Anna Blue - So Alone Lyrics

My face against the window pane
A tear for every drop of rain

I am so lonely and so sad
You're the reason that I'm feeling bad
I am so lonely and so sad
Living in a dream I've never had

My face against the window pane
A tear for every drop of rain
I'm living like already I have died
Have died

Emptiness a present past
A silent scream to shatter glass
I have to go; it's time for me to fly

I am so lonely and so sad
You're the reason that I'm feeling bad
I am so lonely and so sad
Living in a dream I've never had

(Wake me with your kiss)
Who will care if I'm not here?
If suddenly I disappeared?
No one's gonna notice it at all

Dying flowers in my hand
I'm vanishing from where I stand
It isn't yet too late to get the cure

I am so lonely and so sad
You're the reason that I'm feeling bad
I am so lonely and so sad
Living in a dream I've never had

So lonely and so sad
You're the reason that I'm feeling bad
I am so lonely and so sad
Living in a dream I've never had

I am so lonely and so sad
You're the reason that I'm feeling bad
I am so lonely and so sad
Living in a dream I've never had

So lonely and so sad
You're the reason that I'm feeling bad
I am so lonely and so sad
Living in a dream I've never had

(Wake me with your kiss)

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Anna Blue So Alone Comments
  1. Nugget Art

    Emo kids from my days at middle school most likely have this still in their playlist

  2. Paula the Koala

    how did it go from YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY FAT FAT FAT to this?

  3. Eaxl

    This is the most 2000’s thing ever.

  4. DivineDevinn 04

    The fact that I first heard of this when I was *six years old* and it’s popped up in my recommended 10 years this day, it’s not a normal day for me if I don’t have this song in my head at some point during that said day lol

  5. Emily Holway

    Anyone watching in 2020. I remember watching this as a kid

  6. Nikki Brown

    Linkin Park

  7. Lina paola Amaya

    Me encanta

  8. Najwa Zakkour

    2019 anyone ???

  9. Love4Roses

    Oh boy I just got hit with a wave of nostalgia like no other

  10. tsogthvv bayrtsogt

    SAD MUSIC 😥😭😰😱😨

  11. Alyssa Kennedy

    I remember this, my sister Lauren showed me this when when I was little, I’m 16 turning 17.

  12. Duhitz_ Alex

    I remember blasting this song in my room when I got sent home early for talking back to a teacher when I was trying to defend my friend and I was crying for like 10 minutes 😂

  13. Natalie Alvarez

    This video was the reason I became emo in 6th grade

  14. Dectective Phat

    What if Death Grips used this as a sample?

  15. Lourice Paul

    i love Did song so much😭😭😭

    Lourice Paul

    It makes me think about my dad

  16. Lily Jovcevski

    I thought this was so deep when I was 10, oh my god I hate myself

  17. Ironic suicide

    Oh my gawd🤣🤣
    I remember being obsessed with this song in elementary and some of middle school😂😅😅😅. Born in 2002

  18. C&C CLUB

    I’m emo I’m only nearly 9

  19. andiara cruz

    Eu lembro que minha prima pagava pra ter isso no celular dela kkkk

  20. Haru Safadin

    Só o povo que foi emo e os que viam na tv aquela propaganda de SMS pra ter as músicas da Ana Blue... Sou o da propaganda kakakakakaka

  21. El bosquesito

    Cuando los emos, olían bien ojete :v

  22. öctõpus ._.

    2019 anyone?

  23. narin


  24. meme ass

    well memories :,(

  25. C&C CLUB

    I love this song

  26. Godofmischief

    Oh my god.. this is terrible

  27. This is the taste of a liar!

    Me after someone told me I was ugly.

  28. TheAnxious AndDepressed

    So Anna Blue on YouTube made this or she just wrote the song? Cuz from this her fan base grew and she came out with more songs and comics, so I wonder if she summited her song and concept or she is just a fanatic of this and made it her own. I don't know and I have been wondering since I started following her on YouTube and Instagram.

  29. ObliviousAngel

    german version still slaps hard

  30. BirdieHouse

    this is what I used to cry to in 7th grade lmfao

  31. WinterWonderland

    Wow young emo me was wild

  32. Thats. doubtful

    Can’t believe I still remember her, the nostalgia is killing my past emo self

  33. kimberley williams

    My edgy 10 year old self thought this was a bop. I was so emo, I saw this as an ad on OurWorld. I still know the words too.

  34. Savanna the banana

    Idc what y'all say, the music is nice, the singing is pretty, and the animation is amazing.

  35. Fatma mhmad


  36. Janine Peacock

    2019 still love this song

  37. Isilee Mane

    I'm 19 and I still relate to this song :(

  38. ManOnInterwebs

    I want that goth to Anna blow me, if you catch my drift.

