Anna Graceman - Army Of One Lyrics

Have you heard of all those people throughout history?
Sure you have, and that's what I want to be
I'm standing tall to prove what is right
So here I am to fight...

I am an army of one
I'm not the one who is done
You may have an army of millions
But I will have won!
I am an army of one
And now that the fight's just begun
Taking one step at a time
As an army of one

You may look at me and see something small
But that's not all
You'll discover there's so much more to me
I can be stronger and that makes me better, I will be brave!

I am an army of one
I'm not the one who is done
You may have an army of millions
But I will have won!
I am an army of one
And now that the fight's just begun
Taking one step at a time
As an army of one

Take a good look at me
I'm not going anywhere
Don't stand in my way
Cause I'm almost there!
I am an army of one
I'm not the one who is done
Will you stand up and fight
As an army of one
We are an army of one
We've got some work to get done!
We're taking one step at a time
As an army of one
As an army of one

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Anna Graceman Army Of One Comments
  1. Vangidism C

    Man, haven't come here for a long, long time now. Need a change of pace

  2. Kaylee Pilgrim

    Oh my gosh Anna! I also sing and paly piano and you have been my inspiration for a LONG time now! Thank you for inspiring me, or i wouldn't be how far i am right now🎹🎤🎼

  3. michelle williams

    She is my favorite singer of all😍

  4. Jhonnel Velasquez

    Anna, you are a very talented girl.... :)

  5. Evelyn walsh

    30 people are too blinded by jealousy to realize what true talent this is! LUV u Anna! Keep goin!

    Vangidism C

    Love how its 5 years later now and the dislike count only grew by 3.

  6. Ticia Costa

    Gostei da sua voz.. Você pode se tornar uma ótima cantora, basta se esforçar mais, e seguir seu objetivo :D

  7. Kyla Williams

    I like it

  8. bierskoda

    Hearing all that lyrics from her may be she's a young GOETHE. I believe in future we will have some surprises.

  9. bierskoda

    ♫♫ •¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•--•¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤ SUPER ¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤•--•¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤• ♫♫

  10. Cam P

    Great one of my favorites

  11. Robert Brownell

    A great song. Good pick Anna Graceman! :)

  12. archie977


  13. André Vieira

    Amazing Anna, Amazing Grace! :))

  14. Summer Cook


  15. Bridget Collette

    But Anna is the best on the piano. She kicks it!

  16. Bridget Collette

    Jada is good. I know my Alyssa would love her music.

  17. Tvvlor

    One of my favorite songs!!! I'm 13 and a long time fan. Your a real inspiration Anna. Keep up the great work. <3

  18. Charley campbell-weaver

    i love this song <3

  19. Renata R

    great job

  20. Abcde210cl


  21. RebeccaRose

    i only have like 3 and they r from like a yr ago but i would luv it if u watched them

  22. austin scott

    god if i only had the kind of talent this girl has

  23. brenda arterburn

    Anna is the most talented 12 yr. old I've ever seen. Beautiful voice, plays more than one musical instrument, and writes her own music and lyrics. I'm sure her star will shine bright for many yrs. to come. Love you, Anna. Brenda

  24. Caroline

    me too! Name of my faves that you NEED to look up
    Megan Landry
    Jada Facer
    Emily Bear

  25. Murderous Caterpillar

    reply to this comment if u have a bunch of vids of you singing on your channel plz. i really love finding new talents in the world, new dreams.

  26. Jess Hrich

    love it!

  27. Casey Hornsby

    your eyes and voice are amazing <3

  28. Ambra Mumford

    How can a 9-year-old write this song? It's incredible. Love you ♥

  29. CeeCee Fullen

    Beautiful voice (:

  30. Charles McManus

    you were 9 in this video that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Alicia Orozco

    i couldn't even write twinkle twinkle little star.. omg she's so talented, i sing too.. but god, she kick my ass xD

  32. Jasmyne Everett

    Who would dislike this song ?

