Anna Graceman - Keep On Moving On Lyrics

I try to stay calm through the chaos
But it likes messin' with me
I wanna stay strong when it's all wrong
I try to stay on my feet

I'm feelin' vulnerable
Walkin' through hell
And I ain't got no control
But I tell myself

I gotta keep movin' forward
I don't know what's round the corner
I don't know what's on the other side
I keep on
Inch by inch, step by step
I might fall but no regret
I won't turn back
Just 'cause the road is long
I keep on moving on

And I know sometimes moments fly by
But they pull me from the dark
The good that I find, it keeps me tryin'
When everything's fallin' apart

I'm feelin' vulnerable
Walkin' through hell
And I ain't got no control
But I tell myself

I gotta keep movin' forward
I don't know what's round the corner
I don't know what's on the other side
I keep on
Inch by inch, step by step
I might fall but no regret
I won't turn back
Just 'cause the road is long
I keep on moving on, on
I keep on moving on, on

I gotta keep movin' forward
I don't know what's round the corner
I don't know what's on the other side
But I keep on
Inch by inch, step by step
I might fall but no regret
I won't turn back
Just 'cause the road is long
I keep on moving on, on
I keep on moving on, on
I keep on moving on, on
I keep on moving on, on
I keep on moving on

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Anna Graceman Keep On Moving On Comments
  1. Camilly Vitória


  2. Ricky Shepard

    Newfound love lol beautiful thanks looking forward to hearing more

  3. dyze ngirmeriil

    Big fann😍😍😍

  4. Camilly Vitória


  5. Alfie's Channel

    Why she reminds me Christina Grimmie by her hairstyle and talent?

  6. Doug G

    Cheer up, Anna. All of us have to just keep on keeping on. You are doing great

  7. Chris Craft

    thumbs up - greetings ;)

  8. Raul Maldonado

    She is awasome

  9. michael russell

    nice job anna

  10. William Gardner

    Hope they add it to a Cow Boy Movie

  11. Dennis Sisson

    I knew from the first day I heard you sing on agt that you had a great career a head of you . keep up the good work. your awesome!!!! Much Love

  12. Elvan Dylis

    Anna, WOW!! You've made a Powerful song here!! So true and heartfelt and deeply moving!! I think many people can identify with your lyrics and your wonderful expressive voice that conveys them so grippingly!!! Thank you!! 🎶🎤💜

  13. tony crawford

    Another Beautiful Song & Singing Anna
    There Always Beautiful with Talents Poppet x x

  14. MrTherockobama

    is this an original song, this is phenomenal I remember you from americas got talent

  15. Billy Caldwell

    I like you and the piano and your band also.

  16. Peter Karlsson

    Can’t tell you how much your music have helped me during the years...thank you Anna!!

  17. Rodney lee

    Nice job ,but I really miss Graceman band

  18. Jon High

    Hello. You are so talented, if you wanted you could sell yourself to fame. You could sing songs you dont really like, you could dress lightly and impress with your body too. You could be famouse and rich, but if it's not who you are, you are great, stay true to yourself, great soul. 😊

  19. ArtworxLegacy

    You got a new subscriber! I found this video in a Christina Grimmie Team Grimmie Facebook Group shared post, and you are just as amazing as she was. Is. Thank you for inspiring so many people. 🥰💙

  20. 바닷마을 다이어리


  21. James Bouschor

    Now that you are reaching out and touching more and more of the public with your music and trying to break that glass ceiling. You just have to keep swing that hammer and it will break.

  22. Jessie Goss

    Anna I still remember the first time I watched you on America's got talent. Loved you then love you now. Stay positive for the sake of all who listen as well as for yourself. Positive is found in Gods Holy word. Read it, study it and apply it to your life and get true life in return. God bless. :)

  23. La Wo

    Love it Anna!

  24. Ge heim


  25. Hasnie Schneizer

    Believe it or not, I've been following your masterpiece up since I was 10, and now I'm 20... And it hasn't been any disappointment with any of your creation 😊💓 KEEP SHINING GURL!!!

  26. michael john clark

    Your very beautiful, Michael xxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxox

  27. Mr. R&B Hopkins

    Beautiful song. Radio ready.

