Anna Graceman - Living In Denial Lyrics

You act like everything's good and fine
But we both know, he darn well crossed the line
My heart aches for you, cause all the pain that you've gone through
But you don't act fazed at all

Time stops when I think about the past
But even then I knew that it wouldn't last
My heart breaks for you cause what you'd gotten yourself into
But you don't seem fazed at all

Cause you're livin' in denial
Cause you're livin' in denial
Always wear a smile
And all of your troubles they end up in a pile
I know it might take a while, take a while
To realize you're livin' in denial

When I see him anger builds up inside
And I don't know how it's so easy for you to hide
My heart envies you and how easily you push through
Cause you don't look fazed at all

Cause you're livin' in denial
Cause you're livin' in denial
Always wear a smile
And all of your troubles they end up in a pile
I know it might take a while, take a while
To realize you're livin' in denial

If you keep it all locked up
One day it might explode
But ya know I'll be your back up
If you ever head down that road
I'd expect that you'd be shoot up
But none of it has showed

Cause you're livin' in denial
Cause you're livin' in denial
Always wear a smile
And all of your troubles they end up in a pile
I know it might take a while, take a while
To realize you're livin' in denial

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Anna Graceman Living In Denial Comments
  1. krabitamofo

    I wish you all the best ... you are talented.

  2. Ryuji Omote

    Anna Graceman - Living in Denial - Live

  3. Everett Cox

    I think you'd have a great chance of winning The Voice with your songs.

  4. Lydia Lantz

    Amazing! I found this song years ago and was singing it today! Still gets stuck in my head!

  5. Doug G

    I love you

  6. Marc Reinartz

    Marc Reinartz very super Nice for Ear's

  7. Alina Santos

    Parabéns querida sua voz é mesmo um diamante.-8

  8. Sophia Jailbreak

    This song reminds me of Jay-Z, because he's so obviously sexist and such, but people just forget it and live in denial.

  9. Richard Rado

    anyone down here could ever found you

  10. Richard Rado

    your a dreams come true aenna.thought you only be seen in the movie

  11. Marc Reinartz

    Marc Reinartz Hallo Anna ,all your Songs are so nice from your Self ,these so good for ear for met Singing ,hope you rest long time to Good music met your Sister and your brother

  12. Richard Rado

    omg, my dream netherland 😍

  13. james whyte

    ╭┈┈┈┈╯   ╰┈┈┈╮

     ╰┳┳╯    ╰┳┳╯
    💧        💧

  14. Maya

    This song should be on Spotify

  15. jusky Bierbach

    Fantastic it's so good I love your songs . Relay good ☺

  16. Brahms Rodrigues

    O tempo passa rápido desde a primeira vez que lhe vi e ouvi cantando, If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys! 11 anos de idade e uma voz espetacular dividida com uma beleza angelical e uma simpatia incalculável.
    E quanto mais o tempo passa mais impressionante você fica em todos os aspectos, você é maravilhosa!
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho e principalmente pela sua simpatia!

  17. TidianxOfficial

    check out the remix: Anna Graceman -"Living In Denial (Tidianx Remix)"

  18. xx mode


  19. xx mode

    so sweet

  20. Lodo comello love

    love you so much 😍 you are so pretty and amazing 😙 i hope that i meet you one day to tell you how much i love you💜💚 i love your song's 💜 you are my idol 💛 💚 💙 you make me happy i can't say how much i love you 😍i will always Support you 💛
    love you so much 💜

  21. Krystian Grzesik

    I am spellbound...

  22. Anne Howe

    Sounds a bit like amy winehouse another great talent gone to soon

  23. Anne Howe

    A huge talent

  24. Bogdan Spychalski

    Anielska uroda i głos anioła...dziękuję.....

  25. sby


  26. Eryn Lookout

    Her vibrato is heavenly.

