Anna Clendening - Who I Am Lyrics

I've got one big pair of uneven eyes
And there's no gap between my thighs
But that's alright
I've got a crooked smile like a crocodile
And my arms so hairy I belong in the wild
I'm flawed, scars and all

You see flaws, I see beauty
I wish you could see what I see
I see love (love, love)
And that's enough for me (for me, for me)
I'm not ashamed of who I am
See what you want, I don't give a damn
I see love (love, love)
And that's enough for me (for me, for me)

I am who I am
I am who I am
I am who I am
I am who I am

So you can go ahead and tear me down
But I'm thirty feet high above the ground
Loving every last inch of me
Far from perfect but I'm worth it
I have a meaning and a purpose
All my flaws make me complete

You see flaws, I see beauty
I wish you could see what I see
I see love (love, love)
And that's enough for me (for me, for me)
I'm not ashamed of who I am
See what you want, I don't give a damn
I see love (love, love)
And that's enough for me (for me, for me)

I am who I am
I am who I am
I am who I am
I am who I am...

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Anna Clendening Who I Am Comments
  1. Aaliyah. Cr

    This song has done so much for me with helping me learn to accept the way I am and I feel so much better whenever I remember this song and I just hope that you have an amazing day! And maybe if you come back to this song and release it, it can reach even more people,💗💗

  2. Izzy Thomas

    This song...lately I've been hating my gut so much. I see every imperfection on myself. And none on other people. Anxiety also makes me relate so hard. We're our biggest critic. So to any guys or girls anyone in general. Whom hates themselves, who sees all your own imperfections. I'll always be person out their whom will see all your flaws as beauties, don't beat yourself up. Keep loving yourself no matter what they say! Also thank you Anna, you helped me alot with this song.

  3. Kiana Kahele

    Love it....

  4. Emma Stringa

    2019 and I still love this song I've been diagnosed with a illness called lipodema this year which causes me to be bigger than other people but I embrace it because this is who I am 🤩💜

  5. Comedy Gurl

    I use to think flaws meant something like pretty, it’s true though, flaws are pretty ^^

  6. jstar Porter

    i know the feeling, most time i feel worthless, but i am trying my best to not let the feeling take over my life, most days i feel like Giving up

  7. Saria Alexandria

    I need all your music on Spotify

  8. DaniMix DJ

    you are amazing!, greating from chile
    i wish living in this side of the world... only to give you a hug!

  9. xxlexda girlxx

    She is amazing

  10. xxlexda girlxx

    This song is the definition of me 😁😁😁

  11. BlueLinkGamer

    your beautiful

  12. BlueLinkGamer

    2019???? I love this song

  13. - Gacha Senpai -

    Someone needs to make this into a piano tutorial😱😱😱😱😍

  14. Sleeping Cinderella

    I see beauty too

  15. Elizabeth Chapel

    love this one

  16. Kristane Collins

    i think you lost weight since this and i really see how you have changed even tho ou were so pretty when you made this

  17. Madi Renze

    Love this!!!!

  18. Hannah Myers

    I love this song. I recently starting cutting myself do to depression and anxiety. This song makes me so happy and makes me forget all about my flaws. I love you so much and thanks so much for this video

  19. Volsufrick

    I am amazed by this! It's a pretty catchy song with a message and that's what I like but most importantly I respect you and love you for who you are, for the strength and inspiration you have and you give. You are powerful, we are stronger.

  20. Michelle


  21. Fun.With.Leeah 101


  22. Fun.With.Leeah 101

    This is an amazing song LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU AWE5

  23. Amber Matheny

    You go girl!

  24. WeirdoQueen14

    I love all of your songs

  25. Kayla Nguyen

    This made me so emotional because I’m very insecure about myself and I deal with depression and social anxiety, I’ve hated myself for a really long time I’m barely getting better and I’m just so worried about other’s happiness and not so much about mine. Only one of my friends care about me and my “condition” I feel like I have no one by my side. So Thank You.

