Anna Graceman - Heartbreaking Truth Lyrics

You were the best thing that happened to me
But the worst thing was watching you leave
All the tears that I crying
Could've filled a thousand skies
And when the clouds are finally gone
I still couldn't move on

I'm not saying
You have to come back to me
All I'm saying is if you ever do
Oh I'd forget every heartbreaking truth
To re-fall in love with you
Oh I'd forget everything I thought I ever knew
Just to be with you

Oh the best thing was being with you
But the worst thing was that you was untrue
Can you imagine my surprise
to learn about all your lies
And though loving you was wrong
I still couldn't move on

I'm not saying
You have to come back to me
All I'm saying is if you ever do
Oh I'd forget every heartbreaking truth
To re-fall in love with you
Oh I'd forget everything I thought I ever knew
Just to be with you

Do you ever feel like I'm feeling now
When you wish you could turn back time somehow
But time is wasting
And I'm done chasing after you
I've done all I can do

I'm not saying
You have to come back to me
All I'm saying is if you ever do
Oh I'd forget every heartbreaking truth
To re-fall in love with you
Oh I'd forget everything I thought I ever knew
Just to be with you
Oh I'd forget everything I thought I ever knew
Just to be with you

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Anna Graceman Heartbreaking Truth Comments
  1. JP Gallardo


  2. Arche Abella


  3. spongefreddie

    Still my favorite. :)

  4. G A LL 4RD0 C A RR 3R4


  5. Martin Childs


  6. King Tuck

    Haven't listened to this in like a year and I have no idea why I stopped listening to this at all

  7. Kio Revana

    This is your best song in my opinion...

  8. kidwave1

    Anna, you are the most beautiful woman, inside and out, ...and most talented, all around, ..that God has ever sent! You are an angel, and your voice is so distinct and unique. As a 50 something(ha) lifelong guitar player and singer, you inspire me to no end! Best of luck to you always!

  9. Weldon Stogsdill

    oh man you've got some vocal chords anna
    this is gracie not weldon lol

  10. Layla Puerto Morelos

    Beautiful young woman...inside and out ! wonderful soulful singer, so glad I saw this !

  11. spongefreddie

    Man... I just can't get sick of this song. In my humble, unsolicited opinion, this is the best one she's written thus far. Brilliant.



  12. Lorianne Stogsdill

    I love your singing so much and I hope someday I can meet you!!!!!
    - Your Biggest Fan

  13. Wayne Janousek

    Wonderful Anna as usual...Great song.

  14. Chris Finley guitarist at Pistol Creek Ravens P.C.R

    Absolutely a stunning performance one of the best heart touching songs I have ever heard some great musicianship right here from all three of you you have a fan for life thank you Anna for the best music and keeping it real ❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  15. Sage Zahnd

    Lol hey Juneau fam. It’s so cool to see how far you’ve come!

  16. Famous Sani

    You were litterally my inspiration at the age of like 8. I'm 18 now idk how old you are but I think we literally grew up together and we should be freiends

  17. uwu sis

    she's so underrated!!

  18. Edoardo Farnararo

    Meravigliosa interprete di Opere musicali .

  19. Arctic Foxy108

    You should sing, if I ain't got you, again!

  20. anita popplewell

    LOVE IT!

  21. Howard Borges

    Anna, Not ONLY Are You Completely Amazing... You Are Above STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Love Ya Much All The Way from Germany....

  22. bierskoda

    ♫♫ •¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•--•¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤ SUPER ¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•--•¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤• ♫♫

  23. akar ahmad

    you should go to American Idol

  24. Gabriel Hernandez

    Why isn't she more famous, shes outstanding!


    a good question !!!

  25. StarBeat - Social Talent Discovery

    Great song - awesome!

  26. jada towner

    i just hate the prerecording they do agh but other than that, her voice is so beautiful & she’s such an awesome pianist

  27. lizzymoore54

    Anna, I'm so proud that you have stayed true to yourself. Loved your performances back then and still do, even more so now. You've developed into an amazing artist and a lovely young woman. Love the band ! 🎶💕🎶

  28. journey hope

    great voice

  29. journey hope

    i love her hair

  30. Isabelle Lourenco

    Amazing song

  31. Alexus Anderson


  32. Ed M

    This girl was basically passed over on AGT.......which just proves the show is corporate BULLSHIT.
    She is SOOOOO talented.

  33. doomoncharlie

    amazing vocals

  34. spongefreddie

    P.S. I'm aware that her songs are all originals... I just meant I love her voice and singing style. She could sing freakin' commercial jingles and it would still be awesome.

  35. Junior Lemos


  36. spongefreddie

    Wow. Just wow. I had subscribed to her channel a million years ago, after seeing her "America's Got Talent" audition at age 11. I'm so caught up in all these things going on in life (as for everyone), I lost touch with her channel. Imagine my surprise when I found this link... she has so much God given talent, and parents (especially her father, I'm thinking) who were there to support her at every turn, that any ears encountering her music are blessed indeed. It wouldn't even matter to me if all she ever sang was covers, because I would never grow tired of her voice. My wish is that God will keep her in that place that darkness does not dare enter.

  37. Dora Silva

    What a wonderful surprise!!! I watched her video when she was so little and she has grown into a young lady with a promising future and a beautiful voice, wowwww what and awesome kid, super professional and talented

  38. Lele ASMR

    Needs a couple million views.......

  39. Marc Reinartz

    Marc Reinartz everyone Super Girl you Anna Gracemann

  40. John Phaser

    Where are you now Anna?, what happened?? You’re not socially active anymore 😢😥

  41. Alina Santos

    Feliz Páscoa Anna Graceman-8


    *YTSgold* ☆☆☆☆☆ *_Selected Video_* :)

    Ron ~ Youtubesingers

  43. Verónica Simões

    Beautiful Voice!

