Anna Blue - Your Heart Lyrics

So many nights I've watched you sleep
(I've watched you sleep)
Tried to resist but it got so deep
(Got so deep)
And when you're next to me
You're still out of my reach
But I just long for you

My soul is dark, I seized the night
(Seized the night)
But you're the angel that showed me the light
(Showed me the light)
And I try to be strong but I still long for you

I look into your heart and discover myself
But I'll never be a part of your world
I need you, can't reach you, we're worlds apart
If you need me, look into your heart

You tamed the beast, I bleed for you
(I bleed for you)
You showed me love, that's something I never knew
(Never knew)
I'll take the blame, my life's a shame
But I still long for you

I look into your heart and discover myself
But I'll never be a part of your world
I need you, can't reach you, we're worlds apart
If you need me, look into your heart

Don't wait for me (don't wait for me, girl)
I'll never be (a part of your world)
But I'm in your heart forever

I look into your heart and discover myself
But I'll never be a part of your world
I need you, can't reach you, we're worlds apart
If you need me, look into your heart

I look into your heart and discover myself
But I'll never be a part of your world
I need you, can't reach you, we're worlds apart
If you need me, look into your heart

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Anna Blue Your Heart Comments
  1. CarolineCat

    I was obsessed with this song and I wanted it to be movie so badly. I still want it to be a movie

  2. Marshall F

    Since I saw this song a few days ago I have had it on loop for over 20ish hours and I will keep it on loop.

  3. LGF

    Y did this come on my rec page instead of 4 years ago when i would have eaten this stuff up. Rip to my middle school self.

  4. Nuna. Odd


  5. WvWvWvWvW 9

    Классная рисовка и клип супер

  6. Nomu Yagu

    Apenas ayer encontré y escuche esta canción por primera vez y me gustó muchísimo! Ñiam

  7. Reyta Bonita

    Wait, what? 8 years ago?!

  8. [SAPFi]

    ээм... это наглый спизженный ролик у Анны Блу песни Alone

  9. Mimi Slime

    Что за мультфильм??????

  10. Monica LG

    Época Emo Todo era PosiBle

  11. Chris J. Clark

    Why does this remind me of anime?

  12. Justin Thessler

    So I first listened to this song like 4 years ago and I totally forgot about it till YT recomded it to me and I love this song still

  13. Piko Utatane

    I was 16 when i first saw this and had a mad crush on Damien uwu

  14. Татьяна Маркова


  15. Random ass Thoughts


  16. مظلومة _ سان

    ٢٠٢٠ وينكم

  17. Meison Luck

    The animation no 🚫 sorry put I don't likeit

  18. Nika Nakano

    Как игра называется? Скажите пожалуйста🙏

  19. ramses wallaard

    she is pritty cute

  20. Анна Староверова

    Пацаны, это, типо видио названно на русском, какого вы тут забыли, англоговорящие комментаторы?)))

    Nika Nakano

    А это целый мультфильм или только отдельное видео? Если мультфильм, подскажите пж название его?

    Sofia Bronnikova

    @Nika Nakano ждём ответ, тоже очень интересно стало

  21. Olivia Stanford-Robertson

    Damien gave me hard Once upon a Time Peter Pan vibes

    Christia Quire

    Yes I totally see that

  22. Guadalupe Ariasbadilla

    Quiero ver esa película

  23. leah dickens

    He’s so hot ❤️

  24. muck fsh

    I listened the song when I was 5 years now I'm 13 but l still like it

  25. Elvan Demir

    What is the name of the name

  26. Hilarious0_0

    Is it just me or those the artstyle give me some monster high vibe

  27. شمس الشموس احلى

    ابدع استمر مشترك جديدة ممكن الرد

  28. Carolina Cabrera

    So he was 16 when he did this song, wooow!!

    Christine :p

    Right?! He sounds like he's in his 20's!

  29. kimberley williams

    I thought he was so hot when I was 10.

  30. Faith Pool

    Honestly imma boy scared. Damien in this video actually looks a hella lot like one of my friends who’s name is Damian...and it scares me...just a little bit. But I still find him cute. I love this video so much too, amazing graphics in my opinion, very smooth switching between pictures.

  31. 3åsõulā Mòulä

    Omg 🙀 i really like this song

  32. kDk bk up account

    My fav song ever

  33. Денис Панихин

    Я не знаю, но походу трек под читстую спизжен с песни On My Own

  34. Joanna VINCENT

    are you sure English is not your 1st language?

    Damien Dawn

    Pretty sure my first language is still Polish. ;)

    Joanna VINCENT

    @Damien Dawn ok

    Joanna VINCENT

    your English is really good tho

  35. 桑原まも


    Damien Dawn

    映画ではありません。 しかし、実際のストーリーは来年コミックとして公開されます。 申し訳ありませんが、翻訳者を使用する必要がありました。 (/ _ \)

  36. Mafer Franco

    Percy Jackson fandom: The girl as Thalia and the vampire as Luke. CHANGE MY MIND

  37. Goku Leo

    This is so amazing omg 🤟🏿🤟🏿😁

  38. Alien

    Bruh my first gay crush

    Damien Dawn

    Well glad I could help to figure out your sexuality ;D

  39. Akira Rivera

    Omfg. I used to watch this (2009/2010?)😦
    ..I stopped watching these videos bc other people made fun of me for it...😞

  40. Jeliana Cordova

    When i first heard this i saw anna blues vid first i was fan girling so hard i was so happy😊😊😊

  41. Ashley 2.0


  42. Ashley 2.0


  43. gacha_ cookie

    Dang he's hot as hell😳dude i wanna be with a dude like that👌

  44. Polina Rusetskaya


  45. Shea Taylor

    he's soooo hot, cartoon or not he is still gorgous

  46. Martel Goral

    This song brings a few memories behind it and I think I figured out the meaning and the purpose for the song xx thanks Anna Blue and Damien Dawn x you too are like Angels and have the voice of them too.

