Anna Graceman - Everybody Makes Mistakes Lyrics

I've always been afraid to make mistakes
And now I'm standing on a rope that could break
I don't wanna fall down there
I don't wanna break that thin piece of air

But I was right falling in love with you
Was absolutely the biggest mistake I'll ever do
So just jump into the sky
Spread out my wings and watch me fly
Oh I think it's time to put on the brakes, and finally I've learned
That everybody makes mistakes
Everybody makes mistakes

Cross my fingers I'm taking a leap of faith
I say a silent prayer, I gotta get out of this place
And even now I'm up so high
Chance can still pass me by

But I was right, falling in love with you
Is absolutely the biggest mistake that I'll ever do
So just jump into the sky
Spread out my wings and watch me fly
Oh I think it's time to put on the breaks, and finally I've learned
That everybody makes mistakes
Everybody makes mistakes
Everybody makes mistakes

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Anna Graceman Everybody Makes Mistakes Comments
  1. Anderson santos

    impossible not to love! There are no words to describe how talented you are Anna! Wherever you go I will always hear your songs! God bless your life!

  2. Beach Bum

    that beautiful smile at the end just melts my heart. What a beautiful song.

  3. V K

    No matter how old I get I love this song

  4. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Fantástico Annita <3 <3 <3 ;)) Hermosa canción, excelente mi princesita <3 <3 :)
    Muchas gracias <3


    I think she is 56 years old


    She sings pretty.🎤🎤🎤😻😻😻😻🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Pumpkin Spice

    196 people made the biggest mistake that they’ll ever do

  8. Brooke Danielle


  9. Kendal Bishop

    I just love you sooooo much you are like the best singer, it makes me smile when I look at your old videos and see your awesome talent and now, how you've grown up so much!

  10. Eryn Lookout

    She's good. But she belts way too much. And every note is high as fuck. I guess she's just a soprano. Her voice isn't as high now.

    sweet star stables

    Eryn Lookout probably better than you.

    Eryn Lookout

    +jodie kite she is better than me lol

  11. Danielle Craig

    My goodness, you are such a talented being... What a song! Lots of love! xx

  12. Destiny barn


    Rachel Lozano

    she's 17 now i'm pretty sure, she isn't so little anymore

    Destiny barn

    Yeah I know , but she's still just as talented

    Rachel Lozano

    yeah shes gotten even better

  13. Ethan Mcanalley

    Jesus Christ she is amazing original song, good meaning, amazing voice, impeccable vocals

  14. CCC Rose

    Your singing really inspires me to start at a young age, athough it may not be easy, Ill keep trying and hopefully sing like you at a young age.

  15. Manuel Romero

    Their parents have to be very proud of his daughter Anna

  16. Madisen Hartsfield

    she has an amazing voice

  17. Rand0mWiki

    Omg her singing is so brill.

  18. Rand0mWiki

    Omg her singing is so brill.

  19. Saydie Connell

    Hey u need to read better that is everyone makes mistakes and u put everybody makes mistakes and not the right song


    +Saydie Connell She wrote this song.. Maybe you should read the description box??

  20. vivica villa

    Hey anna I am a very huge fan but I am afraid I dont have Itunes and I would like to hear your new song "Miles Away". I was wondering if you would post a youtube video soon of your song because I would really like to listen to it! And also if there some other gmail you used for fans? Thanks so much Anna!

  21. Ralf Nn

    So long ago ... and after all the time your songs from this time are heard and people like them, as I do. Anna, it is really wonderful !!

  22. archie977

    nice song

  23. davekanak

    Great job Anna :)

  24. Anna Pohl


  25. Karla Isabel

    Absolute talent

  26. Brasil de Luz

    Adorable! Thanks, Anna!

  27. mkgall

    Did she write this song?

    Lanna Chhim

    @PV1230 wow

    Mac Miller

    +PV1230 wwwwhhhhaaatttt!

  28. Jane Rivera

    i really love your voice

  29. Chloe Sodonis

    Wow! Wonderful job Anna!!!  I've always loved to hear you sing! keep it up.

  30. Joseph Blough

    great job!! :-)

    Joseph Blough

    nice smile at the end of the song!  :-)

  31. savanna kidd

    She is so good I've never heard a girl so good at singing he voice is like a power house

  32. Lina

    you (anna) remember me on my little sister, she's just 2 years older.
    please, take care. this big world is so false. don't lose heart. make what you want and YOUR music, not what other people want you to do!

  33. Lina

    amazing! what a powerful voice! keep it up! greetings from germany / berlin 

    Artinias alx

    yeah same here greets from Germany Hannover

  34. Tinista Page

    Es increible, Una vos hermosa, Una carrera por seguir, ¡Sigue asi Anna Graceman! Te apoyamos, Eres Increible, ¿Tan solo 13? años, Owww nooo

  35. Natalie Romano

    Love her she rocks:D

  36. Willow Jones

    You are just amazing!An idol for many.

  37. Joseph Rupert

    Love you to pieces Anna! Thanks for the e-mail this morning! Made my day. My daughter and grand daughter are coming to Juno in June. If you're home then they'll try and connect for an autograph.

    Joseph Rupert

    Sorry! I spelled Juneau wrong! LOL! 

  38. Yehoshua S

    Fmg fre hf

  39. Yehoshua S

    U dont no the song byheart

    Joseph Rupert

    Do you happen to know who wrote that song?