  44. Josh Brooks

    Another solid song from an increasingly vibrant and talented young woman. Great stuff Anna. Also, props to the band!


    Perfect puberty with perfect voice. I love you Anna ❤️

  46. Serchhip Chelsea

    My new crush.

  47. TheSeanocasey

    Talented and beautiful.

  48. Flutter Bize

    She's pretty amazing!! - anybody besides me see a younger Lady Gaga here? Girl can sing!!

  49. Richard C

    Anna, OMG the Years have gone by....Thanks! for being in My Life Beautiful! Please come to Toronto, Ontario at least Once.


    She's upcoming big time

  51. freak out

    I can't believe Anna graceman is 18 years old I remember when she was on america's got talent what a great singer I'm so proud that she made it this far great job 😊

    freak out

    She is fantastic

  52. William Crissey

    Anna, As Always Angel,Sweet and Awesome ! Col.Pa Bill xo <3 O:)

  53. Mellaney Peek

    The last I watched her she was an adorable little girl singing “superstar” she has grown up into a beautiful woman and sounds even more amazing 💜


    Great job💓

  55. Haydn Lewis

    Holy shitake mushrooms that was incredible!!! that run she did at 3:24 - 3:29 nearly made me faint (so effortlessly flawless)

  56. Rodney lee

    the last 500 views are all mine , need more%%

  57. Racheal Dubray

    This girl is fucking amazing , come to watch her so many years later and this is just so fucking amazing. She was born with a gift , you're gonna go far!!! This is so beautiful


    That's how good she is, drop that f-bomb Racheal, because the only way I could up that is by sayin, "Anna can MF'in!!! BELT IT, amazing talent!"

  58. Szymon wzn

    Why can not I give more than one like , !! unfair !! AMAZING !! LOVE YOU ANNA

  59. Steven Morris

    Such a beautiful young woman with a heavenly voice

  60. Katjoeng Julian

    Breathtaking!!! My first agt idol!

  61. Jan Lange

    thx Anna i never think i can cry so much ... very good voice and beutefull eyes =)

  62. kellster00

    Wow, this is absolutely incredible! It brought a tear to my eye.

  63. Greg Smith

    Wow. Can you please do a cameo appearance with AGT Anna?

  64. bosswolf1

    She showing she deffinetly has soul in this one. Awesome!

  65. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Fantásticooooo !!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  66. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Woowow!!! Fantástico! hermosa canción :) :) Siempre genial mi preciosa Anna <3 <3 <3 Genios los Graceman :) :) :) Allie <3 <3 <3 Landon :) :) :))
    Muchas gracias por este hermoso video <3 ;)

  67. François Morin

    Lovely Anna !!

  68. Travis Cheramie

    you still have an amazing voice keep up the great work ... have a blessed night

  69. Michelle Sutton

    This song really hits me hard. Her voice is so unique and the lyrics are so clever and amazing. She deserves more attention

  70. Angel Lee

    This just feels like a try hard Alicia keys

  71. John Griggs Jr.

    Does she have a record contract yet? She turned out drop dead gorgeous and somehow her voice got better.

  72. Julian Fingerstone

    woooow amazing voice you're amazing

  73. TheOriginalNug

    why isn't this on the radio

  74. DIY - Thais Micheli

    onde curte duas vezes :)

  75. Raina Lynne Andres

    I really really love this song.

  76. Michele

    I should be hearing this on the radio

  77. K&D Vlogs

    how old are you Anna? last time I saw a video of you it was when you were 11 on AGT

  78. terraria gamer124321


  79. Royalchess1

    Anna Graceman , It's been maybe 5 yrs since I saw one of your music videos, and I must say even though you were quite the talent, song writer, composer, singer, and keyboards, this is beyond expectation. I'll say you are THE QUEEN OF CONTEMPORARY R & B...YOU OWN IT GIRL!! And I also like your image, very nice indeed; VERY CLASSY!! My favourite song of yours is still COMPLICATED, and I mean the video as well!

  80. Anikan Andrew

    Dang is she single or single !

  81. Xislappy

    Love it.

  82. AlexisGregorie

    Beautiful song Anna!!! Your voice is amazing!!! <3 Alexis

  83. Tami Hellsing

    she is truely amazing x

  84. scott FOSS

    From the moment I heard her on America's got talent, I knew she would be a star.

  85. Angel Rone

    she's next christina aguilera

  86. Tilly98752

    She looks a bit like Scarlett Johannson

  87. Hope Cunningham

    fav song rn!

  88. Richard Rado

    no good words And no good deals

  89. Kaitlyn K

    Omg she is even better then now. That's crazy. Ya he has really grown

  90. Richard Rado

    hard to die for your love, im gonna die a thousand times
    also cry, i will tears a river of blood
    stop lie and pretend, cause these world is made and wer living in lies and pretend, no body can be trusted, even thruth to anyone
    you know how to solve your problems

  91. le monde des mangas

    she's beautiful

  92. Jerod M

    Anna, I am not a big subscriber to music channels. I think PTX is my only one and maybe one other. But your voice and raw talent made it a no brainer to subscribe AND hit the bell for notifications.

  93. Thiago Marques

    Linda Música, voz linda, tudo perfeito, Parabéns! :)

  94. Thomas Donner

    she is sooo woaouw!!!!!!<3

    Lisa Dailey

    Thomas Donner she should go on "The Voice"

  95. SneakyBoo

    6 years later.. wow, you're amazing