Anna Graceman - High Places Lyrics

I've always had a connection
With those twinkling lights
And to the first one that I see
I'll wish with all my might
I've wished the same wish
And it hasn't come true
But I look out of my window
And I have a great view
Of my friends, in high places
They've all got names but no faces
And they can't tell me I've gone too far
If they did look who's talkin' cause they're all stars...

In high places
When the thunder starts growling
And the wind starts to scream
And the clouds they start coming
The sky is crying it seems
I see nothing but gray
I hope it wont last
So I ask the world loudly
"Please let this storm pass!"

My friends, in high places
They've all got names but no faces
And they can't tell me I've gone too far
If they did look who's talkin' cause they're all stars...
In high places

There'll come a time when I'll meet you again
And we'll be closer than we've ever been
Hearts might break and tears may fall
But I'll answer to your comforting call
Oh my friends, in high places
They've all got names but no faces
And they can't tell me I've gone too far
If they did look who's talkin' cause they're all stars...
In high, high, high places

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Anna Graceman High Places Comments
  1. Metelly

    Anna, your lyrics are truly poetic and brilliant. That you can add music and perform them with such beauty is genius. Thany you for the joy just add to the world.

  2. Turtlefoot69

    I know those friends <3

  3. Hagen Besterda

    Deine Musik find ich klasse. Leider ist Deine Vermarktund doof. Kann hier in Deutschland nur einzelne Titel und kein ganzes Ajbum runterziehen. Das ist mir leider zu teuer. Wääre schön wenn Du mal das Album insgesamt anbiten würdest. Ansonsten bin ich ein großer Fan von Dir!!!

  4. spongefreddie

    Well done, well done, well done. There it is.

  5. Alina Santos

    Linda voz baby :)-8

  6. Kevin T

    Anna, you need to take your originals and go back to AGT and win the million.  There is no doubt you would win in my opinion.  I'll vote for you from my house, my sons, my daughters, and all my friends houses.  I once suggested to go to England and go on X Factor or BGT, I don't remember which, but just go back to AGT.  It's in the bag.  I've been watching your videos since your last AGT appearance and you most certainly have improved, and you were fantastic at 11 years old.

  7. Nadia Dewi

    suka banget parah

  8. Daniella Landau

    Anna I watched your audition to americas got talent from years ago and was blown away your voice I said gorgeous keep it up😊

  9. Khairatun Nisa

    i find comfort in this song when im feeling blue.

  10. Dre Rob Gaming

    I love you sooo much, your just so beautiful, keep up the great work

  11. Bert Jones

    I like how you've taken control of your life and your talent. I saw another outstanding AGT contestant this year who could look to you as a sterling role model to follow. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Felicity Angelique

    Great job Anna.

  13. Essência X

    WOW vou dormi vários dias ao som dessa musica!!!

  14. Tucker9

    I love this song!!!
    You're such a great singer and you
    sing with so much soul its amazing
    by far my Favorite AK artist
    Keep On Shining :)

  15. Rachel Oliveira

    she changed a lot!

  16. Júlia Igual Díaz

    Your voice is just awesome

  17. Lily Belen

    You inspire me so much Anna.

  18. Jessica Ferstler

    I am so jealous of ur voice love ur music

  19. BEEhindert

    You are so amazing *_*
    haha i think you should come too Germany :D

  20. rené schatté

    Beautiful :)

  21. Kay Noble


  22. dog inside of a bubble

    I'd give anything to be the man that marries a woman such as you. :* ;)

  23. Manuel Segura

    Hi I have been following your progress since you were in AGT you get better and better. Congratulation for all your achievments ! no doubt you will be a huge star !

  24. Billybobbob

    Beautifully sung.. Very amazing singer.
    Song to illuminati?

  25. Steven Nance

    Beautiful voice singer! I love it!! Great song!! ✌💓👍😁

  26. cristopher matheus

    estou apaixonado haha

  27. José Junior

    beautiful voice

  28. Khairatun Nisa

    so effortless!! you are so talented !! im really inspired by you. i hope for your best in your studies and your future career in singing . fighting !! jia you !! Go Anna !! Ganbatte !!

