Anna Graceman - Fragile Lyrics

Porcelain, rain on skin
Little dandelions blowing in the wind
Crystal ball, scared to fall
You bumped into me and now I feel it all

I wasn't always like this
Living with my heart in the open
I wasn't always like this
But I'm starting to notice

That I'm fragile
And I'm breaking into pieces every time you're close to me
I come unraveled
Just like that faded sweater that you wore the day I met you
I am fragile
I guess I never knew until you walked into the room
But now I'm...

Paper thin, Stumbling
My heart is tripping every time I catch a glimpse
Butterflies, scared of heights
But I forget about it cause the view is nice

I wasn't always like this
Living with my heart in the open
I wasn't always like this
But I'm starting to notice

That I'm fragile
And I'm breaking into pieces every time you're close to me
I come unraveled
Just like that faded sweater that you wore the day I met you
I am fragile
I guess I never knew until you walked into the room

I wanna know you
I wanna taste you
I wanna hold you
But I'm afraid to
I wanna know you
I wanna taste you
I wanna hold you
But I'm afraid to

Cause I'm fragile
And I'm breaking into pieces every time you're close to me
I come unraveled
Just like that faded sweater that you wore the day I met you
I am fragile
I guess I never knew until you walked into the room
But now I'm fragile

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Anna Graceman Fragile Comments
  1. Brendan Love

    You are an incredible artist. ⭐🙌

  2. bellaimages

    It's been a year since your song came out .... 'Fragile' ... and my life was in a tailspin. I felt so fragile due to so many problems and losses, but grew stronger through winning the struggles. I've gotten out of the tailspin and am on a good path once again. Anna Graceman, Thank you for your music! You truly touch hearts! Don't ever doubt that you are bringing something special to this World. Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Tim Stephens

    This song feels like a mix between Alicia Keys and Imagine Dragons. Love it!

  4. Fatma Moh99

    Keep doing ,love your voice it make me fly😍😍

  5. Daniel Patterson

    You have come along ways since AGT . I think that your voice is amazing . I hope that your career becomes as amazing as your voice .

  6. Sara V

    sooo beautiful you have gone from a talented little girl to a talented young lady . I am honored tt be able to listen to your lovely voice.

  7. Sara F.

    I listened to this days before a trip. Now this song remembers me of Ushuaia and chilean Patagonia 💕

  8. Mathidou Canada

    Seriously. When is the album coming!!

  9. Travis Cheramie

    Loved it you did an amazing job have a wonderful and blessed night

  10. Marie Dcx

    You're so fucking beautiful wtf

  11. Sebastian Ellis

    wow... amazing

  12. Alan Kumashiro

    In due time, I expect see Anna to score movies like Trevor Rabin and John Williams. The breath of her musical knowledge and its nuances is mindboggling.

  13. David Washburn

    I remember when Anna was on AGT I thought she was gonna win it all. She's my fav agt contestant I've followed her since the beginning great artist

  14. imajid alremi

    Been listening to you since you were 13 You are talented and I am so surprised that you haven’t reached to million subscribers yet,you do deserve it

  15. Cris maiden

    Only 16k ? Nice Anna

  16. Geraldo luiz

    I like to listen.

  17. michael john clark

    You were free, but not freedom. Michael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxoxxxxox

  18. Just someone who always passing by

    Anna i love ur voice 😘💛💙💜

  19. RAndrew Ohge

    Glamorous, Mature, Intense And Thoroughly Classy...Well Done, Ma'am!

  20. hackisack

    Perfect! Your voice is so great! It's been a joy watching you grow as a singer and composer from the first song I fell in love with - Crazy World - to this!

  21. Antonio G

    The first time i listened you was in 2011 in America's got talent, time fly away... I was 17.. Sometime i came back to that video, pure nostalgia... Now you growth up and me too, you had a great voice then, and now the voice is still better :) greetings from Italy 🇮🇹 ❤️

  22. Alfredo R. Segovia

    Impresionante!!! increible!!! hermoso!!!

  23. Joseph Rupert

    Don’t know what to think anymore. Not sure how to react. So much pure love for you, so much joy at success; but is it real? A continuation or has the groove become a rut? The number of hits and likes would say something isn’t working. Patreon account is what people do when the cash flow becomes less than positive. I love you, but you’ve never listen to anything I’ve said. And here we are

  24. Naomi Hardin

    Such a gorgeous woman ☺️

  25. Steve So

    marry me

  26. huyked

    Ugh. I can't believe I haven't commented on this reveal (of your sensitive side [we all know you're a task master ;P j/k], or human nature in general). This piece is sensitive, and illustrates (I think) how we all can be when we're around that special someone (or behind that facade of strength, we can be fragile inside, perhaps seeking approval). Anyhow, really love hearing the range in your voice in this one.
    1:37 - 1:38 That was cute. :D

  27. Clear Sky

    Ok, I'm confused. Aren't you supposed to be 13 years old?

