Anna Graceman - Bad For Me Lyrics

Gasping for air when I'm breathing you in
Fire in your stare turn my walls into ashes
Stand at the edge, have I already fallen?
Start to forget, or I'm simply ignoring

I'm no good for you and you're bad for me
Maybe we are consumed by the tragedy
Cause we're getting lost in the game
Always fighting fire with flames
I'm no good for you and you're bad for me
Bad for me

I see you best when we're here in the dark
Drums in my chest, have we taken it too far?
Sweet on your lips, any lie would convince me
Hard to resist and it's got me forgetting

I'm no good for you and you're bad for me
Maybe we are consumed by the tragedy
Cause we're getting lost in the game
Always fighting fire with flames
I'm no good for you and you're bad for me
Bad for me

Bad for me

If we're wrong for each other
Why do we try so hard
At trying to keep this together
Even when we fall apart
Yeah we're wrong for each other
But we try so hard
I guess we're better together
Than we are when we're apart

I'm no good for you and you're bad for me
Maybe we are consumed by the tragedy
Cause we're getting lost in the game
Always fighting fire with flames
I'm no good for you and you're bad for me
Bad for me

Cause we're getting lost in the game
Always fighting fire with flames
I'm no good for you and you're bad for me
Bad for me

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Anna Graceman Bad For Me Comments
  1. newwest360

    age now?

  2. Skeezy G

    Omg another great song and you are so beautiful. Marry me!

  3. Naomi Hardin

    This girl does NOT get the recognition she deserves!!

  4. Shawn MICHEAL

    One of a kind beauty

  5. John Doe

    Anna was never given the credit she deserved through AGT but now, she doesn't need it. I still wish they would they would bring her back and acknowledge her undeniable talent.

  6. Em Q

    The chorus is 💫💫💫💫

  7. Anonymous

    She should go on AGT again to gain more of a following


    @John Doe Yeah, Ik, but she could gain more traction if she went on it again, like how ppl redo Idol now that social media's bigger

    John Doe

    @Anonymous I think Anna has a lot more notoriety in the entertainment business than we know of. You can see it in the level of her music videos. I do wish she was a little more visible but being visible in the entertainment industry comes with a price. My impression of Anna and her family is that she is happy with a nice little income from her music where it lets her remain living comfortably in Alaska. I like your user name BTW. :-)


    @John Doe thanxz / yeah ❤ her music anyway/won't be forgetting her any time soon

    John Doe

    @Anonymous I've never forgotten her since seeing her on AGT. I want AGT to go to her but I don't think she needs to go to AGT. You know what I mean.


    @John Doe True, they should def have her as a guest act or something

  8. ses mütehassısı

    hello Anna! from turkey.. I've been following you since 2010

  9. Steve Gallo

    Incredible song and video! Love it!

  10. Rusty Greer

    Great video!!! I love the new song.. i can't wait to see all of these on an album!!!

  11. Ge heim


  12. Brent Peterson

    💘 0 babie pleeeesss ; )

  13. Concentratedpowr

    Good song. Wondering why your videos typically have weird aspect ratios. I think it'd be nice to see 16:9 or 2.4:1.

  14. Rovin Nomire

    Anna, run fast, run far, save yourself years of future heartache. :) Btw1, you posted this on my day - nice b-day present. Btw2, your voice is one of the best around, anywhere. One I'll never tire of.

  15. William Crissey

    Anna,Hope All Is Well ! God Bless,Col.Bill O:)

  16. wyzapple

    This song is Good for me!

    I love it.

  17. Eric De Boeck

    Beautiful,I love it :-)

  18. Dylan Seaman

    thx Anna. good words. great song on the headphones. (production is amazing)

  19. Terren D

    Rock it Juneau girl! <3

    Crazi Singer

    YESSS 💖💖💖

  20. Bonjovicrzy

    Anna awesome song I know you write your own songs , love the video .. too .. Always been a fan since the first time seeing you on AGT you have turn into a beautiful young woman

  21. michael john clark

    But I think I love you ? Michael xxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxox

  22. Lokere

    Люблю тебя Малышка.

  23. divit dean

    Loved it great job, Anna

  24. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Wooow!!! Hermoso video! :) :) Excelente!
    Muchas gracias Anna <3 <3 <3 ;))
    Me encanta el video :) <3

  25. Josh Brooks

    Outstanding Anna. You got it!

  26. Jota Jota

    Alguém do BR ?

  27. B T

    This one hit many relationships like this and it was because I didn't try. Great song as always and your voice is as pure and pitch perfect as they come. Keep em coming.

  28. Brooke Falls

    nice vibe! love it :)

  29. Kirrily Ferngrove

    This is very good, and that's why I don't like it. Bad boys always get the good girls, and the good guys always miss out. Life sucks.

  30. S Tramayne

    Anna Graceman has yet to disappoint me. Another great tune. I bought it just the other day. I am so pleased Anna has not sold out and starting turning out the stereotypical run of the mill pablum everybody else does.