  29. Shemaiah Mcdowell

    Anna...i really enjoy listening 2 your music and visiting your channel...u have an amazing voice...keep it up :D

  30. Mai Lin Barrier

    Love IT!!!! 

  31. younggungaming 16

    Those 18 people who disliked are jealous

  32. Nina Viz

    I just saw this u are going to be really famous one day. Your style of voice is very popular this year. I can imagine hearing this song on the radio and singing it with my friends. I just want to tell you if u ever read this I watch a lot of music related videos, but I never have commented on them. Your voice is really amazing and I'm going to tell my friends all about your songs.

    Does anyone know if I could buy this on iTunes?

    Maaan T

    @Nina Viz Yes you can! Just look for Anna Graceman :)

  33. Melodie Wu

    I love your song but frankly to say lack of emotion.

  34. Arifaldi Kandiyas

    look! how beautiful she is now

  35. armando jose Osamy

    Hopefully it stays so original and is beautiful to see such a young girl who does not do crazy things nesecita Madonna or Lady Gaga for people to see it and even more to admire thousand blessings and success ..

  36. Brett Mcclister

    Will you ever come to Tennessee

  37. xMissKiannax

    She writes her own songs, yes.

  38. Brenda Garcia

    You're amazing Anna !!!

  39. Bantho77

    Hey Anna!! TE AMO! <3
    I Love You..!

  40. Mr. Red

    Oh my!!! How time flies, its just like yesterday anna was just 11 yrs.old and now look at how beautiful she became...i luv yu anna!!!

  41. Eve Mcqui

    you're so talented

  42. Isaiah The Friend

    "if i aint got you"
    Cuando Cantaste Esa Canción Fue Genial 

  43. Typical_Nerd 911

    most amazing song and girl.

  44. Ken za

    Tre belle chanson

  45. saul denny

    hey anna i'am fans you from you anna :*

  46. Ronald Fry

    I appreciate the free flow of  your delivery Anna and the lyrics are good. I wish I would have been in the studio with you as I think this could be refined a bit. At 14 you are way ahead of most any young singer composer and I like your basic sound but as you know in todays ultra-competitive environment, only perfection will do. Keep at it Anna, you have a great future.

  47. PresenceMoment

    Thank You Anna ! 

  48. vivica villa

    shes 15 everyone. yes ik it says 14 in the description but if u actually read it it says 14 in the video. u could even look it up on google and it says she is 15 years old. her birthday is on august 1,1999. do the math

  49. Mikey G

    simply awesome!!!!

  50. lindseyxiong

    you should audition for the voice next year?! 

  51. Mike Smith

    I loved this Anna and your very talented and you have a great future in recording. Loved it x

  52. Juke Turbo

    her vocals are amazing .Just as amazing is her song writing ability . A true artist

  53. Rolland Brown

    Watch out Carrie Underwood! I cant think of anyone who has the range Anna does at this early age. In addition, her natural funk and splendid vibrato is remarkably mature and resonates in a category heading for stardom.

  54. dogroferifno

    Keep it up Anna, We need Singers like you to keep good Music alive. Thanks

  55. superSGE

    deserves definitely way much more views 

  56. Kiana Stephan

    Your so beautiful

  57. Emily Hiegl

    Beautiful song, and beautiful dress!

  58. DougMMMMusic

    Wow, Anna, I think you got a good one here. This song follows me around. I find myself humming the melody several times a day. You are confirming what I knew all along. You are not just a child star that fades away, but a music icon who just gets better. I see grammys down the road. And it will not seem like it took so long then as it does now.
    Doug M.

  59. Keith Holcomb

    So amazing how she always makes it look so easy

  60. qpYoungoneqp

    Yooooo is this the same "I need a job" girl? Time flies!

  61. Emilio Borin

    are your lyrics? write them?

  62. Hayley Rathwell

    you're fucking unreal

  63. Robin Lynn

    Wow :) This is Deborah. I am a fan of yours and have been since you were very young. I hope to continue buying all your songs. You are amazing :)

  64. OurBossFan

    Normally I don't try to promo artists that are not Swiftie related, but I just can't shake this. She's just so damned good !!
    We are looking at a career that is about to take off like a rocket. And I'll be watching.

