Anna Blue - Where Do I Go Lyrics

Now it's time to say goodbye
I'm starting out a brand new life
And I ask myself
Where do I go from here?
(Where do I go from here)

I'm scared about a million things
I don't know what the future brings
And I ask myself
Where do I go from here?
(Where do I go from here)

I'm standing at the crossroads
Looking for the way
My life (my life)
Will never be the same

Where do I go from here?
Can anybody ease my sorrow?
I'm afraid because I've got so much to lose
(I've got so much to lose, yeah)
Where do I go from here?
I'm having visions of tomorrow
But I don't know which path I gotta choose

I'm holding on to here and now
This life is turning upside down
And I ask myself
Where do I go from here?
(Where do I go from here)

And all the friends I had before
Will they last forevermore?
And I ask myself
Where do I go from here?
(Where do I go from here)

I'm standing at the crossroads
Looking for the way
My life (my life)
Will never be the same

Where do I go from here?
Can anybody ease my sorrow
I'm afraid because I've got so much to lose
(I've got so much to lose, yeah)
Where do I go from here?
I'm having visions of tomorrow
But I don't know which path I gotta choose

Who are you? Who am I?
I'm not the girl I used to be
What is wrong? What is right?
Guessing what the future holds for me, yeah, yeah
Everything has changed
And it feels so strange

(Where do I go from here?)
(I really don't know...)

Where do I go from here?
Can anybody ease my sorrow
I'm afraid because I've got so much to lose
(I've got so much to lose, yeah)
Where do I go from here?
I'm having visions of tomorrow
But I don't know which path I gotta choose

Where do I go?

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Anna Blue Where Do I Go Comments
  1. Mimi's Sponge ASMR

    1:50 ... German Incoming

  2. Elsa Speijers

    When i saw "weg" on the box i thought for a second your dutch :(

  3. Éva Farkas

    Its mean the friends always here for u.But this not always real, i have a million fake friend who just used me

  4. NaruPink Goth

    Is Eden a girl or a boy?

  5. Patrick Marketing

    Was kam eigentlich bei dieser Matheaufgabe heraus?

  6. Awesome Sofia

    I like the song XD I like Anna blue songs I guess lol

  7. Hanji_ Zoe18

    Uwielbiam 🖤🤍

  8. Valeria

    I miss that feeling, but I'm happy it's gone...

  9. Jade Wu

    0:05 so true when you get a hard test/exam F*** THIS 😭

  10. LN _j

    This song very buteful and calm,i liked it very much😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💓

  11. LolySakura77 21

    Wow!!!…. 💖💖💖

  12. Kezuda

    hy annablue ich hab mal ne frage die ich dir über eine pm schreiben würde wegen deiner musik könntest du mich da privat irgendwie kontaktieren wäre ehr nett fall du dies lesen solltet

  13. Life Of a human

    Who am I the thing I ask myself eveday

  14. Ceci Asa

    At this point, i relate to this song. This was also the first Anna blue song i ever heard. Keep up the good work!

  15. Etishree Sagarika Panda

    Actually i can smell her future......she is gonna be popular and great.....isn't it?

  16. Cassidy McAmis

    um... one problem... THERE R A LOT OF SWEARS

  17. sugaconda 7w7

    Anna blue tiene yaoi AHHHHHH ESTABCOSA PUDE SER MÁS PERFECTA ?!???? Ngosbdoej 7u7

  18. Sru Vek

    This is exactly what I will feel in next 2 to 3 months......
    Wish me and my classmates luck...

  19. カイは バニー

    0:05 what you feel like with a test

    0:08 what you want to feel like

  20. Leslie Escobar

    I am new to the channel I loved your songs and expresses it through the drawings keep it up

  21. Kemberle May-parnell

    Your music is beautiful

  22. mog0dD3sS choco

    It’s crazy how you listen to a lot of songs. Later you experience something and it relates to many songs you listen to


    So true.