  28. TheOrionStargazer

    Glad to see she never sold out to the satanists in the music industry.

  29. Richard Rado

    Perfect song..

  30. Anderson santos

    Anna Graceman Keep On Moving On! you are one of the greatest singers in the world! I love your songs deeply touch the soul! ♫♥♫

  31. SandyBlJ

    Very beautiful, great song. Anna keeps getting better, always a more mature and accomplished artist. At the same time, besides a number of hard core fans (which includes me), the interest in her music is, unfortunately, dwindling in recent years (while, of course, the manufacturers of moronic pop and dance music keep thriving, as they always did).
    It's not this song only; Anna issued, last year and this year, several great songs , with very well done videos, on YouTube, but the well-deserved large scale success is not coming - not yet.
    Honestly, watching this video, and listening to this splendid, sad song - in this context - was painful for me.
    Also honestly, I think, Anna, you are one of the few top singer-songwriters today.

  32. RON Zukowski

    Absolutely marvelous!

  33. SMH Translate

    It really reminds me of christina grimmie💚

  34. Patrick Horgan

    Gad, I love that she's in the world

  35. Emily Hiegl

    I love song sooooo much!!! My fav music video. I love videos of just you and your piano!

  36. Coolshows101

    I am crying right now! :'(

  37. Edgar Alan Miür

    Love of my life 🇲🇽♥️i am Edgar Alan Libertad 🎙️

  38. SimplyErnst


  39. bebe tenebro

    christina grimmie??!!

  40. Jazzmyn Casteel

    You have come a long long freaking way girl, so proud to be a star of a young beautiful woman who is pursuing her dreams!

  41. Libra95932

    Would be great if you would put your supporters names on the screen at the end of the video.

  42. David Wesner

    I think I really needed to hear this song. I was losing my way, it's like God was speaking to me through your song. Thank you so much. I love your music, always have!!

  43. Robert Morse

    Anna, this song could be a major hit! Some brass and strings at the bridge might really push it over the top... or not.

  44. Alejandra Salvador

    I love it

  45. Alejandra Salvador

    Thank youuuuu

  46. Patrick DeWitt

    That was a great song Anna! You're maturing so much in your music and singing!

  47. Bruce Cunningham

    YES!! this is what im talkin about! Love it! much love from Oregon.

  48. Seidy

    Here before this blows up! This is so beautiful!!!

  49. Henry Japinha

    Acho que sou o único brasileiro, ainda a ouvir suas músicas, é demais !!!

  50. Elias Sebastian Cuba

    💕💕🙈💕💕⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱It is amazing and beautiful not to love your voice, as I love you❤.🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀LOVE [email protected]😘😘😘😘😘

  51. TidianxOfficial

    Great as always. Thinking to make a third Anna Graceman bootleg 😆🌴😆

  52. Sarah Asher

    This is incredible

  53. Keep It Real

    Would really like to know where your brother and sister are.......

  54. David Livneh

    Amazing talent. Cheers Anna. You are on your way to stardom. Love from Israel.

  55. dino dino


  56. ALAN

    Why aren't you more famous i don't understand it 😢 you've been my favorite singer of all time since Americans got talent

    Jon High

    Because she doesnt get naked and doesmt sing what the mainstream wants


    @Jon High it's sad how our world has become where talent os not needed to succeed 😢

    Tlani Khawlhring

    @Jon High yup and she refused to sign for labels that will make her do those things. She chose to express herself through her music and be genuine which is why i love her so much

  57. Seven Yumul

    Hi Anna , I really like your voice. Hope , you'll notice me

  58. Richard Geyer


  59. Ayani Brooke

    What a nice video! Thank you for this song! <3 Gives me willpower to start this whole uni-thing even if I'm so afraid. Keep on this good work, Anna!

  60. jb jb

    je veux de la chanson pop mieux

  61. spongefreddie

    Your style has become very easy to recognize.

  62. scott FOSS

    Its amazing watching you blossom into this beautiful person from when we first saw you on TV. Congrats!

