Anna Blue - Silent Scream Lyrics

I'm caught up in your expectations
You try to make me live your dream
But I'm causing you so much frustration
And you only want the best for me

You wanted me to show more interest
To always keep a big bright smile
Be that pinky little perfect princess
But I'm not that type of child

And the storm is rising inside of me
Don't you feel that our worlds collide?
It's getting harder to breathe
It hurts deep inside

Just let me be
Who I am
It's what you really need to understand
And I hope so hard for the pain to go away

And it's torturing me
But I can't break free
So I cry and cry but just won't get it out
The silent scream

Tell me why you're putting pressure on me
And every day you cause me harm
That's the reason why I feel so lonely
Even though you hold me in your arms

Wanna put me in a box of glitter?
But I'm just trying to get right out
And now you're feeling so so bitter
Because I've let you down

And the storm is rising inside of me
Don't you feel that our worlds collide?
It's getting harder to breathe
It hurts deep inside

Just let me be
Who I am
It's what you really need to understand
And I hope so hard for the pain to go away

And it's torturing me
But I can't break free
So I cry and cry but just won't get it out
The silent scream

Can't you see
How I cry for help?
'Cause you should love me
Just for being myself

I drown in an ocean
Of pain and emotion
If you don't
Save me right away

Just let me be
Who I am
It's what you really need to understand
And I hope so hard for the pain to go away

And it's torturing me
But I can't break free
So I cry and cry but just won't get it out
The silent scream

My silent scream

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Anna Blue Silent Scream Comments
  1. Sjekira Lady

    I'm 19 now and to be honest this song opens up old wounds that still stain my memory.

  2. Dark Angel

    0:24 ITS EYES OPENED ^#&#*_<%CTGR HI des

  3. Marie Ayala

    I don't know if you'll ever see this Anna, but it was 3 years ago that I listened to your song and i still do now. It makes me feel at ease with myself. This song, I'm sure, means a lot to many. So thank you for your song. Wish the best to you! <3

  4. Julie

    This is so 2008

  5. Hailey Doostle

    let the trauma commence

  6. L.H.E마리암

    2020? anyone?

  7. Naomi kzm

    M'y life 😭😭💔help!

  8. Remained Unnamed

    Emo straight out of high school. Nice voice tho.

  9. Just Mask

    is she me?..

  10. Lidiaaa ღ

    4 years ago I was obsessed with this song lol

  11. Dana Valeria Alva Muñoz

    hermosa divina cancion

  12. Lídia Winxer

    Ô música de adolescente problemática...

  13. IPhone Lover

    My father always manipulated me into hating my mom but in the end my mom got sent to a mental hospital because of how much stress I was causing her, that was the on lay thing my dad wanted so next thing u know he sent me to a orphanage. And my sister got in the wrong road, she’s crazy. Now I don’t see my father but I want to meet my mom tho...

    Imagination Nub

    F. My mum manipulated me into hating my dad but my Sister and me got her stopped some how. Im very sorry for you. Hope you life will get better soon (if you arent statisfied with your life).

    IPhone Lover

    Imagination Nub Thank u🙏

  14. Luna Moon

    Be yourself Don,t let anyone change you
    Don,t get they,er bad words into your head

  15. the emo Wolfie 2.0

    This was so cool I love the design 😎👍

  16. Beginning New day

    Love love

  17. Ash Whole

    Are Zoe and Henry in a relationship?

    Imagination Nub

    Yes they are.

    Ash Whole

    @Imagination Nub thanks dude.

    Ash Whole

    @Imagination Nub now i can't send this to my (close) female friend 😂

  18. Bhavini Vijayanathan

    THIS IS SO FANTASTIC... GOODNESS SO RELATABLE! the story, the song... thank you!!

  19. 김알 수없는 소녀 하하하

    They always remember my MISTAKES
    They wouldn't let me explain

  20. Justin Waddell

    I love ur Channel bet what a frend to talk to can u be my Frend if u see this

    Imagination Nub

    I could be your friend. 4 Who I can talk to arent enough for my depression.

  21. Min Racha

    Me when I was twelve: They're so cool I wish I could dress like that! Ugh, but sadly, that's an unachievable daydream

    Me at 17:

  22. qlessiiq



    This song relates to me so dad doesn't expect me for I stay slient...

  24. Goldie Playz :3

    This song reminds of the mistakes I did in my whole life.........


