Anna Graceman - Never Meant To Me Lyrics

You're on a roll
You'll make that shot
Cause you never miss
And I would lose control
When you held me
When we weren't like this

Now I'm just a number
I'm one of your few
It's like I don't even have a name
And now I have realized
That I'm done with you
And all the worthless games you play

I am alone now
I am free
And I know how
It's easy to be
All alone now
Was too blind to see
But now I know how
Much you never never never meant to me

Na na na na na na na na [x3]
Never meant to me
Na na na na na na na na [x3]

Letting go
Can't hold me back
Not yours to own anymore
Let's start the show
Who I was
That girl she's gone, she ran out the door

To you I'm still a number
Ya one of your few
I'd be surprised if you remembered my name
But now that I've realized
I'm better without you
Oh I'm finally clear to say

That I am alone now
I am free
And I know how
It's easy to be
All alone now
Was too blind to see
But now I know how
Much you never never never meant to me

Na na na na na na na na [x3]
Never meant to me
Na na na na na na na na [x3]

Watching you wander, you beg and plead
But I know now it was never meant to be
Say whatever you want I don't care
You can tell them whatever you dare
Watching you wander, you beg and plead
But I know now it was never meant to be
Say whatever you want I don't care
You can tell them whatever you dare

Cause I'm alone now
I am free
And I know how
It's easy to be
All alone now
Was too blind to see
But now I know how
Much you never never never meant to me

Na na na na na na na na [x3]
You never meant to me
Na na na na na na na na [x3]
Na na na na na na na na [x3]
You never meant to me
Na na na na na na na na [x3]

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Anna Graceman Never Meant To Me Comments
  1. Ricky Shepard

    Such a cute lady on the guitar thanks

  2. Howard Turner

    These kids caught me off guard 3-1/2 yrs ago a true hit

  3. JP Gallardo


  4. LanaDelRadio

    Can't wait for Anna's cover of "Thot Opps"!

  5. Salvador Saucedo

    Wow u guys are amazing I was just introduced to guys by a YouTube reactor and became an instant fan, just when I was already giving up on the American music industry I have found another sibling American band. You guys really rock and already doing your own material and production is even more amazing. I just subscribed and am going to follow everywhere u guys are at and will begin to spread the news to all of my friends and family.

  6. Lisa Milena Music

    New to your channel in 2018!!

  7. Renard Gunter

    Now in summer of 2018, it is amazing how these "kids" have grown and progressed to a proffessional level in a short time, at young ages (Landon hasn't grown a beard yet); Allie is sure to be one of THE great guitarists of her time, and maybe Landon will be as prolific a drummer as John Bonham and Neil Peart were in the 1970s. And Anna? Ya can't speak of her musical talent without counting her one of the great thinkers and poets of this half of the 2000s century. She's almost retro and almost prophetic!

  8. Howard Turner

    This song is so relevant Love u Anna 🎼

  9. Joshua Arterburn

    Hi Anna do you know Brenda Arterburn Im her granddaughter OMG ur so awesome ally IM Chloe

  10. Alina Santos

    Oi minha garota-8 Melhor do que muita gente grande

  11. krabitamofo

    Loved you since i saw you on that talent show...

  12. Marc Reinartz

    Marc Reinartz im find this Sonng full better as Song to 2018 ,better nice and full better of your personality on Girl

  13. Didier Vvs

    I love this song. Thank you!
    Allie would crush it if she played bass. Her guitar part sounds like a fat snappy bass line on the chorus !
    Keep up the good work guys. ❤️

  14. Monsoon

    Not too shabby, I enjoyed the cage the elephant cover :^)

  15. ahmed moh

    Good jo💯💯

  16. Kazer Pegasus Horse

    I'm not sure about my life as well.

  17. Szymon wzn

    Why can not I give more than one like , !! unfair !! AMAZING !!

  18. Elizabeth Cady

    Anna Gracemen you are my idol you are my favorite singer ever.