  27. nelly ford-attia

    Is it just me or does she look like Scarlett Johansson a tiny bit ?? ♥ I always liked Anna Graceman since she was younger and I find it amazing that at such a young age, she can have such an amazing, powerful voice which I think that will inspire young people to follow their dreams as she has done x



  28. jslow913

    The amount of talent this girl possesses is amazing

  29. James Noonan

    This song reminds me of people at parties. You think they should be shook up, but they're just smiling or whatever, so badly wanting to look "high class" or something

  30. Kaitlyn Meloche

    Ur amazing!!! WOWWWW

  31. Yaroslav Chernousov

    Thank You,Anna!
    You are absolutely GREAT!

  32. Fred Sanderson

    fun to see Anna @ 8 years old, then so improved at 11, now this...stunning

  33. delars15

    amazing voice beautiful girl

  34. ReZz

    I ❤️ You and Your Music

  35. Seba

    +Anna Graceman You´re great! Never stop doing music!

  36. Skye Dickson

    To me all of her songs sound better acoustic

  37. Joseph Rupert

    Just sat and listened to this right after "That's Who I Am" . You have grown. You have changed. Yet you are still so much the same. And it is all good. You are an amazing young person.

  38. SingLikeAQueen

    You have such a powerful voice! Be proud:)

  39. Андрэ Великанов

    I like this song very much, thanks, dear Anna!

  40. GekeGTube

    Dear Anna, I really enjoy your songs and videos. Unfortunately, nothing newer than this one can be played in Germany. Can’t that be fixed, somehow?


    @GekeGTube Wait, I just found at least Miles Away and IDK on SoundCloud, thank you very much! You keep amazing me... I wish you’ll be able to stick to your song That’s Who I Am, then you’ll be doing great in music and in life :)

  41. Sophia Faust

    This is my favorite song you ever wrote how to you come up with this. The song makes me cry. Never stop writing and singing

  42. Emilio Borin

    Good work Anna, impressive me!

  43. Robert Wilkinson

    Anybody else thinks she resembles Scarlett Johansson in this performance? Great Voice!

  44. John Browne

    Anna, really great, I'm looking forward to more. For three instruments you've got a very solid sound. You are a fine inspiration to Landon and Allie they show no fear, but they have a super mentor in you.

  45. masterengler

    There's at least 18 people living in denial.

  46. Abby Ward

    Can you show a piano tutorial?

  47. Brett Mcleod

    Loving both versions of Anna Graceman's latest single "Poison" now available on #Amazon   extended … Radio …
    also available on #iTunes extended version
    Radio version

  48. Mel Marie

    you are such an inspiration! I hope I can meet you one day 😭😊 I've loved your music for so long and I'm honestly so glad that you just keep going. your lyrics are deep and I can always hear the emotion in your voice 👌🏼plus your piano skills are AMAZING. I really want to be that good one day. you've made it so far since agt and I hope you continue to grow 😄

  49. Nutqueen

    Its so amazing, i Love u! Go Girl!

  50. Thomas Solli

    @Anna Graceman you are amazing! @ 2.47 in this song is undescribable!

  51. EthanBewild

    Next Diana Kroll ?

  52. Greg Smith

    Once again you killed it Anna. Maybe we see you on tour soon. Hope you go on tour.

  53. Morgan Summers

    This is an amazing song

  54. heine berntsen

    Amazing as always :)

  55. Jerry Glover

    It would be great to see you on Ellen again all grown up this time with your new songs. Also, it would be cool to see you on American Idol, X Factor, or The Voice. Keep up the good work. Your music is great. You are a superstar!

  56. Christina Henderson

    Are you going to make more songs soon please respond

  57. Friendly Chick

    If you have a young man by the name of Connor going on tour with you, be careful of his dishonesty. He just super duped a friend of mine and myself. 
    You have a lovely voice and I AM glad he sent me to your youtube channel. I wish you the est in your career.

    Jordan Sailas

    How did he dupe you?

  58. Henrique H.

    Really think that you should post more often! You are amazing!

