Anna Graceman - Dust Lyrics

When rain will never fall
And darkness begins to call
To anyone who will listen
Under the influence
Beneath the star's brilliance
Where we're secretly wishing

Can't keep up so we break down
Praising idols who wait around

We wave goodbye to our yesterday's
We watch as they go
And then we just stay in place
Cause we really don't know
What we're doing, we don't ask why
We give them our trust
Silently we look to the sky
As we turn into dust

Don't question or act afraid
Mask all of your raging hate
They say we're safe behind these bars
We've been told we'll be freed with time
Follow orders and stay in line
Someday we'll take back what's ours

Can't keep up so we break down
Cursing those idols who wait around

We wave goodbye to our yesterday's
We watch as they go
And then we just stay in place
Cause we really don't know
What we're doing, we don't ask why
We give them our trust
Silently we look to the sky
As we turn into dust

Embracing the pain as the days drag on
It's the only thing that will push me along
I can't find a way out
My hope is clouded by doubt

We wave goodbye to our yesterdays
As they're free to go
And then we just stay in place
Cause we really don't know
What we're doing, we don't ask why
We gave them our trust
Silently we look to the sky
As we turn into dust

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Anna Graceman Dust Comments
  1. Luis Daniel Barbosa

    Fucking rockstars. never stop going.

  2. Lorianne Stogsdill

    She puts so much feeling into these songs, and I think her voice is just so pure. She also is very beautiful. I love you, Anna, Landon and Allie!!!!!

  3. Demetrius Palacios

    I swear Anna looks like a young Scarlett Johansson??? Maybe even prettier???

  4. Kenneth Pensyl

    🌟, 👩‍❤️‍👩2️⃣🕶️➕🎧👉🏻.AG. 🎸🎙️💎🎙️🎸

  5. Larry From


  6. Chris Craft

    love it so much, great arrangement especialy trhe drumming...

  7. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Wooow!!! Fantástico! Excelente y genial siempre Anna <3 <3 <3 Allie <3 <3 <3 Landon :) :) :)
    Muchas gracias :) <3 Hermosa canción y video :) <3

  8. hisroyalness2

    I'M BACK TO SHARE AGAIN - love this and wish you would do a ton more. Always love your work, from Anna and with the band.

  9. Soggy Liquid

    I can sing almost half of her songs. I don't want to take credit for her song but I might sing this song in music class

  10. Soggy Liquid

    She inspires me a lot

  11. Saundra Kielborn

    Incredible voice!

  12. Elias Sebastian Cuba


  13. tubethatshitout

    the whole band is amazing

  14. Jordan Marshall

    I literally grew up with you Anna we are together in age. Thank you for all the great storytelling bc im a visualizer.

  15. TD Savage

    She has an amazing voice. And how old is she?

  16. MrKashio

    Hey Anna, Though u sneezed on a video of "Dust", is it all right? (>_<)
    Bless you~!

  17. Rodney lee

    more please===

  18. Glenn Hill

    Why in gods name are you not main stream music now. You still amaze me!!!!!!!!

  19. Hamza Youssoufi

    *you're just amaaazing <3*

  20. xyzzy19

    Your band looks so serious.

  21. Dr.Giggles

    Remember when she was 11 on america's got talent

  22. Elias Sebastian Cuba

    totally Beautyful Song!! she Is Soooo!! but Sooo000000!!! beautyFUL!! awwww!!#gracemanband #amazing #fan #Peru😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😎🎧🎹🎶👀🆒🆒🆒🎸🎤👀💋💋💋

  23. Elias Sebastian Cuba

    amazing Song!! love 4EVER!! Dustttttttttt!!💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💗💗💗💗💗💫💫💫🎸🎼🎹🔊🔊🔊Perfect Soundtrack!! Love her!! #Gracemanband #Amazing😍😍😍

  24. Kelly Durbin

    You are all amazingly talented

  25. Moirah246

    from a little girl who loves music to a MAGIC women

  26. daniel trask

    love anna singing and playing keyboards.....allie on guitar...awesome.....and landon on drums.....well done....well done....

  27. Greg Smith

    Anna will be like Keyes. She will have a singing career but she will always have a song writing career.

  28. Cyanne van Teijlingen

    wow this is sooo good i like words 2 😍😍

  29. kelsey howard

    I just discovered you. I came across one of your vids on Americas Got Talent (one of those shows) when you were 11 and WOW. I had no clue you were 17 til now. You're absolutely beautiful and amazing and incredibly talented and so genuine. You got my heart Anna Graceman❤️

  30. Tea Addict

    I'm absolutely obsessed with this song 😍😍😍

  31. jessica carter

    So Subcribing!+LOVE Your voice!Big Fan!

