Anna Graceman - Next Generation Lyrics

They carry wars in their pockets
Unleashing them wherever they go
Invisible lines is what separates us
And those lines were established long ago

Believe in what you can be not what you are today
Maybe the world isn't as bad as we portray

We the next generation
Take hands with every nation
Put the differences aside
All the glory and the pride
Standing side by side
At least we know we tried
Send this message world wide
We'll change this world, together

Modern weapons in the making
Confusing and conflicting our minds
We try to blame it on each other
But the fault is no one but humankind's

Believe in what you can be not what you are today
Maybe the world isn't as bad as we portray

We the next generation
Take hands with every nation
Put the differences aside
All the glory and the pride
Standing side by side
At least we know we tried
Send this message world wide
We'll change this world, together

Maybe if we stopped thinking about ourselves
Maybe we could stop and try to help someone else
Maybe if we thought of a simple plan
Maybe we could start, all over again
I know it seem so hard but I hope you know it's right
And though it might seem hard, let's give up this fight

We the next generation
Take hands with every nation
Put the differences aside
All the glory and the pride
Standing side by side
At least we know we tried
Send this message world wide
We'll change this world, together

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Anna Graceman Next Generation Comments
  1. Skeller Love

    How old is she now?

  2. Skeller Love

    5 years ago and her talents have only grown, but this is still my favorite of her songs.

  3. Charlie Ona

    I miss streaming your songs ❤ your voice is always sounds new to ear and maybe the reason why I really miss listening to it ❤

  4. B T

    Obviously I have just discovered your music..........this touched me man! Your lyrics and your delivery of them hugged my soul.

  5. Howard Borges

    Unbelievable how Beautiful It Is To Just Listen To Your Voice And You Play The Piano.... That! Young Lady, is Music To My Ears Of The Best Quality... Love You, Your Voice and Your Music... All The Way From Germany!

  6. captain fatfoot

    As a member of this next generation I'd like to say I'd rather keep my pride and the invisible lines.

  7. daniel trask

    I can listen to you all day are the next generation.....

  8. captain fatfoot

    Don't agree with the message but it's still a good song.

  9. Marc Reinartz

    Marc Reinartz Wonderful musik ,i hope you make everyone so nice Songs Anna Graceman ,musik goingon Heart

  10. Marc Reinartz

    Marc Reinartz this very nice Song ,super Accustic on your Voice Anna Graceman

  11. Patrick Treasure

    she good

  12. Caroline

    Very appropriate today

  13. Leonora Dammsworth

    The results of the election brought me here again. Amazing song!!!

  14. Laurent D'Hondt

    instant fan! keep it up

  15. smitt9

    the next sensation

  16. smitt9

    only one voice She stands alone No other

  17. squid200

    you should be opening for Sia on her tour.

  18. Joseph Henry

    if your ready to answer my question, ill believe you

  19. Mandy Buck

    what a powerful song!! love it!!! beautiful song writing xx

  20. Lodo comello love

    she is my everything 💜💛💚

  21. Thais Monasterio

    This song being sung by a crystal child...



  23. Sammy Simpson

    wise beyond your years child... God bless you and grant you strength, high intelligence and a good intuition can feel like a curse sometimes... but if we stand together a change is possible. The willingness to act is all that is necessary. Peace & Love, pass it on...

  24. Hanneke Vervaet

    This goes right to my heart, every time. I feel like you feel like I do. Thank you so much.

  25. Johanna Neumann

    Little Christina ;)

  26. Julian Serradilla

    I am absolutely blown away by your voice, I got goosebumps all over the entire song! Fantastic, brilliant, breathtaking, I'm missing out of words, just purely fascinating, what an amazing talent you are at that young age! Wish you the very best and keep going on!

  27. Dominika Zdražilová

    I love this song! :)

  28. bruceh7211

    Absolutely excellent! You're one of the greatest artists of your generation.

  29. Elias Sebastian Cuba

    Like. This. S🅾ng Love you Anni😱😍😘😘

  30. leah

    I haven't lessened to this song in months and I still have it mesmerized

    Love u Anna

  31. WoefulMinion

    An amazing song and an incredible vocal performance, Anna. The piano accompaniment is so beautiful.

  32. Verena Elsa

    This gave me goosebumps... throughout the whole song! Excellent singer and good lyrics! keep up the good work :)

  33. Shannon Morrin

    Wow! What an inspirational song. Trying to do a cover of this :) good job Anna

  34. Ken Fleming

    Perhaps we should send Putin a copy of this video,  Great job Anna 

  35. C. S.Bonheur

    love it

  36. MadisonMegan skate

    I wish the people all across the world would here this. Maybe it would convince the three wars going on right now to stop.

  37. Andrew D

    Super Talented !!

  38. Stephan

    Hello Anna,

    WOW!!! Girl, you are so amazing. This song is a powerful political statement and
    every "Leader of Nation" should be listen to this!!!
    Your voice is incredible.
    Go on whit this great work.

    Big greetings from Germany.


  39. maxfilm19

    que encantadora voz, y que linda eres. la música te llevara lejos, me impresionas.

  40. Michal Mocný

    It is not any coincidence for your last name :) ... you have so nice high vibes Anna :) just amazing, really lookin' forward for you upcoming music...

  41. Ge heim

    echt gut

  42. HayleyFaheyMusic

    Wow! These are such incredibly relevant and powerful lyrics- not to mention your great vocals. You go girl!

  43. Jane Rivera

    i really love your beaty and the songs you're

  44. Arūnas Rasimavičius

    Daug atlikėjų taip reiškiasi............ Reiktų pasistengt vokalu.   Respect... ;-)

  45. ninja ninja

    Anna I'm a really big fan of you! :D Love your singing! you are a beautiful girl :) never give up singing! cause you are amazing at it!!