  23. Phulu Ray

    Is zoe and anna sister

  24. Little Sunflower

    Vou sair da escola no meu último dia de aula do terceiro ano ouvindo essa música, olhando para céu fingindo que estou em um clip

  25. Mei Rose

    I can relate to this song cause I have one more year of HighSchool left and I’m a bit scared and excited to be on my own yet it’s a bit scary for me

  26. Lillianime 652

    0:10 I love that shirt

  27. Dani -Chan

    I love your music

  28. Omq Itz Veronica

    0:10 umm did they get bored and put "Yaoi" on his shirt?
    😏 Lol

  29. ღRisa Ackermanღ

    This last dude at the opening just wore a fuvking Kurono-Yaoi-Shirt I LOVE IT

  30. شختار- s5tar

    Cring ?

  31. mato draws

    not to offend you but please can i know which one you resemble as you cause i character is named Zoe and she has your necklace and one is called Anna

  32. Daria Milac

    00:11 it's the first time i see that he was wearing a Yaoi t-shirt. I want one too.

  33. The memed Memer

    Is that.... STEPHEN (DanPlan)

  34. Miss Foxiness

    These videos are way better than that repetitive CG video

  35. Sophie The Cartoonist

    I think it’s strange how I felt the complete opposite when I graduated. I was so excited to leave my school. It was less of “where do I go from here” and more like “I’m finally free from this crap hole.”

  36. Linda Michelle

    I just stumbled across this whole thing and I watched 1 video then went to your page, at two videos I subscribed, 3 videos later I hit the bell and went shopping on your website. You are so amazingly creative and talented!

  37. Amethystttgaming

    About to be 2020 and I still love Anna blue music so much it's so amazing and the art is amazing to this day

  38. Viølet_ Płayz

    0:10 it said
    Yaoi on the shirt

  39. Freddy Plays {games and much more}

    Accurate because I am a high school senior and I'm graduating in 5 months and I'm really nervous to start college..

  40. Armyofficial Br

    Eu ainda amo todas as músicas ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Sung Ha

    Plz restock on the bags in ur store plz!!!! I want one 😂

  42. peachyydrxpps

    this song hit me the hardest when I was Grade 6, and now that I'm going to be on Senior High... smh

  43. GeekChic87

    The song's relatable. When 2 of my friends left for college/uni/something else (they were a year above me), I felt a bit lost/lonely without them and when I finished secondary school (or going to finish), I felt nervous and scared going out into the big world and at that time, I was trying to figure out which road/path to take.

  44. Elif


  45. Chris Brown

    Anyone else see yaoi on his shirt?

  46. Jacky Sueno

    I dont know this song ill just search what i feel right now.. 😔
    Like where do i go?
    I have a lot of problems in my life..
    In the house, work, my boyfriend i dont know where is my right place..
    I want to be alone😔
    I want to go somewhere, a place where they cant contact me..

  47. Aaliyah Schebben

    kannst du die bücher auch in deutsch machen ich kann zwar englisch aber deutsch ist halt meine mutter spracha

  48. Melissanastasialove 16

    Rappresenta molto il mio stato d'animo

  49. Lulu Dibujos

    Algo que probablemente a todos nos pasa o nos paso alguna vez.

  50. Vanessa MARTINEZ

    Minuto 0:44 like si se parese al rubius omg

  51. Geo YinYang. Kitty

    always love this sound.

  52. Wolfe...F....

    Relatable :(

  53. Olivia Whisman

    love the vids so interesting keep up the good work

  54. Mattia Leto

    Wow italiana???

    Sara Albani

    io si...anche a te piace Annablutube?

  55. ignacia rojo g

    Hi, I'm new to this channel, my name Ignacia, you're my favorite singer since Quebi silent scream

  56. Paula Bouwens

    me:*sees ''weg'' on the box*
    also me: weg? weg? weg?! weg! thats dutch omg!

  57. kissa zahra


  58. Manumoon Wolf

    Que anime o magia,comic es
    Que nombre tienes

  59. IceCrystalQueen

    Thank you. As a first year student at the university, it means a lot for me.

