Anna Graceman - Can We Figure It Out Lyrics

Lately, I've been thinking 'bout our past
And how you used to love me
And I'm wondering if you still love me today?
All I'm sayin' is...

If I were standing in the same place as yesterday
Would you love me the same way?
If I were standing in the same place as yesterday
I'd figure it out

I know I've changed and so have you in so many ways
But why can't we stand in the same place

If I were standing in the same place as yesterday
Would you love me the same way?
If I were standing in the same place as yesterday
I'd figure it out

Is is wrong to think that we might be the way we were
Are you still him? Am I still her?
I need to know sooner or later so I can move on with my life
Why is it taking so long baby to figure out your life?
If I were standing in the same place as yesterday
Would you love me the same way?

If I were standing in the same place as yesterday
I'd figure it out
Can we figure it out?
I need to figure it out
Can we figure it out?
I need to figure it out, can we figure it out?
Can we figure it out?
I need to figure it out
I need to figure it out

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Anna Graceman Can We Figure It Out Comments
  1. Sammy Simpson

    still love watching these older videos all the time!!

  2. archie


  3. Pumpkin Spice

    Who's listening in 2018?

  4. Richard Rado

    im your shool anna, 😂💟

  5. archiball archi

    thank you for sharing your joy with us anna graceman(":

  6. Lodo comello love

    love you 😍 😍

  7. Wendy Costa

    she is awesome

  8. Anita Coz

    Esta es una de la más hermosasa canciones que he escuchada , aparte Treble Heart ¡esta canción merece un oscar!.Wonderful Music.

  9. archie977

    this songs got magic in it

  10. archie977

    this is the first song i heard by anna i was listening to it and was like wow what a beautiful song ive been a fan ever since

  11. gr sm

    Anna puts a Band Aid on a crappy day. Not once but always.

  12. Juliana Messias


  13. archie977

    amazing articulate talent

  14. Michael Lashbrook

    sing this to me when I was your age...omg...I am so thinkin back....I have a tear...sorry're wonderful!!!

  15. qwertypie

    You truly amaze me.

  16. Cassandra Bandura

    wow! Anna Graceman you are so beautiful and such an amazing singer especially for your age. I have been wacthing your videos every sinse i saw you on america's got talent! keep up the great work, and amazing song. I think this is my favourite so far. You have so much talent and passion for your music keep it up sweetie :)

  17. Maggie Felix

    REALLY ? o.O

  18. GTRaycer

    This is one of my favorite songs from you, Anna! :)

  19. Theunicornoficecream

    Keep going on - With your talent. But remember to be a child, while you still can and let the music and songs grow with you. ;)
    Greetings from Denmark.

  20. Kate Graham

    omg girl you are so great...

  21. Abcde210cl

    I like more the acoustic version, because i love watching you playing the piano :)

  22. Chinira Washington

    I can sing too (:

  23. Timothy Rogers

    Another fantastic Song Anna Banana, I'll never get tired of hearing your voice. Keep up the good work. Did you like the picture of me surfing that I sent you? Have a great day and watch out for moose. LOL

  24. Timothy Rogers

    Yes it would be such a treat to meet Anna someday, I don't know her but I want the very best for her in her career and in her life. Hey Anna, hurry back to Orange County. Tears and Goosebumps still, when I hear parts of her songs. Keep on rocking Rich. Stay safe. Tim in Huntington Beach, Ca.

  25. Rich Goldberg

    I hope to meet her someday. She's insanely talented and seems very genuine. I've been a musician most my life and a fellow pianist

  26. Timothy Rogers

    Just wait until she's 14. LOL But Realy, Anna is years and years ahead of her age when it comes to writing and composing her music. Anna has absorbed the spirit, of all the Hall of Famers that came before her. Anna has a gift like no other, knowing what the people want to hear, is just one of her gifts.

  27. Simona jánošová

    <3 amazing artist

  28. Lance Cross

    What an amazing girl! Mom and Dad must be extremely proud.

  29. FallenAngels

    Pretty young lady. Most of the 12 year olds around me are slutty... She has some respect for herself! That's great
    (No I am not a pedo I am 16)

  30. Mike Rondeau

    You're awesome young lady, keep going!

