Anna Graceman - Ghost Town (Extended Version) Lyrics

Stuck in traffic on a dead street
Deserted land, nothing really for me to see
What is there left for you to mistreat?
Of course I'll be here, where else would I be?

Echoing noises everywhere that I turn
I don't know when I'm gonna learn
I guess I should give up and swallow my pride
Give me reason before I ride

Ghost town, only one around
Broken hinges, broken windows
Faded hearts and fading shadows
Ghost town, from inside I drowned
Troubles hiding in the corners
Outlines of people but they're just blurs
Ghost town

Stories told by the surroundings
Distress, heartache and pain, you can tell
A little house devastated by something
Outside of town there's somewhat of a wishing well

Echoing noises everywhere that I turn
I don't know when I'm gonna learn
I guess I should give up and swallow my pride
Give me reason before I ride

Ghost town, only one around
Broken hinges, broken windows
Faded hearts and fading shadows
Ghost town, from inside I drowned
Troubles hiding in the corners
Outlines of people but they're just blurs
Ghost town, ghost town

Two lane roads and a lot of fences to mend
Life's not going well but I like to pretend
This town is empty and so is inside
I know it's my fault but it's something I've denied
My heart is hollow, my soul's been pushed away
Ghost town, please come alive again, someday

Ghost town, only one around
Broken hinges, broken windows
Faded hearts and fading shadows
Ghost town, from inside I drowned
Troubles hiding in the corners
Outlines of people but they're just blurs
Ghost town, ghost town

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Anna Graceman Ghost Town (Extended Version) Comments
  1. BoostAlmighty

    WHAT MOVIE WAS THIS USED IN?!?! ......Snatch? I think???

    H E L P

    Shaun of the Dead I think?


    @H E L P That's it!!!! Haha. Yup!

  2. kw34ok

    Grew up listening to this in the early 80's - who has just heard this for the first time in 2019 and what do you think?

  3. billybeetle

    The trombone solo always sends slivers down my back every time

  4. marco mostertz

    Best maxi 12 inch here thanxz

  5. marco mostertz

    Nice awesome nice awesome greetings to all Ghostwriter here

  6. icelily8_kalabs lol

    I'll never forget watching this when it got to number 1 on top of the pops. I was 10. Parents and big sister in room. It's was an unforgettable experience. Big up specials. So ahead of time 😎😎😎

  7. Papi Grande

    i have this record but it's in storage around 3000 miles away alongside my other gems.... youtube videos will have to do :(

  8. Roger Z

    Legendary mon!!!! tis what reggae misses these days (in my opinion) ...….simple, deep, rootz :) Jah bless.

  9. Barry Carr

    Pure class

  10. Sonia Lopez Lariz

    sooooooo gooood

  11. garry watts

    just always after a rather fine year for rioja this comes on xx superb track always even after the uncounted number of plays from me x just thanks for posting and keeping it alive !

  12. anonymous person

    One of the uber coolest songs with a brass section ever created by people who create music. All other music of 1981 dwindles in the shadow of ghost town!

  13. Anthony Aylmer

    Genius dammers

  14. Anthony Aylmer

    Jerry knew what he was doing no song documents a moment in time like this period

  15. AFC Don

    My favourite version

  16. Carolita Ornelas

    R.I.P. Rico Rodriguez Trombone Player Extraordinaire

  17. Dean

    3:40 Is where the real music starts 💙

  18. Land Creature

    I see a couple Shaun of The Deads here, how that made it before Snatch is beyond me.

  19. TheMimifur

    And now... it's just all a waste

  20. TheMimifur

    So apt. We dodged the bullet once as a society. Back to haunt us.

  21. cmindyc

    I love love the trombone solo!!!! My son has been a trombonist for 8 years and loves this!!! 😁😁😁

  22. TM Feldman

    "Shawn of the dead"

  23. Fernando Camacho

    Fantástico ambiente creado por uno de los mejores grupos THE SPECIALS !!! Grande RICO Grande!!!

  24. Branny123100

    Horace Bass playing is also brilliant

  25. Lionel De Lillie

    In South Africa on 5FM, Barney Simon always played this version, without announcing it was a 12". I was disappointed when i bought the 7" and the long tail-end was missing. Got it on CD, later though.

  26. public enemy nl

    as kid i love this music age 16 the specials now almost 40 years later still AWESOME

  27. Rufus Carne

    Love them always will

  28. Peter Leschinski

    Please rise for the playing of the Irish national anthem.

  29. Mark J. Byers

    Ash 'email in that boom town

  30. Das Omnitox

    The ska-hype was pretty short, but that´s what ignitions are (still running).

    Richard Heade

    SKA has been going since the Mod era in the late 1960s, right up to the late 1990s, so, 30 ferkin' years is not short, you plank.

    Das Omnitox

    ...make yourselfs knowing what a "hype" is.

  31. Gavin Paisley

    just home from seeing Neville Staple finishing his set with this extended version with the trombone solo and dipping in and out of Bob Marley's Get Up Stand Up, it was awesome, thanks for uploading this

  32. Jeff Small

    Some badass oleskool shit!

  33. M L

    Lost a legend. God Bless Rico R.I.P x

  34. Sousaphony

    I love that hauntingly beautiful trombone solo at the end. Rico always knew exactly what to play; he didn't feel the need to scream into the upper register, he just blew.

