    i feel that this is something new! love it! 😍

  50. Wolfhound

    great work Anna keep up the great work love hearing you sing

  51. Charlie Medeiros

    Very nice ..anna!! Gotta share it!👌👌👍👍😁🍎🎵🎵🎤🎤🎧🎧🌸🌸

  52. Heidi

    Wow I started to watch your videos when you were a kid

  53. jerry hunt

    Anna the song is fantastic, but your voice, OMG, is absolutely amazing.

  54. mark12661

    Wow ... I love your new video Anna ! You're a Amazingly Talented Young Lady !!! :)

  55. Mathidou Canada


  56. Sara F.


  57. Lu Buga Make Up


  58. ajh2558

    Wow i have watched you sence you first started and you have turned into such a beautiful and talented singer

  59. Larry Welsh

    Another Wonderful Song Anna.... Hope to see you in concert someday!

  60. Саша Статник

    Зацепило! Хорошая песня. Однозначно зачёт!!!

  61. Eric De Boeck

    I love it,love the video and this song and youre amazing voice :-)

  62. uwu sis

    omg you're back!!!

  63. Roman Lightman


  64. little lee

    i love this song

  65. Jean Gauthi

    Excellent !!! Très jolie voix, comme toujours ...Merci !

  66. ALAN

    Wow this was mind blowing amazing no word to describe it but amazing😍😍😘😘 love from jordan anna ❤️❤️💕❤️💙❤️

  67. idamask nazer

    Прекрасно как любовь к Родине

  68. chriss garciaa

    Perfect 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  69. jayvee deguzman

    Very beautiful anna

  70. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Woow!!! Fantástico! Hermoso video de esta hermosa canción :) :) :)
    Muchas gracias :)) Felicitaciones Anna <3 <3 <3 ;))

  71. jayvee deguzman

    Great anna

  72. casey gruhlke

    This is great but I miss the stuff from 2015 XD

  73. musikmakerman

    M IN D B L O W I N G 😲😲 Anna you make my heart smile 😍💓💜 your such a gifted and may i say ever so gorgeous lady so much talent bless you 😚😚

  74. pookie


  75. Mark Carney

    I'm blown away by this one. Can't stop playing/listening to it. Not only a beautiful, moving song, but an awesome video as well. Love the inclusion of the slow motion coffee dripping and the phonograph needle settling onto the record clips, as well as the orchestrations of the many other clips supporting the concepts of the words of the song. Truly a masterful piece. I don't understand why you are not being played on the radio every day, everywhere.

  76. Andrew Tufano


  77. Libra95932

    Another great job. Can't wait for the next one.