  26. Audrey M

    I love this still. Keep being happy girl

  27. passionrise Audrey

    " No matter who i am , what I'm going through, i will be stronger"
    “No matter who you are, where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through... You can make a difference in this world.”
    -Demi Lovato
    btw feel free to check out my account's videos

  28. Jess Lochner

    I freaking love you're smile and you're voice!!!!!!!!😘😍🤗🤓🔥

  29. Nigel Munier

    you are an example for many and a whole bunch of people can recognize themselves in your music. beautifully sung!

  30. Cheyanna Espinosa lovato


  31. Lorelei_lo

    I think the 225 who disliked it were holding there devices upside down. And they loved the video!

  32. Dianne Stemler

    We are here for you

  33. Saxqi


  34. xBllr -

    your awsome!!! I love it and u wow amazing by the way I'm a girl that's my uncle on the picture

  35. Victoria Fraiser

    Your beatyful,great singer, and funny keep up the good work

  36. Lisa Szczepek

    I love this song

  37. michelle egan

    I see what u see and I can really relate to this song

  38. Blondey 06-16

    Thank you for saving my life. 😘

  39. Breanna Rivas

    I really love you

  40. Victoria Chu

    This song is my inspiration. It's so good and I'm crying. I have a lot of flaws and I'm trying to express my "confidence" through my selfies but I still don't like myself. I am on my journey to love myself

  41. Brielle Fleming

    She reminds me of Liza 😂😂

  42. Joel Dias

    Hi Anna, its a truly beautiful song, see the beauty on all of you... nice message, thank you. kisses

  43. TheMacerno

    I might be in love with your songs

  44. Feli y

    I love you Anna.
    I know your story..i wish we could talk..wish you all the best. U deserve it. Love yourself..u have all the reasons to do it. Cheer up dear. Im sure im not the only one who loves you. But most should love yourself . I hope u do. Kisses

  45. Enri Almeida Dos Santos

    i just love your voice :)

  46. Tindra Dogfield

    I want this on Spotify so bad... ;(

  47. John Castellenas

    I love you Anna. You are a amazing young woman. I wish you great success and happiness.

  48. DaoofLife Andrew Chang

    You are the world's best Anna: … Thank you for expressing the love of Christ and Grace of God in your every breath and act, your step and song is what heaven is. The best stars go through the darkest nights. SHINE FOREVER. I love you and God Bless you!!!!

  49. hunter cook

    I love it

  50. Richard Eveland

    That is amazing ...............I understand Completely ! Thank you for all your Music ..............and I do ! Back at you !

  51. Jerri Martin

    You go girl you can do it

  52. Alexis Kallenborn

    Honestly, I'm 17 and for the last three years I've been in and out of depression and some days just hit me harder then others. I have scars from where i previously self harmed and i struggle with self harm, and Id like you to know you're an inspiration and I want to be an actor but i'm nervous to even share that with people. I assumed I couldn't do it due to my scars, and how my depression hits me, i thought "it'll effect the process so i'm not good enough there's others who can do it" but after seeing everything you've accomplished it inspires me and I've already started looking into different choices. Thank you for being an Inspiration to me and Sharing your story especially considering the anxiety of sharing everything you've shared. I Find a way to relate to all of your songs and I'm Thankful for your existence. thank you for inspiring me.

  53. Karen Adams

    Honestly girl your songs should be required listening in every Junior and High School. We all need to OD on positivity and Love right now but especially kids and teens. I just found your channel and Thank God I did! Your voice is that of an angel and your lyrics are so pure and obviously from your heart and soul. I’m actually angry that you aren’t a huge star because you’re the type of Artist that is inspirational in the most positive of ways and Lord knows we NEED that, especially now. Thank you for sharing your gift and I wish you every happiness! XO

  54. Matrix Man

    And I love all of it.
    I seen your photos, and your beautiful in all of them.
    I see a beautiful person, keep up the great work.

  55. Jan Toftegaard støckel

    I like good crazy! Lovely girl with a healthy self irony. Lyrics and singing is beautiful. Goosebumps over your voice countless times 🌈👍🏻🤗

  56. Fred Flinstone

    Nice tune...

