Anna Graceman - Ghost Town Lyrics

Stuck in traffic on a dead street
Deserted land, nothing really for me to see
What is there left for you to mistreat?
Of course I'll be here, where else would I be?

Echoing noises everywhere that I turn
I don't know when I'm gonna learn
I guess I should give up and swallow my pride
Give me reason before I ride

Ghost town, only one around
Broken hinges, broken windows
Faded hearts and fading shadows
Ghost town, from inside I drowned
Troubles hiding in the corners
Outlines of people but they're just blurs
Ghost town

Two lane roads and a lot of fences to mend
Life's not going well but I like to pretend
This town is empty and so is inside
I know it's my fault but it's something I've denied
My heart is hollow, my soul's been pushed away
Ghost town, please come alive again, someday

Ghost town, only one around
Broken hinges, broken windows
Faded hearts and fading shadows
Ghost town, from inside I drowned
Troubles hiding in the corners
Outlines of people but they're just blurs
Ghost town, ghost town

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Anna Graceman Ghost Town Comments
  1. Lady V

    this very specific song got Adam kicked out of the industry...just listen to the lyrics, he revealed so much about the industry in this song

  2. Jazzy Jaz

    My teacher was his teacher she was so surprised when she found out he’s now a superstar and started crying 🥺🥺

  3. Nikita Koroli

    Нахуй иди

  4. Mc Kinsten

    2019 like pls. Pray for wuhan China

  5. Ash ash

    Eye color changes,

  6. Hip hop Lover

    This is China after the Corona virus lmao

  7. Dalmo Euzébio

    My heart is a ghost town.

  8. monique sanchez


  9. Paul James Brady

    Who’s still here 2020? Surly I’m not alone. 💚

  10. nhicah loves food

    I thank God for bringing me into this world and discover Adam Lambert and his Out of this world music...
    Love you Adam Lambert...
    from Philippines..

  11. Far Out

    Я походу здесь одна выжившая из Рашки))))

  12. cal tay

    Anyone listening to this classic in the 2020 year ??

  13. zsirimiri

    Listening in 2020.

  14. Norbert Modliński

    Copy Music Mister Adam Lambert

  15. Roger Taylor

    %1 Dance
    %3 Great Music
    %96 Epilepsy

  16. Fish & Noodles Ms. PINCOCK

    Remember when this was always on the radio? Good times

  17. Isa Capi

    Holy shit. I found the original song. I usually listened to the cover by Veorra and The Tech Thieves. :000

  18. BlinkOne TrafficLightFan [Traffic Light Mix Maker]


  19. Барбариска 2009

    Кто русский?

  20. roberto dos santos

    Who are you listening else then because your line set up been ghost town rider in nice attention in maybe call I make need your love and try and to got open enough for fast car shadow in twice

  21. Miaou

    Epilepsy vibes be like......

  22. Rafał Piekiełek

    Ghost Town 👻🏢🏣🏥✌✌✌

  23. CS:GO Channel Hunprey

    always listening this while playing Ghost Town map in World of Tanks

  24. amar rozain


  25. Antek


  26. Eva Larch

    Tschernobyl is a ghost town

  27. Anais Acevedo

    Me encantaaa 😍

  28. Innan Hernandez Gonzalez

    The first time I heard that beautiful song was on the radio, and I never thought I sang itThe first time I heard that beautiful song was on the radio, and I never thought I sang it, from there I loved it

  29. Philip Svensson

    5 years later and my heart still a ghost town, but my wallet aren't. Oooohh boy I've made it, through pain and heartbreaks, gossip and hate.
    Keep it up my fellow spirits, you're all worth the best <3

  30. Danneilla Malfoy

    How is this the same person that did Fever, Music Again, Strut and For Your Entertainment??? How??

  31. Gian chvz


  32. Sàndor Pataki

    Adam lambert the new George michael

  33. Sebastián Suchoš

    nostalgia vibes? you’re not alone kid

  34. enxvoid

    my fan page on instagram is a ghost town lmao follow it its enxvoid HAHAHAHSH

  35. irishsetterarchie

    I love your spooky little heart!!

  36. •Banxna milk•

    I love this song! 💕💖

  37. ElNosferatu Otaku

    Really really, perfect, one like all the songs, 17.01.2020

  38. Ash ash

    Pinky has a brain also....yuuup!

  39. Hasnae Elammouri

    Just wow 👏

  40. DementedBone

    Damn I remember I frantically search for this song after hearing it once or twice on the radio when I was 10

  41. Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae


  42. Kelsey MacGregor

    Underrated song <3

    J W

    Uh... have you seen the views?

  43. Da Uz

    A-HA + J. Michael...