  60. 12 04

    me encanta lo que haces

  61. Exit 9B

    guys, I'm finishing my high school, this song really hurts now :(

  62. 桐谷凜太郎


  63. teepussi

    my secondary is ending next year and im so scared because i still dont know if ill even be accepted to the upper secondary school i wanna go to

    i dont like this one a bit, im honestly scared, especially since the upper secondary i wanna go to is like 2-3hrs away from home

  64. Mery Ruiz

    soy la unica que noto que el wey en su camisa tenia escrito YAOI

  65. chá verde

    Final do ano chegando e eu aq ouvindo isso, me perguntando
    Q merda eu fazer da minha vida

    Armyofficial Br

    Muito eu tbm kkkk

    Armyofficial Br

    Eu ainda me amarro nessas músicas mdskkk

  66. Gülen Büyükhan

    Yaoi shirt 💕 nsjskerjd


    These Kind of life's don't exists--😔😔

  68. Gofer 011

    The lyrics and the music video is plus ultra relatable..

  69. Sanuku

    a man with a yaoi shirt
    oh well this happens/

  70. dark_matter_man

    I’ve had that same feeling of having your friends go off to do better things but you don’t want them to leave you but it’s best for them

  71. Sandra Lyosie

    You are incredible 😊🌼

  72. Taya Govender


    I thought having a math lesson in Afrikaans was bad 😵🤐

  73. Anny hey

    Лол, в песне есть Анна, я тоже Аня(Анна)

  74. Angela Del Rosario

    as a graduating student this year from high school i feel this now; i recall clearly how i didn't even wanna touch this song because i couldn't relate to it at all, especially when it first came out- i remember cringing as i watched it the first day it came out. times do change, damn.

  75. Aryah Engle

    0:13 Wait does his shirt say yaoi? Yes. Just yes.

  76. Casey Ashlynn Angel Matthews

    I want this to be played in my graduation party bruh.

  77. Conor S

    *me rn*

  78. Midnight gacha嘎查

    (Sorry for yelling im hyped)

  79. Crystal Hyuga

    Oh I love this song soo much ugh 💕💕💕 ugh 💙💙💙 ur voice is sooo beautiful 💙💙

  80. Insadmnia

    I guess I know what really influenced my hair cut. Older Henry,,,,

  81. 막내재

    I have a year left before I have to choose a college and potentially leave my friends behind, this song really gets me thinkinging...
    Where *do* I go from here?

  82. Kyle Metraton

    This makes remember my school days along with my girlfriend and pals nice song 😎

  83. Алиса Стеклянникова


  84. Ramnieng Tuolor

    After high I'm gonna miss my friends

  85. Demonic Queen


  86. Gloria Ysla 1325

    Esta cancion me hace pensar en mis 3 amigas , tengo algo de miedo de que al crecer nos separemos.
    Tenemos 16 y falta 1 año para terminar la secundaria , vivimos cerca una de la otra , solo espero que la amistad no se vaya

  87. Music Studio

    So, I' m too very scair! I love my work and school, but... I have a lot of questions! Will l be able to enter... 💔🌙💐💓🎶

  88. Sharmeen Khalid

    I am always scared of future 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  89. Park Jimin

    I can’t believe that I didn’t recognized Kuro at 2017 in this Video

  90. kbrigsby61

    NO 'date-line' -- UUHH-gin!!! Good song, tho.

  91. Pablo Murua


  92. Emmy Fowler

    Where do l go from here....
    I am standing at the crossroads....
    (Ya that's me) :(

  93. y u u k a c h a n

    I love that t-shirt 😂❤

  94. Fennelor The Fennekin

    Your songs make me think deep about life-

  95. Layla 23

    Idk, but german version is better.

  96. annablutube

    Okay, guys. It was supposed to be online tomorrow but... surprise. Accidently, but yay! XD
    PLEASE READ the video description. And activate subtitles. We start with awesome 26 (!) community translations. Kudos to all the kind people, who send them in. I luv you. ;_;

    PS. Kurono is in the video because he liked the song and I like him and asked him if he'd like to be in. That's the whole mystery...
    PS. You can find out more about all characters on

    Kathy Willis

    Has everyone listened to your heart

    Kathy Willis

    Has everyone watched anime

    Tyler Lee

    Anna I love your music it's so me I can relate to the song but you and a couple of friends changed my life forever. I'm never giving up thank you 😊

    Crystal SJ4450GF

    anna your real name is wyndy

    Jacob Williams

    I love your songs and Melody's