  46. cbwalker83

    I love this!!

  47. William Morrison

    Confidence, talent and good taste in music. Lovely combination. A combination for success. 

  48. jesseka golden

    This is one of my favorite songs my second one is treble heart thank u for the inspiration Anna

  49. Simply Vlogz

    I Love This Song So Much!

  50. DNOG87

    How do you not have a record deal. Your song writing is pretty incredible.

  51. Lilly Ledger

    It's sad looking at her now cuz she older

  52. kristi arwood

    this girl is talented!!!! im so glad  I listened to her, and wowwwwwwww!!!!! im in love with all these songs, such a beautiful talented girl, great lyrics, and amazing voice, and the piano playing so wonderful....thanks for the great music anna, keep shining like a superstar diamond

  53. Steven LaMarco

    Must be so great to know what you were born to do at such a young age. This is amazing.

  54. Michael Anway

    Outstanding! Some of the most beautiful music I have heard. Beautiful voice. Such insightful lyrics,insanely talented young lady.

  55. Ela

    You are amazing every note is spot on. I don't understand why you don't have mor fans!!❤️

  56. 法蘭克


  57. Brett Mcleod

    check out Annas latest single "Already Fallin" available from Annas iTunes

  58. puppyxoxa19

    You are amazing! Keep following your dream of singing, and keep up your awesomeness!!!!

  59. Beatlemarek

    Fantastic voice!
    Nice song!
    Big hugs:)

  60. Sierra Gillispie

    How old is she noe

  61. C. S.Bonheur

    ❤   █▬█ █ ▀█▀    ❤

  62. Geraldo luiz

    Beautiful voice. Congratulations Anna.

  63. Angelina Procházková

    teď jsem viděla starší video a tedy smekám...stále lepší a lepší...mám z hlasu husí kůži...a ty výšky...úžasné...nádherný hlas

  64. Raquel Wagner

    Wow....amazing. Anna is maturing so well! She seems to get better every song she makes! Which seems almost impossible because she’s already so great.

  65. Scott Whitty

    Both you and your parents should be very proud! fan here!

  66. Mr03Redneck

    I love you Anna Graceman!!!!

  67. kyle stafford

    i am still your biggest fan Anna!!!! you just keep getting better and better!!! I LOVE YOU!!! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON... HUBIE.....

  68. holmary27

    wow are an amazing artist and i really like your style

  69. Isabel Liu

    I love your voice and your musics, congratulations ! A hug, Isabel Liu Brazil.

  70. Cassie Knockwood

    I remember when you were singing rolling in the deep on that talent show, I've been a supporter ever since:) you have matured so much vocally and could not be prouder:)

  71. Charlie ReapZ

    You TRULEY are AMAZING!!!! Keep it going Anna(:

  72. Marie Fara

    You should do a tutorial on how to play this on the piano

  73. Johhny Bravo

    check out anna graceman's new song 

  74. sophia p

    youre so amazing! you should make another video of you singing superstar again! thats my favorite of yours!

  75. artbeau

    You continue to amaze me with your writing and singing talent. Keep it up! Can't wait to see you headlining your own tour. I will be in the front row.

  76. Emilee Lockwood

    Omg you are amazing

  77. archie977

    thank you for posting;)

  78. jeneferrios

    all i can say is ....WOW she has such an AMAZING voice! and this song is just incredible

  79. Andrew D

    This song deserves 3 million views !!!!

  80. BeautyByAlissa7

    wow!!!! :)

  81. Yonathan Moryoussef

    This is the best song i've ever heard, you're better than perfect Anna

  82. Burnuzzi

    This is so good!

  83. Emmi Ayers

    Your so beautiful and you have an amazing voice. I am in LOVE with song i always listen to it . Never Give UP !!!!!

  84. Atlantean Marion

    Dear Anna, can You post on my email or on FB chords, when exactly and which sounds You push on the piano? I need it for practicing Your song. After that will post movie to make You more popular. Marion Palichat

  85. J Darlene

    she's really improving

  86. Johhny Bravo

    Check out Anna Graceman 's new single "Treble Heart" on iTunes now, studio & acoustic version, amazing new song

  87. Robert Gold

    Now I like your voice! Your songwriting is magnificent. Want to get well known quickly? Write a song for Miley. You know exactly how to write for her voice. It could be "a finding sweetness" song. That would be a smart song for her to release next. Do what you do, varying the track, however for her there must be some silence and times that are very still except vocally. She likes to show off her voice and she shows it well...

  88. Marl Brown

    She look 20?

    C Johnson

    doesn't look 20 to me... she's 14 right now I believe


    @C Johnson Still 13 :)

  89. David Moffatt

    that is bril,its as deep as adel

  90. HOGCVORider

    Fantastic talent Anna

  91. Mariah Nicole

    You are so talented! I try to come up with my own songs, but they never ever sound this beautiful!

  92. kyliekockelkoren

    You should do a cover with Grayson Chance :D Same sound, one I'd definitely love!

  93. Ali White

    OMG. I have a feeling that when you get older your going to be the next Taylor Swift

  94. Samantha Zheng

    you are soo beautiful!  

  95. Andrew D

    Anna Graceman a name to remember !! She is one of the most talented young ladies one the planet !!! A realy beautiful song performed so well with a fantastic voice !! This number should be all over the world in the chards !! Well done Anna !!

  96. Anna Sandell

    4:02 almost made me cry. All of your songs are amazing and inspiring. Beautiful song.

  97. Mad Patter

    Absolutely GORGEOUS voice! Keep singing :)