  32. Liliauna Cade

    u should go on americas got talent again <3

  33. Sally Trymi Sandigor

    My brother loves you....;)

  34. Sally Trymi Sandigor

    Berlin, Italy, We're waiting for you!!

  35. bierskoda

    ♫♫ •¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•--•¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤SUPER ¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•--•¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•♫♫

  36. Martin Balko

    I remember your "Superstar" which made my days nicer a few years ago...then I lost track of you and of your work...and now I have to say YOU ARE AWESOME ! GREAT WORK ANNA, I AM A GREAT FAN OF YOUR WORK...and you are beautiful too ;) I hope I would hear you alive some day :)

  37. This is my World

    Привет Anna.Могу помочь с музыкой(защита) обращайтесь в любое время

  38. stramayne

    Who directs and films these videos? they are really quite good. Not to mention the music! This is a great song!

  39. Luhkey Slurbage

    Awesome talents!! All of you. I've been following since AGT, and I simply LOVE what you do.

  40. Hero Trent

    Did you write this yourself or is this a cover? very beautiful song


    Anna writes all her music. Check out Graceman's new album "Rebel Days," which includes a song written by the guitarist (Anna's sister Allie). The songs are brilliant.

  41. bierskoda

    fantastic ! Since more than one year in Germany we couldn't hear you and your band for the GEMA stopped all new clips from you. Yesterday the GEMA and YT have had an agreement.
    Thanks for your music !

  42. Lizzy Blenker

    I remember when I first saw you in my sixth grade year you've all grown up so much, you were my inspiration to sing Anna..

  43. Savannah Seyler

    I bet you will get a singing scollership in highscool


    Savannah Seyler *scholarship :)

  44. Josephine Robles

    And to believe she just started her singing career on Americas Got Talent!
    She has such a beautiful singing gift while I'm over here lookin like a potato..
    Her first audition was an Alicia Keys song and now she has her own albums like wow!


    Actually she was performing much earlier that that. AGT and the Ellen DeGeneres Show just gave her national exposure.

    Terri Pahucki


    Terri Pahucki


  45. Nelson Gonzalez

    very good topic I congratulate you, I love your voice greetings from chile still so anna

  46. A Gentel Samuel

    how old are you here???

  47. DaveSpecter1065

    why you are not mainstream…I will never know

  48. juli peters


  49. juli peters

    just came here from watching her old antm audition but wtf she's so amazing

  50. Angelo Garatti

    beautiful sisters Graceman

  51. Angelo Garatti

    beautiful song and wonderful voice dear Anna

  52. Joseph Rupert

    I find it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that you are not the most famous and sought-after artist in the world. Yet.

  53. WhateverIsTrueASMR

    Damn this girl is still as talented as when I first saw her on TV!! Way underrated! 😱

  54. Bill Cooper

    The next Jewel but even more famous !


    Why hasn't this become a hit?! This is so greatttt❤❤❤

  56. Alexis Griffin

    you are great and you need to come to Juneau Alaska there is still people here who do want to see you again😁

  57. Todd Soule

    I love the beginning rift. Sounds awesome Anna, keep it up!

  58. Raegan Dangerfield

    I love you Anna!!!❤️❤️huge fan!!

  59. messaoudi hadi

    waaaaaaaaawwww i'm Totaly Amazed by your Voice i just sow you In America's got Talent then i looked for you i'm Amazed very good Luck With it wish you the shiniest days in all this world Angel Girl and sorry if i'm litle Late LOL

  60. Casper Neyt

    you're the best!

  61. Mike Shiferaw

    I have always admire you Anna. Good work!

  62. AwesomeGuy

    Bruh, she's so fucking GORGEOUS 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

    Holly G

    @AwesomeGuy sorry lol getting used to the new update XD

    Robert Johnson

    Holo G just

    Robert Johnson

    Holo G b

  63. Yes Sir!

    I don't need to say anything about Anna's talent, but that drummer is also very talented.

    Richard Forty

    He is Annas brother, and the guitarist is her sister. And I think both of them are approaching Anna in talent. They are turning into a great family band.


    Her sister looks like Anna when Anna was on AGT. Best of luck to her talented family.


    I totally see that! Funny how fast time flies!