  59. Music and Movie Fan

    You've grown as beautiful as your voice ... you've been blessed girl...  go and make your dreams come true :)

  60. André Cemba

    Please, we need more amazing videos!

  61. Sergey Galochkin

    Anya you charming and beautifully sung

  62. alazaruz

    Anna, this is GREAT piece of music. I love the song and I know music. Your writing is strong. And of course (I'm more than sure you already know this) but your vocal placement is excellent. Keep up the great work! =) I'm looking forward to listening to more things from you in the future. Can you believe this is the first time/video I've ever seen/heard of you? I like it. ~CHRIS*STARR Approved!

  63. Sara Rose

    I miss you :(

  64. Ushklav Dragonen

    Anna, you always brighten my day when I'm feeling low. Thank you sooooo much for doing what you do. Just know you have impacted at least one person in a positive way and have changed them forever. One soul saved.

  65. Nova ejej

    Anna I had to ask through here and hopefully you respond. I found I don't even know what it is really confusing but I was wondering if you were ever coming to Minnesota. And if you do and have a choice is you could come sometime in April (any year most likely because travel and stuff is a big thing) because that's when my birthday is and I absolutely adore you and I know I'm just one person out of hundreds..I've looked up to for awhile now and..I don't know. touches me deeply and helps me leave reality which .is helpful for my depression (I know that stupid but....It's true) it cope with that and other things in my life and I just feel this..I don't even know how to explain it towards you. I'm turning 16 this April and to even have you say that in a few years you would come perform in Minnesota.. OMG I'm freaking out just thinking About it. You once commented actually on an instagram picture of me and I like cried all day because you said I was beautiful. Lol I sound pathetic. Ugh..sorry in waisting your time. But that would make me so happy to see you perform live. Ahhhhh so if you read this...hi from the girl in Minnesota ^-^ buh Bye keep being inspiring 😍😍

    Nova ejej

    OMG so pathetic ooppsss

  66. Leotique

    i'm in love with her voice

  67. OntheMún B

    toujours WAOUH sa voix !!!!!!!!!!!!! :')

  68. Elabandeira

    Wow Anna, ever Perfect.  Please guys, go check my chanel and my very first video, Im singer and Im new on Youtube, I hope to have your suport guys.

    Ela Bandeira

  69. José Mota

    Obrrigado Anna Graceman pela tua música e que Deus te dê tudo o que mereces...É assim com a tua música que me ajudam a ultrapassar vàrias doenças como O Câncer, do coração, o reumatismo e etc....Bem hajas....ZezinhoMota

  70. Silver Mist

    how old are you? btw in treble heart u look like 25 years old

    Saniya W

    Shes 15 I think


    14 in this vid

  71. James Boscarino

    just pure magic 

  72. Rebekah Menietti

    you're a talented, BEAUTIFUL, amazing, sweet, kind girl. never give up on your dreams. you will one day be known all around the world by everyone. I'm just praying that you remember when it happens. love you so much. literally my time goes out to listening to your music, watching your videos, stalking your account... and if you ever stopped making music; my life would become a wreck!! honestly. I don't even know what I would do.
    I hope to meet you someday soon. please come to chicago sometime, maybe this year!! would love to visit the bean/ Willis(Sears) tower with you! "IDK", maybe I'm just dreaming. but anyway. sharing my love to you! Hope you see this :)

  73. Pranav Shekar

    The amount of talent you have for your age and any age for that matter is immeasurable. 

  74. Christina Henderson

    You are my favorite please make more songs and music videos and when is your birthday its okay if you can't say

  75. Joe Fielding

    Anna, God gave You a Beautiful gift in Your talents and I am a fan and I want to say Your music helps me out in life. it h me up when I need a lift and it brings me to the ground when I need that touch of sadness. You are a Star and I can not wait to enjoy years and years of Your Music. God Bless You and Your Family! This song is Amazing!

  76. Fairy C Rat

    It would be cool if I could write a genericcore song with you.