  39. Alien

    Bruh ight this song still bops this is like oldschool emos song

  40. Amethystttgaming

    Remember when emo was emo not e-boy and e-girl nowadays I remember listen to this in 2012 and wearing eyeliner and wearing all black and writings about how upset I was and not liking the world. Now here I am listen to this laying in bed thinking how much I haven't changed since then 😂😂😂👌

  41. holland terrance

    How many times is she gonna break that mirror lmao

  42. Areo Morales

    I remember listening to this super late at night during my scene phase and crying my eyes out. I honestly thought this was a fever dream lmao

  43. Chester Cat !


    literally nobody:

    10yr old me:

  44. ProjectX

    came back 6 years later and i still know every lyric

    Nat t

    ProjectX , literally SAME, btw is that jungkook in your profile pic??? 💜

  45. Lex

    Who let 11 year old me watch this shit.

  46. シBåd Røsiê༄

    Idk when I was a kid I love this song and now I don’t 🥺📚💨

  47. Calipurnio, el Rey del Odio

    *Marinette left the Akuma hunting and became an Emo girl*

  48. Blue Glass Goose • 7 years ago

    Pfff found one of my childhood songs

  49. • yanxx •

    eu vi isso esse vídeo quando eu era criança falando q era um toque de cell na televisão,QUE NOSTALGIA

  50. xXlilpuppycoolXx 347

    I’m emo and I turned emo since I was 9 and I’m 11 now and I’m emo bc my brothers and my grandma treat me like trash and like I’m not part of the family and they always say “the devil will come for you!” So I said “oh yeah I forgot u are an “angel” but you always treat others the wrong way” and then they say “don’t talk back!!” So I just started to agree with everything they said bad about me and then my mom always comes back home from work and they aways say to not tell her anything but I tell her anyways but she doesn’t do anything...that’s how people turn emo...and I’m always lonely, sad, broken, always gets cheated on, fake friends, used, and now I’m on the dark side bc of that $h!+ I’m almost 12 I was always mean and rude to others my whole life bc everyone treats me the same so I started to treat them the same way they treat me...just like they always say...”treat others the same way” I’m just following what I’m supposed to 😢😢😢

  51. dakitsu luna

    RIP Emo trend....

  52. Otaku gurajiera Lima

    Só reconheci essa música porque dizia pra ligar pra um número no SBT e ter essa música no celular

  53. i’m not lay the sequel

    ok but years later and this still slaps

  54. Celin Heckel

    Emo Here?

  55. Baumber191

    Girls who listen to Billie eyelash for the first time see themselves


    Nostalgia hurts like a bitch sometimes.

  57. Matt Riskely

    My face against.... Oh man this is so sadp

  58. Kiera Vermeal

    Video: **plays first four seconds**
    Me: **Gets hit with so much nostalgia, and remembers a PMV for Loneliness that had this song**

  59. That_weird_girl 13

    Emo 2000s kid starter pack:
    This song
    Green Day
    Checkered black and white bracelets
    Ruby gloom

  60. That_weird_girl 13

    I can’t believe I liked this when I was like 8

  61. ChocoBiky

    Anyone here 2019-2020?

  62. Payton Gibson

    Fuckin' emo's. -.-

  63. Kawaii Peach

    This gives me so much nostalgia.

  64. Razing Flame


  65. Ester Flores

    Anna blue so alone

  66. yamishu·w·

    Yo bien emo a los 10

  67. fahim lifestyles

    Remember from childhoood

  68. Joanne Allton

    My inner emo is screaming 😍

  69. XstormzX B.

    I finally found this song again and this was a bop

  70. Gukkie

    I love this

  71. homucchi

    only early 2010s middle schoolers will understand

  72. Elyssa Rains

    RIP old emo me

  73. Sofia isabel de angeli

    I listened this song when i has 6 years old,i remember sayung me -hey,this is my song...,cuz my dad die a week ago i listened it for first time,i was emo in that age...

  74. Nestor Guerrero

    wow this song is soo beautiful

  75. Brandon M

    Wow! this song is so beautiful.

  76. epan irfan

    When i was 4 years old i watch this video

  77. Lilton Silva

    l love music

  78. Anthony DC

    Lmaooo why is emo a thing 😂

  79. Salt N Tang

    This was my shit in middle school lmaooo

  80. Liana Desta

    I remember listing to this song when I was little

  81. Sylvie

    I love seeing how far anna has come. Speaking of which tomorrow im getting that scarf and arm warmers <3

  82. Bacon Soup

    2019 anyone?

  83. Rareware Saxophone

    The song isnt as cool as i remember but her design still is

  84. JonStep Official

    Me when people don't wanna join me in super smash bros ultimate 😒

  85. 은지

    *what every 10 year old listens to*

    tbh, i listen to this even tho I'm not 10 anymore.. because it's just so good

  86. Izzy Rose


  87. Angelo Jhonson

    I like the 3d anime this should be a show who with me

  88. Hannah Banana

    Bro I remember when I was like 12 and I had depression and I couldn’t stop watching this😂😂

  89. TheDreamTeam

    Why are people actually subbed to this

  90. Evelyn U.

    I remember feeling so edgy listening to this song💀

  91. Dominika Bax

    but can we talk about the fact that the animation is pretty good

  92. zeqyinha sulva


  93. Luce Angel

    I love this as a child. Now I love it even more because I can relate

  94. سّ


  95. Blake Wood

    This how I feel

  96. leafmealone

    God this video MADE me

  97. Diana Loutfi

    I’m going to be a good singer like you

  98. shrimpqueen -

    damn i remember watching this a long time ago ovo