  25. pyscho wolf gacha

    I alone :*(

  26. Myka sins

    Damn its been 4 years

  27. matyldakucharska

    Billie Eilish: i give 13 years old girls depression

    Anna Blue: oh really

  28. Kendra Lara

    Anna blue-Silent scream

    I’m caught in you expectations hahaha

  29. Peter Hrebicek


  30. Anahí Schiaffino

    a i m sorry

  31. Nell Mattar

    I LOVE the song that's the 100th time I listen to it!!!

  32. Kawaii Dragon

    For some reason i can relate to this song almost too much except i don't have any friends and im depressed

  33. Michalina Makosiewicz

    I love this song

  34. كرستينا كرستينا

    ماكو عيال👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  35. Dream Wish

    I’m like other girls

  36. adhelia salsabila putri KAMIKAZE

    Your voice its so good!

  37. Ultrainstinct Gokuu

    So deep, so real... So sad ;/.

  38. Anita YT

    this is *such* a teenager song omg i loved it ahaha

  39. şãčø& Âbřãm

    I am not like other girls UwU

    Me : purple, green, yellow , blue, orange, red, all colors

  40. ᴅɪᴅ ʏᴏᴜ sᴇᴇ ᴍʏ ʙᴀɢ?

    This song...The lyrics...My heart can relate...

  41. Sunfløweq Fløwër Of Gaćhæ

    You can silently hear that silent scream when she says the silent scream like here 2:32
    Listen closely 😊

    Kawaii Dragon

    I hear it! Thanks for pointing it out 😀

    Sunfløweq Fløwër Of Gaćhæ

    @Kawaii Dragon your welcome!

    Raven Kelsay

    I heard it the first time I heard it I thought it was someone in real life and i thought they were screaming bloody murder😕😕now I know THX😂🤣

    Sunfløweq Fløwër Of Gaćhæ

    @Raven Kelsay 😊

  42. Valentina Jimenez Quintero

    Alguien español? No quiero ser la unica

  43. Levi Ackerman

    Why did YouTube wait till now to recommend that great video to me?

  44. AwkwardSmolBean _

    Came back after like 4 years so I'm happy to say it's still a bop

  45. Kpop_mochi4life

    Wait is this form some kind of comic book or story?? Who is Zoe?

  46. Micheal Frazão

    Algum brasileiro na aria

  47. Gray_justGray

    I know this is gonna sound weird but the outfits and clothing in this video are great

  48. Menxii

    Omg this was my bop when I was 11

  49. Reindeer Games

    Most people say, just be who you are. But unfortunately that’s a lot harder than you think. I’ve hid behind a mask for so long, I’ve forgot what it’s like to be truely free. But if I let myself out. People wouldn’t accept me. Well, the ‘normals’.

  50. That one person

    If that was my mom slapping me I would be like WTF do you think your doing

  51. Ayano yandere chan

    On dirait vraiment moi

  52. liltsu tyttö

    Such an emotional song

  53. OOF FOO

    omg I came back for the nostalgia, still such a good song

  54. Zuzanna Kaja

    Uwielbiam tą piosenke
    I love this song

  55. Dani -Chan

    So beutiful

  56. MH Z

    This song was all my personality. For people who are seeing this, especially schoolmates, please remember that you are who you really are and you always have to be yourself and have your hearts together with your close ones!

  57. Toni Goueia

    I still remember the time I sang this song with my friend she moved away thank you anna blue for this song whenever i sing this I remember her

  58. Squidey 1802

    Lol forgot about this my emo phase was pretty messy. 😂😅

  59. Summer Blessing

    This song helps me feel calm when I am at my local library cause the kids that are there Billy me I love this song

  60. Abdullah Mohamed Ali

    I don't know
    How can I describe my feeling while lisinig this beautiful voice 😍😍😍

    I think "I fall love with you"
    Who support me give 👍👍

  61. Maria Masterna

    czy ktoś wie czy to jakaś manga?

  62. Tiffany Partlow

    Who was here before it was seen by millions

  63. lovexmoonlight

    I cried while listening to this. I know this song is old but I can relate to this. I literally cried. It was so sad seeing Zoey going through the same pain that I am going right now.

  64. Omq Itz Veronica

    Can you hear my silent scream?
    *because no one really can hear that*

  65. Jubs

    2:35 This is so beautiful omg

  66. madkiller92

    i love this song soo good listen to this every time

  67. Neri Cormac

    I'm goth myself and my parents always laugh about it. They saw that they were wrong and it wasn't a "phase". But the other thing: i had some problems with mental health and when I asked them to cure me they always yelled at me. Until I ate a lot of pills and tried to hang myself - it was my "silent scream".