  19. Magdalena Komosná

    Super ;)

  20. Bri Lar

    I listened almost to the end, thinking it was too fast a tempo then realised I had the speed at 1.25. Great singing, writing and playing.

  21. Christian Rawalski

    Nice! Top!

  22. Marc Reinartz

    Marc Reinartz you are one Super nice Sister and brother Band wat im can you Anna Graceman ,so talently and everyone good Voice

  23. Jerod M

    who is handling the bass line? I know it's added in after the fact, but who produces your music?

  24. Richard Rado

    its like culture in manila if you aint got money you would never be able to buy expensive things that you want to buy, prices are too tough and lines of expensive cars are too long to get reached.
    like america, price of materials are 50 X higher and expensive, too tough. its a heartbreaking truth and dying to reach that is a mandate.
    when we get to the other planet like redix, in the outer space the near future. slaves and wariors will be separated to one onother. hope it would never mean for us

  25. Wayne Janousek

    Spot on Anna,,   Awesome.

  26. Richard Rado

    how did you get that place, if it wasn't all for good, if you believen me

  27. Glenn Hill

    Ummm, wow. Still amazing.

  28. Kayla F

    NEVER give up your talents. you're all amazing and you will go far

  29. Elisabeth Danzel

    it would be cool if she made a piano tutorial of this song

  30. jeff thompson

    shes awesome

  31. Sara Lisotta

    Whoa when did she grow up?😮😁

  32. oneofthemgirls sr

    in love! this is music... we're can I buy your music?

  33. Carolyn

    Wow!!! True talent ✨

  34. Emerson Oliveira

    Me tornei seu fã hoje.

  35. Lopez Reviews

    i have been a subscriber since the day she uploade the So complicated song and god she looks so beautiful she matured a lot since then and her voice has improved massivley

  36. Vivian Alarin

    I wish you could do a piano tutorial. I am in love with this song

  37. David Washburn

    Ive listened to alot of good music u n ur family. I remember watching u on AGT. U should have won. Keep up the great work. are u still with Saltmine studios or a diff record label?

  38. Olivia Short

    she grew up to become so beautiful

  39. Sven3xs

    Hey there..young man in the back..your sisters deserve all the accolades they receive, but just so you know, you're not to be overlooked buddy, you're rockin' that set of beat boxes, so don't think you go unnoticed ;-)
    Great job Landon, great job indeed..Animal Muppet has nothin' on you boy!

  40. Sven3xs

    Are you freakin' kiddin'me?!
    You go kids....Love it!

  41. Thomas Schmidt

    3 very talanted kid's

  42. MorganTaylor

    She sound exactly like aplomb faith 😍😍

  43. 113 DmG

    Wow! All three work together excellently!

  44. blueroses

    Whoa, you have really grown up I watched you sing when I was little and saw your name somewhere so I looked you up. You look so pretty; and still sound wonderful!

  45. Kause

    How old is she now?

    Vivian Alarin

    Cameron Batt She is 17 now

  46. Ben Blanchard

    They just keep getting better and better,superstars!

  47. John Doe

    The only thing that is the same about this girl and the 11-year-old that was in AGT is the voice.  I would never recognize this girl as being that girl.

  48. Serverbear

    nice from germany wondefull girlband

  49. Stacy

    personally I like this one better than your single, the energy is different, it's almost like a different song. what a gift you have

  50. Kevin Keith

    I'm trying to figure out how anyone could give this anything other that a thumbs up. Anna is extraordinary!

  51. Juan Besse

    Voice very expressive talented Anna Che's really a great artiste. Good guitar it's just lakes musicals effect like delays chorus reverbs behind the singer voice I think for this young player guitar it's a question of work and she's able to successfully hit her goal . The double voices are well done. Good drummer keep the rythm and the cadence well inspired in the fills. This young group are on the way to become famous.

  52. Sally Trymi Sandigor

    I can found you a place to sing in Berlin!..

  53. Joseph Rupert

    There are a number of very talented young people on today's stage. There are a few I follow. There are one or three whose music I buy. I own just about everything this young woman has done. She is in a class by herself.