  28. Melisa Bermúdez

    The first time i saw you i was inspired and i started singing
    You are my idol 🌸❣️🌈

  29. Robert Jones

    Anna, Simple, But Beautiful! Love the new direction you've taken... Miss the sis and bro...

  30. Chris Craft

    Nice ;)

  31. Immanuel Kant

    oh my god, you grew up! Amazing voice, Anna.

    Immanuel Kant

    yes, i hadn't seen her since the 2011 show.

  32. William Gardner

    They always ask in the post office. Now I know its you

  33. Lenny Ice

    Happy Valentine´s Day <3

  34. Belén de Dios

    this is incredible!! argentina loves u :)

  35. jayvee deguzman

    I love you anna

  36. jay Jimenez

    Beautiful song beautiful voice beautiful person may God continue to bless you 💖💪

  37. MyTreyton


  38. Red Oh Red

    This song is so beautiful. I found it so relatable and touching that for valentines day, I’ve bough my girlfriend an engraved necklace with some of the lyrics on them.

    You’ve been an inspiration to me since i was in elementary school, Anna. And I’m so thankful to have had your music all these years. This is by far my favorite song you’ve created. You were the one who inspired me to make music myself.

  39. Lila Morgan

    Love you Anna ❤️

  40. christena krumpach


  41. Jackieevancho Evancho

    I love Anna Graceman congratulecions from Mexico

  42. wyzapple

    THAT'S IT! This is the one!! (Skyrocket...through the Stratosphere girl)

    You are always so good at writing a "hook". But sister, this whole song is a hook. Instantly. Brilliant!
    And this recording is on point too. The mix, the engineering...butter! You guys found the 'sweet spot' on this one. It all just holds your tone so well. Thanks for posting.

    I keep hoping to see you on AGT Champions. Any word on that??

  43. SocietyofEnoch

    My favorite artist because of this kind of amazing music.

  44. CevenKills

    Such an amazing song. I still remember watching your video "paradise" and since then I've been subscribed.

    Edit: I just found that video and saw that I commented 9 years ago.... Omg.... How has time flew by.

  45. David Livneh

    First time for me to hear one of your songs. Soon fell in love with your voice, very inteligent lyrics and singing interpretation. Big big like from me and you have another fan you can add to your list. Wish you all the best.

  46. Jürgen Joherl

    Oh yes...simply talent & beauty!!...well done Anne!! X

  47. josephmin4

    Hello anna grace this is the first vid ive ever watched of you the way i find you here is becuase i was on a website that shows you celebs that you look like and you were on there please like this comment

  48. Em Q

    Them vocals 😍😍😍

  49. Vung Liz

    Beautiful...❤️ Annaaa...

  50. Peter Karlsson

    I really love this a LOT!! It’s a little like back to basics. Even if I love everything you do with your brother&sister I’ve missed these kinds of songs from you! Very very beautiful!!

  51. Raquel Wagner

    chills. pure musician, through and through. geniuine music is the most incredible.

  52. rainbelle99

    ♥♥♥ beautiful!

  53. Sonya Joy


  54. Shanna Flippin

    Am I the only one who thinks it would be so cool if they started a vlog channel?????????

  55. Shanna Flippin

    Oh my god. Absolutely golden!! I'm in love with this song!!! And I freaking love everything about this video

  56. Elias Sebastian Cuba

    💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘🔥👄🎧🎶You make me crazy love💞, like your song🎼. how I love 💓you sweetness👄 .. I love💟 you I love💕 you .. kisesss💋💋💋💋 my Annie. I carry you in my heart. how fragile are your wings of angel, your sweet lips captivate me to die in your voice. awwww !! Love.❤👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄🍨🎤🎤📲🤩😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  57. Angry Unsugared Marshmallow Peep

    You... I ... Bah... You have been blowing my mind, and making me speechless since 2008. No way for me to even begin to explain it to you.
    You are admired and truly loved by many, and for good reason. You express your mind with your lyrics and pure beauty pours out of you in song.
    You are a treasure.

  58. S.j. sparber

    WOW Anna!

  59. Rusty Greer

    I LOVE the color palette chosen for this video. It is awesome!!!!

  60. GLEAM

    the video has Flume vibes....

  61. David Blaze

    Imagine you're the person who makes her feel like this and inspired this song. So powerful.

  62. Larry Webb

    Looking and singing more beautiful than ever.
    I thing all of us have felt fragile, at times.