  33. zakiyyah farrah marion aquino

    anna graceman is a great singer i love all of her songs i listend to every one and i loved them all my fav one is so complicated and im ten years old and i love to sing and i wish i had her voice

  34. Cole Buss

    Ein weiblicher Michael Jackson :) Sie haben ernsthafte Talent! Halten Sie sich Ihre tolle arbeit! :)

  35. Jay Santi


  36. onceuponatime

    school only has three days left to it for the year..... when summer comes i want to write my own songs. anna, you are such an inspiration. your songs say what is in my heart that i have trouble getting out. thanks for that. keep singing girly, i know you will be even more famous one day, you will own the stage. are you on itunes yet - army of one :) ?

  37. Mykelti Altier

    You have inspired me to write my own songs. I have written 3 songs this month! You are an AMAZING artist and I hope you go far! :)

  38. Gwinny Music

    9?! 9!!?!?!?

  39. abrianna99

    outstanding u r amazing u really r and th fact that u write ur own songs is just amazing i love your music

  40. nexus beats

    god some people need to face the fact that theyre not as good im not but at least im not an idiot about it !!!!!!

  41. tanisha white


  42. Ece579

    If you back on America's Got Talent, sing this song! Its amazing!

  43. Torey L.

    Anna- just ALWAYS ignore all of the negative comments here.. and all those people who hit dislikes probably like you but are to jelous for your beautiful voice. ILY!!!! <3

  44. Sarah Moffitt

    Wow your voice I love ya and keep singing please you doing good job

  45. may RVG

    born to make music...period!

  46. Erica Black

    I lovee this song:)

  47. Brooke Roberts

    you go girl XD!

  48. Leno_Kr

    i think he did Rong on purpose to fit the acrostic for HATERS

  49. Patrick Callahan

    Hey, I agree with your comment, I love this little girl, she's incredible. but it's SOOOO funny that you have "R-ong about most things they say or comment about", because that's the WRONG way to spell wrong.. hahhahaha.

  50. Gears God

    Their* not there,
    Wrong* not rong,

    learn to spell.

  51. spawn2882

    Good stuff, as always.

  52. Arnali Raiza

    . . AMAZING,ONE,
    go0d j0b!!

  53. Michael Grant

    Great lyrics Anna as well as acoustics........ the sky's the limit! You're only limited my your imagination; keep up the great works...

  54. ilovemymarine143

    BEAUTIFUL u totally gave me chills

  55. Rhianna

    BEST SONG EVRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

  56. CptMatah

    Wow, its so true Anna, your voice is like an army of one. Its like your songs are like a good Dorito's chip, you cant just stop with one.

  57. Anthony Pandora

    It makes her sound more like her age unlike her other songs. Not a bad thing though she is amazing I hope one day I get to write with her.

  58. Flatwoods Monster

    @doodle0495 i think your right

  59. Flatwoods Monster

    it never gets old

  60. Kendallyn Ball

    you and your voice are so beautiful!!!!

  61. Rennasan

    Absolutly Amazing!!!!

  62. Eliza Rose Faigel

    @sarahmusic1111 *Eager *Wrong *Their

  63. arizonan800

    @jorrrrheurrutia no, people are cussing in the comments

  64. P2000Camaro

    @Madelinca Nah, 24 people are just idiots who don't understand talent when they see it. Either that or just trolls. The only time I ever pay attention to the "upvote/downvote" bar is when I click on a video that I already believe is fake, and I want to see if I'm right. Other than that, I don't even worry about it.

  65. Madelinca

    24 people were crying so hard because they loved it as much as i do and accidentily hit the dislike button in an attempt to hit the like button <3 :)

  66. arismileyful

    So beautiful i cant describe it and this is my fave song by her

  67. Emily Roze Jones

    does anyone know where i can get the sheet music for this song? i wanna learn it SO BAD!!! its an amazing song :)

  68. ChesterArtPhotograph


  69. MultiRocker64

    OK there should be a choice for awesome on that you'r reaction thingy

  70. Ahnika Scarlett

    22 ppl are on drugs

  71. Nam Nguyen

    best of your songs!