  65. Keiana Lewis

    I LOVE this!!

  66. Jamie Reese

    Thank you! So great!

  67. DoubleDubstep

    Man she has changed so much! She was so little on america's got talent! She is so talented!

  68. MrMuqdam

    This song touch the emotions
    Nice song good work

  69. Radu Brezeanu

    Tender, pure, full of emotion... simply beautiful :) Well done Anna!

  70. Anastasia

    You're going to become famous soon

  71. Sabrina Yu

    Can u make a karaoke version

  72. Jacek Dusinski

    Another good production by Anna (and I'm not surprised)

  73. CptMatah

    Love that one Anna. :) wish I could see you in concert. <3

  74. SneakyBoo

    Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful <3 
    I've been following you for years now, you are amazing! :) 

  75. Nicholas Aanestad

    This is just, wow. I cannot stop listening to her music. Wonderful Anna, keep up the great work. You have a very bright future ahead of you.

  76. Anna MusicOfficial

    Anna I will cry if you ever will start posting covers on your YT channel...honestly... I love to visit your channel, because I can hear something new, just from you... Plus you are produce it now, so I love it even more ;) I hope you will have more subs soon, and become one of the most popular artist ;) keep it up Anna ;)

  77. Gelllaayy Uaena

    OMG! Can't stop listening to this song. Look i have another favorite song! :))) 
    What a powerful voice Anna keep it up! :*

  78. Fûta-kun Hitsayo

    ... Do xfactor PLEASE

  79. Stefan eldståhl

    You have a good voice Anna Graceman

  80. OurBossFan

    Pretty good.

  81. Ranses Hernandez

    Wooowww  bonita voz :)

  82. Chad

    Gorgeous and a wonderful singer.

  83. gene leforge

    Really beautiful singing miss Graceman!! 

  84. Azile Burato

    Belated happy birthday anna.
    Your 15. Wish u all the best.

  85. sudjad7


  86. Thedallascowboysfan2

    Awesome video. I saw you on Americas Got Talent. Keep up the good work.

  87. Kristina D'Antonio

    OMG You sound so good Anna! I love you!

  88. angelica tighe

    beautiful voice. stay beautiful!!!

  89. TheLazyReject

    remember watching you on america's got talent!

  90. Leah Smo

    Anna, you are so amazing! I loved you since your first audition! You've got such soul!! Amazing job!

  91. Emily Therese

    I hope there will be a lyrics video up because I really want to learn this song! It's amazing!!!

  92. ruben marq

    wow, I really like this song! anna you make me smile when I hear your  music. thanks

  93. olivia mansnfield

    love ya Anna

  94. MontiR Aruba

    Great video and song, Anna. 

  95. Tessa lauren

    OMG SHE LOOKS SO OLD  remember when she was first on xfactor i think and i knew then and their she would be a star and i love all of her songs

  96. n2tigers99

    Have been waiting for new music from you @Anna Graceman .
    I was reading through all the comments and finally saw one similar to what I had been thinking ..... And thinking about posting. @Rex Dexter left the comment .... Mentioning you & Beth Hart in the same sentence. If you haven't had a chance to hear her awesome, unpretentious, soulful and down to earth musical talents, now would be the time. Stay true to yourself and your music .... It IS your music, and it's awesome!

    RAndrew Ohge

    Here's another great mind that has seen the jewel that you are, Anna. I wonder if Piers Morgan ever regrets letting you slip away from AGT? He should. You keep proving them wrong for telling you "your keyboard is just a crutch". You and your keyboard have, and will continue to make history, one hard-fought song and gig at a time.


    @Rex Dexter Wow !! Some crutch!

  97. Oleksij Matviichuk

    Если повезет с Грин Картой.. По приезду в Америку подарю Вам клип, так как с момента шоу талантов интересуюсь Вашим творчеством!!  Вы супер!! ;)

  98. Marcos Bezerra

    Canta demais!