  63. J'edson Oz

    As imagens as vezes falam mais que as palavras

  64. lizzymoore54

    I 've been with you from the beginning. You've grown as an artist as the years have past and you've become a beautiful young woman who has been favored by God. So many talents, He has blessed you with, Anna. 😊

  65. Ledgnr197gaming

    Why y’all disliking like who would do that?

    Tim Stephens

    Haters gone hate. Screw those haters.

  66. Tessa Bowling

    This is such a beautiful song Anna! It has been such a treat to watch you develop your own unique artistic style without losing that soulfulness that you've had since you were a kid.

  67. Coolshows101

    Quoting my Facebook post. "My Favorite female singer Anna Graceman just released this. It is Perfect!"

  68. Emily Dugan

    Absolutely love this!!!!

  69. Gabriel Conte

    So beautiful! Come to Brazil, please!

  70. Makyla McFarland

    So beautiful !

  71. Basselettu 10

    Your voice made my day 😍.. beautiful ♥️👌🏻

  72. jayvee deguzman

    your the great

  73. D J

    I love this!!

  74. VlaSok1987

    1:34 Ohh... this moment with the rosebud and her Mona Lisa smile is mesmerizing! ♥

  75. SandyBlJ

    Wow, what a beautiful song, so powerful emotionally. The tune has an
    entrancing flow, and it serves well the lyrics, also beautiful in their raw sincerity. After dwelling more in rock territory lately, together with her siblings - and showing she is a very good rocker, too - Anna is back to the lyric/introspective side of her songwriting. She gave us already many musical gems in the latter style; as she continues growing and maturing, she took this side of her musical personality to another, new level. From electric and loud to a minimal acoustic instrumental arrangement, Anna's songs shine in every style she chooses.
    Anna is a wonderful artist, in every way - music and lyrics writing, piano playing and singing. She's a great singer, with a beautiful voice, seamless passages into and from falsetto, and very nuanced interpretation.
    I hope Anna's amazing talent will achieve the large scale recognition that she fully deserves. Patience, and it will come (as I was already saying, in a response to another fan's comment)!

  76. Kenneth Pensyl

    Soft cool smooth and beautiful.

  77. Mike Davis

    Love this song

  78. Chloe Rork

    Oh my gosh. This song is beautiful Anna!

  79. Eric De Boeck

    Your voice is soooo beautiful.I really love it soooo much :-)

  80. Ricarda Koslowski

    Love you so much!! <3 Thank you for your music and to be you :) I hope you come to perform in Germany some day.

  81. Wolfgang Marks

    oh Anna, great Song, amazing Voice, goood Video ;-)

  82. tony crawford

    It's Always Lovely to see & Hear You, Anna
    What a Beautiful song Poppet & You Look Stunning Anna x

  83. Brooke Falls

    it's amazing anna!

  84. Krispy Donut

    It's insane the first time I saw you was on America's Got Talent, singing Alicia Keys as an 11 year old. Now you're here, making your own music, it's amazing, proud of you Anna.

    Krispy Donut

    Your music reminds me of Birdy. You're an amazing artist.

  85. Elias Sebastian Cuba

    📲💘🎼📽🆕️💋💘👱‍♀️💘Annie is "Fragile my heart💘, when I like you in secret."🤫😏🌷💗 I'll always love your Gorgeus Song¡¡ #YT🔴Music📽🎼 #Barbiegirl #L🅾️veu #L🅾️veu #L🅾️veu #MYSWEETHEART💋💋💋💋💋 💘

  86. Randquez

    Very stunning, thank you Anna. . .

  87. Sophia Okeefe

    Love this! Beautiful Anna! Seems like it was just yesterday, when I saw your first video.. you grew so much. You and I arent far apart in age so it's inspiring seeing your work!

  88. casey gruhlke

    Dayum dats sum gud music

  89. Elias Sebastian Cuba

    🙀🙀🤩🤩💖🙏💖🙏💘🙏💖🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶What a beautiful song, I would like to hear it in a new Twilight movie. 📽Annie♥️ I can not sleep without hearing your beautiful song, you hypnotize me Love ...💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕. owwwwww I love,♥️ love 💘you.💘💘💘💘💘💘💘🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷⚘⚘🌷🌷🌷🌷⚘⚘⚘⚘💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋Bby¡¡ LoVE💗

  90. Wayne Janousek

    OH my Anna, something a little different,, This new song was wonderful and you are beautiful.

  91. EXOTIC

    Whoever disliked this... fuck you

  92. moneefiction

    Wow! Stunning!

  93. S Tramayne

    Are Fragile and Avalon available on itunes?

  94. Lokere


  95. Greg anbu

    Voice and her just so sexy 😛🤪🤪

  96. divit dean

    Beautiful,Anna, You and your voice xoxo

  97. lele cylo

    Better than Adele.