  47. Just a dude who plays with fire

    8 years and the 3d art is l gud

  48. Emily Farfan

    BTS💋. Vez💖

  49. Travis Walsh

    Still a better love story than twiligh.....ah nevermind

  50. Payton Gibson

    Shit lip sync, Never noticed that.

  51. AngeLoveR Anime

    I forgot my age when I first discovered Anna blue lol. I remembered listening to silent scream so many times

  52. Jhezalei Faye

    Came here after Kristoff's lost in the woods in frozen 2 and idk why my mind was screaming this song while listening to it

  53. Сергей Белый

    Что за фильм?

  54. Ellie Tube

    I watched this when I was probably 5 or 7 and now I'm 13 so like yea...I fell inlove with him in the mv when I was younger

  55. secret girl

    After 4 years... And this song is still in my mind

  56. Ирина Гаделия

    Как называется?

  57. Polli Dark

    Это же мульт какой то да? скажите название пж

  58. Harley Quinn

    One of my favorite songs❤️
    I listen to it every single day 😍
    I'm obsessed with this song🖤

  59. lem drummond

    I'm from Jamaica and not everyone listen this type music out here but I found you're page and I can't get enough of your song I play them day in night out I really love them your songs help me to go true life and anyway help me with my music

  60. Lívia Vitória

    É muito triste,mas a música é top,se eu tive se entendido desde no início eu iria chorar muito.

  61. Steven Bauerle

    I love this mix but I can’t buy this particular mix😭

  62. Aryah Engle

    I'm watching this after searching through all of Anna's channel and getting tricked by the karaoke version

  63. Rukia Kuchiki

    I love his voice his singing voice

  64. Markayla Davis

    Love the vampire boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚 I love them since I was a little girl😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💑❤❤💗💋💘💞💖💕💓💍💎

  65. Alisha Holder

    Thought about this song over the week. Couldn't get the name for nothing in the world. Knew it was Damien something 😊😊😊. It just popped up tonight. Yay😄

  66. Michael Lee Westcott

    Don't tell me Damien died!!

  67. Michael Lee Westcott

    Sounds like Anna blue and Damien dawn started to fall apart a bit...

  68. MissUnknownGirl28

    The only issue I have with this is the lack of animation. There's only a few clips that are repeated over and over and his lip sync is off because of this in the parts showing him. So it'd be nice if it was a complete animation rather than a few repeated pieces. Other than that, it's cool and I like when it does sync up!

  69. Мария Гаврилова

    Как мультик называется?

  70. FilmWriter77

    How this is the first time seeing this after all these years of it being out!? I really enjoy this!

  71. MaymaY DelacruZ


  72. DeathRose *heart made of yet my mind is stone*

    I feel like this is a emo song like hella emo im sorry if i insulted some people

  73. Sophie Xo

    I love the vampire theme it reminds me of Stefan from vampire diaries

  74. hasta_la_vista_cowboy Is my username

    hasta_la_vista_cowboy ......... If you need me, look into your heart. That's my favourite line. 😃

  75. Freya .Mobile Legends

    Kalbime baktım ve seni gördüm seni çağırdım ve geldin *mutlu hayatlar*😊

  76. Brittney May

    The animation is great but they kept reusing the the same animation

  77. Juline Carvalho

    I loved this video so I hope you make a series with many episodes or at least one movie I would love to see it please make a series or a movie please

  78. Julya 17

    Чтотза игра??

  79. Ruth Walu

    Oh jesus you the lily of the vallée

  80. Cerpiper GamesnGacha

    This was actually in my recommendation. So thanks youtube. You finally recommend the best video ever

    Ayano Aishi

    YouTube recommended his to u 8yrs later? U missed out on a lot

    Cerpiper GamesnGacha

    @Ayano Aishi lol yeah ik

  81. Spider-kid

    How the on earth did i go eight whole years not knowing about Damien Dawn?!

  82. kayıra Yücel

    Çok beyendim keşke filmi olsa türkçe süper olmuş 😍😍👍👍👍

  83. Courteney Perry

    This character doesn’t sound 🇩🇪 though. Great voice

  84. Gabriel Boldizsar

    Movie ?

  85. Anna Vitoria


  86. Елизавета Чепикова

    Как называеться это клип ну точнеее аниме или мультфильм

  87. Mirai Sotokanda

    What is network?

  88. Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehog


  89. erikduenas1

    A vampire in love with a human so classic and sweet also sad

  90. Sara Sarouna

    This is kinda cheezy and not in a good way

  91. Jasmine Espino


  92. Ericka Murphy

    This song is the best song ever and can you make more song just like this one but that have different charter

    P.S. I love your videos

  93. Mega Lon-e

    Love lOve LoVe the dude but not the girl **

  94. Robert Jameson

    What is the song that is from the girls point of view