    Cuivre yesss👌🏽

  64. Sandra J Hunter

    Hi Anna I love u!

  65. mesaeddie

    What a beautiful and talented family.

  66. Alexis Griffin

    you need to come back to Juneau Alaska

  67. Gene Clark

    Anna I first saw you on America's got talent and thought you was amazing. I'm a big fan and I would love to see you and your band live. Are going to do any live shows near Seattle any time soon?

  68. dopebahdope fresh

    dude, this is so good.

  69. Jay L

    I am left speechless!!! Extremely talented, very amazing, I love it!! Such a great voice!! Can't wait for more songs!!

  70. Anonymous

    Oh yay I love this girl and the band's still together! Don't stop, I watch all your videos. :)

  71. Darrius Plantz

    Move over Adele! Awesome song

  72. physix

    Perfect!!! Love your Voice nd ur Soul!! Make more of this, and colored the World!! Best wishes from Switzerland!

  73. DNE Momming

    I would love to see a new song/video of you soon :)

  74. Melody Reierson

    We miss you, and Cory from Montessori, haha he misses you! whenever I go back to visit his class, he still has your school picture on his wall!

  75. Jordan Richardson

    Oh my god you have such a beautiful voice, and your so pretty.😍😍

  76. TomDoesUtube

    She's the One .. a bright star in a dark sky ..

  77. im that girl

    Love it!

  78. emilia vdh

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  79. Siena de Guzman

    HAPPY Early Birthday, Anna!!!! My best wishes for you

  80. Siena de Guzman

    Is tomorrow somebody's
    17th birthday???

  81. S.I.T.E / Stars2come

    Another amazing song, you have always been a great vocalist, but it is evident you are a skilled writer as well.. love it

  82. Nancy Thornbrue

    I love this song... i know I've already commented but that was only for recognition. I just need to know how long it took you to learn how to play the piano like that... I can play but I can't make songs. I get one or two chords done and I cant do the rest of it bc i get stuck wondering what to put next.... how much longer do I have to practice playing it....?

  83. Candace Marie


  84. Fajar Sidiq

    is this original song?

    vivica villa

    Yes they wrote it

    Fajar Sidiq

    +vivica villa haha i was though that it's a cover song. bcause the title was "graceman band version" :v

    Fajar Sidiq

    +vivica villa *thought


    She also released her own solo studio and acoustic versions, so that's the reason for the title.

  85. Joao Pedro Alves

    After 5 years can you perform Alicia Keys' song "If I ain't got you" again?
    Thank you

  86. Sammy Simpson

    Awesome video. The sound achieved from three instruments is 'amazing' ... RUSH would be proud! The song speaks for itself, the lyrics and vocals are beyond magnificent, impressively splendid, and awe-inspiring perfection.

  87. Mockingbird Copycat

    Hey Anna G. Hope you post another vid soon and don't forget to put a Sia twist on it! (: And DON'T let the world, this crazy world, (I meant to do that) stop you!

    Mockingbird Copycat

    With Love! Johnny

  88. Jesse Estrella

    I love u since America Got Talent, I'll freze myself waiting for u!!! Haha, u are amazing!!

  89. Ryan Lehmkuhl

    Wow, I'm really starting to fall in love with your music! Telling all my friends about you Anna :D!

  90. KngSolmn

    Wow Anna! This is such a deep and dark song. I like it very much. I wrote a song about kids being bullied and killing each other you might like. Maybe I will share it soon. You rock by the way. Keep doing what you do in the music world. I, like many others believe you have an incredible gift. Don't burn out or go all Miley Cyrus on us and you'll be a survivor. Best of luck and keep up the great work.

  91. Tera Kitty litter

    She's so much better than anyone I've ever heard I don't understand how people are just letting her talent slip through the cracks it just doesn't make sense I'm 13 I remember watching her on Americas got talent and just looking up to her I was only 8 and now I look at her and she is and always has been the greatest singer I've ever heard and to this day she is my inspiration.

  92. Erin xo

    Remember seeing you on AGT things have changed so much since then

  93. Jenée Marie

    Wow such talent from every family member in this video! I can't believe you guys haven't been picked up yet. To hear your song on Disney radio or any radio would be awesome! You all are prodigies and your music deserves to be heard mainstream. I pray and wish the best for you three. Keep working hard:)

  94. Enhanced Calisthenics Athletes

    good job anna wish i could follow my dreams like you did from 2011 ive been rooting for you to make it big

  95. LSU Alum

    She's so cold now like damn