    So just be yourself. Fight a system. You'll win one day.

  68. Rosé MSP

    I hate everything, maybe love myself little bit

  69. broku 1984

    Goth. Is so sexey sorry about your. Pain not really I need a goth girl

  70. Sin ghost

    **person wont go home**
    Also this just screams. IM AN EMO AND PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW IM ONLY A TEEN

  71. Hussain Sajid

    Am i the only one who gets Danny phantom vibes from this m/v ?

  72. Devon

    At least you have friends like you

  73. itz_Nikol _Cz

    Já tu písničku miluju 🇨🇿🙂❤️


    Me gusta todo desde la letra hasta la música

  75. Lily Jovcevski

    Man I remember this was my favorite song when I was like 13-14

    And you know what it still is

  76. Ninii Chan

    Oii eu sou nova :3

  77. Rosé Moon

    For some reason this song is sounding so pure and true (truth is always harsh) this song is magical and no matter how many ages pass I think this song will be the same pure and reality song I love this, like seriously this is amazing and its not even like any other song its just magical.

  78. lucky button

    Me feel same

  79. Jessica Ashland

    This is the song version or r/im14andthisisdeep


    Jessica Ashland lmaoo actually


    I swear there’s not a single person in these comments above the age of 14

  80. C&C CLUB

    Everyone at my school thinks IM a pretty pink princess but I am a emo girl

    Rin Okumura

    How do you mean this?

  81. Mädschen mag Katzen

    Der erste Song den ich von euch gehört habe, ist dieser. Ich liebe euch ich liebe dich und ich liebe deine Musik. Du beschreibst das Leben so vieler in einem einfachen Musik Video, ich berwundere dich…<3

  82. honey nxts

    Well relate,you know when your parents hurt you mentally and physically but it doesnt matter to you because your parents became a part of your enemies,they wont let you be yourseld and control you

    For me,its does hurts being manipulated,you cant control your own destiny and happiness,all i can do is keep the pain to myself because some people dont understand i mean all the people around dont,its pain who covers me so everytime i try to fight i kept it all to myself because ill be the bad one if i fight back

  83. Kawaii Go†h

    I remember listening this song when i was so yong i didn't understand the words in the lyrics, but now i understand them. I don't say I'm on the situation like in this song, but let me ask this:
    What do you think, witch one is worst: singing this to others or to yourself? Begin bullied by others or yourself?

  84. Starlightglitter

    I watched this in 6th grade and didn’t really understand what it meant.
    As an 8th grader, I now understand that the message is not to judge others and try to change them. Such a beautiful song 💖🌹

  85. Mariel YT Mari

    Cool im like

  86. Fadwa Eske

    Hi im mere nice to meet you

  87. Elizabeth Giupponi Fine Artist


  88. duda games

    Só eu falo português aqui ne

  89. Powekt gacha Princess galaxy

    Tem suguem q fale PORTuguês?

  90. حماده المليكي

    اسم المسلسل لو سمحتوا😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤❤

  91. Amazingpetgirl :p

    The silent scream is my depression

  92. someone random that loves Jesus

    I love the fact that at the end he's playing the guitar but he when he sees he stops immediately and hugs her, not to mention I thought it was adorable

  93. Courtney Alice


  94. Johana ytb

    You know why I love her songs? I love her songs becaouse when you hear them you ca hear emotions in her voice. It is like she has gone through these things and she knows exactly how it feels. Personally I havent gone through that. Yes I am a tomboy and my parents love me for being myself.

  95. PAHVI

    T h e s e g u y s h a v e r l l y l o n g
    N e C c S

  96. annablutube

    If you wonder why some comments are missing: I delete comments where the thread goes out of hand and people start to attack each other on many different levels. Here's not the place to mass-attack some people- no matter how stupid you think they are. I will also delete slurs- especially the homophobic or racial ones. If you can't keep up basic manners don't complain when your comment is gone.
    Considering the topic of the song it's amazing how many people literally attack each other for no reason. You'd think there was a common sense of "let's stick together", so please try to be a bit more considerate.

    star light

    .... great work

    star light

    Don't listen tp those coments you have a family which always is looking out for you

    Elizabeth Giupponi Fine Artist


    Ãłîçę Føxîę

    @Gina Santos same