  44. Gabriel Campos

    Viciado nessa msk !!

  45. Harleen Frances Quinnzel

    My head's a ghost town at this point... Ain't no brain cells left 😭

  46. Rami Sindy

    2:23 you know when they enter the Club you cant fuck With them

  47. username4312

    2020 vibes~

  48. alectric alexia

    Back in my freshman year of high school my history teacher used to let us listen to music on our phones while we do our work so I put my headphones in and blasted this song in my ears and the entire class was starring at me

  49. Raquel Nascimento

    Alguém do Brasil também ama esse cara como eu? ❤❤🇧🇷

    Graal Richest

    Melhor Parte 1:00

  50. maria victoria perez ramos

    So sorry, you don't like at all. The things I represent. I am not a criminal and I treated you the right way darrrlinnnzzz

  51. Лина Есенина


  52. Æbí

    Adam’s sexy af and this song is giving me life!!!! If I had any critiques it would be for the video to be a bit more....scarier with drag queens with bubble butt popping it like it’s hot. Reminds me of George Michael a bit. Love it when Adams eyes are gothic looking. So hot and talented this guy is❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. G Animations

    This is one of my FUCKING favourite cover songs of the freaking world 💕💕💕💕

    G Animations

    @MasiaDe But this song doesn't belong to him Darling, the original is by Veorra and the Tech Thieves 🤔

    Kylee Day

    @G Animations This is the original song. This is Adam's song. Veorra and the Tech Thieves covered it. Just look it up. The song belongs to him.

    G Animations

    @Kylee Day are you sure??

    Kylee Day

    G Animations Yeah, I’m sure. The writers of the song were Adam Lambert, Max Martin, Tobias Karlsson, Ali Payami & Sterling Fox. If you look up Veorra and the Tech Thieves, it says that it’s a cover.

    G Animations

    @Kylee Day oh... so sorry, thank you!!

  54. Jakub Biskup

    One and only HYPE WILLIAMS!!! Thank U!!!!

  55. Joshua Orro

    so this guy is the Playmobil villian hmm


    and front man for Queen!

  56. Catarina Belo

    #2020 🇵🇹

  57. Brusskie 1 USSR

    *50 thousand people used to live here... Now, it's a ghost town.*

  58. Ali Qatarneh

    I’m still listening to it and it’s 2020 I don’t care the best song in the world

  59. chilli padi

    From auditioning Bohemian Rhapsody to touring with QUEEN. wow, just wow.

  60. club oś


  61. Mae

    Ok I used to think he was so hot

  62. Seder Valdez

    Quien en 2020???

  63. Ali Hamzelou

    Love his eyes in darkness😍😍

  64. Tiarna's joy

    I miss the old u!!!!!!!

  65. Religious free Zone

    You have a beautiful voice.💗✌🏻🌠🌈

  66. MrMousetweak


  67. Natalia Skowron

    John Steinbeck

  68. Natalia Skowron

    Who wrote the book Of Mice and men?

    Nix Gulix

    John Steinbeck

  69. Daniel Lima

    Almost five Years later, and my heart still a ghost town....

    cal tay

    Daniel Lima Yep I’m jamming out to this classic in 2020 !

  70. Conaseger C.A.

    2020? 🤘🏽

    Franklin Menson

    Да 2020

  71. Marbella Aramburo

    Amo esa canción

  72. anny chua92

    I am never into pop stars or anything but holy this man is one sexy specimen.


    He's not just a pop star though....


    um he is a pop\rocker...and a little more than that. Its way more than about looks and music..its his career ....

  73. Pabita con B

    OMGGGG, yo conocía esta canción desde que salió. Sucede que me estoy viendo Glee la serie y un dia por aquí leí Adam Lambert y se me hacía conocido, ahorita estaba comiendo mientras veía Glee y se me vino a la mente esta canción y boom era por este temazo que se me hacía conocido! cosas de la vida jajajaj

  74. That70'smusic

    Oh good song

  75. Migena Panariti

    E ri fantazme

  76. n a n j i z X a n i m a t i o n z z

    Did he get eye surgery right after shooting for the album cover xD

  77. Kamily Alves


  78. Mallesh A

    I love. Sangs.

  79. นี่เธอ เธอนั่นแหละ

    Wada gamer

  80. Vindy Loo

    Anyone listening in 2020 💁‍♂💁‍♀ *hit a 👍*❓Etched in my heart, really love this song 💖

  81. Barboza Workout

    Still in love with this...
    January, 2020


    Barboza Workout too

  82. GamingOS

    Wait a minute this isn't Kanye West


    No, I'm guessing it's someone height-wise between LeBron James and Peter Dinklage


    @Kittycomere Hahahaha