  54. Jackie Drucker

    dang, I came here from ur America's Got Talent Video. You were 11 and now your 16 or 17. woah...

  55. hanbaobao12

    I've been following Anna's music since.. around 2011 and watching her grow as a musician is so incredible and touching. The style of music has evolved a little, but that power and soul is still there. I'm so proud of how far she's come and it's so great seeing Allie and Landon's talent with hers.

  56. Chris Veloza

    You and your brother and sister are really talented. You should audition for AGT again. This time, instead of auditioning as a solo singer and pianist, you should audition with your brother and sister as your band, Graceman. Your band is extremely good.

  57. becky lin

    How old is she now


    She should be 17 this year!


    She turned 17 in August

  58. livi'n laine

    i love you so much you are an inspiration. thank you.

  59. Marvellous

    Duddddeeeee get a better kit

  60. Jadah Hope

    Awh! You're so pretty, and you're so grown up!!! Also, your voice is freaking awesome!!!

  61. Mid Legit

    would you reply to me? , i seen your x factor video and i wish i could sing as good as you :D

    Liya A.

    your name *America's Got Talent

  62. Fred Fegley

    What a Jam! Keep it up

  63. 이즈

    I cant believe that the babies in your have yourself merry little christmas are now grown up and play music with you!!!

  64. daug davao

    Aside from your Grace, who are the two other members of Graceman? About this song, who released it first -- you as solo artist or as band? Thanks.

  65. SmollestBean


  66. William Armstrong

    Anna Graceman what a wonderful voice you are world class

  67. Jackie Hall

    Great job Graceman fam!

  68. Shongy

    so good!!! y aren't yall all over the radio? from agt to now still awesome!!!!

  69. S.I.T.E / Stars2come

    So awesome.. love this song...

  70. fill hanes

    ur lucky with that hair

  71. jorge andre brian garay flores

    simply incredible

  72. Nevaeh Cain

    I want her hair!! it's so pretty!!!

  73. Bruh Moment

    I love Anna Granceman SO MUCH 0-0

  74. Donald Uka

    its My impression or She looks a like 21-21 And Her band like 13-14 ? 😮


    +23 Allies 11 lol turning 12 or already 12, she was 3 in 2008


    She's 16

  75. Enhanced Calisthenics Athletes

    only problem with your music is it makes me cry like a wimp when im down :)

  76. Enhanced Calisthenics Athletes

    good job anna love the songs

  77. ela paredes

    the drummer is cute

  78. sean lavis

    awesome song ;)

  79. -joena with an e-

    Puberty hit her good!

  80. Nicole Madaglia

    I remember watching superstar a long time ago and I just found your YouTube again today and you've grown so much

  81. Becky Dahm

    wow ive watched u since u was with no teeth and now look ur beautiful and ur awesome ill keep watching n listening to u impressive ..

  82. jessica

    Omg they're amazing!😱😱😱🙌🏻

  83. sdp

    Wow, Allie is really getting into the song at 3:23

  84. johnjap2

    Everybody thinks this is Sooo good (which it is). Look up "Anna Graceman sings the National Anthem". OMG!!!!

  85. Mason Pentecost

    hater not start liking this video or your ugliest and the stupiest

  86. Richard Rado

    grace is good, shes the end, i like her and shes our destiny

  87. Anderson santos

    3 maravilhosos jovens, muito muito bonita a musica, continuem assim!

  88. Victor Choi

    talented . i wanna say
    'I am free' too

  89. The Gabbie show's pikachu

    oml. she is amazing. her whole family is amazing. it's so hard to describe how much I love you

  90. Jessi Lola

    The only thing I didn't like is... HOW U GUYS ARE MORE TALENTED THAN ME

  91. Jessi Lola

    WOAH very gifted

  92. dian iskandar

    Damn...Now I know how talentless I am..

    You Guys Are Awesome!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  93. Nicole S

    Everything is so perfect. My voice can't even amount to half of that. xD