Anna Graceman - Change Is Coming Lyrics

The winds of change are blowin' past
And they cut me, like shards of glass
My life is gonna be turned upside down
And I'm losing my way, way too fast
You rub me the wrong way
Like wearing a sandpaper coat
It's all a lie, I'm saying good-bye
And the tears, they well up, in my throat

Ch change is coming
Ch change is coming, coming yeah
I see it coming down the track
Ch change is coming
Ch change is coming, coming yeah
Even though I'm moving forward
I keep on looking back

I'll fall to pieces if this is a mistake
'Cause it's staring me, right in the face
If I let go, oh yes I know
I'll disappear without a trace

Ch change is coming
Ch change is coming, coming yeah
I see it coming down the track
Ch change is coming
Ch change is coming, coming yeah
Even though I'm moving forward
I keep on looking back

The other side of change ain't so bad
If you get past all the pain
And right now I'm fighting with myself
From going against the grain
And even though it's strange

Ch change is coming
Ch change is coming, coming yeah
I see it coming down the track
Ch change is coming
Ch change is coming, coming yeah
Even though I'm moving forward
I keep on looking back

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Anna Graceman Change Is Coming Comments
  1. 이공

    노래 개좋다 미친

  2. Regina Phalenge

    wow after a very long time I rediscovered this song again! I still love this

  3. archie

    every time i hear this song it makes me feel good(":

  4. archiball archi

    no ta-trains are comin(":

  5. Golden Eagle

    Amazingly good and pro. U go 'girl'!

  6. kenneth williams

    My Voice box Or is that VocaL Your BeautifULL GirLmWoW, You , )({SmiLing },...AmaZing!!! So BeautifULl

  7. jonas vaugan

    Menina linda, você é um fenômeno!!!

  8. adam Blackmon

    Wow! She deserved to get as far as she got on AGT!!

  9. Freija Winterkind

    2:50 - 3:32 my favourite part! And it's amazing what a beautiful young woman she is now <3

  10. ziryahikayo chucks


  11. Gabriel Kenneth

    sino pinoy dito? hahaha alam niyo nasa isip ko

  12. archie977

    look out for any trains comin down the track ahahha jk beautiful song anna keep up the good work(":

  13. Andrey Bondar

    you know why she made this song, because she is about old enough to go through puberty (12 yr old)

  14. woswas denni

    i just hope that industry do not chew her and spit her out like they do so often specially with young artist. that she still can be a kid and do whatever she wants and needs todo on her way on growing up and that not the wrong people get influence on her.


    me to (:

  15. jazogomez


  16. Jojo Sumalpong

    hi idol..,

  17. SunShineLolliPop

    Anna has such wonderful talent. It blows me way! <3

  18. Rachel padgett

    U look so young on this video

  19. Artur Bracik

    unearthly voice .. and that smile .. :) Greetings from Polish

  20. mesaeddie

    It takes a real special kind of loser to give this video a thumbs down.

  21. Don Cortez

    Great Song! LOVE IT! =D

  22. Aimee Correia

    i love you anna <3 <3 <3 <3

  23. Johhny Bravo

    check out anna graceman's new song 

  24. Paccovilla ice

    lovely song !! Great singer !!

  25. Johhny Bravo

    Check out Anna Graceman 's new single "Treble Heart" on iTunes now, studio & acoustic version, amazing new song

  26. FeralChuck

    My new theme song. I just can't get enough of Anna. her talent, and this song. Change is comin folks...Just believe...

  27. Samantha Zheng

    WOW. i can say anything. It is too good to even comment

  28. James Thomson

    Great song Anna, well done!

  29. Joseph Rupert

    How cool! You got waves in your hair! (grandfathers have been trained to notice these things) LOL! Looks great, 

  30. D Chapman

    what a breath of fresh air. Magically TALENTED! thank you for Being

  31. Kiana T

    You have an amazing voice, luv it! Keep up the great work xx

  32. 西田つばさ

    love it!!!!

  33. HockeyaholicSeattle

    Simply amazing. Keep it up Anna. :)

  34. MrEdSnapshot

    Great job!!!

  35. Richard Eberle

    Keep it up,kid.You just keep gettin' better & better ! !

  36. archie977

    good song good music good video all the goods you lay the tracks thank you for posting:)

  37. andrew davison

    what a talent!

  38. Oscar

    Eres una niña muy  bonita y tocas bien.   You're a very pretty girl and you play well.

  39. Sanja Alta

    My favourite song.. ^_^

  40. Pamilia Slone

    i really looooooooooooooooove her voice it is so pretty.