  31. mike kane

    Good Song !

  32. Robin Gough

    Why the hell don't you have a recording contract?

  33. Ellen Gandell

    Amazing 😦

  34. William Gardner

    I thought it was about cheez cake

  35. texasroper

    Awesome Anna, always thrilled to see a new video from you...this is a great song, with your special touch...incredible lyrics, and an artist video, fun concept. I can see a ton of effort put into this...thanks for sharing, best of everything to you...Kent, Texasroper

  36. Rocky Hooah!

    Absolutely beautiful! The song was awesome too. :-)

  37. Magic T. Yang

    Song was blazing hot firee 🔥 🔥 🔥 two negative makes a positive... Good person with bad habits...bad person with good habits. Shiiii it's bad for me already.

  38. Robert Johnson

    #original #pop Fellow Music Enthusiasts, premier singer-songwriter, Anna Graceman has just released a super original tune, called, "Bad for Me." Please subscribe, 'like' and share widely on YouTube. Click the 'bell' icon to receive notice of future releases.

  39. Elias Sebastian Cuba

    🎸🎶💥💥💥🚗🔊🔊🎶🎶🎶this impressive your video love💞, is intense heart💘, the sound is perfect,🔊🎶🎶 your voice incredible, I like you sweetness.🤗😍😍😍😈📲🤙🚬🍨🚬🍨#BADFORME #LOVESONG #ANNIELOVEU...💋💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  40. landglider

    Listening on a 65” big screen and hoping/expecting to hear a great song (which I’ve come to expect from you over the last 10+ years) and darn it the audio clarity makes it a CHORE to hear your lyrics. Remember when your parents went to such efforts to record your songs with great audio equipment?

    Seriously, it’s such a joy to hear your voice clearly when the lyrics take zero effort to understand. Maybe it’s the way the audio was mastered... Please, don’t let this aspect of your efforts be the one that affects your success.

    Dan Gatton

    no problem with my 5.1 audio maybe its your setup

  41. Peter Karlsson

    WOW 👏👏👏

  42. Charles Szczepanek

    Love the song and great video! Sweet use of the 4:3 video to add to that vintage feel!

  43. zombie zombies

    This Is Hellllllaaaaa wounderfull I wish I can create music like how u do. I write and think about some gud tunes but I end up forgetting how was it like in the next day 😂 but I swear this is what I call realllll talent!! that was magnificent!!! and inspiring ☺

  44. 의자Tube

    She's pretty. Her voice is very good.

  45. CurtisGoesAwesome

    Loved it Anna. This song is awesome. Go Awesome!!!!!!

  46. Kyra Hanes

    Dang girl! This is so good. You really have grown and I am so proud of all that you have accomplished. Way to go. This is an amazing music video for an amazing song. Ahhhh! Can’t get enough of it! So proud!!

  47. Gérard L.

    Yesssss A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

  48. Dan Black

    Awesome song and great video! Your voice is amazing!

  49. Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    Stay away from the cigarettes. They are so bad. And run from the bad guys too. Enjoyed

  50. Ludwig O. Santos


  51. Lou Brock

    Very nicely done, Anna! You and your team create some great songs. Keep it going, youngster!

  52. Eric Fullerton MUSIC

    Great song, love it! It gets stuck in my head.

  53. Andrew D

    Another great song from this talented girl !

  54. spongefreddie

    Yet another element of secret sauce: style. :)

  55. Turtlefoot91

    Story of my Ex :P

  56. dEBA Maisnam

    Stay rare . stay true . Don't sell your soul for the fame . Stay as you are .

  57. Gladiolus Jade


  58. Jean Gauthi

    Superb ! Thank you Anna, I feel like it's been a long time since your last video. We miss you ! ❤️❤️

  59. Howsotope

    Can anyone subscribe to my poor unwatched channel,🤔🙄 i always subscribe this kind of sexy girls

  60. Skinra

    Dope !! I'd like to hear that on the radio / tv 🔥

  61. Hector A. P. Rosas

    Her music should be TOP 10 on the world, not Despacito.

  62. ALAN

    Fantastic performance by the best girl singer in the world in my opinion all love from Jordan ❤️💙❤️💙

  63. jayvee deguzman

    Your so grown up ❤ your so beautiful anna😶



  64. Elvan Dylis

    Anna you have always been an amazing musical auteur and this beautiful song shows how your skills are deepening and rising all the time!! 🙏

  65. V K

    Your so grown up ❤️ beautiful


    V K you’re

  66. huyked

    This song has a great driving force/beat to it. I like it!
    Also, the concept/lyrics of the song is quite interesting. Very cool, Anna. Great job on another creation. Thank you, and cheers!

  67. Stephan

    Dear Anna, great Song, always on your way....Greeetings, Stephan.... ;-)))

  68. John WS

    Exciting music Anna! Glad to be following you on Patreon and YT! Love John xx