  35. guardsdepot

    What a very distinctive sound and style of playing.............a lot of good mid-register work..........NICE............................and solid as a rock..........................


    +guardsdepot i totally agree. This is one reason why I think the trombone is my favorite instrument. Interesting use of ellipses in your comment :)

  36. Deaf Dave

    Thanks for all the fantastic trombone playing Rico - you live forever! Magic!!

  37. T Rude

    Long live Rico! RIP

    And good god how I love this song.

  38. rsschdwck

    RIP Rico!

  39. TheGenreman

    RIP Rico

  40. John Doe

    Best version.

  41. Earl Wright

    haven't heard or even thought about this song in 30 years. omg  so much good music happened

  42. LongMaySheReign

    I love Thatcher too, guys.


    Yeh, like most things, lefties can't face up to the fact that thatcher was akin to a saviour because it's true.

    mark goodyer

    @LongMaySheReign A lefty you use that term as an insult, a lefty thinks that society should be better for everyone, That there should be a fare division of wealth and that, you treat those disposed and discarded with all the help you can. The left see one person down on his luck as a failure of the system. Thatchers just made Britain into a Fuck you, i have my money state. She closed Pits that where profit making just to destroy the unions. Then imported lower standard coal to fuel the power stations, That is how evil that bitch was, I hate her with a passion.


    The unions were running this country into the ground;she saved the country. How could we continue as a manufacturing-based economy when places like South Korea were emerging, offering much lower wages and costs? Anyone who disagrees with  her decision to make the UK undergo this economic transition is in utter denial.

    Dylan lock

    she's dead thank fuck for that, now just waiting for the queen and them cunts to die

    Phantom Prism

    mark goodyer lol "lefty" should be used as an insult.

  43. hardcoreboyish2

    i hate this version i like the video one better its perfect length hate the way they wreck a song on album version to the video version by extending it just stupid the video one is also a little quiet dam problems   

    M L

    +hardcoreboyish2 shut up


    but...but.. did you HEAR that trombone solo at the end!?!? I's sheer perfection! I never listen to the normal version because it's missing that piece of brass gold at the end!

    Phantom Prism

    Your clearly an idiot. That solo at the end of this version is what makes the song

    Von Wiertyk

    Nice bait

  44. Ricardo Lop

    Shaun Of The Dead :D

  45. Stephen Vesecky

    The trombone solo is incredible to me.


    Stephen Vesecky

    +sonyblockbuster RIP Rico Rodriguez

    James Siddall

    i come here for that oooo

    Roger Z

    Agreed :) check this link of Mickey Dread out around the 3.30... so classic

  46. Rachelle Fortney

    dem horns

  47. Paul Smith

    history repeats itself!

  48. signorpippistrello

    Can' t stop listening to that brass solo.....

  49. Charlotte hacker-mullen

    flugelhorn gotta get one too sick

  50. Melanie Brandt

    I version is long enough!!!!!

  51. JoeStunner

    Still takes my breath away over 30 years later. This song TOTALLY captured the mood of the era. One of the truly GREAT political songs. xx

    Jonh Cass

    Well said mate

  52. Seedaripper1973

    Yeah thats when Labour sold out and became 'new labour' (or Tories in red) i fucking despair at this countries politics as they have all blurred into one...there needs to be a socialist revolt!!

  53. colin smith

    Bang on, apart from the fact that Blair fucked labour for me too! Did nothing to change the worst excesses of the witch so I turned to Vince Cable and the lib dems as the only vaguely left wing alternative............. and now they're bloody Tories as well. Looks like I'm reduced to voting for the Greens or George Galloway.......... if Respect field a candidate !!!!

  54. Dragonrdh

    @therebelwaltz So true!

  55. bennygronek


  56. Sam Hill

    @guitarpilot1 OHHHMG i know what you mean, i feel baked even when i aint been smokin jus lisnin to it

  57. pow1983

    @STUKAY one thing to learn about history is that we never learn from history :-)

  58. Rachael Glen

    'halloween?',' youth of no cares, and the sky's the limit?' It's a song about un
    employment and the desolation of a city!
    Shallow, half witted twats

  59. Stuart Vallantine

    The Greatest UK Chart Number One Single Ever. Poignant for the time (under T§¶∞©˙é®), and even more so today with the ConDems 'putting youth on the shelf'.

  60. fatm1ke

    rico rodriguez class trombone

  61. perpetual61

    Oh My ! My sister use to have this Exact Album we would always play it. Thanks for Posting this Extended Version I haven't Heard it in Years.

  62. owenbb505

    I always thought this song was great to listen to around Halloween. I keep thinking about a literal ghost town unoccupied on a cold overcast day. Night's about to fall and a very windy storm about to move in. And some lonely guy standing on the roof of a tall office building...surreal, very atmospheric song

  63. Mr. Flibble

    I could listen to the bass, drums, organs and flute on this song forever. I think the trombone would have benefited from being placed further back from the microphone and possibly a slight echo effect added.

  64. glendeco

    Man! This always seems to take me back in my youth to the days of no cares, and the sky was the limit.

  65. Michael Owens

    Trombone always reminds me of the band member who shows up late and "slopy drunk" to the gig, and, barely pulls it off in the most edgy and pleasant way. If the t-bone player is good, you feel slightly defiled by his lack of discretion.

  66. bobby ryu

    @guitarpilot1 Yeaah Man! xD

  67. Michael Owens

    I love listening to the trombone solo when I am baked out of my mind.