  72. CazFraz

    I love this song it's so inspirational!

  73. CptMatah

    All my friends ive let listen to Anna's music loved her voice and music. A friend of mine who was in a tribute band heard her voice and he was like, WOW!! Nice pipes and power, especially at such a young age. Personally, I think Anna's voice is far better than some of the music stars out singing now. I don't really know that many singers out there that can make your eyes water and get goose bumps like Anna does with her beautiful voice.

  74. Emily Roze Jones

    ur so pretty and talented :) u will most definatly go far :D

  75. drew scarbrough

    @Catie1780 i agree

  76. Kelly45y

    we LOVE you. ♥

  77. Catie Jayne xoxo

    can you plz plz plz put out a CD with all your origanal songs on it... so many people would buy it, me included :) you have and amazing voice and can get the message across in your songs! :)) plz and thank you

  78. Jaimee Keenan

    @limogirll29 she can b famous and brilliant when she an dher parents choose to and its non of ur biussness to make decisions fer her

  79. Ariana Parker

    Your An Amazing singer!!!

  80. Boffo Decleune

    She's a star already! Her age is what makes her talent a gift to all of humanity. She is this talented from birth, so I don't see anything wrong with her being a star right NOW!!!
    You go Anna!!!!!

  81. wolfdenpaul

    @annagracemanrox Good luck all so.

  82. thethingabouthappiness

    I LOVE this song, I think it is one of her best.

  83. vickie green

    Really like this one. It suits you well!!!

  84. bb4aa

    Outstanding composition! Wonderful interpretation!
    Unbelievable that you was only 9 when composing and singing this song!

  85. Lii_lii_

    your just a baby.. please.... Please use your brilliant brains to become a star when your 'older'...

  86. Lucy Williams

    Love this song! when i got bullied i listened to this! xx Keep going Anna! xx

  87. Jack Daugherty

    Anna, I feel you don't give yourself enough credit on your vocals. You are the whole package. In 3 years you have improved 10 fold on both vocals and piano. Keep your modest innocence, and personality , and you will be breaking records in no time flat.

  88. Adam Bassal

    who ever disliked r mean and deaf!

  89. Charles N

    She`s 11 but a soul of much older , but thats where music comes from and she`s got it !! She has music in her soul , nothing more to say except it`s easily seen and heard . TY A.G

  90. tonto20456

    Anna when i liston to this song i see you at the bace of the twin towers standing there on each note clearing a way the ruble that shocked so many that woke us up and brought us tumbling on a horable day cleaning up the rubble and slowly music like you just by a voice helping heal the world of fight slowly heal years it has taken us to heal only to be standing alone looking at the people asking who is the one one to stand there an gide us back the clean up is done but the memories.

  91. simnesan

    Anna, I just got through listening to "Army of One" with the Orchestral Arrangement by Matthew Wayne, Vocal and Piano - Anna Graceman.
    and uploade to You Tube by autismusicltd.
    This is another of your songs that would be great with a Cello, Violin and maybe a good electric base player accompanied by your Piano playing. The drums need to lighten up a good bit or just be done away with altogether.

    Keep on keeping on but be sure to take time to enjoy your life.

  92. Meg C

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  93. Ryan Lambert

    AMAZING song but not the best picture of you I have seen. But you are still beautiful! <3 <3 <3

  94. ryan97303

    haha she sounds just like justin bieber haha. anyways shes really talented.

  95. Vanessa2Pluz

    i wish i could sing like this

  96. Bocipherus

    I haven't seen the other contestants and I hope she wins

  97. Meg C

    you should sing this song for AGT everyone will luv it!