  63. Rebecca Freeman

    This video, those vocals, the lyrics and the production on this track are absolutely phenomenal. I’ve looked up to Anna since I was around eleven, and honestly she’s been my biggest inspiration to write songs myself. It’s been such a wonderful experience watching her grow as I have. Her lyrics are always so thought out and beautiful, and there’s just so many different things to appreciate in every single song and video she creates. I’m so proud of her and can’t wait to see what she has to come <3

  64. Eric De Boeck

    Amazing voice and I love this song. You are amazing,greetings from Belgium :-)

  65. Yahia Nassani


  66. Roman Lightman


  67. Roman Lightman

    KYLIE❤ RAE🤔🌹😔🌹😕.....

  68. Michal Foltán

    Big talent! :) Greetings from the Czech republic! :)

    Patrick DeWitt

    Speaking of the Czech Republic, heard anything about Gabriela Guncikova?

  69. Roman Lightman


  70. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Hermoso!!! Excelente! :)
    Me encanta esto :)) Muchas gracias Annita <3 <3 <3 ;))

  71. Russell Peterson

    Anna! This is FANTASTIC~! Thank you for sharing. You inspire me ❤️

  72. Michael Anway

    Beautiful song,thank you.

  73. musikmakerman

    M I N D B L O W I N G 😲😲 So inspiring #Respect Bless you Anna such an uplifting song your so incredibly gifted and so beautull 😍😚💞💓💋😉

  74. Jean Gauthi

    Merci Anna ! c'est excellent !

  75. wilder osnar barrantes saenz

    Eres muy linda

  76. Charlie Medeiros

    Hellooo dear anna graceman!!!!👍👍👍😁😁🎤🎤🎧🎧.. I love this!! Wow!!! ...🎹🎹🎹🎵🎵🎵🎧🎧🎧🎤🎤🎤💿💿💿💿.. Im sorry im not so active on here lately but!!--- ill never forget the 1st time i heard your voice on ..agt!!.. I got chilz up my back & goosebumps. & my eyes watered when you did that song.. / if i aint got you!!👍👍🎤🎤🙌🙌 that fire in your soul!! The tiger in your voice!! I cant forget that ..ever!! Im happy that your still singing with your heart n soul!!.. May god bless you & graceman band always!!🙌🙌👍👍🎹🎵🎧🎤💿😌❤💐🌸🌺👍😌

  77. Shelby Nash

    I love your music I have all of your music on my phone

  78. divit dean

    So beautiful, Anna, loved it, glad to see you posting again.

  79. Michael Hall

    PS I forgot to add that I feel the same as one of your other commenter's you really deserve more of a fanbase. But you will always have your other faithful fans!

  80. Michael Hall

    I've been your fan since the album that has Crazy World, along with other great songs (sorry don't know what that album is called) You've just gotten better, and better, I also like the work you've done with your sister and brother. It shows what a wide range of musical styles you have, and have tried over the years. I just love you!

  81. Magic T. Yang


  82. TrickStær

    Love annas music. Explore my music <3

  83. Gil Hotomi

    So perfect song! 🎶❤

  84. texasroper

    Wow, Anna, that was so great, love the song, the mix was fantastic, I really think that is when you are at your best, just you and the piano...thanks for sharing, best in life to you...Kent, Texasroper

  85. Joseph Rupert

    So much talent. Verging on genius. Grown so beautiful.
    Yet so few views and thumbs up. People are crazy.
    I’m gonna check back in a week and see if this hits a million. If not, I’m gonna tell you why.

    Lula Mae

    It's been a lot more than a week and unfortunately it's nowhere near a million... and you still haven't told us why)))

  86. Love how you’ve been blossoming over the years
    Hope you still get farther in music ❤️🙏

  87. Mr.Gyarados2019

    Been a while since I saw one of your videos still good though

  88. SocietyofEnoch

    I may have a new favorite.

  89. huyked

    Anna!!! I love it. I love the sad, more moody songs a lot of times. I think it's sensitive, vulnerable, and relatable. This is also encouraging in message, which is great for the heart, will, and strength that is sometimes needed. I'm glad you get that encouragement, too, and have the inner knowledge and fortitude to keep on moving on.