  57. Pawesome Creativity

    I want to see it on Spotify :(!

  58. Jodie Anne

    This is brilliant! Actually in love❤️ thank you for this x

  59. Glamour Shots101

    Does anyone have that song were they can just relate to everything it saying well this,..... this is that song to me

  60. Emily Beard

    Jdnsjsnsbd I'm speechless this is Amazing

  61. Isosceles Saunders

    I watched your video about your story I love you sooooo much ur such a inspiration I got bullied and I suffer from anxiety and depression but I just sing your songs and get on with life because we are all perfect no mater what others think and if they want to try tear us down we shouldn't care there's no point listening to insecurity when it focuses on our insecurities

  62. Nevada Ory

    Anna makes me feel like life is worth living ♡

  63. sabo cikotic

    Her IQ is extremely high. One in a million. She is the extraordinary person. True genius.

  64. Lexy Lambert

    this made me feel alot better about myself this is a very beautiful song

  65. Ryan Wells

    Do i see...........DISLIKES😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 WHO DID THIS THIS IS AWSOME AND A GREAT MESSAGE 🔪 IM READY

  66. B L E H

    I've always thought that she's beautiful.

  67. Ansar Ali

    We are human. Created to Worship God almighty.!

  68. Krystal Kate

    Anna I listen to you daily. Thank you❤ You're beautiful, keep writing songs. ✌🤘🖖

  69. Markus CIPERLE


  70. Anthony Samadan


  71. Harley Quinn

    I was feeling so empty until I listened to this song just now thank you

  72. Cindy Huynh

    This song teaches u sooo much it makes me a better person cause I am who I am

  73. Hannah Sorensen

    194 dislikes?? Awwee there tears got all over the screen and the accidentally disliked..

  74. Mcndy TV

    i love this song!!!!!!! huge fan!!!!
    i have a meaning and a purpose!! you see flaws!! i see beauty!!!

  75. Jess xevil

    she is str8

  76. Caroline Matos

    Just find you on the Facebook. I haven't heard about you here in Brazil, but girl, I should know, you inspired me. I'm going to shared your music anyway I can because you are beautiful, your voice is awesome, and your history is wonderful! Thanks for your songs! Kisses from Brazil! 😘😘😘

  77. Nini Waters

    this song made me realize i shouldn't be upset because i don't look like other girls thank you for making me realize that

  78. Heidi D

    I really wish this was on iTunes.... it would be on repeat all day for me. #whoiamonitunesplz

  79. ben ni

    Who can dislike this??

  80. Romana Akther

    I c what u c in u❤

  81. Shaheen Chowdhury

    This made my day ^_^ I'm so incredibly thankful and happy for this

  82. Reika H

    is this not on spotify?

  83. Mrs Styles9402

    i love your smile

  84. vivi Wilks

    you look amazing in my opinion

  85. Hazell

    this song is so good that 183 people missed the like button

  86. okay emma

    This just cheered me up thanks for that💕 !1!1!

  87. Jasmine Bach

    Today i refused joining my family going on holiday in France - just because I don't like my body. Now I'm listening to this song. I'm crying. I wish I had heard this just 5 hours ago..

  88. Lily Mustoe

    Is this in iTunes???

  89. AVMM

    The world needs each of us to participate some way some how. Thank you for being in it!! xo

  90. ChSo B20

    You should put it on iTunes

  91. dikpenis

    who am I?

  92. cecan 99

    why she's so underrated eventhough she's so damn good😭😭 she deserve all love in this world

  93. Maria Muller


  94. Jamie leigh Nevill

    She's beautiful ❤️

  95. kristine jay

    i love it 😍💕

  96. Rosy Firewall

    Lol this would be. just sitting in the mirror just singing to myself dancing and randomly messing around. #EMBRACETHEWEIRD

  97. Rumeysa Taskiran

    I'm happy discovering your song and you.I love you and thank you very much for everything. :)