  31. TheHoldes79

    Amazing talent:)

  32. david williams

    are u sure your 12 bc u dont sound lke it or look like your to beauitful to be true

  33. Christine Marie

    living your dream is good.your a good inspiration,amazing singer,and a role model

  34. Juliane W.

    lalalaa every time i listen your songs i have to sing c:
    you're amazing. ♥

  35. Juliane W.

    love youuu

  36. daniel trask

    amazing your music

  37. Tiffany Martin

    Amazing :) <3

  38. Juliane W.

    yes ! she's so great ... (:

  39. Juliane W.

    AWESOME ! i ♥ this song. i ♥ all your songs ! &&&&&&&&&& i ♥ you ! you're a soooo good singer . just amazing c:

  40. basketgirl2323

    I can listen to your songs on repeat all day!! Wonderful! When writting your songs, do the lyrics or piano part come first?

  41. dana f

    your eyes>>>>>>

  42. Amanda O'connor

    WOW!! Anna your truelly AMAZING!!

  43. EarlyFires

    Beautiful !

  44. David Cross

    A beautiful voice to go along with a beautiful face

  45. Sharke2121

    Remarkable song Anna!! You will go far! Never let anyone limit your dreams!!

  46. William Simpson

    Awesome song Anna ! Your beatiful, beatiful, voice just amazing still, i just can`t help myself when i see you have a new song up, to click on the video and listen to a superstar sing. Best wishes !

  47. marcandremartial

    It's AsNice & AsWonderful AsTheWay I Believe-In-You Always - You're PrettyCute & PrettyNeat & I Adore-You BigTime Always - Well Done My LittleSister - Say Ur BigBro Here Lost All His Money Gambling On A Sure Thing At The Casinos - Can U Send Me More Money And Definitely Don't Tell Mom Or Dad About It - I Don't Need Another Lecture For I Got Another Sure Thing And This Time The Odds Are Really In My Favor - I Can't Lose And Then I Will Never Place A Bet Again, Just One More Time Is All I Need :))

  48. Brett Mcleod

    What can i say that to you i haven't already told you so many times before, Keep believing :)

  49. Ross Mannell

    Anna, change is a part of every life and with changes in our life it can leave us wondering if we can still feel the same towards others. It seems you have an understanding in your songs beyond your years.
    "If I were standing in the same place as yesterday
    Would you love me the same way?"
    It would take some figuring out but that is also part of life.

  50. MrMuziekfan

    Beautiful song and you sing it wonderful,i like it so if i like your voice, AMAZING job Anna ! :)

  51. QQTrick1QQ

    Wow beautiful, your vibrato just shines in this song, your headed down history road with so many of the Greats, Your amazing kiddo!

  52. Hans Oropallo

    Alright whens your next concert. I'm a fan! By the way i'm the singer/song writer for the Adolescence if you haven't figured it out yet!

  53. geryo88

    comm'on, the girl has a great voice and sings very well... but nobody want a twelve (?) years old girl singing this kind of melodyc rithm and thematic... there is no truth in it. She should either be preparing herself studying music for when she gets older or singing stuff wich are appropiate for her age

  54. drognanaik

    You are soo amazing Anna:)
    Its a very touching and beautiful song, wonderful done!!


  55. Faustino Cruz

    pretty song and picture anna keep it up you we know you can do it

  56. Rayna Brantner

    you have an amazing voice. its hard to believe how young you are. but you are truly amazing!! keep singin:)

  57. William Fretz

    I don't think there is a way to describe this....Thumbs up a million times over

  58. Rich Goldberg

    are you sure that you're 12? Just amazing :)

  59. Buddy Godfrey

    Made my morning.

  60. stephen horn

    your amazeing :)

  61. lepaintre123

    Toujours ravie de t'entendre chaire Anna !!! .Encor une belle composition à ton répertoire .

  62. xyzzy1234567

    Awesome! You are up ver early.

  63. stramayne

    Nice, new different version. Do you still play piano on this version?

  64. Athena Lau

    Cong. to new album. A must-buy item for collection.

    Support to songwriter and singer

  65. daimeun32347

    I have been watching you for a few years now.. You've grown up so much, very beautiful girl.

  66. MusicalPixie

    Sounds amazing Anna. :)

  67. Megan Kimball

    Anna, what are you doing up so early?!? btw, i love all of your songs!

  68. Zero O

    I love you Anna



  70. Loquium

    Great job. love your voice =)

  71. beautybaby413

    Omg I love your music sooo much Anna! You are amazing-3! Never forget. That cause you are awesome!

  72. Marcy

    Hi!! :) i'm Mark Huang, im a teen singer/songwriter, mind checking out my channel and following me on twitter?? thanks! <3 @MH199737