    Courteney Fleming

    @Joseph Rupert She wrote it herself

    Joseph Rupert

    So if you know that; how can she not know it by heart? Even if she changes it as she goes along it's still hers to do that with. LOL. 

  40. Yehoshua S

    I like your voice but I know that you don't know it by heart

  41. Alfred Schade

    Einfach großartig ihre Musik.

  42. Kaylee Cheyenne

    Hi my name is Kaylee, anna you have an amazing voice my best friend just died and your voice an songs are really good 

  43. Clark Ramos

    Anna, I love your voice and where it appears your heart is. One thing I would encourage you to look into is vocal resonation. Some may consider it to be a form of theatrical projection and you have wonderful power in your singing, still, maybe there is a little bit of technique you could apply that might enrich your voice just a little more and help avoid possible soreness that might develop if you never have learned it. Whatever, this is just an opinion. You have wonderful talent. :~)

  44. ali Nafsiya

    you were horrible just kidding you were amazing i really like your voice. I love singing as well but i haven't went to Americas got talent yet. I really like you and your songs I hope i can meet you one day because you are my hero!   

  45. ApostlePeters


  46. markie698

    Still my fav

  47. xm210c

    Beautiful voice and an amazing song.
    Can't wait to hear more knowing you're likely to just keep improving at an amazing rate :)

  48. Martin Hughes

     An amazing young singer. 

  49. Antal Kiss

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  50. Hoàn Vũ

    You will understand that troublesome moment when your good friend (who’s been a loser forever) gets an incredible woman to fall in love with him in 3 weeks? Shit, that just happened. I believe I should be pleased for him however I want it to be me. He explained he applied the the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I wish to hide out inside of a cave as we speak.

  51. Beach Bum

    Why is she not on the Radio with this song ????

  52. Natasja Winther

    such a good answer couldn't have said it better myself :)

  53. savannah luke

    wow you really have the guts so insult this girl and her wonderful voice! she is better than u thats a fact! she is better than a lot of professionals.

  54. Harrison Wou

    bullshit... are you autistic? quit the imagining, arrogant fool. =.=

  55. BeOneWithTheMusic

    Gahhh I love this song!! You are seriously such an amazing singer ily! Could you put this song on iTunes??

  56. Hanna Genarah

    My super ultra mega IDOL :)

  57. Damon Skyler

    My ugly cousin managed to make the most incredible pole dancer there is in my town fall in love with him because he used the Cupid Love System (search in Google). I wish I became joyful for him but I want such a sexy woman to fall for me. I'm seriously jealous. Does that mean I'm a terrible human being?

  58. destiny murray


  59. Kwynn Hill

    love song! she look so beautiful

  60. Trystan Wynn

    she can sing awesomely

  61. destiny murray

    she is such an amazing singer I wish I could sing that good!! (:
    <3 <3

  62. Prudence Artango

    It sounds like something that adele would sing . That's how professional you sound ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  63. timothy bbe

    great..i love u anna

  64. Gorru

    Looks like lip synching :/

  65. Annie Springate

    Love the smile at the end :)

  66. Loving Petz


  67. Angela Stewart

    What a lovely voice

  68. aymen felhi

    i like his music very much

  69. Elizabeth Fury

    my favorite one so far!!!! very Adele-esk. :) keep it up

  70. Maisiethe chickengeek


  71. archie977

    im looking forward to hearing her music in the future very talented

  72. Brett Mcleod

    You can get Anna's self titled debut album from iTunes or you can buy a physical CD from Anna's online store on district lines, If you go to Anna's official You Tube channel by clicking on AnnaGraceMusic under this video there are links to where you can buy her music :)

  73. Debbie IriguchiDebbieI

    Where can I get your music

  74. dazza readon

    notice she don't have time for you tube

  75. CptMatah

    She does have one album out now.

  76. mrs_shawnspencer

    yeah I think so

  77. mrs_shawnspencer

    I just wanted to say I have NO idea how many times ive jacked up my throat tring to sing this and the other songs... Stupid brockidis -how do you spell that? aint nobody got time for that

  78. Martin Hughes

    me too.

  79. Martin Hughes

    What a refreshing change from what we hear the youth of today singing. Bless you Anna. What an awesome song. One of my many favorites of yours.

  80. ilO

    Shes 13

  81. Antonio Alvarez

    How old is she?

  82. Hannah Cheers

    wow that beautiful :)

  83. Hannah Cheers

    did she make this up because she doesnt seem old enough to be talking about falling in love

  84. Natasha Eppes

    She can't be 11! AMAZING!!! She is beautiful!!!

  85. Morgan Charlotte

    I love how her voice is HUGE and then at the end she gives this innocent little smile.(;

  86. Caitlin Compton

    She really needs a record deal! This girl is AMAZING!

  87. cheyenne rodriguez

    soo true

  88. bibek gupta

    Fantastic video clip. I'm here due to the fact my mate unexpectedly became amazing with girls. He began attracting girls instantly. I found myself astonished. He pretended he didn't notice. He then explained it to me when he was drunk on Bourbon. He told me he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will discover it... He's dating a beauty...

  89. TwoGamerzz

    Omfg..... How can someone get that voice..?

  90. Rachael Gibbons

    Someone get this girl a Grammy for gods sake !!!!!!!

  91. Martin Hughes

    To Erik Stone's comment: Sad but true! I couldn't agree more that Anna is a "spectacular" performer. So much talent in such a small package.

  92. Erik C. Stone

    Thanks for standing up for this spectacular girl. There always seem to be haters on the most talented YouTube singers. I think they must be jealous of such great talent.