  41. bdsimon

    Kids should really be discouraged from walking on railroad tracks

  42. danielle mariah

    my favourite song of hers

  43. Kendra Mccowin

    so beauitful it it just wanna make me cry <3 :D

  44. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Muy buena y genial canción, y hermoso video Anna!  <3  <3

  45. websyndicate1

    Beautiful and talented.  You should never follow the Miley Cyrus path to fame.  Your voice and songwriting talent will take you wherever you want to go.

  46. lolo sim


  47. Sanja Alta


  48. Susan Simon

    You be perfect in a taylor swift country setting.

  49. Susan Simon

    You should go into country/pop music..

  50. Brett Mcleod

    yes Anna writes her own lyrics and music, that's part of what makes her special, she is still an independent artist as well and pays out of her own pocket to make her music and videos, no help from any record company, she owns her own independent label Another Girl Records

  51. Hannahemily121

    Does she write her own songs?

  52. s e l e n e

    Don't turn

  53. s e l e n e

    I know right she's cool the way she is. Don't be like what vina tri suck said!

  54. Vina vina

    love the song, the singer, great talents, hope she wont turns like britney or miley

  55. s e l e n e

    Eres Hermosillo

  56. Oscar

    Que hermosa!

  57. Miles Bjorklund

    More like the best=)

  58. Miles Bjorklund

    How are you your really good

  59. André Filipe

    love it ,amazing song by an amazing girl!!!!

  60. Jimini525

    Duet w/Gavin Degraw = great music.

  61. Angela Deliz

    this song is so wonderful i cant wait until she releases an album

  62. silverbird58

    anna keep swingin thier listening . this is real good .

  63. archie977

    great song:)

  64. KngSolmn

    Anna, you have a special gift that many people, old, and young wish they had as well. As you go head-first into your new lifestyle, please, do not allow the "lifestyle" to overshadow your gift(cough,cough, Miley Cyrus. cough). You have an amazing background, and what seems, a humble upbringing. Keep it real. I'll be anxiously awaiting your first CD. Not just the singles, but a real album.

  65. Sara Lemieux

    Trop bonne

  66. Sophia Faust

    you are my musical inspiration your are awesome

  67. Mary De la Garza

    increible!!! toda una cantante

  68. lowlz13

    I fell in love with your voice a long time ago and still everytime i listen how many times can a person fall in love more than 1000 times thats for sure

  69. cristy ramirez

    wasn't she on the x factor :-)

  70. Jill De Munter

    Look at Nana en haar turnkunstjes

  71. Jihan Munatsir

    good voice

  72. Skye Winters

    Wonderful! Can you sing Burn by Ellie Goulding? Please?

  73. RingofRae RoR

    She's into Mariah ! The hair cut says it all...

  74. archie977

    this is the first song i ever heard of anna's i been a fan ever since

  75. Camryn Cooely

    You've changed so much from when we were little, Anna. I miss you so much! I'm glad to see how much you've come from singing me songs in your bedroom while playing on your little keyboard. I am just so happy for you! I hope we can talk soon. I love you(:

  76. Dennim Jeans

    This is so amazing I loved it you are the littlest best singer I have ever seen in my whole life

  77. archie977

    this song cuts through my heart of stone

  78. Mia robins

    your message is great well done singing

  79. archie977

    amazing song thank you anna for your beautiful music

  80. Jacob Brown

    Nice song

  81. isaac lane

    fucking AWSOME

  82. Keziah Lau

    You are brilliant!! Keep it up

  83. keith vanleeuwen

    love it

  84. archie977

    im looking forward to hearing your songs in the future

  85. archie977

    this is the greatest song i heard in a long time

  86. Nipun

    you are little angel..... and you know..... after 100 year, ppls love your amazing voice.....

  87. Summer Skye

    what a talented little girl

  88. Sara Kaufmann

    amazing ur inspiration is amazing and ur so pretty too

  89. archie977

    this is amazing anna your inspiration is clarity and vitality dont be afraid you know your right together we will change the world a better place to be.

  90. Abigail Petrey

    You are an amazing singer! I wish I was like you! Never stop singing because you have an awesome awesome talent that you should never give up!

  91. Riley Munson

    she looks older in this one

  92. Mavis Zhang

    Anna, Anna, you are so much better than those child stars these days... Keep up the good work as one of a kind! :)

  93. Jeff Murdock

    Anna...if you sing it, I'm gonna listen to it. Don't ever stop. Wow! Change is coming just became my favorite.

  94. hannahakerstt

    A train is coming a train is coming! Love U!!!

  95. Mary Nowicki

    ong!: )

  96. gotfriends101

    LOOK OUT...... A TRAIN hahaha lol Jk. Very good

  97. steven bathurst

    What a beautiful girl, what a beautiful talent, she will be going places!!!!!