  77. Michael Human

    heaven just opened up and let us hear this music from a true storyteller thank you anna

  78. Maram BEN HAMOUDA

    YOU ARE AMAZING ANNA !!! you sing so well ! you are incredible ! love u ! 

  79. ZevenLV

    Another excellent performance..  +1 you sound great :)

  80. Randquez

    Anna, you are my hero. . .

  81. BeautifulFin

    Been watching your performances since AGT. You are absolutely adorable and your voice is honey to my ears. Keep on going Anna! Greetings from Finland!

  82. Brett Mcleod

    New release latest single by Anna Graceman "I D K "now available on iTunes & Amazon

  83. strawbs

    There is no denying that you are pretty awesome, Anna. Still !

  84. Grace Mattison

    Great job! I'm kinda upset how people grow so fast and change! I love ur voice it's just that you sound more mature. But I mean that in a good way. 😊😀

  85. Valery Moyseenko

    Extraordinary voice technique and look. Songs and performance are beautiful, but slightly depressive imo, not for your age. Looks like you've come through everything, the end of the show. Where's happy perspective, young enthusiasm, fun and fairy tale, that public is awaiting from your amazing person? You should try to change you approach to songwriting, maybe trust it to somebody who can see you from other side? 

  86. Lizabeth Monegro

    Anna can you do a Christmas song thank you love,Elizabeth

  87. Steve Henriquez

    you're awesome anna, your music is beautiful it shows you do at heart never change, greetings from Spain

  88. Nathan Parmar

    She's like a new Adele but better

  89. Mark Lozano

    wonder how long it'll take for her to find her own voice

  90. SandMcK Chambers

    Shes ganna kik the monsters ask

  91. SandMcK Chambers

    Ohh shes big now

  92. Aura Winter Rain

    You have a gorgeous voice

  93. lhaeger17

    This is honestly my favorite song right now and this is the best version of it!!! I love it so much! So beautiful!

  94. TrulyStupidNewb

    If this is your composition, then I have a challenge for you.

    I've seen a few of your videos. Please forgive me for not watching them all, I will get to it eventually.

    What I see is that all your songs rely on the 4 chord loop. This particular one uses possibly the most popular loop: VI-IV-I-V. There is nothing wrong with 4-chord loops. In fact, they are a great way to quickly convey familiarity, comfort and acceptance in the listen, and allows the listener to "get into" the music faster. From what I see, you have mastered the art of the loop, and creating a melody over it.

    What I'm suggesting that you TRY to do is very risky, and most popular music won't even dare do it. My challenge is to learn to use chords that move and change in response to the shifting intention of the music. This means two things.

    1.  Don't change chords exactly every 2 seconds. Hold tense chords to build suspense. Hold relaxing chords to build repose. Increase harmonic rhythm for instability and urgency.

    2.  Vary your chords progressions not "for the heck of it", but meaningfully. You will get the hang of it eventually with practice. If you're not sure what I mean, just crack open a music theory book. For example, find out the effect of unresolved dissonances (or even delayed resolution), and how to use them effectively to enhance the meanings on certain words. 

    If you manage to accomplish these two things, you've broken out of the comfort zone, and stepped into an area where most songwriters won't go. Of course, your music will sound less predictable, because it will become organic, but from my experience, it really allows you more control over what you want to express in music.

    Keep up the good work.

    Rodney lee

    There may be small things,but who are you& can you or could you sing &play like [email protected],9,[email protected] now I can't get enough Graceman music I've bought&downloaded every scrap of material out there so she does something right to say the least.

  95. Josh Brooks

    Good work. Nice stage.

  96. Victor Fernandez

    This girl does have talent omg

  97. J M

    you have extreme talent..beautiful voice, I like this song .so far my favorite.

  98. Nicolas Seebeck

    beautifulest voice i've ever heard in live, go on with singing like this, its godlike 

  99. TheColoursOfArt

    beautiful xx